How to Find a Specialist Guest Posting Agency in New York

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On April 26, 2021
guest posting services in New york

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Guest posting is still going strong in the realm of digital marketing, but the problem is with its perfect execution.

In this blog you will find answers to the most important questions about easing out guest blogging pain:

  •         Why  guest posting agency in New York is a better option than creating guest posts yourself
  •         Things to consider while choosing a company producing guest posts for New York companies
  •         What makes a guest posting agency NYC better than the other

After reading this blog, you will be able to buy New York guest post links without falling for companies that just claim, but don’t deliver.


If you are a local New York business that is looking to:

  • Build a strong online presence that can ensure you capture 28% of willing purchasers
  • Capture that 46% of people searching for local businesses
  • Drive 50% of customers to physical store who are likely to visit after a local search

…then it is time that you start looking for a guest posting agency in New York.

No matter what negative buzz you hear about guest blog posting, let me tell you that guest posting is still relevant, thriving, and here to stay.


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In case you don’t know why, when, where, who, what, and how of finding a specialist guest posting agency in New York, read on to find your satisfactory answers.


Why You Need to Hire a Guest Posting Agency in New York?


Posting content on others’ blogs might sound quite funny because why would you do so much hard work on writing good content, but post it on others’ sites?

But this little hard work can ease out your many business pain points.

It is not only about writing content but is an amazing inbound marketing technique.

Marketers and SEOs have consent on the benefits of posting content on other blogs.


DataSource: LucaTagliaFerro


It helps to:

  • Attract more traffic
  • Build quality links
  • Establish brand reputation
  • Get more customers
  • Establish authority by sharing knowledge
  • Get an opportunity to increase network

In short, everything you expect from a successful marketing campaign, guest blogging does it.


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So if you are running a small, next-door business in New York, a guest posting agency in New York can help you.

In case you don’t know why you need to hire New York guest posting agencies, here is your answer:


Reason # 1: Old School Guest Posting is Over


Once a go-to solution for link building, guest post blogging is no more a link building technique.

At least, not the kind of technique it used to be. A lot has changed, and now you can’t use it to:

  • Get links from wherever you want
  • Fetch any kind of links
  • Build fully optimized links
  • Add links to irrelevant pages

And you also can’t:

  • Place a link however you like
  • Use overly optimized anchor text
  • Write about some random stuff
  • Create filler content just to get a link

Now you have to play by the rules if you don’t want to tap on to black hat practice.


Further Reading: If you don’t know the right guest posting rules, check out this blog on How to Write Guest Post that Gets Approved to win approval.



Google has been signaling about the end of heydays of guest posting NYC, done to trick Google for building authority.

Matt Cutts came out in 2014 and called guest posting dead.

Many sites published blogs on this statement because everyone was panicked.



Does it mean that expert link builders in New York are not using guest blogs for building links?

The answer is: No, they still use it.

Why? Because it isn’t dead and over. It has just taken a new form and follows different guidelines.

It means that if you play by the rules, you can still use guest posting for getting business benefits.

Focusing on all these rules can be a bit difficult if you are a newbie.

That’s where a guest blog posting service in New York can help you because they know the current ebb and flow of guest posting to stay safe.


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Reason # 2: Guest Posting is a Lot of Work


Considering guest posting is no more it used to be, it isn’t hard to sense that guest posting needs a lot of work because:

  • You don’t just have to create run-of-the-mill kind of content
  • You can’t buy sites to place your link
  • You can’t pitch any site to post a guest post

See? All these ‘don’t’ and ‘can’t’ make things difficult.

To understand this, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have connections with influential bloggers?
  • Can you handle the hard work of finding, selecting, and pitching bloggers?
  • Have you done something to build relationships with them?
  • Do you have important blogger outreach tools?
  • Do you have the writing skills to create engaging content?
  • Can you track the performance of guest posting efforts?



If your answer to all these questions is ‘no,’ it is enough to give a glimpse of how hard, time-taking, and tedious guest posting is.

Isn’t it better if you get expert people who have the resources and people to handle all this for you as a guest posting agency in New York?


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Reason # 3: It Isn’t Once in a Blue Moon Hit


Backlinks are important factors to build a site’s authority.

But a few links from a few sites don’t help you much. Well, things get changed if these links are from premium guest posting sites.

Still, it is always good to keep on putting efforts to get backlinks from different authority sites because of these three reasons:

  • You can’t afford to let your competitor get an edge on you.
  • A diverse backlink profile leverages more authority and authenticity.
  • You need several referring domains to reach the top on SERPs.


Further Reading: What types of links work and which ones don’t? It is a very messy equation. Our blog on Types of Backlinks You Need for SEO can help you solve this equation.


Even if you are thinking of becoming a successful guest blogger yourself, it would be hard for you to cope with the continuous demand for quality guest posts.

Again, it is hard to manage it when you have so many other things on the to-do list.

Solution? A specialist New York city guest posting agency that can meet your pouring demand for posting guest posts on high authority sites.

Now you know that if you want to spice up the content marketing game of your local business in New York, you need to find the right guest posting firms in New York.

But do all guest posting companies deliver the same results? Simple answer: No!


Tips to Find the Guest Posting Agency New York


Here is what you should do to find the best guest posting agency in New York.


TIP # 1: Scan Their Website Carefully


Your first experience with an online business begins with its website.

In fact, a website tells pretty much everything about a company, like:

  • What is the scale of their business
  • The price of their services
  • Why should you hire them
  • What sets them apart from the rest
  • Level of professionalism
  • Who they have already served in the market
  • Do they have what you want exactly
  • Order delivery process and turnaround time

Another important point:

The website of a company that offers guest post links for brands in New York also tells if it can really produce quality guest posts for you or not.

It is important to know because quality content is the fuel of your guest posting efforts.


Further Reading: See this Beginner’s Guide to What is Online Content Writer to know how to produce quality content for your online success.


Obviously, if a guest posting agency in New York claims to offer quality guest posting services in New York, it should have quality content on its site.

So you should consider these things when checking out the website of a guest blogging company:



TIP # 2: Do They Have An In-House Team


Not all companies that offer guest posting services have an in-house team. They outsource the workforce to get their clients’ work done.

There are three types of guest post service providers New York:

1: Those who get clients and complete projects through their in-house team

2: Those who do guest blogging for SEO agencies in New York

3: Agencies that have a huge client base, so they have to outsource team to complete projects on time

So who should be your pick?

Obviously, you should go with a company that has an in-house team of:

  • Writers
  • Outreachers
  • Project managers
  • Content creators
  • Designers


…because it reduces the cost of the project, increases the quality of the work, decreases the turnaround time, encourages better communication and collaboration.

Like, at Globex Outreach, having an in-house team is the core part of our services, and we proudly mention it on our website:



It helps us deliver our services with full dedication and responsibility.


TIP # 3: Types of Guarantees They Offer on Their Work


Here guarantees mean not beating the bush but the real, sensible, and doable ones.

These guarantees can be for:

  • The results
  • Work process
  • Project handling

Obviously, you can’t expect a guest posting agency in New York to give you a guarantee that guest posting will surely rank you in the number one position.

There are many other factors involved in ranking a site. Only guest posting can’t do it.

So you shouldn’t also expect these outcomes. But the agency should guarantee that:

  • The guest post will remain alive for at least a year
  • They will provide value in content
  • Only white hat guest posting practices will be observed
  • The link will be real and placed contextually
  • The selected sites will be real and powerful

You can find an answer to these questions in their website’s content, but if you can’t find it, don’t hesitate to ask a spokesperson before hiring their services.

You don’t have to struggle much to find answers to your questions on our website. They are clearly written on the guest posting service page.

Just like we have mentioned explicitly on our page:



This is a very important factor because it can save you from any kind of bad experience later.

So once you are not sure what and how they are going to treat your project, don’t hire them.


TIP # 4: Do They Have Published Proof of Work


If a company says that it has been involved in the blog posting in New York for businesses, they should have live blog posts to support their claim.

Just like we proudly slay our samples on our service page:



These samples not only tell that they are real people but also help you know:

  • The quality of their content
  • How they place the link
  • What kind of sites they select
  • Do they follow the quality standard you require

So seeing the samples of their work is more than just a formality.


TIP # 5: Ask for Case Studies or Proof of Achieved KPIs


No company says that they don’t offer good quality services. Their websites are filled with praises for their services.

But you need to check out case studies and reports to know if their claims are true.

Guest posting is a marketing technique. So it should drive some targeted results and achieve some goals instead of being just a random act.

That’s where case studies can help you know the truth of their claims.

Here are some possible KPIs of guest posting:

  • Traffic
  • Website engagement
  • Brand awareness
  • ROI rate
  • Authority and credibility
  • Search visibility



The guest blogging company in New York should have case studies based on the achievement of any one of these KPIs.

If they fail to conjure any real case study, you should look for some other reliable options.


TIP # 6: Certification and Awards to Prove Excellence


It is even better if the service providers have certificates and awards.

Awards don’t only mean some international brand of excellence awards.

An online quality review site mentioning your business in the list of the best-x services is itself an award.

Something like this:



Most companies slay their awards on their web page. But if this isn’t the case, you can ask them directly to show proof of awards and certificates of excellence.


TIP # 7: Ask if They Have Any Hidden Charges


You have seen their website, checked their prices. If they weren’t displayed on their site, you asked for them.

Now, if you think that this is the only price they will charge, you need to think again.

Some companies are clear about their price structure, and they only charge what they have asked you in the first place. They are good folks.

But some are not that good, seriously. They have a hidden way to add up charges, and you can’t even complain in the end.

Here are some ways an agency can charge you extra, along with the basic guest post rate.

They might charge you extra:

  • When you ask them to make some changes or ask for revisions
  • If you ask them to write an SEO-optimized guest post
  • By adding a featured image in the post
  • If you ask a senior writer to handle your project
  • When they have to do extra research to cover your given topic



These are just a few ways a guest posting agency in New York might try to make a hole in your pocket.

So before you go bankrupt, you should find out this possible drill to save your pocket.


TIP # 8: Do They Develop a Custom Guest Posting Strategy


Before your selected guest posting company in NYC starts finding guest post opportunities in New York, they need to have a strategy in hand.

A business can have diverse guest posting purposes, like to:

  • Develop authority
  • Get visibility
  • Enhance awareness
  • Strengthen brand
  • Establish credibility
  • Build relationships



So if you want to do premium backlink building in New York through guest posting or want to build relationships, let the agency know.

And the agency should then design the whole project delivery process around these goals.

That’s how you can achieve the desired results.

If you want to drive more qualified traffic to your site, the agency should select a guest posting site with high relevant traffic.

So better safe than sorry and ask the work process of the agency before hiring them.


TIP # 9: Check Their Customer Support System


Before, we only talked about checking the quality, process, and charges of the guest blogging agency in New York. These are very important aspects of an agency.

But how do they deal with their clients is also important.

Seriously, a company with a poor customer help system is going to be a pain for you no matter how good their services are.

Even before you find out how to approach for guest post, you should know how the company approaches its clients.

Ask these questions and analyze their support system based on them:

Do they:

  • Have a 24/7 support system?
  • Offer live viewing and monitoring of the project progress?
  • Respond to the queries quickly?
  • Give dedicated customer service person to their clients?
  • Assign project managers to every project?
  • Have an easy and reliable contact system?
  • Listen and respond to your queries carefully?

You can find answers to these questions on their website. But the best way is to interact with them before assigning them a task.

It will clearly tell you how they interact, respond, handle, and manage communication with their clients.

Be cautious of black holes of communication that can suck your project, destroy your mood, and eat your brain cells.

So save yourself!




If you are thinking of doing guest posting for business in New York, that’s probably one of the best inbound marketing decisions you have taken so far.

It will have a tremendous positive impact on the growth of your business.

But your selected guest posting agency in New York can make or break your success dream.

So stick to the above-mentioned tips to find the best guest posting company NYC, and it will help you a lot In the long run.

Now it’s your turn. Share with us how these tips helped you, or let us know if we have skipped an important tip.

We are ready to hear your story and suggestions.

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