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What It Takes to Setup Guest Posting Networks Like A True Expert?

You might be thinking why you need to invest your time in building guest posting networks when all it takes is one email to outreach a blogger.

Err… technically, it is true, but practically, it is not.

Do you really think that bloggers are desperately waiting out there for your outreach emails?

I hope you don’t because high-quality blogger sites receive so many emails every day that they don’t get time to read half of them.

That’s where blogger networking comes as your savior.


What are the Benefits of Guest Blogging Network?

Having powerful backlinks from unique domains is a dream of every website owner.

But some people really get to live this dream.

Yes, they all are their industry’s big brand names, and it is not surprising if they have so many backlinks.

But if you think that they got this whopping number of backlinks without moving any finger, you are wrong.

No one links out to you unless they know about your content, and you have some authority in your industry.

All these big names have also gone through that phase where they outreached people, built blogger networks, and invested time and effort in building relationships.

Like Brian Dean has mentioned in his many blogs, he has used different link building techniques to strengthen his backlink profile.

He did guest posting…

Tapped influential people of the field for sharing…

Took advantage of broken link building technique

In other words, he did every possible thing to get a link.

And he is not the only one doing it.

Neil Patel also does the guest posting.

He has author pages on different blogs with a list of his guest posts.

So no one is lucky enough to get links as gifts.

You have to fuel in some sleepless nights and a chunk of your brain for networking blogs and to build a powerful link profile.

Once you build enough reliable networks, it becomes a path where you keep on getting links.

That’s why industry leaders call networking one of the key players of your business success.

So if you want to outclass your competitors, guest blogging can help you.


Guide to Guest Blogging Network

Hiring an SEO blog posting service makes your life a lot easier because you don’t have to worry about outreaching bloggers and writing content for your guest posting efforts.

But if you really want to experience what goes in to build a guest posting network like a true expert, read on to find the tips.

Here is are some guest blogging network best practices that can help you build a strong, far-fetching network:


METHOD # 1: Join Networks of Bloggers

The best way to connect with bloggers is to linger at a place that is filled with bloggers.

Fortunately, there are such places, and you should also be there.

Many communities are made, especially for bloggers.

Different bloggers belonging to different niches come together, connect with their people of interest, share stories, and grow their network.

And things don’t end here.

Once you have built a good, trustable relationship, you can earn make subtle advantages from it.

You can:

  • Collaborate on a research project
  • Share each other’s posts on your social media handle
  • Give space for guest posting
  • Mention work of each other in your content
  • Organize contests and give away
  • Discuss new ideas and topics

See? Networking is the necessity of the online world if you want to survive and make your way to the top.

Here are a few blogger networking sites you should join:


# 1: Blogger LinkUp

Blogger LinkUp is a site that paves the path between bloggers who need content and marketers who want to do link building.

Though this site is mainly built to connect bloggers and businesses, you can’t miss out on the fact that there are many bloggers lingering here.

And on top of that, everyone is connected here. Whether a blogger sends out a request for an interview or a business asks for a guest post, everyone on the list gets the email.

It simply means that a blogger can also reply to a blogger.

And what will it result into? Beginning of a connection.

Another perk? It is also free.

Yes, you heard it right. Doesn’t hurt to give it a try, no?


# 2: Guestr

Guestr is a platform that is also made for website owners and guest posters.

But that’s not what makes it unique.

You can evaluate each site’s status in Google’s eyes because each listed site comes up with its Google PageRank and number of visitors.

So you don’t have to spend time building networks with blog owners that can’t bring benefits for your business in the long run.


Method # 2: Comment on Others’ Blogs

Everyone likes it when you comment on their blogs because it shows that you are being acknowledged in your industry.

And you never know this trivial act might turn into a strong bonding with other influential people in your industry.

Let me tell you that this technique is proven and tested by the industry’s influential people as well.

For instance, different bloggers commented on BrainDean’s blog, and he sent each one of them these scripts:

And it turned into a great networking opportunity.

So here is what you should do:

  • Whenever you post a blog, keep an eye on it for at least the first 24 hours and respond to comments.
  • Dedicate 30 mins of each day for checking to respond to comments and posting comments on other bloggers’ good blogs.
  • Always keep your popular blogs with more user engagement under the radar.


Method # 3: Send an Appreciation Email

You love it when someone appreciates your hard work, right?

Other people also love it. So utilize this opportunity to gain some bonny points from other blogs.

Liked someone’s blog? Send them a nice email.

  • Tell them what you liked about their content.
  • Point out how it helped you.
  • Appreciate their hard work.
  • Mention something that was unique from others.

Don’t go too over the board that it starts looking flattering. But do mention good points nicely.

It will help you in two ways:

  • You will come to the good books of the blogger.
  • You might get an extra favor if you ever request a guest post.

Here is an email template. Feel free to use it:

Hi [blogger’s name],

I just read your blog [topic] on [website URL], and I must say that it is one of the most well-research blogs I have seen on this topic.

I liked how you knitted your whole concept and presented it in such a catchy yet simple way.

I have read your few other blogs on [website URL 1] and [website URL 2], and they were also very well-written.

So I thought to chime in today in your inbox to thank you for putting in that much effort to ease out our problems.

Keep it up (because we are here to read it)!


[your name]

[website address]


Method # 4: Share Their Work

Sharing others’ work on your social media account is a great way to grab your target’s attention.

Growing social media followers and engagement is every social media enthusiast’s daydream.

And who wouldn’t like it if you play a trivial part in turning their dream into a reality?

For example, Carla Jackson is a beauty blogger. But she doesn’t mind sharing the content of other niche’s bloggers as well.

Like, she shared the post of a food blogger as well.

So take it more like sharing is caring, and don’t hesitate to share others’ work with a few nice words.

Sharing others’ work is like an ace player in growing a guest blogging network. Use it!


Method # 5: Mention Others in Your Post

In the previous method, we talked about how sharing others’ work can boost and build guest posting networks.

Now, what if I tell you that there is a way to entice others to share your work and bring you on their radar?

No need to comment or share their posts. Just mention them in your content, tell them about it, and they will themselves love to share your work on their social media handle.

This technique is also called ego bait, and it is also an awesome link building technique.

So if it does well in link building, it can also do great in networking with others.

Once you post a blog on a globally or to country-specific guest blogging network,  tell them about it through a nice email.

Like Brian Dean dose:


After going through this blog, now you know how to strive for this competitive online world by making a reliable connection and networking with other bloggers.

So what are you waiting for?

Go for it because it really works.

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