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This blog is going to break one of the biggest guest posting myths of all time. You will find:

• Why geo-targeted guest posting is better than global scale guest posting for the local sites
• What are the core benefits of the geo-targeted guest posting
• What you should consider while choosing guest post blogging service UK
• How to get the best bang for your bucks

After reading this blog, you will be able to choose the right guest posting services in UK to fetch the best benefits for your business.

Let’s begin our journey.


What is GEO Targeted Guest Posting?


Simply: GEO targeted guest posting means reaching out to guest posting websites of a particular region and creating content according to the taste of the targeted audience of that region to drive geo-specific traffic to your site.

For example, if you hold a local business in the UK, hiring guest posting services in UK will take you closer to all those potential local buyers that are interested in your products.

The common perception about guest posting is that it is all about taking your business to a full scale by hitting high-quality global websites with traffic from multiple regions.

It is a good idea if you are a global business with a global audience base.

But unfortunately, it will not work for you if you are running a local hair salon or a next-door bakery in the UK.

Obviously, you don’t expect a person living in Australia to take an airplane ticket just to get a haircut from your shop. Or you don’t plan to deliver bread to Australia. Or do you? Hopefully, not!

So it is useless to get huge traffic to your local business site that has nothing to do with your business services as compared to getting less traffic that has a clear search intent.

That’s where guest blog posting service UK can come forward to become your savior.

Benefits of Guest Posting Services in UK


Now you at least know that there is a thing like geo-targeted guest posting.

But you might be thinking that what else can it do other than bringing targeted traffic to your site?

Well, a lot!

Country specific guest posting services are like a panacea for the local businesses that can do wonders that non-targeted guest posting can’t do.

That’s why at Globex Outreach we have come up with country-specific guest blogging services…

…that cater to the various geo-specific guest posting needs of different businesses in various countries.

The benefits of the guest posting service UK are not different from the guest posting services we all know.

Here are a few most considerable benefits of guest posting services in UK:

  • It builds the domain authority of your site.
  • You establish yourself as an influencer and expert.
  • Your brand awareness skyrockets.
  • You get qualified leads with clear search intent.
  • Expanding personal networks and relationship building becomes a lot easier.
  • It kicks boost local search rankings on SERPs.

You start getting laser-targeted traffic that is looking out for you specifically.

  • You build domain authority compared to local competitors’ sites
  • You establish online influence within the local industry
  • Your brand awareness increases within targeted local customers
  • You increase network with local influential sites’ owners
  • Your search rankings increase for local search queries
  • You get local targeted audiences

So how does it all happen?

It happens: When you go with a localized approach to find guest post writing service UK.

Tip to Remember

While finding services, people mostly check prices first.

It’s important, definitely. Obviously, you can’t go out of your budget.

But don’t compromise on quality just for the price.

Remember that quality guest posting has far-reaching benefits that stay there for a long time rather than becoming blink and miss case.

So don’t let quality fly out of the window just to save a few dollars.


That’s what you should focus on while selecting the best guest posting service UK that will significantly impact your business’ online presence in the UK.

# 1: Check Their Blogger Outreach Criteria


The selection of the guest posting site matters a lot. 

In fact, it defines whether you will be able to get all guest posting benefits or not.

That’s why you should check what their blogger outreach criteria are.

There is also guest post outreach service UK that is significantly meant to outreach websites for you.

But why bother it when you can get a high quality guest post service UK that caters to all your needs.

The good thing is that most websites mention their site selection criteria on their website as a unique selling point.

But still, check their inventory to see what kind of blogger sites they have already fetched. It will give you an idea of what kind of blogger sites they work with.

Here is what defines the best selection criteria:

So work with that guest posting service provider UK that works with the best blogger sites.

That’s your safe heaven!

# 2: Ask for Work Sample


You know guest posting is not only about outreaching a website and getting your link published.

It is a full package that also comes up with guest post writing.

Even if you find a cheap guest posting service UK, still writing a guest post will be a part of their package because that’s what guest posting is all about.

So abilities of content writers and the quality of content also play a major role in guest post service UK.

Why? Because it tells if readers will:

  • Read your whole content
  • Find it valuable and interesting
  • Engage with your link

Moreover, it also tells if Google will find it worth ranking or not.

Some websites give their work sample on their website.

Like, we have a whole dedicated page that shows our portfolio and work sample.

So if a business website contains their portfolio on their website, it is well and good.

But if they haven’t, you should ask them to show you some samples.

It is even better if they are related to your specific niche.

# 3: See Their Track Record


So you have checked their blogger selection criteria.

You also analyzed the quality of their content.

But do all these things work to drive desired results?

That’s another important factor you shouldn’t skip while selecting the right guest posting services in UK.

So ask them to show you their success stories.

See if their services helped any website in:

  • Ranking higher on SERPs
  • Driving more qualified traffic
  • Getting more leads
  • Increasing their conversion rate
  • Building brand awareness

If they have a legit record of any one of these impacts, it means you have met an authority guest posting service UK who are not just claimers but also doers.

# 4: Know Their Work Process


The work process is a dynamic term. The top guest posting services UK doesn’t go by following a path from A to Z to accomplish their guest blogging task.

Most guest blog posting service follow this process:

  • STEP 1: Blogger Outreach
  • STEP 2: Content Creation
  • STEP 3: Post Publication
  • STEP 4: Report Delivery


But that’s not as simple as it seems. It is impacted by multiple factors that influence the whole work process.

For example:

  • What is their turnaround time?
  • Do they let you review content before publication?
  • How is their customer services?
  • Do they offer a guarantee of 100% customer satisfaction?
  • How do they choose the anchor text?
  • Who writes their post?
  • What process do they follow for writing a post?
  • How do they customize their services specifically for you?


So be sure of the process of selected guest post submission service UK to know what kind of experience you will have.

# 5: Ask for a Pre-Test Sample


Finally, ask your guest blogging service provider for a test sample. Give them the topic of your choice, tell requirements, and give a link, and ask them to show what they can do for your business.

This trial test can give you an idea of their different capabilities, including:

  • Writing skills
  • Turnaround time
  • Work ethics
  • Work handling method
  • Customer service

It can save you from any bad experience that you might have to face if you place a 50 guest post order, but in the end, you get trash content.

You might not agree to pay them for their services, but it will surely waste your time beyond repair.

So it is better to ask for a pre-test sample if you want to save your precious time and sanity.

But remember, maybe all providers of the top guest posting services UK might not be willing to give you a free sample.

Still, try to go with the company that willingly offers you a free sample to know what you will encounter in the end.



Now you know that if you are a local business that needs a local audience, geo-targeted guest posting is your savior.

Like if you are running a UK based business, then SEO guest posting service UK is better than going for any other region’s guest post services.

But be sure while selecting your service provider because there are so many sayers but very few doers.

So if you don’t want to fall into a pit of chaos or black hat practices, choose your fighter wisely.

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