GKGroupHC.com – Ranked 1st for Eight Keywords

Provided Service: Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing

GK Group HC is a veteran IT company that has been serving in the market for over a decade. It was operating so successfully that it never had to attract any customers. It was in 2019 that its executives decided to start marketing their services. We helped GK Group HC build its online presence from scratch and rank top for eight of their most relevant and important keywords

Client’s Goals:

People at GK Group HC only knew that they have a website where they want traffic that converts. After discussing all its goals, our experts suggested a package that best fits the defined requirements. This is what they needed.

Rank on Google for Target Keywords

Attract Relevant Traffic to the Website

Get Qualified Leads

Increase Brand Awareness

Situation Analysis:

Before coming up with a strategy, it’s always crucial to study the current position of the project. Our team of SEO carried out a thorough Situation Analysis and resolved them to build a strong foundation.

Services Offered:

Considering the goals, our lead SEO created a strategy that would fulfil all client’s goals in the shortest amount of time. Search Engine Optimization was, of course, necessary, but Content Marketing was just as important considering it just started building its online brand. Following is a list of services we offered them.

Create New Website Pages

Run Google AdWords Campaign

Link Building with Guest Posting

Write and Publish Press Release

Building a Strategy:

It’s the use of the tools that decides the outcome of a campaign. Our SEO experts understand the importance of a strategy. They gather every useful piece of information that could improve the efficiency of a campaign. It is after thorough interviews, research, and brainstorming that an SEO strategy is built that would fulfil all client’s requirements.

Here’s how we successfully achieved the goals of GK Group HC.

Results Achieved:

GK Group HC became one of our happy clients who were more than just satisfied with our performance.

The website was ranked 1 st on Google search
engine result page for eight main keywords.

It was also ranked on the first page of Google
for several other relevant keywords.

The content, SEO, and AdWords were
audience-oriented and attracted the most
relevant people who are likely to become lead
and more.

All rankings were achieved within 45 days, but
the campaign was continued for two months for
a stronger foundation.

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