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Top 10 Ways to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

SEOs spend years to understand three things about guest posting:

  1. Good guest blogging opportunities come with putting in some efforts
  2. All blogs accepting guest posts are not  worth giving a try
  3. Not all guest blogging sites give the same quality link juice

But this blog is going to save you from stumbling upon wrong opportunities.

You can get hands-on some inner tips and tricks to land the best blog guest posting opportunities to get the best ROI without wasting time and resources on poor prospects.

Criteria to Select the Best Guest Blog Opportunities


Guest posting still matters and holds a firm position as an important link building technique.

When done right, a guest post with a link back to your site can become a great source to enhance results on SERPs, drive qualified traffic, increase authority and awareness.

But you know all links don’t unleash the same benefits because not all sites hold equal value.

So a guest post brings benefits only if you find the best guest blogging sites.

Here are seven things you should consider while finding guest blogger opportunities:

  • High-Quality Site: Fetch a link from a high-quality site that holds authority in Google’s eyes.


  • Relevancy: Make sure that the selected site is relevant to your services/products/site.


  • High Traffic: A good site with good traffic flow is likely to bring more qualified traffic.


  • Reader Engagement: Guest posts on sites with higher reader engagement enhances the possibility of social sharing.


  • Social Media Presence: A site with a strong social media profile helps your content go viral.


  • Do-Follow Links: Do-follow links are more valuable than no-follow links. Choose sites that offer do-follow links.


  • Contextual Links: Don’t go for sites offering links in sidebars, author bios, or unnatural links —just contextual links, surrounded by good content.


Now you know how to separate seeds from the chaff.

Let’s move to the next step: How to find these seeds?

How to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities?


Now you know if you run a clothing brand, it is best to guest post on a high-quality fashion blog with high traffic interested in your clothes.

But how to find these blogs?

Guest post outreach service providers have a team for this purpose, and they dedicatedly invest time, efforts, and resources to find the best guest posting sites for their clients.

But what should you do if you don’t have a team to carry out the outreach process.

Here are given ten best ways to find guest blogging opportunities that can help you win beneficial links:

# 1: Use Advanced Google Search Operators


Begin your hunt to find blogs that accept guest posts in the simplest way: Use Google.

No one can tell you better than Google that where your cherished blogs accepting guest posts are.

Why? Because:

They all are on Google, so it knows their presence.

Another good news is that most websites that offer organic guest blogging opportunities have a dedicated guest posting guideline page for guest bloggers.

Like here is HubSpot’s marketing section’s guest blogging guidelines’ page:

Err… if you are ready to get a little pinch of shock, let me tell you:

This guideline is of whopping 1500+ words, and it has around 5 detailed how-to sections.

It is not surprising because HubSpot is a high authority blog, so they don’t let every type of content become part of their blog.

Fortunately, other high-quality sites don’t always put you in this struggle.

Here is another ‘write for us’ page of a good DA blog.

They have precisely jotted down their requirement into two parts:

  1. Guidelines to follow for guest posting
  2. How to submit the article

So a combination of both these good things makes it easier to find guest blog opportunities.

But it is not easier to find guideline pages of quality blogs just using simple search queries.

That’s where advanced Google search operators can help you.

Simply use:

“Keyword” + “Google Search Operator”

Here are given some Google search strings to find guest post opportunities:

These search strings can help you get a list of many blogger outreach guest blogging opportunities that you can further vet to find the best sites.


  • You get a huge list of sites that accept guest posts in your niche.
  • The process is simple, and you don’t have to undergo a complex process to get a good chunk of sites.


  • There are no metrics to know whether sites you got are worth blogging or not.
  • You have to invest time to vet the list based on different quality metrics.


# 2: Prolific Guest Bloggers


Another great way to find guest blog opportunities with higher visibility is to search blogs google where your industry’s big names are guest blogging.

If you know the name of the biggies of your industry (which you should know to estimate your competition level!), you can easily find where they are guest posting.

Here is how to do it:

Name of the influential person + “guest post by”

But in case you don’t know the name of influential people in your industry, you can simply search it:

These lists can take you into the world of the influential people of your industry. That’s the simplest answer to how to find blogs to follow. 

So you can find out which sites are best for the guest posting.

If the influential people are doing guest posting on them and fetching the best results, you know you don’t need to find guest bloggers any further. You get landed in the right place!


  • You know you are going to get the list of only the best quality sites.
  • You don’t have to waste time checking metrics because you already know the best is on the way.


  • It can be a bit problematic depending on your industry because not all influential people do guest posting with their name.
  • As a beginner, you might have to struggle to convince high-quality blogger sites to give you some space.


# 3: Competitor Backlink Analysis


What if I say that you don’t need to bang your head against the wall to know how to find blogs to guest post because your competitors can help you?

Tools like Ahrefs and Moz can help you sneak into the backlink profile of your competitors to see where they are getting backlinks from.

Sounds amazing? Well, it really is because you get a list of sites linking back to your competitor without trying a number of tricks.

You can get the backlink profile of your competitors in three steps:

  • STEP 1: Put your top-performing competitor’s link into Ahrefs ‘Site Explorer’ search bar and search.


  • STEP 2: You will get directed to the page showing all the stats related to the website. Click on the backlinks on the top left corner.


  • STEP 3: You will get a list of sites linking to your competitors’ site. Now all these links aren’t going to be coming from guest posts. So carefully analyze the list to see which links are fetched through guest posting



  • You get the secret success sauce of your competitors without much struggle.
  • You can evaluate websites based on given metrics.
  • Another perk? You also get an idea of the anchor texts competitors used.


  • You might have to vet the list to find guest posts because all backlinks are not necessarily coming from guest posts.
  • Target only well-performing competitors because only they can guarantee that you will build a strong backlink profile. 


# 4: Social Searches


Above, we talked about what to see while looking for guest bloggers.

And one of the factors was to pitch bloggers with an active social presence.

Why? Because these bloggers share and promote their posts on social media.

Can you see where we are going?

Yes, you sensed it right.

If you are wondering where to find guest blogging opportunities, social searches are the perfect place.

Just type in:

Your Keyword + Guest Post

And you find several social media tweets of guest posting related to your keyword.

In fact, sometimes, you also get to meet bloggers who are demanding guest posts.

Some even share their contact details as well.

Like this:

You can reach out to those bloggers through their shared posts.


  • Getting a hand on a huge number of bloggers accepting guest posts becomes easier.
  • You get a clear list of only those bloggers who are accepting guest posts.
  • Contact information usually comes as an additional perk.


  • It takes time to find the potential publishers that fulfill all parameters of good guest blogging guest posting opportunities.
  • It is easy to fall into the trap of a bad opportunity because you might feel tempted to pitch anyone when you see they are so openly welcoming you.


# 5: Online Blogging Communities


You have heard about social communities like Reddit. Sounds like a playground of jaywalkers?

Well, there are blogging communities as well. And I wouldn’t mind if you call them a playground of bloggers.

These communities are really popular and an amazing platform to get huge traffic to your site.

Two popular blogging communities are Medium and LinkedIn.

When you are blogging on LinkedIn, you know professionals would be reading out your content, and they are likely to share it if it is worth it.

Linkedin official blog

So your post and link are likely to get some attention.

But if you really want to reach out to the target audience directly, Medium is a great fit.

If you become part of the Medium community, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Medium has literally everything to help you leverage the ultimate benefits of guest posting.

It has…

  • High traffic
  • Authority
  • High DA


You can write here on any topic. If it is of high quality, it will get published.


  • No need to worry about niche-relevance as it has a diverse range of topics.
  • Exposure to a wide range of audiences.
  • Probability of getting higher traffic flow on your website.


  • You need to come up with compelling content to get published.
  • It is hard to build an audience base among so many writers and attract new readers.


# 6: Reverse Image Search


Reverse image search is another very smart trick to find guest blogging opportunities.

Just like advanced search operators, reverse image search is a blessing for those who are wondering how to find blogs that accept guest blogging posts and are worth giving a try.

Here is how you can use the reverse image search technique to find guest blogging opportunities:

    1. Find an authority personality of your niche.
    2. Right click on the profile image.
    3. Click on ‘Search Google for Image.’
    4. Bang! You will find a list of sites where that person has done guest posting.

For example, I reverse searched Robbie Richards’ image. That’s what I found…

…many websites where he has guest posted or been mentioned on.


  • You can find very good websites to guest post on.
  • Your work cuts down to half as you don’t have to vet the list to find the best sites.
  • If your ace competitor is doing that, it can’t be a bad opportunity.


  • Finding guest post blogging sites through reverse image search can be difficult because some people feed weird names with their images. 

For example, I tried to reverse image search another Robbie Richards’ image, and I got this:

I mean, well, wao!

So things can be a bit tricky for you. Watch out!

# 7: Search Through Google


Google is a bank of websites, and you don’t always need a golden key (advanced search operators) to unlock a locker.

Sometimes, just opening the door is enough to get access to the treasure.

Just type in your keyword and guest posting sites, and you will get a list of places where you can guest blog.

Here is an example:

You get a list of blogs that have a curated list of fashion-related guest posting blog sites.

You can vet this list and find your targeted required sites to pitch.


  • You get a HUGE list of sites within seconds.
  • The good thing is that many sites also give related metrics and contact information of listed sites.

Like, this site is giving you everything you want.


  • It is time-consuming to go through so many lists and find the right site.
  • There is no guarantee that your guest post will get accepted.


# 8: Tools & Software


Fortunately, there are many tools and software for managing guest blogging opportunities.

These tools are like WAO for people looking for guest blogging SEO.

For example, GroupHigh is a content marketing tool that gives you the opportunity to scale your guest posting campaign.

You can use this tool to:

  • Find blogs and high-quality sites
  • Search social media influencers
  • Get metrics of each related website
  • Report site related information without the hassle



  • If you want to automate your campaign, these tools can be a huge help.
  • Once you know the trick to using tools, things become easy-breezy.


  • Some tools are difficult to navigate, so you might need some time to understand them fully.
  • You would have to spend money to buy a premium version of these tools with more features.


# 9: Google Recommendations


You know Google is always looking out for ways to give its user the best experience.

After all, Google is the most popular search engine, and it can’t afford to lack anywhere to let others get its place.

‘Related Searches’ section of Google is also a part of this policy.

Search any query, and you will find related search terms at the bottom of the search results.

Like, I searched for fashion guest posting sites, and I got related searches.

And along with related searches, Google also gave me recommendations of similar phrases that can help find similar search results.


You get free search phrase recommendations without trying.

These are phrases you can depend on because Google itself is recommending them to you.


There isn’t any surety that you will get only high-quality sites using these recommendations.

You might have to invest some time to find your laser targeted guest blogging opportunities.

# 10: Blogger Outreach Agency


If you don’t want to go through the hassle of finding the best sites, at all, like not a single bit, you can take the help of a blogger outreach agency.

Blogger outreach agency is a company whose business is to outreach websites for their clients and help them in building good relationships with influential bloggers of their niche.

So you can give them money for their services, and you will, in return, get a fully vetted list of the required blogger sites – without moving a finger.

But whether you will get the best bang for the buck depends on your selection of the blogger outreach company.

Check their process and how they carry out things.

For example, at Globex Outreach, we have a proper system built on multiple factors, depending on:

  • How do we outreach sites
  • Where do you find blogs
  • What are our site selection criteria


Choose only that blogger outreach site that follows white hat blogger outreach techniques, like:

  • Manual blogger outreach, not finding paid blogging opportunities
  • Fetching links from only trusted, high-quality, and relevant sites
  • No link schemes, poor directory submissions, or link farms



You don’t have to handle anything at all.

You have someone to rely on and keep accountable for results.


Your bad selection can land you in huge trouble.

You will have to spend some money because the guest posting company will charge for their services depending on your demand.


If you are thinking of adding guest blogging to your link building strategy (that’s a very good step), it is better to know a few techniques to find the best prospects.

But remember, nothing comes here without putting in some effort.

Whichever strategy you employ, you will definitely have to invest some time and resources to get the best results.

But once you build a good list of quality sites, this treasure will give you benefits for a long time.

If you have some other blogger outreach techniques in your kitty, do share them with us.

Let’s go together!

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