How to Buy Guest Blog Post? Benefits and Strategies 2023

Guest Posting
On July 10, 2023
How to Buy Guest Post

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Do you want to buy guest blog post?


Read this guide on doing so before you go and press the buzzer.


If you’re seeking ways to supercharge your online presence, increase brand visibility, and boost your website’s authority, a guest post is a good option for you. Guest blog posts offer a fantastic opportunity to tap into new audiences, gain valuable backlinks, and establish yourself as an industry expert. 


However, navigating the world of buying guest post can be overwhelming. 


That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to help you navigate the process with confidence and achieve maximum results. 


Get ready to unlock the secrets of successful guest blog post acquisition and take your online presence to the next level. 


Let’s learn how to buy guest blog posts:

Benefits of Buying Guest Blog Post

When you buy guest blog post, it can act as a game-changer for your digital presence needs. By buying guest post, you open doors to a myriad of benefits. 


Firstly, it allows you to tap into established audiences, exposing your brand to a wider range of potential customers. Secondly, it also helps you buy guest post backlinks that significantly improve your website’s authority and SEO performance.

Benefits of Buying Guest Blog Post

You also get a platform to showcase your expertise, positioning you as an industry thought leader when you buy guest blog post. 


With these remarkable advantages, it’s no wonder that buying guest post has become an indispensable strategy for businesses aiming to thrive in the digital landscape. 


Let’s dive into the compelling benefits of buying guest blog post: 

  • New and Diverse Audiences

The majority of blogs and websites always promote newly published content on their social media channels, keep it on the homepage for a while, and occasionally send out an email as well.


If you have a guest post on their website or blog, you will benefit from the publicity. However, you need to keep in mind that the majority of guest posts or articles receive no special consideration from the editor, and it can be challenging to stand out on crowded blogs.


If you’re going to submit a guest post in France of the highest caliber, think about talking to the editor about what makes it unique and why they should take additional steps to promote it to their audience on social media and other channels.

  • Buying Guest Post Also Provides Backlinks

If you already have a tiny blog or a website, you might want to think about guest posting to grow it. 

Backlinks Providers


The most crucial element in establishing authority is a backlink. You can obtain some backlinks from the blog you submit your guest post to. Or you can buy guest post backlinks. This is another benefit of buying guest posts. 


You can add a backlink in the main body of the article. Although having your own blog included on other blogs may help, if you don’t maintain consistency with it, this authority won’t last.

  • Improves Credibility

A track record of guest post publications on reputable websites will help you stand out from your competition and increase your credibility as a writer or marketer. You can include a reference to your guest post in your Linkedin bio and show publisher logos on your blog or website.


This will establish your authority as a credible source for future customers, users, and prospects for speaking engagements or media coverage.

  • It Also Increases Referral Traffic

Increases Referral Traffic


You increase the amount of referral traffic to your site when you buy guest posting opportunities on reputable blogs. The appropriate target demographic is already present on your guest blogging websites. They will, therefore, instinctively visit your site to read more if you provide them with more information through your guest posts. To improve traffic to their own websites, many websites reach guest bloggers to write for them.

  • Boosts Topical Relevance

A wonderful technique to increase your topical relevance and raise the ranking of your website is to buy guest blog posts. Your authority on a subject increases when you write a guest post for blogs related to your niche or field. This increases the likelihood that your blog content will rank higher over time.

Topical Relevance

The secret is to stay on niche-specific websites and guest posting blogs and resist the urge to pursue less relevant blogs. Ask yourself if a guest article will help you become more topically relevant or if it will only confuse people about the purpose of your website.


If you want to read more benefits of guest posting, check this out.

How Do We Get Guest Posts?

Before you start your process to buy guest blog post, you need to understand the entire process. Every step is important, from reaching out to prospects to sharing your guest posts. 


Here’s everything you need to know about buying guest post:

Start by Getting Your Information Organized

The first thing you need to do is make sure you are organized.


Disorganization will get you nowhere.


You will keep going in circles!


We recommend creating a spreadsheet on Excel or Google Sheets to keep track of your guest posting prospects. 

How Do We Get Guest Posts


Make sure you jot down everything that is relevant to your guest post, including any tools you use, as well as any other particular data you need to track. 


For example, you can create columns to track the following:


  • Website or blog’s name
  • Website or blog’s URL
  • Domain Ranking (DR) or Domain Authority (DA)
  • Guest posting ideas
  • Topics covered
  • Editor or webmaster’s name
  • Their contact information (e.g., their email)
  • Contact day and date 
  • Follow-up day and date
  • Accepted or rejected?
  • Date of acception
  • Date of rejection 
  • Post submission date
  • Post publishing date 
  • Guest post’s link


Some websites also have a ‘write for us’ or a submission page (instead of their editor’s email). You can link to that page in your spreadsheet if you cannot find the email. 

Look for Guest Blogging Opportunities

Once you’ve established where and how you want to organize your data, you can start looking for blogs and websites in your niche that welcome guest posts. 


Depending on how well-established your business is, you might search for a wider range of websites or only concentrate on your niche to buy guest blog post. Just bear in mind that a backlink from a guest blogging site that is appropriate will be given more weight than one from an irrelevant one.


Here is a list of search queries or phrases that you can use to look for guest posting blogs or websites:


  • Your target search keyword + “contributing writer”
  • Your target search keyword + “contribute to our site”
  • Your target search keyword + “guest post by”
  • Your target search keyword + “guest article”
  • Your target search keyword + “guest post”
  • Your target search keyword + “write for us”


You can also analyze and reverse engineer the backlinks of your rivals. You may acquire a list of all the blogs that link back to your competitors’ websites by entering the URL into tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs.


Even though not every one of those backlinks comes from guest posts, if your rival’s site was successful in obtaining links from these websites, it indicates that your content would be a suitable fit for theirs.

Create a Personalized Proposal

At this point, it is extremely important to make sure that your target guest posting blog is actually interested in your topic and will publish your article.


You can prepare a personalized guest post proposal to do this. This is often a brief email that informs the editor of your intended topic. Write your proposal with the following factors in mind:

How to Create a Personalized Proposal


  • Keep It Short and to the Point

Because most blog editors are busy, keep it short. Include the title of the proposed article as well as a brief summary—one or two sentences—or an outline. 

  • Check Out the Website’s Guest Posting Rules or Requirements

See if you meet the blog’s conditions for guest posting. A lot of blogs feature a page describing the criteria and requirements for guest posters, including the kinds of topics that are appropriate and the details that must be included in your submission.

  • Clarify Any Special Requests Beforehand

Clarify any specific requests you may have upfront. For instance, you could want to guarantee that a specific link to your blog is included as well, or perhaps you’d like a byline with a brief author bio. Be sure to include these details in your proposal, but be careful not to ask for too much!


You may locate an email address on the submissions page of the website you’re interested in using to submit your proposal. If not, you can look at the website’s general contact page and send a message there.

Send Them a Follow-up Email

Most of the pitches to buy guest blog posts get ignored. 


You can’t help it.


That is just how the cookie crumbles.


Therefore, don’t give up if you send 50 guest post proposals and receive only ten responses, all of which are denials. It’s very normal.

Follow-up Email


Others may truly forget, while some editors may not respond out of a lack of interest. That’s why, unless stated otherwise on their official site, it’s crucial to always write a follow-up email.


When composing a follow-up email, bear the following in mind:

  • Use the Same Email Thread

Don’t expect the webmaster editor to search through their inbox looking for your earlier email. Therefore, you need to make sure that the first email with your pitch is in there. 

  • Stick to the Point

Keep it brief. 


It is better to keep your email succinct and around 50 words because they already have all the information they require in the thread.

  • Send Your Email Early

Send your message early in the day, when the editor has just finished their coffee and is feeling well. 

  • Only Send a Follow-up Email Once

This isn’t a sales pitch. Only send one follow-up email unless it’s an extremely big publication that you know gets a massive quantity of pitches.

  • Don’t Send an Email Too Soon

As we have said, this is not a sales pitch. Make sure you do not follow up way too early.Give the editor some time to catch up. 

Write & Submit Your Guest Post for Publishing

It’s time to get to work once your target blog has expressed interest in your idea. Since you probably already know how to create engaging content, we won’t tell you how to go about composing the post. However, if you need some guidance, check this out!


However, you should make the following considerations during the procedure:


  • Keep the blog’s specifications in mind and make sure to cover all the bases. This can involve using precise sentence structures, using visuals of particular shapes or sizes, and more.


  • Don’t use wording that sounds too salesy or promotional. It’s usually acceptable to mention your website’s products and services, but try to keep your tone neutral and concentrate on offering solid guidance or information rather than trying to close a deal.


  • Edit and check your guest post for errors. Edit and review your work carefully for spelling, grammar, and readability before submitting it. Make sure your post is free of errors and that your ideas make sense.


  • When you’re satisfied with the article, you can submit it using the target blog’s recommended procedure. Although you might have to wait a while for a response, don’t be afraid to check in on your submission from time to time to see if it has been evaluated and to find out when it will be published. This is an important step when you buy guest blog post.


  • Carefully evaluate the length of your article. Aim for a lengthy yet impactful article if the target blog doesn’t set a word count. A guest post’s sweet spot is frequently between 1,000 and 2,000 words. 


  • Write to the primary readers of the chosen blog. Do some research, if necessary, to learn more about this audience, as it might differ differently from your own. Find out what they already know and what interests them.

Link to Your Guest Post From Other Guest Posts

The majority of guest posting platforms only let you add 1 to 2 backlinks to your website. However, they frequently accept additional links to reputable websites. This can work to your benefit.


A link from a page will be stronger if it has a lot of links pointing to it. Therefore, you can add links to your guest posts from other guest posts written by you to increase their rating if you have numerous guest articles that link to your website.

8 Buy Guest Blog Post Tips to Follow

Here are all the buying guest blog post strategies you need to keep in mind when you buy guest blog post: 

  • Research Your Keyword Phrases Properly

If your guest post performs well in search results and increases traffic to the host site, the owner will be thrilled. Therefore, conduct some keyword research to identify a few key phrases you may use to improve it, just as you would for your own articles.

Research Your Keyword Phrases Properly


Effective keyword placement (as opposed to keyword stuffing) tells search engines that your content is important and pertinent, making it easier for users to find you. To learn more about keyword competition analysis, read our comprehensive guide.

  • Monitor Your Results

Measure your results, just like you would with any other promotional marketing opportunity. Ask the blog owner how the post did.

  • Carefully Read the Guidelines on the Guest Blogging Platform

Guidelines on the Guest Blogging Platform


Make sure the blog at least allows guest posts. In this instance, landing in a rubbish folder hurts your chances of moving forward. Check the site’s house rules to learn more about where and how they welcome guest articles.

  • Do Not Make Generic Mistakes

Sending a generic letter with just the blog’s name filled in is not acceptable. This is a proven method to get your content removed before it has ever been reviewed.


Additional errors include:

  • Using the incorrect name for a particular email address.
  • Leaving your email blank. 
  • Be careful when writing the topic line. 
  • Try not to be shy.
  • Try to network with the appropriate individuals whenever you can.
  • Double-Check Your Grammar and Spelling

Grammer and Spelling In Guest Post writing


Nothing turns off readers and bloggers more than a post with misspelled words. Take the time to edit your content, regardless of how rapidly you wrote it. It is careless and unprofessional to fail to comply.

  • Create a Catchy Headline

Start by looking at the pitch’s headline once more. It won’t harm to suggest several alternatives, even though the site’s editor loved the original one. 

Create a Catchy Headline

The best titles or headlines:

  • Use verbs of action
  • Use your emotions
  • Include the reader’s advantage


To help you master your own, here is a guide to creating effective headlines.

  • Use Visual Aids (Such as Images) To Hook Readers

Use at least one image per section because they draw readers’ attention. Although it’s not a good practice to place more than one link to your blog in the text of the post, you can link to images, photos, and infographics instead. Use this tactic when you buy guest blog post.

  • Make Sure That Your Guest Post Is Formatted Correctly

Guest Post Is Format


Last but not least, structure the post to match others on the website. Take note of the way they employ lists, bold text, subheadings, and other formatting elements. You’ll gain greater popularity by giving site owners less effort to complete. You only need to adhere to them if a site offers guidelines for guest post authors.

Free Guest Posting Sites (And Some Paid Ones)

Supercharge your guest posting strategy with this list of free and paid guest posting sites. 


We understand that finding the right platforms to buy guest blog post and share your valuable content can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you! 


Our handpicked selection includes a mix of free guest posting sites where you can establish your presence without breaking the bank, as well as some paid options that offer premium features and wider reach. 


Whether you’re a seasoned writer or just starting out, these platforms will provide you with the perfect opportunity to showcase your expertise, connect with new audiences, and boost your online presence. 


So, let’s dive in and explore the diverse range of guest posting sites that await your unique voice!

Guest Blogging Sites Domain Ranking Traffic Is it free or paid?
Mashable 91 10309619 Free 
HubSpot 93 16866625 Free 
Getresponse 90 1910000 Free 
Social Media Examiner 87 158648 Paid 
The guest blogging 23 0 Paid 
Homey Improvements 39 883 Paid 
Smash Digital 59 685 Paid 
Content Marketing Institute 89 105305 Free 
Result First 44 498 Paid 
Solution How 55 16736 Paid 
Marketing Profs 84 17945 Free 
Social Media Strategies Summit 70 13538 Free 
Benchmark 70 7489 Free 
New Theory 51 1800 Paid 
Phelix Info Solutions 29 93 Paid 
Coschedule 86 277572 Free 
Social Media Explorer 74 540 Free 
WPOven 65 82173 Free 
Pace Official 55 2184 Paid 
WP Sauce 63 2203 Free
Tech Stromy 35 807 Paid
Tidy Repo 57 270 Free
Web Design Ledger 77 5471 Free
INC Magazine 9 0 Free
Analytics India Magazine 0.4 0 Free
Money Saving Mom 71 109713 Free
Web Designer Depot 82 43255 Free
Income Diary 71 21729 Free
Social Media Revolver 52 64 Free
Money Crashers 82 267735 Free
The Travel Manuel 38 2314 Free
Boarding Area 74 97346 Free
Digital Photography School 6 0 Free
Render Knowledge 4.7 0 Paid
Hostel Bookers 73 120 Free
Crazy Leaf Design 65 595 Free
Go Abroad 75 372237 Free
Cats Who Code 71 1164 Free
Global Grass Hopper 62 107951 Free
Top Design Magazine 0 0 Free
The Planet D 76 1171858 Free
Evidence Based Nursing 8 0 Free
Psychology Today 92 6053767 Free
Health Resource 4u 42 109 Free
Money Mini Blog 54 1484 Free
Mind Body Green 86 8990354 Free
Well-being secrets 2.7 0 Free
Pick The Brain 73 2474 Free
5 Minutes For Mom 72 21583 Free
The Master Cleanse 35 102 Free
Mind Body Green 86 8990354 Free
Taste of Home 85 16681950 Free
Women On Business 59 2408 Free
Disney Food Blog 70 1114107 Free
One Green Planet 8 0 Free
Love My Dress 3 0 Free
Mother Earth Living 70 6946 Free
Digital News Trending 26 0 Paid
The Greater Good Science Center 0 0 Free
Blissfully Domestic 51 6567 Free
Food Matters 73 7122 Free
Harvard Business Review 12 0 Free
Wall Street Journal 47 0 Free
Dumb Little Man 74 16054 Free
Modern Mom 71 15970 Free
Publicist Paper 59 71814 Paid
Baby Center 83 5760563 Free
The Blog Herald 0.2 0 Free
The SITS Girls 67 7264 Free
Main Street Host 72 19223 Free
Working Mother 78 686 Free
The Pie News 72 9799 Free
Arizona State University 0 0 Free
The Penny Hoarder 78 443264 Paid
The University of Texas 0 0 Free
Search Engine Roundtable 9 0 Free
Addicted 2 Success 73 37105 Free
Living Rich With Coupons 65 73093 Free
Marketing Tech News 0.2 0 Free
International Living Magazine 0 0 Free
Startup Bros Blog 0 0 Free
Above the Law 79 207681 Free
The Health Orbit 2.7 0 Paid
Small Biz Club 65 3229 Free
Attorney at Work 69 16151 Free
Addicted 2 Success 73 36001 Free
ABA for Law Students 60 180 Free
Time Business News 72 68107 Paid
Search Engine Watch 88 54547 Free
Rank Watch Blog 0 0 Free

Buy Guest Blog Post FAQs

What is the most effective approach to guest posting?

The ideal approach for guest posting is to find a reliable and authoritative website. Do your due diligence and verify that it has both organic traffic and a good reputation. Especially, when your goal is to buy guest blog post, you should check all metrics. 


Is guest blogging still effective?

Yes, guest writing continues to be a great technique to gain backlinks and boost the SEO of your website. Additionally, it’s excellent for enhancing your reputation and showcasing your intelligence. The secret is to create a safe and dependable formula that stays away from link farms and harmful websites.


Is it safe to buy guest blog post?

It’s acceptable to pay to get a guest post published. So, yes, you can buy guest blog post. Although Google discourages it and may manually penalize a site for unnatural link construction, it is still an option. 


To prevent this from happening, we advise you to conduct thorough research on a website before submitting a guest post and to stay away from link farms and Private Blog Networks (PBNs), which are notorious for bringing down reputable websites along with them.


In conclusion, purchasing guest blog posts can be a strategic and effective way to amplify your online presence, expand your reach, and drive tangible results for your business. So, if you want to buy guest blog post, you should do it strategically. By carefully selecting reputable providers and ensuring the content aligns with your brand, you can unlock a wealth of benefits. 


From gaining exposure to new audiences, building valuable backlinks, and establishing your authority in the industry, buying guest blog posts empowers you to make a lasting impact in the digital landscape. Remember, the key lies in thoughtful planning, collaboration, and maintaining a focus on quality content. 


So, take the leap, explore the opportunities, and buy guest blog post to elevate your brand to new heights. 


Your digital success story is waiting for you!

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