The Best Guest Posting Sites In Germany in 2023

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On November 6, 2023
German Guest Posting sites

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In the ever-expanding digital landscape of 2023, where connections are forged through words and ideas, guest posting stands as a powerful tool for individuals and businesses alike to establish their presence and influence. Within the vibrant tapestry of Germany’s online community, discerning writers and marketers are constantly seeking platforms that not only amplify their voices but also resonate with their target audience. 


As we delve into the realms of cyberspace in 2023, the quest for the best guest posting sites in Germany becomes more pertinent than ever before. This article serves as a compass guiding writers, businesses, and enthusiasts toward the digital havens where their ideas can flourish. Delving into a meticulously curated list, this guide navigates the intricacies of the German online sphere, unveiling the most influential, engaging, and rewarding platforms where guest posting can elevate one’s online presence to unprecedented heights. 


Whether you are a seasoned blogger, an emerging entrepreneur, or a digital marketing aficionado, this article is your gateway to the most coveted online destinations, where your words can weave stories, influence minds, and foster connections in the dynamic online landscape of Germany in 2023.

Table of Content

  • The Best Guest Posting Sites In Germany in 2023 1
  • German Health Sites 2
  • Fashion Guest Post Sites in Germany 3
  • Home Improvement Guest Post Sites in Germany 5
  • Pet Blog Guest Post Sites in Germany 6
  • Business Blog Guest Post Sites in Germany 8
  • Tech Guest Post Sites in Germany 10
  • Real Estate Guest Posting Sites in Germany 12
  • Travel Guest Posts Sites in Germany 13
  • Sports Guest Post Sites in Germany 15
  • Digital Marketing Guest Post Sites in Germany 17
  • Let Us Do the Hard Work for You 18
  • Concluding It Up 19

30-Second Summary:

If you are looking for the best guest posting sites in Germany for 2023, we have curated a comprehensive list of guest posting sites and categorized them into various niches, such as health, fashion, home improvement, pets, business, and tech. Each category is accompanied by a list of reputable sites along with their relevant metrics like Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA), and more.

You can also find some practical tips on how to find and approach these sites for guest posting opportunities, making it a valuable resource for writers, businesses, and marketers looking to establish their presence in the German online community. 

German Health Sites

Navigating the intricacies of healthcare and well-being in Germany, one of Europe’s leading nations in medical innovation and healthcare services, opens the door to a wealth of knowledge and expertise. 

German Health Sites

German health sites for guest posting stand as digital sanctuaries where medical professionals, wellness enthusiasts, and researchers converge to share insights, breakthroughs, and holistic approaches to health. From the advanced medical facilities in Berlin to the holistic wellness centers nestled in the Bavarian countryside, these platforms offer a virtual bridge to Germany’s renowned healthcare expertise.


German health sites for guest posting are more than informational hubs; they are thriving communities where the synergy of medical knowledge and personal well-being is explored. These platforms delve into diverse subjects, from mental health awareness and preventive care strategies to integrative medicine and alternative therapies. The content shared on these sites reflects Germany’s commitment to holistic health, incorporating elements of physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Whether it’s exploring the benefits of traditional German spas, understanding the science behind innovative treatments, or discussing the role of nutrition in overall health, these platforms offer a comprehensive perspective. 


By fostering discussions on evidence-based practices and the latest medical advancements, German health sites for guest posting empower readers to make informed decisions about their health. As digital gateways to a healthier lifestyle, these platforms illuminate the path to well-being, ensuring that individuals both in Germany and around the world can access the latest insights from the forefront of the health and wellness field.


Sites Names Category DA PA DR Referring Domain TF CF Semrush Traffic Ahrefs Traffic
Pap Ammunity Health 23 31 18 288 22 35 853 1294
Info Pflege Health 31 38 54 1019 33 28 4600 10047
Naehrwert Vergleich Health 12 29 34 97 12 18 2K 5198
Kraichgau Lokal Health 17 32 30 997 14 28 N/A 1374
Operation Health 32 41 31 538 4.8K 9429

How to Find German Health Sites?

Finding the best free health guest posting sites in Germany involves taking a few factors under careful consideration to ensure the credibility, relevance, and accuracy of the data provided. The most important factor that you need to look for when searching for the best health sites in Germany is credibility. Always check for reliability and credibility. Look for cheap German guest posting sites run by reputable organizations, such as government agencies, established medical associations, NGOs, and medical universities. These guest post health sites are more likely to provide accurate, trustworthy, and up-to-date information. Once you have made sure that a site is credible, you can move forward. 


But how to find health guest post sites first? 


Use advanced search operators!


Here are a few search operators that you can use to find health guest posting sites in Germany:

  • Health: ”write for us”
  • Health: ”write for me”
  • Health: ”contribute to”
  • Health: ”submit” + inurl: blog
  • Health “submit a guest post”
  • Health:/guest-post/
  • Health “guest post”
  • Health “guest post by”
  • Health “accepting guest posts”
  • Health “guest post guidelines”
  • Health “guest author”
  • Health “guest article”
  • Health “guest column”
  • Health “become a contributor”

Fashion Guest Post Sites in Germany

Germany, with its diverse fashion scene ranging from avant-garde designs in Berlin to the sophisticated elegance of Munich, is a melting pot of inspirations. These fashion guest post sites serve as digital ateliers, weaving together threads of couture, streetwear, and sustainable fashion. 

Fashion Guest Post Sites in Germany

From the cobblestone streets of Cologne to the bustling fashion districts of Dusseldorf, these platforms offer a glimpse into Germany’s sartorial spirit. They not only celebrate the nation’s rich fashion heritage but also amplify the voices of emerging designers and passionate fashionistas, making them quintessential platforms for anyone enamored with the world of style and haute couture.


German fashion guest post sites are more than just platforms for showcasing the latest trends; they are vibrant communities shaping the future of fashion discourse. These platforms embrace diversity, featuring discussions on inclusive fashion, ethical practices, and cultural influences. Whether it’s exploring the fusion of traditional German craftsmanship with contemporary designs or unraveling the impact of sustainable fabrics on the industry, these sites provide a 360-degree view of the fashion world. 


From backstage glimpses of renowned fashion shows to in-depth analyses of global fashion movements, these sites are digital front rows that offer an immersive experience.


Sites Names Category DA PA DR Referring Domain TF CF Semrush Traffic Ahrefs Traffic
Lebe Berlin Fashion 27 43 15 1233 9 29 320 712
Urban Life Fashion 28 35 27 598 13 14 1K 843
LR Shop Direkt Fashion 18 40 22 304 12 16 15700 28063
Grundierung Fashion 12 33 11 116 20 20 1.3K 1255

How to Find Fashion Guest Post Opportunity Fashion in Germany?

Finding fashion guest posting sites in Germany involves a similar process to finding any sort of reputable guest posting website. 


Here are some search phrases as well as keywords that you can help you locate fashion niche sites for amazing guest post opportunities and start your guest posting journey in Germany in the niche of fashion: 


  • fashion: ”write for us”
  • fashion: ”write for me”
  • fashion: ”contribute to”
  • fashion: ”submit” + inurl:blog
  • fashion “submit a guest post”
  • fashion: /guest-post/
  • fashion “guest post”
  • fashion “guest post by”
  • fashion “accepting guest posts”
  • fashion “guest post guidelines”
  • fashion “guest author”
  • fashion “guest article”
  • fashion “guest column”
  • fashion “become a contributor”


Once you’ve found some good potential sites for posting your fashion guest posts, write a compelling personalized pitch outlining your expertise, niche, and proposed topics. Clearly explain how your guest post fashion content would benefit their readership. Make sure to not forget to thoroughly review the guidelines and requirements of each Fashion sites German guidelines before submitting your guest post. 

Home Improvement Guest Post Sites in Germany

In the heart of Germany’s architectural tapestry lies a digital landscape where home improvement dreams come to life: the realm of German home improvement guest post sites. These platforms, brimming with creativity and craftsmanship, serve as invaluable resources for homeowners, architects, and interior designers alike. 

Home Improvement Guest Post Sites in Germany

From the quaint cottages of the Bavarian Alps to the sleek penthouses of Hamburg, these sites are digital workshops where ideas are molded, and spaces are transformed. In a nation where the fusion of traditional charm and modern innovation is an art form, these guest post sites capture the essence of German living, offering a plethora of insights into the world of home enhancement.


German home improvement guest post sites are more than just repositories of design inspiration; they are vibrant communities where the passion for creating dream spaces is contagious. Exploring these platforms unveils a wealth of expertise, ranging from timeless architectural techniques to the latest in smart home technology. 


Discussions cover everything from reviving historical buildings with sustainable practices to infusing minimalist apartments with warmth and character. Whether you’re a homeowner seeking practical DIY tips or an interior designer looking for innovative trends, these sites curate a universe of knowledge. They not only highlight the functional aspects of home improvement but also celebrate the emotional connection between individuals and their living spaces. 


Let’s take a look: 


Sites Names Category DA PA DR Referring Domain TF CF Semrush Traffic Ahrefs Traffic
Bei Hausbau Home Improvement 10 36 19 49 9 12 307 1640
Home Plaza Home Improvement 23 39 35 918 15 17 2800 5086
Trendo Mat Home Improvement 23 47 19 8600 8 32 1K 1132

How to Find a Home Improvement Guest Post Sites List in Germany?

Identifying trustworthy websites that offer home improvement guest post opportunities requires a methodical strategy in order to find home improvement guest post possibilities in Germany. You may identify websites that accept home improvement guest post submission using search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. 


Begin by typing appropriate search terms into search engines, such as “home improvement sites,” “home improvement blog guest post websites,” or “home improvement High Da sites.” You can find possible websites with this.


If that doesn’t work for you, you can also hunt for home improvement-focused websites and periodicals. Search for well-known internet, print, and magazine sources for home improvement in the UK. Look for specific “Write for Us” or “Submit a Guest Post” pages on their websites.


In order to increase your odds at locating good home improvement guest post websites in Germany, use the following search operators:


  • home improvement: ”write for us”
  • home improvement: ”write for me”
  • home improvement: ”contribute to”
  • home improvement: ”submit” + inurl:blog
  • home improvement “submit a guest post”
  • home improvement: /guest-post/
  • home improvement “guest post”
  • home improvement “guest post by”
  • home improvement “accepting guest posts”
  • home improvement “guest post guidelines”
  • home improvement “guest author”
  • home improvement “guest article”
  • home improvement “guest column”
  • home improvement “become a contributor”

Pet Blog Guest Post Sites in Germany

Amidst the picturesque landscapes and pet-loving communities of Germany, pet blog guest post sites have carved out a special niche, providing a virtual haven for animal enthusiasts and pet owners. 

Pet Blog Guest Post Sites in Germany

Germany’s profound love for animals is reflected in the vibrant pet culture that permeates the nation, making these guest post platforms essential for anyone passionate about furry companions. From the charming streets of Munich to the serene countryside of Bavaria, these pet blog guest post sites serve as digital diaries where pet lovers, veterinarians, and pet product creators come together to celebrate the joys of pet ownership. 


With a focus on topics ranging from pet health and training tips to heartwarming pet stories, these platforms create a sense of community, where animal lovers can share their experiences, seek advice, and advocate for the well-being of our four-legged friends.


In the realm of German pet blogging, these guest post sites are more than just online spaces; they are compassionate networks fostering a deep connection between humans and animals. The content shared encompasses a myriad of aspects, from understanding pet behaviors and nutritional needs to exploring pet-friendly destinations across Germany. In a country where pets are considered cherished family members, these guest post sites serve as digital hubs promoting responsible pet ownership, animal welfare, and the sheer delight that comes with having a furry friend. Through engaging narratives and valuable information, German pet blog guest post sites enhance the bond between pets and their human companions, making them essential reading for anyone who shares their life with animals.


Sites Names Category DA PA DR Referring Domain TF CF Semrush Traffic Ahrefs Traffic
Afrika Rundreise Pets 22 32 4.1 444 9 27 901 1017
Prima Tier Futter Pets 20 26 34 192 26 25 2700 4265
Tier Liebe Pets 39 36 43 895 39 35 1700 1824
Pfoten Wiki Pets 21 22 11 142 15 20 9.4K 12205

How to Find Blogs About Pets in Germany?

Just like we discussed in the home improvement in Germany niche, you can begin by using search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing to look for a pet blog sites list as well as top pet blogs. So, you can utilize keywords such as “top pet sites Germany,” “best pet blogs Germany,” or “top pet blogs in Germany.”


Here are some more search phrases for you that will help you in finding blogs about pets Germany in the pet niche specifically: 


  • pet: ”write for us”
  • pet: ”write for me”
  • pet: ”contribute to”
  • pet: ”submit” + inurl:blog
  • pet “submit a guest post”
  • pet: /guest-post/
  • pet “guest post”
  • pet “guest post by”
  • pet “accepting guest posts”
  • pet “guest post guidelines”
  • pet “guest author”
  • pet “guest article”
  • pet “guest column”
  • pet “become a contributor”


Searching social media sites and forums for pets is another strategy you may use. Investigate social media websites for German animal lovers, including Facebook groups, Reddit communities, and discussion boards on websites like Reddit. These sites let you interact with bloggers and website owners and frequently discuss chances for guest posting. 

Business Blog Guest Post Sites in Germany

In the heart of Europe’s economic powerhouse, German business blog guest post sites have become vibrant platforms for entrepreneurs, executives, and thought leaders to share their insights and strategies. Germany’s robust economy and innovative business landscape make these platforms essential hubs for professionals seeking to engage with a discerning audience. From the bustling financial district of Frankfurt to the tech corridors of Munich, these business blog guest post sites provide a virtual stage where industry trends, corporate success stories, and expert analyses converge. 

Business Blog Guest Post Sites in Germany

In a nation renowned for its engineering prowess, attention to detail, and commitment to quality, these platforms serve as catalysts for stimulating discussions on market dynamics, leadership philosophies, and global business expansion strategies. By bridging the gap between theory and practice, German business blog guest post sites facilitate a culture of continuous learning, fostering an environment where entrepreneurs can glean invaluable insights, executives can refine their leadership styles, and startups can find inspiration to scale their ventures to new heights.


Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur aiming to navigate the complexities of the German business landscape or a seasoned executive looking to stay ahead of industry trends, these platforms offer a wealth of knowledge and networking opportunities. With a keen focus on practical insights and real-world applications, German business blog guest post sites empower professionals to make informed decisions, adapt to market changes, and thrive in the competitive global economy. 


Sites Names Category DA PA DR Referring Domain TF CF Semrush Traffic Ahrefs


Top 500  Business 28 39 30 528 6 57 282 3460
Gotha Aktuell  Business 18 31 36 244 8 13 5900 9364
Land Kreis Kurier Business 25 33 42 480 11 33 1800 6877
Bastel Frau  Business 32 45 36 13586 15 15 22000 31140
Sauf Trink Spiele Business 23 29 24 246 18 27 796 1330
Yopedo  Business 29 34 40 191 18 30 1200 1900
Oiger Business 40 40 42 2023 19 19 6200 5442
Pikler Dreieck  Business 17 23 30 131 22 23 6300 7877
Kultur Falter  Business 30 36 32 505 24 16 10000 8625
Pop Art Studio – Web Design  Business 29 36 35 516 25 36 1400 2201
The Digital Talents  Business 18 24 37 409 27 26 1600 1882


Business 33 38 32 757 31 33 7300 20197
Lausitz News  Business 37 44 47 2738 37 43 63300 105637
Gemeinde Markersdorf  Business 30 33 32 333 39 29 4500 1405
Bauen Und Heimwerken  Business 31 43 36 4174 41 37 32200 40778

How to Find Business Guest Posting Sites in Germany?

Identifying trustworthy business websites and business site backlinks that allow people to write guest posts on topics relating to business and entrepreneurship demands a strategic approach while looking for business guest blogging sites in Germany. 


You can use the following search terms to locate the top German Business niche sites in the business niche:


  • business: ”write for us”
  • business: ”write for me”
  • business: ”contribute to”
  • business: ”submit” + inurl:blog
  • business “submit a guest post”
  • business: /guest-post/
  • business “guest post”
  • business “guest post by”
  • business “accepting guest posts”
  • business “guest post guidelines”
  • business “guest author”
  • business “guest article”
  • business “guest column”
  • business “become a contributor”


Attending business conferences, networking events, seminars, and workshops in Germany will help you make connections with other bloggers and possible guest post hosts, which will help you find possibilities for guest posting. This is quite effective.


Additionally, we advise connecting with business people, opinion leaders, and bloggers via networking organizations and online forums. Developing connections may open up prospects for guest posting on best business sites.

Tech Guest Post Sites in Germany

With Germany being a powerhouse in engineering, innovation, and software development, these tech-focused platforms have become vital spaces for professionals, startups, and enthusiasts to share their expertise and visions for the future. From the bustling startup scene in Berlin to the precision engineering hubs in Stuttgart, these guest post sites provide a virtual stage for thought leaders and tech pioneers to amplify their voices. 

Tech Guest Post Sites in Germany

In a nation where precision meets creativity, these platforms serve as incubators for discussions on artificial intelligence, digital transformation, cybersecurity, and other groundbreaking tech trends. By bridging the gap between expertise and curiosity, German tech guest post sites catalyze a culture of constant learning, fostering an environment where technology enthusiasts can delve into the latest developments and collaborate on shaping the digital future.


Navigating the complex and ever-evolving world of technology requires more than just technical expertise; it demands a community where ideas can flourish and perspectives can be shared. German tech guest post sites, with their diverse range of topics spanning from software development and hardware innovation to tech policy and digital ethics, offer an enriching space for professionals and tech aficionados alike. 


These platforms are not just portals for sharing knowledge; they are catalysts for innovation, where entrepreneurs find inspiration, developers collaborate on open-source projects, and tech enthusiasts unravel the mysteries of emerging technologies. In a digital landscape where innovation knows no bounds, these sites foster connections, spark discussions, and serve as launchpads for the next big technological breakthrough, making them indispensable hubs in Germany’s tech ecosystem.


Sites Names Category DA PA DR Referring Domain TF CF Semrush Traffic Ahrefs


Snaptik  Tech 52 44 49 1540 1 30 0 38501
Mini Beamer Test   Tech 23 24 20 68 8 25 686 1622
Agile Unternehmen Tech 35 37 37 519 9 25 2900 2992
Schmidtis Blog Tech 42 44 36 2843 9 46 8400 9589
Apfel Like Tech 42 44 38 1979 14 37 608 1313
Steady News Tech 38 42 37 1127 14 31 2600 2077
Geo Litico Tech 44 41 35 1300 15 38 588 1685
BYC News Tech 35 42 48 1724 16 40 33500 29421
Get To Text Tech 50 50 49 80167 16 38 202000 369477
Die Tasten Kombination Tech 24 42 23 921 18 31 5200 3879
Operation  Tech 33 40 32 421 18 34 8800 7937
Schwerin Lokal Tech 34 39 44 930 19 31 3200 3630
Gesundheits Fakten Tech 34 41 29 1852 19 35 4500 4152
Smart Phone Mag Tech 31 35 37 606 20 27 932 1330
Online Markt Platz Tech 44 42 49 1606 26 43 1700 3569

How to Find Technology Guest Post Sites in Germany?

To begin, use the advanced search operators to hone in on certain results. For instance, a search for “intitle: top technology blogs” will turn up websites that are actively looking for guest writers. Alternatively, you can use any of the search operators listed below to locate tech blogs that accept guest posts or other information technology blogs that allow writers to guest post about technology:


  • technology: ”write for us”
  • technology: ”write for me”
  • technology: ”contribute to”
  • technology: ”submit” + inurl:blog
  • technology “submit a guest post”
  • technology: /guest-post/
  • technology “guest post”
  • technology “guest post by”
  • technology “accepting guest posts”
  • technology “guest post guidelines”
  • technology “guest author”
  • technology “guest article”
  • technology “guest column”
  • technology “become a contributor”


In the end, you can make use of social media to complete your assignment. Join guest post technology-related social media groups on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Within these groups, there are many bloggers and technology blog site owners who exchange possibilities for guest posting on latest technology blogs.


Keep in mind that effective guest posting involves patience, tenacity, and the capacity to offer the audience of the host website useful information. Always adhere to the rules and preferences of the technology blogs sites you contact about guest posting.

Real Estate Guest Posting Sites in Germany

Germany’s property market, characterized by its stability and innovation, has attracted a global audience seeking insights and expertise in the realm of real estate. These guest posting sites serve as digital forums where industry experts, realtors, and property enthusiasts converge to share their knowledge, market trends, and investment strategies. From the picturesque countryside estates in Bavaria to the sleek urban apartments in Berlin, these platforms showcase the diverse tapestry of German real estate, offering a wealth of information for both local and international audiences.

Real Estate Guest Posting Sites in Germany

German real estate guest posting sites are more than just platforms for property listings; they are vibrant communities that dissect the intricacies of the market, offering in-depth analyses and expert opinions. As Germany experiences a continuous surge in urban development and architectural innovation, these platforms provide a lens through which readers can explore the evolving face of cities like Munich, Hamburg, and Frankfurt. From sustainable housing solutions to insights on navigating the legalities of property acquisition, these sites offer a comprehensive guide for investors, buyers, and real estate enthusiasts. 


Through the lens of these guest posting sites, the nuances of the German property market come to life, offering readers a valuable resource to make informed decisions in this thriving real estate landscape.


Sites Names Category DA PA DR Referring Domain TF CF Semrush Traffic Ahrefs


Ungarn Immobilien Boerse Real Estate 15 30 4.7 182 14 25 1200 1088
Fertig Haus Real Estate 25 38 26 1637 24 15 2700 8801
Hamburg Magazin Real Estate 46 46 56 3001 45 39 104400 92862
Wohnen Urban Real Estate 13 32 59 264 12 41 650 1962

How to Find Real Estate Guest Posting Sites in Germany

Looking for real estate guest post sites in Germany includes a strategic approach to locating reputable real estate guest blogging sites that accept guest contributions related to the real estate industry. 


Use the following search operators to find  real estate blog post sites Germany in real estate:


  • real estate: ”write for us”
  • real estate: ”write for me”
  • real estate: ”contribute to”
  • real estate: ”submit” + inurl:blog
  • real estate “submit a guest post”
  • real estate: /guest-post/
  • real estate “guest post”
  • real estate “guest post by”
  • real estate “accepting guest posts”
  • real estate “guest post guidelines”
  • real estate “guest author”
  • real estate “guest article”
  • real estate “guest column”
  • real estate “become a contributor”


We advise you to attend real estate expos, events, property investing seminars, property management courses, and networking events in Germany in addition to using the search operators we’ve given above. These offer chances to meet possible hosts for guest posts and real estate bloggers.


Through online networks and networking groups, you can also network and connect with real estate brokers, investors in real estate, property managers, and bloggers. Opportunities for guest post real estate sitescan arise from networking.

Travel Guest Posts Sites in Germany

Travel guest post sites in Germany have become the virtual bridges connecting passionate explorers, culture enthusiasts, and globetrotters from every corner of the globe. In a country where ancient traditions seamlessly blend with contemporary allure, these platforms offer more than just travel insights; they are portals to immersive storytelling and cultural exchange. 

Travel Guest Posts Sites in Germany

From the charming vineyards of the Rhine Valley to the historic remnants of the Berlin Wall, each cobblestone street and majestic castle holds a narrative, and these travel guest post sites are the storytellers, weaving these tales into the digital fabric of wanderlust.


What sets German travel guest post sites apart is their ability to transform ordinary journeys into extraordinary narratives. Every food market explored, every mountain summit conquered, and every local festival attended becomes a chapter in the collective story of travel enthusiasts. These platforms not only capture the essence of Germany’s diverse landscapes but also serve as catalysts for a global dialogue. By welcoming voices from various cultures and backgrounds, these sites foster a community where travel isn’t just a movement from one place to another but a deep immersion into the soul of a nation.


Sites Names Category DA PA DR Referring Domain TF CF Semrush Traffic Ahrefs


Tennis Uni Travel 19 33 26 1053 17 22 7,000 16652
Les Voyageuses Du Québec Travel 23 34 25 461 17 14 4,300 5999
Blog Voyage Découverte Monde Travel 41 42 53 769 25 41 4,700 4749
Kids On Tour Travel 19 39 36 515 26 35 12,000 8490
Kulturreise Ideen Travel 30 40 38 1516 28 37 21300 15657
Tipps Vom Experten Travel 32 38 41 841 14 36 8900 6890
Eltern Heute Travel 30 37 38 1001 27 39 1300 1173
Deine Aangel Welt Travel 23 39 26 472 31 42 20000 25322
Kleine Macher Travel 25 38 31 1037 28 32 5800 9671
Pack Wild Travel 28 38 28 1199 11 21 5800 8094
Reise Froh Travel 31 43 37 4123 18 34 40300 66535
Desarrollos Creativos Travel 29 36 28 1183 11 21 5800 9057
Berg Paradiese Travel 27 40 29 1484 30 37 15800 16084
WW Kurier Travel 41 45 58 1866 26 43 54900 58416
AK Kurier Travel 43 47 62 7556 23 43 92600 33607
Auswandern Auf Probe Travel 17 29 20 131 15 23 1200 1998
Die Besten Reiseziele Welt Weit  Travel 20 28 33 1173 22 36 5400 6107
Hotel Zentrale Travel 23 37 27 980 35 38 30400 45652
Netzpiloten Magazin Travel 52 48 61 6727 50 46 50000 31209

How to Find Travel Blog Guest Posts in Germany?

A combination of online research on travel sites list, networking, and outreach is required while looking for travel blogs that accept guest post in Germany. The promotion of your travel-related content and the creation of backlinks to your website can both be accomplished through guest posting. 


You can use the search operators on our list to locate high da travel guest post sites Germany that cater to the tourism industry. Look at this:


  • travel: ”write for us”
  • travel: ”write for me”
  • travel: ”contribute to”
  • travel: ”submit” + inurl:blog
  • travel “submit a guest post”
  • travel: /guest-post/
  • travel “guest post”
  • travel “guest post by”
  • travel “accepting guest posts”
  • travel “guest post guidelines”
  • travel “guest author”
  • travel “guest article”
  • travel “guest column”
  • travel “become a contributor”


When looking for the best travel guest posting sites in Germany, remember that guest posting is a two-way street. Focus on offering value to the websites you’re targeting while searching for travel guest posting sites list that can give you possibilities to market your material. Collaborations for guest post travel will be successful if you focus on developing sincere relationships and producing top-notch content.

Sports Guest Post Sites in Germany

With the rise of online engagement, sports guest post sites in Germany have become pivotal platforms where aficionados and experts converge, exchanging insights, narratives, and expertise. From football to athletics, and everything in between, these platforms offer a unique space for writers, marketers, and sports enthusiasts to contribute thought-provoking content and engage with a diverse audience. 

Sports Guest Post Sites in Germany

For sports businesses aiming to establish their authority or individuals passionate about sharing their sporting experiences, these guest post sites offer an invaluable opportunity to connect with a fervent audience base, fostering a sense of camaraderie and knowledge exchange.


As Germany’s sporting landscape continues to evolve, sports guest posting sites have emerged as the lifeblood of the nation’s sports community, fostering a rich tapestry of discussions and perspectives. Whether delving into the tactical nuances of Bundesliga football, exploring the latest trends in sports technology, or sharing personal narratives of triumph and dedication, these sports guest post sites encapsulate the essence of Germany’s sporting spirit. 


By providing a platform for writers and sports enthusiasts to contribute, these sites not only enrich the online discourse but also serve as catalysts for meaningful connections, making them an indispensable part of the dynamic sports culture in Germany.


Sites Names Category DA PA DR Referring Domain TF CF Semrush Traffic Ahrefs


Golf Live Sports 19 34 4.7 495 4 9 4800 8060
Regio Kick Sports 29 31 29 194 4 14 6700 6039
LIGA Blatt Sports 41 36 36 558 7 29 13000 28373
BBL Profis Sports 33 39 26 3574 9 34 9500 7807
Fussball IM Verein Sports 29 39 30 515 13 25 11100 9217
Frauen Eishockey Sports 22 32 21 226 14 29 655 289
Deutschland Cup Online Sports 22 25 24 191 15 34 779 1109
Sport Member Sports 31 32 50 691 18 36 10500 9151
Schach Training Sports 16 36 29 237 23 24 2100 1722
Sport Lexikon Sports 28 34 24 1040 24 31 58800 50051
Erlebnis Stadion Sports 33 38 24 3288 25 14 2400 1037
Eishockey Online Sports 36 39 42 2663 29 45 18100 22557
Golfrege ln Sports 23 25 8 100 30 24 379 262
Abseits Sports 48 46 38 28217 33 46 6700 26046
Pulstreiber Sports 52 39 29 608 14 25 1500 1237
Die Fans Sports 39 41 32 1057 37 31 1.9K 2208

How to Find Guest Posts Sport Sites in Germany?

Discovering guest post on sport blog sites can be a fruitful approach to offer your knowledge, engage with a niche audience, and create beneficial backlinks. You can increase your online visibility and authority within the sports community by contributing your original insights, advice, and analysis to reputable websites that are dedicated to sports. 


Find the correct websites that allow you to submit guest post sports if you want to share your love of the game and add to the conversation. 


What is the best way to discover guest posting sites for sports?


Use search operators if you want. 


The following search operators can assist you in finding sports blog guest post opportunities on sports websites, connecting with like-minded people, expanding your network, and having a significant impact on the world of guest post sports content creation, regardless of whether you are a sports spectator, pundit, or professional:


  • sports: ”write for us”
  • sports: ”write for me”
  • sports: ”contribute to”
  • sports: ”submit” + inurl:blog
  • sports “submit a guest post”
  • sports: /guest-post/
  • sports “guest post”
  • sports “guest post by”
  • sports “accepting guest posts”
  • sports “guest post guidelines”
  • sports “guest author”
  • sports “guest article”
  • sports “guest column”
  • sports “become a contributor”

Digital Marketing Guest Post Sites in Germany

In the heart of Europe, Germany stands as a beacon of technological innovation and business prowess. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, German businesses are embracing the power of digital marketing to reach a global audience. In this era of interconnectedness, guest posting has emerged as a vital strategy for businesses to enhance their online presence. 

Digital Marketing Guest Post Sites in Germany

These platforms not only provide a space for businesses to showcase their expertise but also foster a community of knowledge sharing and collaboration. In this digital age, where information travels at the speed of light, leveraging these German guest post sites offers an invaluable opportunity for businesses to connect with their target audience, establish thought leadership, and stay ahead in the competitive online arena.


Moreover, these platforms serve as virtual hubs where innovative ideas, industry insights, and compelling narratives converge. From established enterprises to startups, these guest post sites offer a level playing field for businesses of all sizes to showcase their expertise. By harnessing the potential of these platforms, businesses can not only elevate their brand presence but also foster meaningful relationships with their customers. 


Sites Names Category DA PA DR Referring Domain TF CF Semrush Traffic Ahrefs


Schrift Generator Marketing 18 35 41 152 17 26 8400 6655
Projektify Marketing 28 36 26 225 12 28 1.1K 1513
Stadtshow Videoproduktion München Marketing 28 31 44 651 28 31 4.8K 6294

How to Find the Top Digital Marketing Blogs in Germany?

To locate digital marketing guest post sites where you may submit and have your guest post published, use the following search operators:


  • digital marketing: ”write for us”
  • digital marketing: ”write for me”
  • digital marketing: ”contribute to”
  • digital marketing: ”submit” + inurl:blog
  • digital marketing “submit a guest post”
  • digital marketing: /guest-post/
  • digital marketing “guest post”
  • digital marketing “guest post by”
  • digital marketing “accepting guest posts”
  • digital marketing “guest post guidelines”
  • digital marketing “guest author”
  • digital marketing “guest article”
  • digital marketing “guest column”
  • digital marketing “become a contributor”


And that’s not it!


Research other well-known marketing agency blogs in Germany or your rivals as well. Look to see whether they have a “Write for Us” or “Contributor Guidelines” page that describes the procedure for submitting a guest post. Additionally, you can use blogger outreach. Find influential German High DA Digital marketing sites or bloggers who specialize in digital marketing. To find out about chances for guest posting or suggestions for other websites, get in touch with them directly via email or social media.


In addition, you can use more specific search terms on search engines, such “Digital Marketing guest posting sites: Germany” or “submit a guest post digital marketing Germany,” to locate the best advertising blogs that accept guest posts from the German market.

Let Us Do the Hard Work for You

The visibility of your company or website might soar thanks to guest posting, which also has a number of other benefits. You can improve and expand your writing abilities along the process, expand your professional network, and meet both audiences and new acquaintances.


In order to support your goals for personal, company, and corporate growth, Globex Outreach’s team of experts creates custom Search Engine Optimization programs. Whether the work at hand is guest posting, crafting persuasive material, reaching out to bloggers, or conducting keyword research, we have the knowledge and expertise of the market to complete it.

Why Is High-Quality Content Vital for Your Website or Brand?

High grade blogging platforms only allow content of the highest quality, and our authors follow this criterion. Our professional copywriters for guest blogging create insightful, alluring content that entices visitors to guest post websites. Your website will receive more real-time online traffic as a result, which will raise its ranking on search engines.

What Makes Strong In-Content Backlinks Important?

Your online influence will grow by developing connections through guest blogging, especially on social media. Backlinks that are genuine and natural are just as crucial to website ranking as high-quality content.


For German audiences in particular, our team of guest bloggers develops content and link-building strategies. You may create your credibility online with the aid of our manual outreach efforts and 100% natural backlinks.

Concluding It Up

Guest posting on German guest post sites is a great way to reach a German audience, build backlinks to your website, and improve your website’s SEO. However, it is important to choose the right guest post sites and to write high-quality guest posts that are relevant to your audience.


Here are some tips for writing successful guest posts for German guest post sites:


Choose the right guest post sites. Do some research to find German guest post sites that are relevant to your industry and that have a good reputation. You can also use a tool like Google Search Console to find guest post sites with high domain authority and traffic.


Write high-quality guest posts. Your guest posts should be well-written, informative, and engaging. Make sure to proofread your posts carefully before submitting them


Optimize your guest posts for SEO. Use relevant keywords throughout your guest posts and include links back to your website.


Promote your guest posts. Once your guest posts have been published, promote them on social media and other channels.


Here are some additional benefits of guest posting on German guest post sites:


Increase brand awareness. Guest posting is a great way to get your brand name in front of a new audience.


Generate leads and sales. Guest posting can help you to generate leads and sales by driving traffic to your website.


Build relationships with other bloggers. Guest posting is a great way to connect with other bloggers and build relationships with them. This can lead to future collaboration opportunities.


Overall, guest posting on German guest post sites is a great way to reach a German audience, build backlinks to your website, and improve your website’s SEO. It is important to choose the right guest post sites and to write high-quality guest posts that are relevant to your audience.


Frequently Asked Questions


Question 1: How is guest posting still important in 2023?

Despite regular updates from Google about the search engine rankings, Google still appreciates backlinks from quality and relevant sites. This approach has helped guest posting be a key player in determining your search engine rankings.


Question 2: Why should I go for guest posting sites in Germany?

Germany has a competitive and up-to-date online community, and targeting German audiences can be highly beneficial for German businesses and digital marketers looking to build their online presence in Germany.


Question 3: How are the guest posting sites evaluated for their quality and relevance?

The sites are evaluated based on metrics like Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA), Domain Rating (DR), Referring Domains, Trust Flow (TF), Citation Flow (CF), and traffic data from tools like Semrush and Ahrefs. This helps determine which of them are better than others.


Question 4: How can I find general category German sites for guest posting?

There are many search operators you can use to find guest posting sites for any category. A general search operator to do this is, “[Category Name]: write for us” and other similar phrases as mentioned above in this blog.


Question 5: Why should I consider guest posting on tech-focused platforms in Germany?

Germany is known for its expertise in engineering and technology, making it a valuable space for professionals, startups, and tech enthusiasts to share insights and innovations and then improve their online credibility in the market. 

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