Blogger Outreach Tips for Building Quality Backlinks to Your Website

Blogger Outreach
On March 28, 2022

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Blogger outreach is an integral part of a link-building strategy. If done right, using the right blogger outreach tips, you can boost online visibility.

However, you need an effective blogger outreach service to achieve your online marketing goals.

This involves having a better understanding of:

What is blogger outreach?

Why is blogger outreach important for SEO?

If you want to know how to reach out to bloggers, we have valuable blogger outreach tips for you. These tips can guide you on how to build backlinks doing blogger outreach.

But let’s start with the basics first to refresh your memory about the topic.


What Is Blogger Outreach?

Blogger outreach is a process of communicating with influential bloggers. Businesses team up with bloggers to accomplish their marketing goals.

It can be writing content to promote services, create brand awareness, or improve SEO.

Blog marketing outreach provides you an opportunity to put your services or products in front of the right audience. On the other hand, bloggers get useful quality content for their readers.


Why Blogger Outreach Is Important For SEO?

Many business websites do blogger outreach solely for SEO purposes. In fact, it’s an integral part of a good SEO strategy

The reason why blogger outreach is Important for SEO is that it helps you:

  • Acquire quality backlink
  • Get organic traffic and quality leads
  • Improve your website’s ranking
  • Track and measure results


How Effective Is Blogger Outreach?

Blogger outreach is still effective and is a great way to boost SEO. However, this depends on the way you do blogger outreach and write your emails.

According to Backlinko, bloggers either ignore or delete most outreach emails. The blogger outreach case study revealed that merely 8.5% of emails got a reply.

However, if done right, you can get better results from blogger outreach. All you need is to follow effective blogger outreach tips.


Is Blogger Outreach Backlinks Safe?

Blogger outreach backlinks are safe when you get the following search engine guidelines. This makes getting quality backlinks through blogger outreach is to walk a tightrope.

You must always follow effective blogger outreach tips to get desired results.

There are certain risks associated with private blog networks (PBNs). So, don’t fall victim to PBNs as this can hurt your website’s SEO. 

The best way to get safe backlinks is to start small and follow a blogger outreach strategy.


How to Do Blogger Outreach in 2022?

Blogger outreach can help businesses and brands expand their digital footprint. But to get the most out of this, you must know how to do blogger outreach.

The below blogger outreach tips can make your work easy.

Develop Blogger Outreach Strategy

An effective blogger outreach strategy can bring better results for you. Once you are done developing a blog strategy for business, it’s time to work on a blogger outreach strategy.


What Is An Outreach Strategy?

An outreach strategy layouts the foundation of blog marketing outreach. This entirely depends on your business needs, marketing goals, and what you want to achieve through blogger outreach.

A strategic outreach plan may aim at achieving one or multiple goals. However, you 


Step of a Blogger Outreach Strategy

Below are the key elements of an effective blogger outreach strategy.

  • Specify your goals
  • Research and find authority bloggers
  • Build relation through commenting
  • Pitch bloggers through emails
  • Measure your Success


Segment Your Prospects for Outreach

Building quality backlinks through blogger outreach is a time-taking process that requires extensive research.

The best way to do blogger outreach in 2022 is to segment your prospects.

The first step is to find blogger outreach opportunities and make a list. Then classify these opportunities into three categories to form a blogger outreach strategy. You can divide them into

  1. Mega prospects
  2. Macro prospects
  3. Micro prospects

Now let’s discuss how you should classify these categories.

Mega Prospects

These are mega influencers or bloggers who have a wider audience. You can call them the superstars of their own niche. These are bloggers who hold authority in your industry and their words carry value.

Let’s say you are looking for some mega prospects in the SEO field. The below names need no introduction.

  • John Mueller
  • Brian Dean
  • Neil Patel

A backlink or mention by these personalities will surely skyrocket your SEO growth. However, there is very little chance that they will respond to your blogger outreach.

Macro Prospects

These are bloggers who aren’t as famous as the people mentioned above. But they are influential in their fields and their blogs have high authority.

With a little effort, you can get authority backlinks from these blogs and websites. All you need to do is write quality content and cover an angle that a specific website is missing.

For instance, Search Engine Land is an authority blog on SEO.

You can outreach them with a tailored email to get backlinks. But you must ensure that the idea you are pitching is solid and provides value.

Micro Prospects

These are bloggers who are enthusiastic and have their own voice within the industry. They aren’t as influential as others, but still, have value to offer.

SEO experts often overlook such bloggers as they aim to acquire links from premium websites. However, if you outreach them, they’ll respond to your emails. The best part is that these are the bloggers who are striving to make their mark.

An early link from them can prove beneficial over time. Since they are always looking for new ideas, you can easily get quality backlinks through blogger outreach.

Do Geo Targeted Blogger Outreach 

This is blog marketing outreach to local baggers and websites. Geo-targeted outreach is best when you are selling products in a specific country or offering services to specific locations. 

You need to find the right bloggers who have influence within the same region.

There are different ways to find guest posting opportunities in your area. However, you must always consider three key factors while performing blogger outreach.

  • Local Industry Influence
  • Domain Authority
  • High Local Traffic

In case you need more guidance, read our detailed guide on geo targeted blogger outreach approach.


Use Blogger Outreach Software

Yes, you have read it right. There are blogger outreach software that you can use to get quality backlinks.

Influencer management platforms like “Traackr” and blogger outreach tools like “BuzzSumo” can help you out. However, you must consider the cost that you might have to pay for such software. 


How to Reach Out To Bloggers?

Reaching out to bloggers is easy because most have “contact us” pages on their blogs. You can find their emails there or can reach out through social media. 

You should use your business email address during a blogger outreach campaign.

A professional email address will increase your chances of engagement. Also, the bloggers will know that you mean business when the email address has a website name attached to it.


The Blogger Outreach Process

The standard blogger outreach process involves:

  • Searching influencer bloggers within your niche
  • Collecting their contact info
  • Writing tailored outreach emails
  • Reaching out using your professional email
  • Sending follow-up emails

However, the success of your blogger outreach strategy depends on how you write the email.


How to Write Outreach Emails?

Email marketing is an art that requires practice and the use of the best tactics. You cannot simply follow a generic template and expect good results.

There were over 1.8 billion websites in 2021 and the number is increasing exponentially. If not all, the majority of these websites are consistently outreaching bloggers to get backlinks.

Source: Statista

We don’t have to tell you that not all emails get responses. Most of them get stuck in spam and another major chunk is ignored by webmasters. The reason behind it is simple.

Most people don’t know how to write outreach emails?

They follow the same old cold email practices and prefer to use a generic template.


Key Points to Consider for Blogger Outreach

Here are some facts that were presented in the blogger outreach case study by Backlinko.

  • Emails with long subject lines get a 24.6% higher response
  • Contacting the same prospect multiple times can improve the response rate.
  • Sending outreach emails to several contacts gets higher results.
  • Personalized subject lines boost response rate by 30.5%.
  • Emails with personalized message bodies have a 32.7% better response rate.
  • Wednesday is the “best” and Saturday is the worst day to send outreach emails.

The above-mentioned fact can help you improve your outreach email strategy. These are the key points that you must keep in mind while writing outreach emails.

Now let’s discuss these points in detail for a better understanding.


Craft a Catchy Subject Line

We know that a personalized subject line can improve the chances of getting a response. But the trick is to write in a persuasive way that forces the prospect to open it for reading.

We recommend writing a subject line that is longer and describes your purpose well. People hate emails with ambiguous subject lines that have no meaning.

Source: Backlinko

Also, when you are sending emails to do blogger outreach, make it about them.

Nobody likes to read an email that looks like an advertisement.


Sending Personalized Outreach Emails

We have talked earlier that using a generic email will reduce your chances. But that does not mean that you should not use one.

There are some great link building email templates that you can use.

However, we advise you to tweak the templates to make your emails more personal. You can edit them according to your needs and blogger’s interests. Before you send an outreach email, research about:

  • Bloggers’ interest
  • Topics they talk about
  • The value they want to offer their readers

Focusing on these points will help you write a personalized outreach email.


Choose Your Email Outreach Approach

There is nothing more debatable than the email outreach approach when we talk about blogger outreach tips. The industry is divided into two groups based on the email sending approach.


The Sniper Approach

This is exactly what it sounds like you have to choose your target first. Once you have identified the prospects, you need to send highly personalized emails for blogger outreach.

It’s like sending an email to your friends and convincing them to get a favor. However, instead of reminding the blogger how good of a friend you are, you will be offering some value.


The Shotgun Approach

This one is quite the opposite of the previous email approach. The followers of the shotgun approach believe it’s all about how many blogger outreach emails you can send. The logic behind the shotgun approach is simple.

More outreach emails = More link building opportunities

Also, sending multiple emails to bloggers takes less time and less effort. Even if you get a negative response, you can start building relationships to persuade the blogger. 

According to ahrefs, both approaches are equally useful for link building.

Source: Ahrefs

Which email outreach approach you want to follow is entirely up to you. But you should never send generic templates to bloggers and influencers.

If you have spent time identifying the prospects, spend some more to craft a personal message. With a little effort, you can improve your blogger outreach rate.


How to Build Backlinks Doing Blogger Outreach

The main purpose of email outreach is to get quality backlinks for websites. The whole practice will be in vain if you don’t know how to build quality links doing blogger outreach.

Approaching bloggers is one of the most beneficial marketing outreach strategies. However, you must know how to build backlinks doing blogger outreach to get the most out of it.

The right way to do so is to evaluate the value you’ll get.

So, before you start building backlinks through blogger outreach, do these steps.


Perform Website Audit First

You can easily perform a website audit if you have access to SEO tools. All you have to do is paste the domain URL and the tool will generate the report for you.

The main points you should consider are:

  • Monthly traffic
  • Website’s spam score

If the website has good monthly traffic and is not spammy, check other key indicators.


Check Domain Authority

The Authority of a website is all about how Google sees it. There are no criteria or metrics to judge the authority of a website.

However, the best SEO tools like SEMrush or ahrefs have their own metrics. These tools can provide information on authority which in turn tells how good a website is.

You should aim for a high authority website to get backlinks.

Premium authority websites with domain authority (DA) higher than 70 are ideal for guest posting.


Consider Niche Relevance

One of the effective outreach methods is to consider the niche or industry relevance. When you perform outreach for bloggers or use blogger outreach software, try to find relevant websites.

A link from a blogger that works in the same niche as yours is worth more.

Such links tell search engines that people within the same industry trust you. As a result, search engines start considering you as an authority on the topic. This will lead to higher rankings and more organic traffic.


Participate in Blogger Outreach Programs

There is no harm in participating in blogger outreach programs when you are running a blogger outreach campaign. Such programs help you create a symbiotic relationship with bloggers and influencers.

However, if you are trying to build backlinks in less time, hire an agency. You can hire blogger outreach services to build quality backlinks to your website in less time.

They can perform blogger outreach on your behalf or will help you hire white label blogger outreach services.



Blogger outreach marketplace is an ideal way to acquire quality backlinks. By following effective blogger outreach tips, you can contact influencers and run a successful blogger outreach campaign.

If you are new to this, you can contact us for blogger outreach services. Globex Outreach has earned its name for offering premium guest post writing and link building services. 

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