82 Backlinks Statistics to Change the Game in 2023

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On July 7, 2023
Backlinks Statistics

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Link building is one of the most crucial SEO strategies. You would know if you’ve been on the SEO scene long enough!


However, it is extremely important to get it right. If you don’t get it right, it takes you down a road of penalties.


So, how do you find out the number of backlinks you need to have your website ranked in the top 10 in Google’s search engine result pages? Or how do you determine the types of content you need to generate backlinks passively? Or how many months do you need to wait before you can start seeing actual results from your link building techniques?


All these questions can be confusing and overwhelming.


We understand the feeling!


We also have the answer for you. 


In order to answer all the questions mentioned above, it is important to study backlinks statistics Google algorithm and understand how backlinks affect SERPs and other factors they correlate to. 


A good understanding and knowledge of statistics backlinks will help you focus on the areas that bring good results instead of spending your time on tactics that are not useful anymore.


We also wanted to find answers in more detail.


Answers that are backed up by actual research and real numbers. 


And so, we got down to work. 


We dug down the web to find the best website backlinks statistics as well as other backlinks statistics such as social media backlinks statistics and many more. 


So, without further ado, let’s dive into the realm of backlinks statistics: 

Statistics About Backlinks SEO

In the vast realm of the internet, where websites thrive, and digital connections interweave, backlinks reign as the unsung heroes of online success. 

Statistics about Backlinks SEO

These unassuming hyperlinks, like secret passages hidden within the virtual labyrinth, hold the power to catapult a website’s visibility to towering heights. 


Backlinks statistics paint a fascinating picture, revealing the hidden patterns of backlinks statistics Google algorithm, and the artistry of search engine optimization


Brace yourself for a statistical journey as we take you into the realm of backlinks statistics to unveil the enigmatic power of backlinks. 


Let’s take a look at backlinks statistics: 

  • Link quality, according to 93.8% of link builders, is more significant than link quantity. (Authority Hacker)


  • According to 49% of marketers, it usually takes one to three months for link building activities to have an impact on rankings and organic traffic. While 30% of marketers said it would take three to six months to notice the effects of linking. (Aira)


  • Over 66% of pages have no backlinks pointing to them at all. (Ahrefs)


  • For 64.9% of link builders, guest posting is the most common link-building strategy. (Authority Hacker)


  • In the foreseeable future, 53% of search engine optimization professionals predict that link-building will have the same influence, while 41% predict that it will have less. (Aira)

Backlinks Stats

  • Help a Reporter Out (HARO) usage was reported to be frequent by 46.3% of link builders. (Authority Hacker)



  • 36% of businesses enlist the aid of independent consultants or freelance writers to assist with link building activities. (Aira


  • Better rankings on the first page of Google SERPs are correlated with websites with better Ahrefs or Moz, or SEMrush Domain Ratings. (Backlinko)


  • Link building is vital for 79.7% of search engine optimization professionals in their search engine optimization (SEO) plans. (Authority Hacker)


  • According to Ahrefs research, 43.7% of Google’s top-ranking pages have reciprocal links. (Ahrefs)

Backlinks Informational Stats

  • Link Exchange or Link Swap is one of the strategies used by 51.6% of link builders. (Authority Hacker)


  • Backlinks are expected to have a greater impact in the next few years, according to more than half of respondents (59%) compared to 35.5% who predicted a similar impact. (uSERP State of Link Building)


  • A regular website owner creates nine links per month. (Authority Hacker)


  • On the internet, 29.79% of web pages have less than three backlinks, while 55.24 percent of web pages have no backlinks at all. (Search Engine Journal)


  • The websites with the greatest Alexa rankings have a natural profile of anchor text that combines exact match, general or random anchor text, and branded anchors. (uSERP State of Link Building)

Link Exchange or Link Swap Stats

  • Links from multiple websites are present in only 2.2% of the content being provided. (Backlinko)


  • Social media platforms are used by 61.7% of link builders for some of their outreach. (Authority Hacker)


  • Link builders that use social media for outreach often get an extra 22% of links per month. (Authority Hacker)


  • Backlinks with non-exact match anchor text are equally as beneficial as those with precise match anchor text in raising content rankings. (Ahrefs)


  • For contact information and outreach related to link building, Facebook is used by 23.5% of link builders. (Authority Hacker)

Link Building Stats

  • Long-form content is an essential strategy to use as soon as you launch a blog because it generates more backlinks on average than blog entries with less than 3,000 words do. (Moz)


  • Fewer than 10 links are built each month by 73.5% of link builders. (Authority Hacker)


  • 46% of marketers reported spending more than $10,000 every year on link building. 22% of respondents claimed to spend between $1000 and $2500 per year. (Aira)


  • On the internet, 66.31% of web pages have no backlinks. (Ahrefs)


  • Longer content typically receives 77.2% more backlinks than shorter material. (Backlinko)

Link Building spending Stats

  • When search engine optimization professionals were asked if links helped rankings, 48% of them answered absolutely that they did. With the caveat that there are no significant SEO difficulties with the website, 34% of respondents also answered affirmatively. (Aira)


  • Equal amounts of time are spent creating internal and external links by 42% of SEO experts. (Databox)


  • 17.3% of link builders use LinkedIn to discover contacts and conduct outreach for links. (Authority Hacker)


  • Shared content receives 2 to 5 times more natural traffic and backlinks. (Authority Hacker)


  • Backlinks are rarely used for content that goes viral and receives a lot of social shares. Given the Pearson correlation coefficient of 0.078, it is safe to conclude that there is no correlation between backlinks and social media shares. (Backlinko)

Quality Content Backlinks Stats

  • Nearly 94% of all online content is unlinked, which is a huge majority. (Backlinko)


  • Link building, according to 52.3% of digital marketers, is the most challenging aspect of Search Engine Optimization. (Authority Hacker)


  • The average number of referring domains for listicles or list articles is 6.19, which is the largest number of any other content type. (Moz)


  • 90% of marketers employ various content types to gain backlinks. (Userp)


  • According to 42% of search engine optimization strategists, creating external links and internal links takes up the same amount of time. (Databox

                                                    Content Strategy Stats


  • Businesses that blog gain 97% more backlinks to their websites. (HubSpot)


  • Cold emails used for link building only provide results in 8.5% of cases. However, that doesn’t always imply that cold outreach is done and dusted. (Backlinko)


  • Domain authority is the most widely used link statistic, used by 65% of marketers to gauge link quality. 36% of marketers consider page authority, while 48% use domain rating. (USerp)


  • Rel=”sponsored” and “rel=ugc” are both used in 0.01% and 0.44% of links, respectively. (Ahrefs)


  • Quality content is the main approach for link building used by 90% of marketers. (Moz)

                                                                          Backlinks Building Stats

  • The majority of experienced link builders (59.4%, according to Authority Hacker) are employed by agencies. (Authority Hacker)


  • Page rankings are the primary KPI for 38% more marketers when it comes to gauging the success of link building. By doing this, they create links to a particular page and monitor to see whether its ranks improve. (Aira)


  • 3.57 times more links are created by seasoned link builders than by novices. (Authority Hacker)


  • The amount of organic traffic a website receives is closely associated with the number of backlinks it has. (Ahrefs)


  • According to Backlinko’s research, the element that correlated most strongly with Google rankings was the number of domains linking to a web page. (Backlinko)

Link Building Agencies

  • Links are among the top two factors taken into account by Google’s algorithm for ranking web pages. (Search Engine Land)


  • Every month, new websites contribute an extra 5% — 14.5% dofollow backlinks to the page with the highest search engine ranking. (Ahrefs)


  • Backlinks are the third most significant component for a site’s rating, according to experts in search engine optimization. (Databox)


  • Of the top 110,000 websites, 10.6% of all hyperlinks are nofollow. (Ahrefs)


  • A website’s unique domain rating, root domain, relevancy to the niche, domain authority, content quality, and website traffic are the most crucial variables in determining the quality of backlinks. (uSERP State of Link Building)

Dofollow Backlinks Stats


  • 90% of marketers say that creating content is their primary strategy for increasing backlinks. (Moz)


  • Nofollow links are useful for their backlink profile, according to 54% of search engine optimization experts overall. (uSERP State of Link Building)


  • Google is changing the “nofollow” property for backlinks, which could give your backlink profile more importance than it did in the past. (Google)


  • Most search engine optimization professionals agree that using content, backlinks, and QR codes combined is the most effective way to boost organic traffic. (uSERP State of Link Building)


  • An average link costs $361.44 to purchase. (Ahrefs)

                                                No Follow Backlinks Stats

  • 89% of marketers create content with the intention of generating links. (Aira)


  • For up to 4 weeks following its release, 31% of marketers conduct outreach initiatives to increase the number of links pointing to fresh content. (Aira)


  • Google Search Console, Moz, Majestic, Pitchbox, Screaming Frog, MailShake, Semrush, Buzzstream, and Ahrefs, are the most widely used tools for link creation and tracking. (uSERP State of Link Building)


  • 66.5% of links to websites from the past nine years are dead. (Ahrefs)


  • The direct effect of link building efforts and brand mentions on organic search results was seen by 52% of digital marketers. (Aira)

Organic Backlinks Stats

  • The effect of links on search engine rankings is often not visible for 3.1 months on average. (Authority Hacker)


  • Reciprocal links exist on 73.6% of domains, which means that some of the websites they link to also connect to them. (Ahrefs)


  • 19.9% of link builders actively acquire domains and reroute them in order to create links. (Authority Hacker)


  • An outreach email often converts into a backlink after eight days. (Authority Hacker)


  • Approximately 58% of companies think link building tactics have an impact on their SERP ranking. (uSERP State of Link Building)

Link Building effectiveness Stats

  • It takes somewhere between 1 and 6 months to notice the effect of links on search rankings, according to 89.2% of link builders. (Authority Hacker)


  • More than 40% of marketers think that using content marketing (also known as linkable assets) to create passive links is the best strategy. (uSERP)


  • Only 6% of website owners focus on generating links for digital PR. (Authority Hacker)


  • Digital PR is more than three times more likely to be done by agencies and in-house SEOs. (Authority Hacker)


  • The average price for publishing a paid guest article is $77.80. (Ahrefs)

                                                  Ranking Stats

  • When it comes to search engine rankings, 65.4% of search engine optimization experts believe that domain authority is more significant than the number of links on the target page. (Authority Hacker)


  • The top-ranking web pages in search engine result pages have some reciprocal links or 43.7% of them. (Ahrefs)


  • With more years of experience, link builders become 433% more prominent in digital PR. (Authority Hacker)


  • The most crucial approach to SEO, according to 13% of SEO professionals at enterprise companies, is creating high-quality links. (Conductor)


  • In the initial outreach, using the recipient’s first name enhances backlink acquisition by roughly 50%. (Authority Hacker)

Domain Authority Effectiveness Stats

  • The page with the highest Google ranking typically has 3.8 times more backlinks than other pages. (Backlinko)


  • Backlinks and content pieces are seen by Google as the main determinants of where a page will appear for a specific keyword. Then comes RankBrain. (Search Engine Round Table)


  • Normally, ‘Why Posts, ’’What Posts,’ and infographics receive 25.8% more backlinks as compared to ‘How-to posts’ and videos. (Backlinko)


  • Digital PR is the least popular link-building strategy, utilized to obtain links by only 17.7% of link builders. (Authority Hacker)


  • Backlinks will still be a ranking component in five years, according to 92% of marketers. (Aira)

Top Rank Pages Stats


  • A quality link costs brands $1,000 or more to get. (Siege Media)


  • In outreach campaigns for link-building, 40% more links are acquired when follow-up emails are sent. (Authority Hacker)



Top Backlinks Statistics Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Many Backlinks Do You Need to Rank on Google SERP?

The number of backlinks you require will vary depending on a variety of variables, including your domain authority and the SEO landscape. Some of the top Google-ranking websites just have a few backlinks, while others may have more than 1,000. 


However, if you want to rank on Google, you should aim to have roughly 300 links, which is the typical number for most websites. 

How Do You Determine How Many Backlinks Are Necessary for You to Be Successful?

In order to be competitive for SEO, a website needs forty to fifty backlinks to the homepage and between zero and one hundred backlinks to each individual web page. However, the PageRank evaluations of such backlinks are crucial because you need fewer backlinks to improve overall ranks the higher their worth. This is the best way if you want to know how to analyze backlinks statistics.

What Effect Do Links Have On Domain Authority?

By obtaining links from other high-authority websites, you can raise your domain’s authority. Get rid of any undesirable or spammy links, and instead, concentrate on producing worthwhile material for your users since quality always matters more than quantity.

How Many Backlinks Can You Safely Build Each Day?

In general, there is no cap on how many backlinks you can build every day. Links to low-quality websites should be avoided, though, as they may harm your website’s ranking on Google. You can have thousands of links and not run into any issues if you are producing quality content.

And That’s It About Backlinks Statistics (Conclusion)

In conclusion, it’s critical to understand that backlinks continue to play a significant role in SEO. And the best way to understand their performance is by enlightening yourself about backlinks statistics. 


Your website’s ranking on search engine result pages will continue to be influenced by the quantity and quality of your backlinks. However, the guidelines for getting and assessing backlinks have evolved over time, so it’s critical to keep up with the most recent developments and backlinks statistics.


However, it is not easy to do it all on your own. You can always ask a link building agency or SEO agency for help. 


Our company specializes in offering high-quality backlinks that will increase the ranking and exposure of your website substantially.


If you want to enjoy good results, you know what to do. 


(Hint: Contact Us!)


We also have a team of SEO experts to help you if you have any questions regarding backlinks, SEO, or even backlinks statistics. If you would like more information about our services, we would be delighted to assist!


So, what are you waiting for?


Let’s talk!!!

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