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High Authority Backlinks Building in 2021: 8 Valuable Practices

Confused about ringing the right link building practices? This blog is going to help you. In this blog, you will find on-point answers of:

. Why high authority backlinks building is your safe end
. How to build quality backlinks
. Tips and tricks to boost your SEO efforts with quality backlinking

And…much more

Let’s begin in 2021 with the right link building practices in hand.

Links are the only constant of the SEO world that are important ranking factors since the inception of Google.

But what has changed are the types of backlinks that Google loves.

Before, having a link was enough to move the SEO needle for your website—no quality headache.

Now, high authority backlinks building is your way to go.

You have to marry quality with links for high authority backlinks building to win the severe competition on SERPs.

Why Focus on High Authority Backlinks Building?

The emergence of Penguin Update is not the death of link building’s significance in ranking a site.

It shows link building in SEO is not going anywhere.

But how you get links for backlinking matters now.

According to a study by Backlinko, the quality of links is related to higher rankings.

The reason why high domain authority links are more important for ranking higher is that they:

  • Contain more link juice
  • Have a pre-established authority
  • Are more trustworthy for Google
  • Act as a powerful vote

So once a website gives these elite-class links to another website, it also transfers all the good things to the linked site.


The linked website also starts ranking higher on the search engine.

What are High-Quality Backlinks?

Search for the keyword ‘buy high-quality backlinks,’ and you will get millions of search results…

…and almost all high ranking sites will have words like high-quality backlinks or high DA backlinks in their meta tags.

It shows:

If there is something like high authority site links, there are also low authority links.

What does it mean?

It means two things:

  1. All linking sites are not the same.
  2. Links from different websites have different values.

So what does High Authority Backlinks Building mean for Google?

According to Google link building guidelines, here is what you should focus to build quality backlinks.

The link should be:

  • Natural
  • Authoritative
  • Relevant

Three important attributes in your links and your backlink profile are clean and clear.

It all sounds easy and hassle-free to get such links, but it is not. The real struggle begins once you go out to find such links.

Here are given some techniques to get high-quality do-follow backlinks to build a natural profile that wins Google’s attention:

Method # 1: Guest Posting

Too many things have been said about guest blog posting – and many of them not in an oh-so-good context – but it is still one of the most popular link building techniques.

Search out kitty of the best SEO link building services providers, and you will find guest post services part of their squad.

It is like old classics that never get old and stay relevant four seasons because it really can twist your business goals.

A significant boost to SERP rankings is just a chunk of a massive pie of benefits that comes along with guest blogging.

You also get higher sales, visibility, traffic, brand awareness, and a lot more.

Like here is a blog on a popular high authority backlinks website.

A contextual brand mention is giving a tremendous boost to the linked site.


But you know it is hard to find the guest posting opportunities, i.e., the sites where you can guest post on.

Things can get tough if you start finding such opportunities manually.

That’s where SEO link building tools can help you. You can use these tools to find, select, and outreach sites and manage and automate the campaigns. So it is all good with these link building tools.

If you want to buy links to avoid the whole headache, guest blogging services can help you.

But don’t forget to consider the quality and blogger outreach process to hit only the right blog posting services option.

Here is the high-quality backlinks list having proven and tested sites for guest post outreach:

URL Categories DA PA Alexa Rank CF TF Traffic General 75 51 129049 47 18 523 General 73 55 1550 55 52 1598340 General 69 55 32895 54 29 35600 General 68 57 367421 31 14 156 General 65 47 185141 42 29 200 General 65 48 257057 40 16 336 General 64 46 202465 36 14 3731 General 64 34 969782 48 12 2344 General 63 36 733178 49 27 15900 General 62 48 106660 38 19 10873 General 62 43 180342 43 15 730 General 61 46 446620 46 44 12600 General 62 48 489839 12 0 30616 General 64 42 98663 30 5 883 General 62 49 2085603 41 19 3195 General 69 53 43975 52 55 28926 General 61 50 486 19 9 4308 General 65 46 184231 37 24 350 General 65 40 216174 38 38 13920 General 61 53 631433 44 25 1266

Method # 2: Press Release Submission

Question: Is press release writing well for link building?

Answer: Yes, and no.

There is a thin line that separates press release link building from falling into a black hat technique.

  • The selection of the wrong site…
  • Wrong link placement…
  • Poor content quality…
  • Too much promotion…

…can become hazardous for your website. In fact, it can also end you up in a penalty.

Press releases have a shady history that involves too much distribution, spammy activities, and poor quality content.

But this all can’t overshadow the true potential of press releases for link building.

If done right, it can bring so many THIS-AND-THAT (good ones!)for your business.

Here is an example of the press release.

Consider these things to get the most out of your press release distribution practice for high authority backlinks building:

  • Make sure to have something worth announcing or to convert into an inspiring story
  • Sticking to the perfect timing is important to make the press release the perfect game-changer
  • Don’t distribute the same press release content on multiple platforms to avoid duplication and spamming
  • Make high quality backlinks list of PR sites to tap only top quality sites
  • Write a press release to provide value, not to get a link

Here is a list of high-quality press release sites:

URL DA Type of Link 63 DoFollow 45 DoFollow 40 DoFollow 47 DoFollow 56 DoFollow 24 DoFollow 55 DoFollow 51 DoFollow 46 DoFollow 65 DoFollow 47 DoFollow 41 DoFollow 80 DoFollow 42 DoFollow

Method # 3: Web 2.0 Link Building

What is web 2.0?

Some people think that it includes everything that is online, while others think it is not more than another fad of the marketing world.

But in reality, it is truly the future because online consumption patterns and consumer behavior have changed.

Web 2.0 is an advanced form of web pages characterized by the user-generated content where consumers are not only consumers of the content but also producers.

It lets consumers make their own profile, produce and post content, edit it however they want, and create subdomains.

And this dynamic nature of web 2.0 has made it a great source to fetch high-quality editorial links.

You can use these platforms to create blog posts with a link to your site.

But if you…

  • Choose high authority blogs
  • Produce high-quality content
  • Avoid spamming

… web 2.0 backlink strategy can change the bottom line for you.

But it is not all heydays in the paradise of web 2.0 backlinking.

It is a pretty gray link building technique. One mistake, and it can become a black hat technique with the blink of an eye.

In fact, it has been misused in the past, and people have used it as a private blog network, a site created just for getting backlinks.

That’s why carrying out things in the right way is important.

How to create web 2.0 backlinks?

You should know a few things before going for this technique.

  • Focus on providing value and producing high-quality content rather than just link building.
  • Don’t forget to link to other high authority sites to give a natural touch.
  • Make your blog look like another high-quality blog with proper formatting and usage of multimedia.
  • Place backlink naturally, all surrounded by the relevant content.

Here is a list of high authority web 2.0 sites:

Method # 4: Citation Link Building

If you are into local SEO, you might have heard about directory submission that helps to appear in local searches.

But little do people know that it is also a great way to build relevant links to your site.

However, here is the key:

You should only pitch out to authoritative citation sites, not every Tom, Dick, and Harry kind of directory submission site that does more harm than good.

Some are paid link submission sites, whereas some are also free link submission sites.

Here is the list of high authority citation linking sites that can give you SEO benefits:

URL DA Link Type 93 Free 55 Paid 100 Free 52 Free 90 Paid 88 Free 56 Free

Method # 5: Infographics Backlinks

What are infographics?

You might say a combination of information and graphics. And you are right.

People love infographics!

But for SEO’s, infographics are way more than just visual content that adds a tint to your content. For them, they are also a great way to build quality links.

You can get infographic links in two ways:

  • People will like to link to an interesting infographic on your site
  • You can post them on infographic submission sites

It is time taking because you have to:

  • FIRST STEP: Gather content that people want to read about
  • SECOND STEP: Come up with an engaging storyboard to present facts and data
  • THIRD STEP: Design an appealing infographic
  • FOURTH STEP: Outreach an infographic posting site and get a link

Sounds like a lot of work? Well, it really is.

But in the end, all the effort and hard work are worth it.

Here is a small but proven and tested list of sites that accept infographics for link building:

URL DA PA Alexa Rank CF TF Semrush Traffic 40 38 502362 32 13 1355 37 41 678720 11 11 1712 36 37 379629 16 19 6700 31 30 1735218 22 8 1628

Method # 6: Influencer Marketing Links

The role of influencers has always been the topic of discussion in the consumer world.

But this discussion has taken on a new shift within the online world where influencers are not just an agent but a phenomenon.

Influencers are people who have a strong audience base and credibility in their niche. People listen to them, follow them, and get influenced by their words.

That’s where the idea of influencer marketing jumps into the scene.

People use influencers for marketing their products because it:

  • Taps a wide audience base
  • Gives credibility to their products
  • Establishes authority

But things don’t end here; it can also be used to get a backlink.

Method # 7: Niche Edits

Let’s admit that guest post blogging is a lot of work.

Finding high domain authority sites…

Reaching out to the selected prospects…

Writing killer content…

Posting it at the right time and place…

Promoting it on social media…

…eh! A lot to do.

But what if I say that you can get in-content contextual, high domain authority backlinks without going through this trouble?

The niche edits technique can help you here.

Unlike writing guest posts, you don’t have to write high-quality content to get a high DA backlink in this high authority backlinks building technique because:

You take the help of pre-written content to place a contextual link and enjoy a free ride on the popularity and authority of the old content.

You just have to do two things:

  • STEP 1: Find the relevant content doing well in your niche.
  • STEP 2: Ask them for a link.

For example, if you have a website on ladies’ clothes, you can search related articles.

See if any one of them is linking out to other websites.

Like, this article on Stylecaster is linking out to different women’s clothing brands.

If your website also fits into any one of the mentioned categories, you can also pitch out to the blogger to give you a link.

Does your site qualify to the standard of the blogger? There is a high chance that you will get a link.

That’s what niche edits do:

Give you high-quality niche-related backlinks without entrapping into a dense maze of content writing.

Another perk?

You also don’t have to go for promotion because these old pieces of content are already well-promoted with a good traffic flow.

An all-kill for you!

Method # 8: Media Outlet Outreach

Media is always a powerful source to spread your voice to a wide number of people with a touch of authenticity.

In the online world, media outlets are also the best sources to get powerful links.

In other words, media outlet outreach can give you the best of both worlds.

You can get:

  • A prominent voice by turning your brand into an impactful story.
  • Higher search visibility with a potent backlink from high DA news sites.

But you can leverage all these benefits only if you carry out things in the right way for high authority backlinks building.

Here is how you can get the most out of your media outreach marketing efforts:

  • Pitch out to influential media outlets with higher traffic and authority
  • Target media sources with the same target audience as yours
  • See the social media presence of the selected reporter
  • Look to build a long-term relationship with the reporter for a long-lasting relationship



Link building is the gray area of the SEO world.

One thing goes wrong, and Google might get annoyed with you.

But if you carry out things in the right way, it can change the online landscape for you.

These above-mentioned techniques are one of the most popular and widely used link building tactics, but they only work if carried out in the right way.

So go for them, but while staying on the right track.

Let us know which of the mentioned link building practices has helped you out and which one you are going to try. Let’s see which technique wins!

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