How Much Does Link Building Cost in 2022?

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On April 28, 2022
link building cost

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So you want to know how much does link building cost? You might be wondering what is the best place to buy backlinks and how much should I pay for link building?

More importantly, you want to know the average cost of outsourcing SEO link building.

These are common queries that are often asked by SEO newbies and webmasters. That’s because backlinks are a measure of importance for any website.

You cannot expect to achieve higher rankings and gain organic traffic without backlinks. As a result, SEO experts tend to acquire paid backlinks as a part of link building strategy.

We have written a detailed guide on how much does link building cost. After reading this, you will know the factors that affect the pricing and how you can get more links without paying a premium.

But before that, let’s explore what is paid link building and how it differs from natural backlinks.


What Is Link Building?

The process of placing hyperlinks on other websites that refer back to your website is called link building. These links (termed external links or backlinks) help users to navigate smoothly from one website to another.

Webmasters place external links to help users find relevant information on other sites. On the other hand, the websites where links lead users to get better visibility on search engines.

According to Backlinko:

In simple words, link building is all about creating relevant hyperlinks from one website to another. It helps users navigate smoothly between websites on the Internet.

There are three types: 

  • Natural link building
  • Manual Link Building
  • Paid link building (outsource link building)


Difference between Paid Link Building and Natural Link Building?

Let’s explore how natural link building differs from manual (and paid link building).


Natural Link Building

The name represents the term accurately i.e. links that are built naturally. Other sites link back to your website when they found your content valuable and informative.

Natural link building does not involve guest posting, link exchange, or other link building practices.

This is the process that search engines and Google prefers. However, natural link building is a long-time process and requires a lot of effort. It may take years for new websites to get natural links.

That’s why SEO professionals tend to buy backlink packages to strengthen their off-page activities.


Paid Link Building

Paid link building is exactly what it sounds like. It is the practice of paying for backlinks to a website or webmaster. You’ll either get no-follow or do-follow backlinks from the third-party domain.

Surely, it’s a practice that Google prohibits, but it’s not bad if you are getting contextual backlinks.

For a new website or startup, buying backlinks has become a necessity. You can buy permanent backlinks from high authority (DA) sites to rank on SERPs.

There are different types of backlinks that you can acquire. The most common among these are:


Should You Buy Backlinks in 2022?

The answer from an SEO perspective is yes, you should buy backlinks. Buying backlinks can be the only way to rank higher if you are in a competitive niche.

When you pay for backlinks, you have a chance to get quality links from premium blogs. There are a number of benefits that you can reap by acquiring premium backlinks.

Benefits of Paid Link Building

Websites buy backlinks for a number of reasons depending on their marketing needs. The most prominent among these are listed below.


Get Faster Results

Natural link building is not only time-consuming but requires expertise. And if you don’t have quality links referring back to your site, you cannot get ranked.

That’s because both referring pages and backlinks are top ranking factors.

Resource: ahrefs

So, in order to get a higher ranking on search engines, you need paid backlinks.


Strengthen Backlink Portfolio

When you pay for link building, you have the chance to strengthen your backlink portfolio. You get to build a well-rounded backlink portfolio to diversify your backlinks.

Below are the different types of links that your website should have.

  • Niche-relevant links
  • Keyword-specific links
  • Blog links
  • Directories
  • Local links
  • Social links


Acquire Premium Backlinks

Premium backlinks are the links that you get from authoritative sites. And a backlink from a high DA website is worth more than multiple links from low authority sites.


How to Buy Backlinks for Your Website

Whether you are paying for backlinks or outsourcing link building, the process requires a strategy. Otherwise, you may end up wasting your money and efforts. 

If you want to know how to buy a backlink, we have some tips for you.


Identify Your Backlinking Needs

Before you start building backlinks, identify your needs by exploring the keywords. Do a little research with the best link building tools, and you will get a better idea.

This will allow you to understand how much effort you have to put in to rank a keyword.


Perform Link Gap Analysis

Link gap analysis is a strategy that involves evaluating your competitor’s websites. A simple way to perform link gap analysis is to evaluate the top five sites that are ranking on SERPs.

Next, you need to explore how many backlinks each website has. This way you can outline a strong link building strategy and will know how many backlinks you need. 


Focus on Anchor Text Optimization

In case you don’t know, anchor texts are the words with the URL link. Normally, these are the keywords that you want to rank against in search engines.

So, you must focus on choosing the right anchor texts to get the most out of link building. Here’s a complete guide on how to use anchor texts.


Find Out How Much Do Links Cost

Just follow your link gap analysis, buy quality backlinks, stick to the plan, and watch the performance.

Once you know your link building needs and have the right anchor texts, it’s time to buy backlinks. But do you know how much does link building cost?

Normally there are two factors to consider for this:

  • Cost of backlinks
  • Cost of link building

The cost of backlinks is the price for placing backlinks (site link costs). On the other hand, the cost of link building is the price that you pay for the whole process. It usually involves link building services costs (in-house or outsource).


How Much Do Backlinks Cost?

Now that you know how to buy backlinks, let’s see how much backlinks cost.

If you are wondering how much I should pay for link building, there’s no exact answer. It all depends on the nature and quality of links that you are acquiring.

So, how much is a backlink worth?

The price of a backlink can vary between $100 and $20,000.

Yes, you have read it right, even if it’s confusing. That’s because the cost for backlinks is directly associated with a number of factors that affect the quality of the links.

These include domain authority (DA), website traffic, niche, and industry relevance as well as country relevance.


How Much Does Link Building Cost?

Link building costs include services costs and the price of backlinks that you have to pay. Even if you hire a low-cost link building agency, you have to pay for link placement.

The average price for link building is around $100 per link. But as mentioned, this may go up if you are after quality backlinks. Still, you can get a good deal depending on the number of links needed.


Factors Affecting the Cost of Backlinks

Below are the two key factors that increase the cost of link building.


Domain Authority (DA)

The core parameter for link building pricing is the domain authority. High authority backlinks building cost more because it has more value.

However, there’s no exact parameter to measure the link building cost for such sites. It entirely depends on how good of a negotiator you are and whether you are on good terms with bloggers.


But even if you have the budget to buy high DA links, you may not be able to secure backlinks. That’s because authoritative sites rarely offer backlinks.


That’s where you will need a good link building company. An outreach agency can help you acquire quality links from high DA websites that often don’t provide backlinks.


Organic Traffic

The answer to how much does link building cost also depends on web traffic.

Websites with high traffic often charge a premium for offering backlinks. Such sites normally have a dedicated audience and a higher domain authority.

So, they know that you’ll not only get referral traffic but also the link juice. That’s why they ask for a higher price, but you can always cut a deal.

You may also have to put effort into crafting a compelling outreach email. In case you are new to this, follow these blogger outreach tips.


Quality of Quantity

Content quality is also a key element that can affect your link building efforts. Most guest posting websites become picky when it comes to posting guest blogs. They may even ask you to pay a higher price if you ask them to write content as well.

Always hire a native writer and write in a user-friendly tone. Also, you should try writing content according to the editorial guidelines.


Industry Relevance

Relevance to industry and niche is also a crucial factor. This has a serious impact on the quality of the link and therefore, affects the link building cost.

The best part is that you can improve your site traffic. You will get referral traffic when you get links from sites within your industry,


Cost of Outsourcing SEO Link Building

The cost of outsourcing SEO link building is the second key factor. This is in case you outsource link building activities to another agency.

This heavily depends on:

  • Link building agency’s pricing
  • Number of backlinks you need
  • Quality of links

However, you should know that you only get what you pay for when it comes to outsourcing.

A good agency usually has a large number of sites on board. They can fetch you a good deal from niche-relevant sites with good traffic and high DA value.


Tips to Consider before Buying Backlinks

acquiring backlinks is not all about how much does link building cost. You must consider some important parameters as well to get the best value for your bucks.

If you have decided to buy backlinks, we have some tips for you. These are the factors that you must consider while checking SEO Backlink Prices.

Go for Premium Links

Normally, when you hire a link building agency, it provides you with a large number of sites. You can choose sites for link building depending on your marketing and SEO needs.

We recommend you go for sites with high domain authority and large traffic. This way you can see quick results in less time and improve both your ranking and traffic.


Evaluate Websites

Once you have selected sites on the basis of set parameters, don’t start building links right away. It is wise for you to run a backlink-quality checklist of these guest posting sites.

You must ensure that the sites you have chosen:

  • Have A DNS record
  • Use the right language 
  • Have English TLDs
  • Have content in the desired language

Only go with sites that are genuine, and have an audience relevant to your business. Also, make sure that websites have no hyphens in their domain names.


Balance Quality with Quantity

You may want to build more links or wish to get only a few quality links. But we recommend you keep a balance between the quality and quantity of links.

This will allow you to build a strong backlink profile.

You should know that the number of links that you get from different domains is more valuable. So, instead of getting more than one link from the same website, try to acquire links from more domains.


Ask the Right Questions

Lastly, the questions that you ask while hiring a link building agency are of utmost importance. This will not only help you evaluate the company but will also ensure you get the right value.

You must directly ask how much does link building cost?

Here are some additional questions that you must ask link building agencies. You must ensure that:

  • The company has a good TAT
  • You see the link first
  • Agency has a refund policy

In addition to these, ask them to provide you with samples of their previous work. Make sure that the link building services you are hiring have positive reviews online.


Takeaway Words

We hope that you now know how much does link building cost.

There are several factors that affect link building pricing that you must consider. Quality of links, number of backlinks, and domain authority of guest posting sites are a few to name.

If you need link building services, Globex Outreach is the best place to buy backlinks for your website. You can buy permanent backlinks from us at affordable rates with a faster turnaround time.

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