Link Insertion Case Study – 150x Growth in 3 Months

A reputed packaging machine manufacturer outreached us for link insertion services. The client wanted to build authority backlinks quickly and without producing new content. We ran the link insertion campaign and the brand saw 150x growth within 3 months.
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About Client

Name: Confidential

Industry: Packaging

Location: United States

Project Duration: 3 months (February 15 – May 15)

The client was one of the top packaging machine manufacturers in the USA. We cannot share any identifying information due to the client confidentiality agreement.

During the campaign, we outreached relevant websites for link insertion on behalf of the client. All other SEO activities were performed by the client’s in-house team.

Client’s Goals

The client was aware of how SEO works and what needed to be done. The client contacted Globex Outreach for link insertion with an aim to:

Build quick links

Boost their website’s SEO

Improve their backlink portfolio

Acquire local backlinks

Increase their organic traffic

The client asked us to acquire 50+ DA backlinks for their site. They needed 100 backlinks in total within 3 months.

Since the client wanted to see results in less time, they were only interested in high DA links. They provided us with keywords and the relevant links against them.

Initial SEO and Off-Page Analysis

Before signing the contract, we did an SEO audit of the client’s website. We assessed the overall SEO health and did a backlink analysis to measure their strengths and weaknesses.

We found that:

The website domain was more than 1 year old and the on-page SEO was good. It was an e-commerce site with 35 DA and had more than 50 indexed pages. The website also had a blog section but it only had a few blog posts.

The good thing was that the website had a fast loading speed with no technical SEO issues.
The backlink portfolio was clean and most of the backlinks were linking to the homepage and services. However, the website was lagging behind with a good backlink diversity. Most of the backlinks were from directories and forums.


The client had a website with multiple product pages but the site was facing difficulties in

Acquiring high DA backlinks

Lacking industry-relevant links

Building local backlinks

The client was facing difficulties in

Ranking main product keywords

Purposed Link Insertion Strategy

After evaluating the website, we proposed a step-by-step link insertion strategy to the client. We focused on following the “White Hat Link Building” practices.

We focused on:

Finding relevant link prospects

Narrowing down the link prospects

Finding contact information after vetting the prospects

Crafting and sending outreach emails

Services Offered

The client was eager to get high DA backlinks in order to boost website traffic and generate leads. For this, the website needed authoritative backlinks from premium websites. To build a strong backlink portfolio, we offered the following services to the client.

Link Insertion Services

Blogger Outreach Services

Infographic Services (Creation and Submission)

Results Achieved

We ran the link insertion campaign for three months (February 15 – May 15). During the first two months, we focused on link building for the homepage to increase domain authority. Our team outreached niche-relevant and local websites with high DA to acquire backlinks.

We acquired 31 high authority links from premium sites and blogs with 50+ DA. This helped us push 10 competitive keywords to the top three positions. Furthermore, more than 50 new keywords started appearing on SERPs.

During the 2nd month, we build pillow backlinks (mostly no-follow links) for targeted product pages. The objective was to expand the link profile by using semantic keywords. All these keywords were provided and approved by the client. We did link building through

  • Link insertion
  • Infographic submission

We aimed to diversify the backlink profile and acquired PR and editorial links. Most of these links were no-follow but they helped us improve the website’s traffic. This normalized the website backlink profile and further improved the domain authority. Plus, the overall website traffic improved and increased by 110%.

During the 3rd month, we build 35 backlinks for the website through link insertion. We were able to rank 30 more keywords on the first page of Google. The good part was that all of these were ranking for positions 1 to 6 on SERPs.

Below is the final report on our guest posting campaign.

Number of Links Inserted Sites Domain Authority (DA)
28 50+
42 60+
17 70+
13 80+

Total Links Inserted = 100

Links inserted / month = 30+

In the end, we were able to improve the domain authority (DA) from 35 to 45. The overall website traffic increased by 200% and the client started getting regular leads. We achieved the goals within 80 days.

Final Note

The client hired us for link insertion services and we ran the campaign for 3 months. We focused on white hat link building and our combined approach proved to be very fruitful for the website and target services pages.

Link insertions offer an extremely easy way to build a ton of relevant links fast. We selected the blogs and pages we wanted links from and we got the perfect anchor texts that we wanted on highly relevant web pages.

We did contextual link building keeping in mind the client’s goals and were able to achieve:

Increase in Backlinks (Percent according to graph)

Increase in Referring Domains (Percent according to numbers)

Increase in Domain Authority (DA) ((Percent according to number)

Organic Keywords Growth ((Percent according to graph)

Increase in Website Traffic ((Percent according to numbers)


200% increase in organic traffic

65% increase in organic keywords

DA increase from 35 to 45+

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