How Do Press Releases Improve Your Website’s Ranking?

Every website holder wants his website to be in the top results of the search engine. In this article, I will discuss press release and its effect on a website’s ranking in the search engine result page.

What is a Press Release?

The press release is a phenomenon that started in 1906 when a train wreck had to be reported by the concerned authorities.

Press releases were given to journalists so they could publish it to draw the public’s interest. Simple examples include award functions, product launches, and unfortunate incidents. The most common source of press releases are news channels and news websites.

The reason behind sending a press release to trigger news media hubs to share an event that is about to happen or has happened in a company.

Earlier press releases were officially given in hard copies and printed on the traditional papers. With time, however, things have changed and now social media sites, play a very important role in spreading information faster and to a massive audience.

Do Press Releases help SEO?

Press releases certainly help SEO.

If done right, a well-written press release can bring a lot of visitors to your website.

How Press Release Affect Website’s Ranking?

Being just one of the many factors which boost SEO, press releases do a good job for a lot of businesses. Just writing a press release is not sufficient for ranking; much has to be done to secure a top ranking position.

How Press Release Increases Your Ranking?

Here are all merits of a press release concerning a website’s ranking.

Your website Earns Backlinks

This is a top-notch benefit for a website’s ranking. If you have just initiated your website, then there’s a lot of work to be done.

Earning backlinks means that your website’s authority has increased.

One thing needs to be clarified here; earning quality backlinks is important. The quantity is one factor but the quality of backlinks is more important.

By earning backlinks, your website gets good exposure to people who haven’t ever visited it before.

Earning the goodwill of trusted websites is more pivotal as it will help your website in ranking higher in the search engine in fairly less time as compared to if your website earns backlinks from poor sites.

Here are a few hacks we use to build Google trust signals.

Brand Awareness Enhances Customer Visit

Whenever a product or a business is to be given out to the public, the ethos is to make it available for a number of people.

With the help of press release, you can easily navigate new customers on your website.

This will make your brand visible to more people and will also uplift the website for Google.

Diverse Link Profile is Crucial

When you publish a press release, your content will get multiple links from different platforms. Depending on the number of visitors on the publishing website, the audience from their sites will visit yours.

It is recommended to also follow these tactics for internal link building for better user engagement and ranking on Google.

A Good Platform for a Brand

Every site that links with your website is a full-fledged platform for your business. As explained earlier a sound website is great for your business. Every backlink that you earn on your press release will bring more visitors to your website.

If even one of the visitors turns out to be a corporate client, then your business can profit well.

Relevant Traffic

Earning traffic on a website is very valuable for any website holder. Having relevant traffic means that Google will very likely position the site in the top search results.

People visit to find some information. If a visitor doesn’t find relevant information, then they will immediately go back, thus causing the bounce rate to increase.

If your website has relevant content and meets the needs of the visitors, then they will spend more time on it. Increasing time spent on a website is a very good factor for Google. Your website will very likely be ranking in the top positions because of this.

Visitors will Convert

Many websites have different buttons which require some information about the visitor.

The mechanism is very simple, once a person visits a website, they become a visitor, but when they give some information in the form of email ID or by registering for the weekly newsletter then, they convert.

A website’s engagement rate is yet another major factor which Google takes into account when ranking websites. Moreover, if your press release compels the prospective customer to purchase through the website, then you’ve won!

Earned Customer Value

When a press release is posted over the web, the results depend on how customers welcome that content. In case the customers like the press release, then they will likely be sharing the content over social media.

Although there is no direct link between social media and Google ranking, but plenty of evidence suggest Google prefers content that is shared over social media. Thus, social signals do help along with press release in getting higher ranks for a website.

Press Release for Local SEO

Through this technique, you can market your business for a local audience. For instance, if you want to market a product to an audience that is nearby or within the city, then press release in a local channel would be a great way to grab attention.

When you write a press release for local SEO then keep in mind that the focus should be on the laymen who will read it.

Good Impression of the Website

If you have worked on all the factors mentioned above, then you will easily build a good impression of the website for search engine.

Google will consider your business a brand when multiple news sites will link to your website – though it takes time for a website to make it to the big list.

A backlink from huge websites with 80+ DA will be strong a vote of confidence. Here you can read the complete guide on how you can get a backlink from Forbes.

How to Write a Perfect Press Release?

Let’s quickly go through how to write a good press release.

Carve a Catchy Headline

Make sure that you write a smart headline that immediately catches attention. Don’t make it too long. It doesn’t mean that you have to inject fiery words and create controversy.

A catchy headline will convince the customer to immediately press the button and move on with the flow of information.

Use an Interesting Piece of the Story to Tell

If you are writing a press release about a product launch, then try to be creative in your writing.

Mention those details which will compel the audience to buy more interest in that news. Writing a bogus piece of information will only compel the audience to bad mouth your company.

Write Unique Content

Don’t try to copy someone else’s piece of text. Even if the press release is related to an award function which your business is a direct sponsor of, still write about your take on it. Remember that Google likes content that is unique and of good quality.

Your anchor text should also not look like forced sales pitch. Here’s our complete free guide on use of anchor text.

Cut Short on the Word Pool

A long press release might create boredom around your text. Imagine the audience pressing the back button after not getting the information that they were looking for.

Don’t exaggerate the news and write to the point. Using tough vocabulary and too many metaphors might confuse the audience.

Target your Audience

Writing marketing content is easier when it comes to writing for a targeted audience. It is better if you conduct research before drafting a press release.

If your target audience are young people who are above 15 and below 25 then using tough words from the last century might sweep them away. They are more likely to visit your website if you write in accordance with your target audience.

Proofread your Press Release

Before issuing a press release, make sure you proofread it and make all the necessary corrections.

Also, make sure that you update facts and figures according to the information that you want to give out.

For example, if you are writing about a gold bracelet launch which will be published in two days then quote the gold prices that will be effective from the day of the launch.

Issue Press Release to Relevant Places Only

Do not think that issuing a press release to all websites or sources will do the math fast. Just as a press release can be highly beneficial for the company, it could also do the exact opposite. Your news should be linked to relevant sites only.

Here you can see many other useful hacks to get backlinks from high domain authority sites.

Last Thoughts!

Press releases play a small yet very important role in uplifting a website. Getting ranked on the first page is what every website is fighting for, but the use of correct techniques can only take one to that level.

Press Releases were once only regarded as a major marketing tool, but today, they also help website in securing safe ranking.

Google has widely been recognized as the most used search engine in the world. Which is why most of the websites are competing to earn its goodwill.

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