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On June 5, 2020
benefits of guest blogging

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Question: Is it possible to boost the businesses of 1000+ agencies’ through guest posting within four years?

Answer: Yes.

Hard to believe? I can show you how we did it.

This is our story of how we used guest posting as a secret trick to fuel the businesses of our 1000+ agency clients within four years.

People ask us about our secret recipe, and we always say that there isn’t any secret recipe.

We earned everything the hard way!

There is no shortcut in SEO if you are aiming for long term success. Look out for shortcuts, and soon you will be tumbling. Take the hard road, and you will go a long way. It is as simple as that!

Here is how things worked out for us.


When We Started, the SEO Industry was in a State of Turmoil…

Back in 2016, when we started our journey, the SEO industry was very shaky.

To tell you the truth, we had witnessed many businesses falling apart when they were soaring high. All because of the abrupt Google’s updates!

Panda, Penguin, and Pigeon were all there to give businesses a hard time.

Believe me; search engines never care how passionate you are and how much money you have put on the stake.

They only care about – well, themselves – just like any other business.

Remember that when you are facing search engines – say Google, luck is the last thing you can rely on.

Only one Google update can end your game!

Here is a timeline of Google’s core updates that shaped the ‘modern SEO era’.


Googles core updates


Living in the complex world of Google, fighting with its bots, and dealing with its algorithm changes mean that you always have to find a safe end for your survival.

We found that in the form of guest posting services.

And that’s from where our story of writing the success story of 1000+ agencies began!

But before I break down our story, if you don’t know how guest posting strategy is a savior for your link building antics, here is some insight into this knight in shining armor for your business:


  • Panacea for Inbound Marketing Strategies

What do businesses want?

  • Top search ranking
  • More leads…
  • Enhance traffic…
  • Higher Conversion rate…
  • Establish brand credibility…
  • Build brand awareness…



Source: Hubspot

And what if I say that guest blogging can do all this for you?

Yes, strange, but true.

Incorporating guest posting tactics in your SEO strategy can single-handedly help you establish brand authority, get convertible leads, relevant links, more traffic, increase sales, and so much more.

And this claim isn’t short of any proof.

Many digital marketers swear by the effectiveness of guest blogs in making them who they are today.

Neil Patel, called as one of the top 10 marketers by Forbes, calls guest blogging strategy as his most treasured tool, and the force behind making QuickSprout, his personal blog, as successful as it is today.

Things also worked the right way for Danny Iny, the founder of Mirasee, when he switched to writing blogs for guest posting to increase his traffic.

It not only helped him increase traffic but also built his email list.

Mirasee Blog

Source: Mirasee Blog

Well, his first blog was on an authority blog, Copyblogger. But not everyone gets the opportunity to land its very first blog on a big platform.

It doesn’t mean that you should give up on guest blogging SEO ideas if you don’t initially hit big.

But Danny Iny’s example surely gives a big hint: you need to do guest blogging the right way to get the right results.

Nothing less, nothing more!

Not all guest posts work the same way because guest posting in SEO is not only about creating content, publishing it on a blog, and getting a backlink.

It is way more than this.

You have to be on point to yield the desired results. That’s where many brands take a dip: they don’t know the right trick to incorporate guest posting antics in their inbound marketing strategies.

Before digging deeper into the significance of guest post articles, here is what doing guest blogging ‘the right way’ means:


Unfolding the secrets behind result-driven guest posting…

Creating the best guest blog should be centered on:

  • High-quality content that provides values
  • Authority sites to get authority links
  • No manipulation of links

These are the basic rules governing the world of guest blogging services, but all these rules have a world of their own.

You have to focus on each one of them to make things fall in the bracket for you.


  • Content is King, Treat it the Right Way

I can’t emphasize enough on the significance of the content in a guest article. Let me rephrase it: the significance of high-quality content.

Google is in a weird obsession with high-quality content, to be honest. If you want things to work out for you, you also have to be obsessed with it.

And it also pays back in the form of success.

content marketing institute

High-quality content doesn’t mean that only your language and grammar should be on point. It also means that…

  • Your topic should be well-researched
  • Content should be exciting and engaging
  • You provide value to readers

Let me admit that it is not easy to pull all these factors in one post, but you have to if you want things to work out.

Because according to Andrey Lipattsev, Google’s Search Quality Senior Strategist, high-quality content, and inbound links reign as the top two signals for Google algorithms.

So, you just can’t expect to land somewhere safe if you simply jump over the ‘high-quality content’ factor.

The good thing is that marketers are slowly but finally understanding the significance of creating engaging content. 72% of marketers give priority to creating more engaging content.

Top priorities for b2b content creators

Digital marketers call the content king of the SEO world. You have to treat this king the right way because it genuinely reigns inbound marketing strategies.

Besides creating engaging content, providing value to users is another factor that is hard to miss.

Your reader has so much to do and so many options that he just can’t stick to your post if you are telling him what he already knows.

According to Ann Handley, MarketingProfs’ chief content officer,

many of us vastly undervalue writing in the content process, which is why we have a tough time creating ‘engaging content’.

One of the reasons why marketers find it hard to create an engaging and valuable blog is because they create content to get links, not for providing value.

That’s where things start going out of the window.

Flip your blog creation goal the other way around, and you will see drastic changes in your content – a positive one.


  • Authority Links Spice Up Your Link Profile:

We have already talked about the significance of inbound links for Google’s algorithm.



You can see that the backlink factor plays a huge role in pacifying Google in your favor.

But while talking about backlinks, don’t forget to read the word ‘authority’ along!

Search engines don’t fall for every backlink; only authority backlinks play their part in establishing a strong backlink profile.

Just ask yourself:

What if you want to get some advice regarding your health: would you go to a doctor or a random person passing on the road? Doctor – right?

Why? Because you know he is the right and authentic person to get a consultation regarding health issues.

The same goes for the link building!

Google doesn’t weigh all backlinks equally.

It gives more importance to a link coming from a high authority site, let’s say the Wall Street Journal, rather than a newly created or less authority site.

According to Moz, “Domain Authority is calculated by evaluating multiple factors, including linking root domains and the number of total links, into a single DA score.”

good domain authority

Besides domain authority, some other factors also play their part in making your backlink profile stronger, including:

  • Diversity in links
  • Links coming from niche-specific sites
  • A large number of links

If your link profile is qualifying all these factors, you are good to go.

Search engines take links as votes, and it is always good to have good and multiple voters in your vote bank for winning results.


  • Choose the Right Path; Tricks Don’t Work Here

The first rule you need to learn when you enter the world of SEO is: Never try to trick search engines! Try it, and you will see the consequences – dire ones!

That’s the first rule I learned after coming into the world of SEO: Don’t mind taking the hard road. Starting might be difficult, but the end will always be in your favor.

Giving a kick to your business through guest posting is a slow process. But just remember that slow and steady wins the race, at least in the guest blogging.

Google gives importance to sites with more backlinks while determining their rankings. However, there is a right and a wrong way of earning backlinks for your site.

Don’t go for link schemes just because you are not witnessing quick results or want to skyrocket your sales.

link schemes

When we say that there is no shortcut in SEO, we really mean it. There really is none!


  • People are Ready to Listen You

People are fed up with being sold out!

Honestly, people don’t like it when they feel that advertisements are intriguing to make buying decisions.

But guest blogging practices work on different grounds.

People take guest post articles more like sources of information that enhance their knowledge and help them make educated buying decisions.

According to Kelsey Libert, VP of marketing at Fractl:

“Readers are necessarily less engaged with advertising vs. editorial content, and metrics show lower share rates, lower engagement rates, lower view counts, etc. in most cases”.

Having a blog or a guest post means that you are reaching out to 77% of people who are ready to read your blog and listen to what you have to say.

It also means that you can also pitch out to those 47% users who read 3-5 articles before making a sales decision.

See? Guest blogging in SEO single-handedly helps you get backlinks and projects your business without giving a feeling of advertisement.

But how did it work out for us?

What we did that the rest of our competitors were missing out?

What we did to make guests posting a booster for our clients?

Here is a comprehensive answer and insight into our secret of guest posting services.


Our Secret Recipe to Turn Guest Posting into a Business Booster for Our Clients

You need to handle guest post marketing smartly to lift the business of 100+ agencies within four years.

What if I say that you can cook scrambled eggs by following these steps?

  1. First, put an egg on the frying pan
  2. Then sprinkle salt and pepper
  3. Switch on the stove, let the egg burn
  4. Put oil and scramble the egg

Will you accept that you can cook scrambled egg this way?

No, right?

Now see this recipe:

  1. First switch on the stove and put the frying pan on it
  2. Put oil in the frying pan, heat it up
  3. Then put egg, cook and scramble it
  4. Finally, sprinkle salt and pepper

That’s how you follow the steps to cook a dish you can call ‘scrambled eggs.’ Right?

So, if you can’t go off-way to cook scrambled eggs, how can you expect things to work out for you in guest posting work if you don’t follow the rules?

Here is our secret go-to recipe we use for every guest posting project – and it really works:


1. Manual Blogger Outreach:

Your selection of a blog can make your guest post a hit or flop. Yes, that’s how influential a blog is in your recipe for doing guest blogging work.

Don’t believe me?

Here are two images: the first one shows the result of the post published on a dead site, and the other one shows the result of the post published on a frequently updating site.


You can see the difference that shows: The right Blogger outreach matters!

With that, let me tell you our blogger outreach process that helps us create the difference.

You can use multiple ways to find sites for guest blogging, pitch bloggers, but which one works the best?

For us, the answer is always manual blogger outreach.

The simplest manual blogging process goes like:

manual blogging process

This process might sound quite simple, but it gets tough when you are aiming for the best.

We just don’t go and pitch every blogger I encounter.

We conduct a keyword search, visit blog inventories, and use tools, like Ahrefs, Semrush to filter out sites, and our main focus is:

keyword search

You can see that finding ‘the best’ blogger is not easy.

It is time-consuming work; you have to go through a strict process. But the statistics of this tough process always prove me right.

All the efforts are worth it!


2. Unique Inventory

I believe…

“In this age of media convergence, every business deserves to become a superstar.”

No financial issue, language, or any other constraint should block the success story of any business.

That’s where the idea of building a unique inventory jumped into our scene of guest posting services.

Unfortunately, most guest blogging agencies focus on English speaking clients.

We also used to do the same!

But things changed when a non-English speaker reached out to us. He wanted us to write a guest blog for his non-English readers.

Now that was quite surprising for us.

Our company was neither having a non-English content writer nor had ever pitched a non-English blogger at that time.

We swung into action and started building relationships with non-English bloggers as well.


Today, we have…

  • English as well as Non-English clients
  • Blogger sites from 100+ countries
  • Blogger sites in 200+ categories

So, you might be wondering what happened with that non-English client?


rocketing traffic

You can see the rocketing traffic line in the graph.

See? Guest posting worked for him.


3.  In-House Content Writers:

We have already discussed the significance of creating engaging content for content marketing to create the magic it claims.

But that’s where 60% of marketers feel difficulty, whereas 35% find it quite challenging to produce a variety of content.

b2b content marketing

That’s why Globex Outreach focused on building an experienced in-house team of writers with the creative instinct to satisfy 55% of marketers prioritizing blogging in their inbound marketing.

I believe writing is not all about shoving words on paper, sticking to the grammatical rules, and following set writing patterns.

You can’t come up with an engaging and diverse content until you have a creative spark.

Believe me, when I say that the ability to play with words makes the difference!

Just look up these two sentences:

Content marketing is a significant digital marketing strategy.

Content marketing has dawned as a panacea for digital marketers.

It is no brainer to guess that the latter sentence is more impactful. Why?


“To create an engaging article, you not only have to take the road less traveled, you also have to grow flowers along.”

That’s what creative content writing is all about, and that’s what many writers can’t do.

This reality motivated us to build an in-house team of content writers; in other words, the backbone of our agency.

Besides creativity, some other things that we add in our content writing bucket list are:

  • Topic understanding
  • In-depth research
  • Demographic study
  • Visual appeal
  • Utilizing quality maintenance tools (Grammarly, Plagiarism-checker)
  • Proofreading

So, our content creation process goes as:

content creation process


4. Use of Visual Content:

Remember all those times when you got hooked on an article just because it was visually appealing?

You can take your own example to understand why you need visual elements in your guest posts.

Everyone feels more engaged and attracted to visually satisfying posts.

We all have heard: “A picture is worth a thousand words” – 51% of B2B marketers believe in this proverb as they are prioritizing incorporating visual content in their content marketing strategy.

Even consumers’ consumption habits have changed, and they feel more inclined towards visually appealing content.

business content

Guest blogging service is all about creating content to provide value to customers. If readers feel tilted towards visual content, your blog should have it!

We understood it!

“Images are like Ice Breakers in a content that break the boring spell of long, information loaded sentences.”

We always prefer adding images in guest blogging work for our clients, because…

  • It enhances the value of the content
  • Readers find it more engaging and interesting
  • People share it more on social media
  • More engagement means, more chances of ROI (return on investment)



In this competitive market, you have to be smart. If you are not ready to rule at the top of your business, things will never work out.

If you have understood the significance of content marketing, and want to incorporate guest blogging in your strategies (which is the best thing you can do for your business!), take the right path.

Don’t be impatient; things might be slow initially. But even a single post can sky-rocket your business success: increase search rankings, enhance traffic, and boost sales.

However, that’s only possible if you stick to everything that is ‘right’ and ‘best’.

  • Create well-researched high-quality content that provides value
  • Don’t forget to conduct an in-depth audience search
  • Search out high DA sites
  • Target niche-specific sites
  • Go for visual appeal

This recipe always works if you want to give your business the right magic touch through guest posting strategies!

At least, for us, it always does magic…

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