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Let us admit this:

That famous Bill Gates’ saying about content being the King of www has become more of a cliché. Every two-bit content writer or content agency tries to capitalize on this cliché, without paying attention to the ever-changing dimensions of content.


It is a matter of fact that content is what steers your website out of the troubled waters of the sandbox or drowns it to the depth of page 10 of Google SERPs. Content is the King because, in a world of online business, it is your virtual business card, it tells the story about you and your success and all that matters is a good story.

Just like a huckster of old times; one who told a story to people around him and then lure them into buying his stuff. Content is the story that you tell your prospects and visitors, in order to finally entice them into becoming customers of your products and/or services.

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