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Let us admit this:

That famous Bill Gates’ saying about content being the King of www has become more of a cliché. Every two-bit content writer or content agency tries to capitalize on this cliché, without paying attention to the ever-changing dimensions of content.


It is a matter of fact that content is what steers your website out of the troubled waters of the sandbox or drowns it to the depth of page 10 of Google SERPs. Content is the King because, in a world of online business, it is your virtual business card, it tells the story about you and your success and all that matters is a good story.

Just like a huckster of old times; one who told a story to people around him and then lure them into buying his stuff. Content is the story that you tell your prospects and visitors, in order to finally entice them into becoming customers of your products and/or services.

This exactly what we do for you.

Blog Posts:

Unveil a problem.
Ignite agitation that yearns for a solution.

Authoritative articles

Establish yourself and
your website as an authority of your niche.

Whatever might be your goals for your website or blog, just communicate those goals to us. We will devise a strategy and we will see to the fulfillment of your online business goals.

Our Services

Blogpost writing

Blog posts are the content published mostly on personal blogs, with an intention to engage readers, get more and more backlinks, share one’s thoughts, experiences and helpful tips, tricks and hacks etc. Our blog post writing service is the best because we have native writers fully aware of the conventions of internet writing.

Article Writing

Authority articles are what needed by every niche authority website. Ours is a team of dedicated native American writers who know the standards and practices prevalent in the article writing industry. We are determined to make your site a go-to resource for the target audience.


Desperate times, desperate measures! Sometimes you need some sort of viral content that acts as a link bait and brings lots and lots of high-quality links to your website. From posting content on an online magazine to popular blogs to niche authority websites, we know all that is needed to create linkbait content for the good of your business.

Press Releases

Gone are the days when press releases used to be a tool of information; now they are among the most result oriented marketing tools. A press release is used to create the much-needed buzz about your business, products and/or services.

Social Media Posts

Money lies in social media and so does most of the action because most of the time that an internet user spends online is attributed to social media. For your social media marketing shebang, our native American writers will write social media posts destined to go viral right after you click that Share button.

Ebooks Writing

EBooks are regarded as the best tool in a leads squeeze rush. If you really have a good audience and you want to channelize them to your landing page, an EBook as an incentive can do wonders to get you those very crucial particulars. Guess what? We can hook you up with the best EBook writers on our team.

Landing Pages

The first impression is the last one; the same is the case with a landing page. It will either lure the visitors into considering your services or it will fend them off which is the last thing you want. A landing page should be like a door that lets everyone in. On our pool, we have experienced native American writers who know how to craft compelling and catchy landing pages.


If a spelling mistake yells “careless” a grammatical mistake shouts “unprofessional” and the last expression that you want your prospects to get is that of a careless and unprofessional bunch of wannabes. If this is not how you want yourself and your organization to be known, you have to acquire some proofreading and editing services.


Newsletters are no more what they have been. Now they are not only used to provide information and news about a certain niche but nowadays they’re considered one of the most effective tools of conversion. In your newsletters, you can incorporate a subtle call to action and thus turn readers into clients. Luckily writers at Globex Outreach know the art of turning newsletters into sales copies.

Case Studies

If you have been into any online business, you must know how crucial the case studies to establish your authority are. Case studies are one of the most effective ways of showcasing to the clients all your past marvels and achievements. Native American writers on our panel have written hundreds of such success stories for online businesses e.g. SEO, Graphic Designing and consultancy etc.

Creative Writing

A writer’s writing genius sprouts from his creative self and this is why business writing is not all that we do at Globex Outreach. From students to people who need creative writing stuff, we have served a lot of people with our creative writing skills. So let us know if you have a task that needs creative writing skills.

Scripts Writing

Script writing is no more only for film or drama, nowadays scriptwriters write scripts for explainer videos which are considered the magic wand of conversion and authority. So whether you want a video script for a video to impress the big G or you just want to convert viewers into leads, we can do this for you.

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Benefits of Content Creation

Conversion of Old Content into New

Isn’t it painful to pay good and still get spun content that is no good for you? Do you know what is even more painful? Writing all the content from scratch. Well, we save you the trouble by improving the already available content on your website.

Boosting SERP Ranking

If everything looks good but your website is still acting like Grand Pa’s car on SERP highway, perhaps it is the time to have a look at the content again. Our SEO oriented content with all focus keywords will be NOS for your old website.

Conversion Booster

Intention reflects in the piece of work and this why content written by a content mill slave will do no good to your greater cause of converting visitors into customers. Try us if you need content that exudes a call to action to make maximum conversions.

Voice for Your Organization

You are done with the content that is so passive that all it does is let visitors read it. You need a voice for your organization, an identity, a philosophy, a mission, a vision and compelling call to action, and this is exactly what we can do for you.

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