How to Build Google Trust Signals to Rank Higher in Search Results?


Google wants to show the best search results to its users.

There is a lot of competition offering content on almost every searched keyword.

We have to make sure that Google trusts us.

If it doesn’t, our site will never be seeing the face of the search result’s first page.

How does Google assure the credibility of content?

  • Google checks the qualification of your content for the keywords.
  • Second, how trustworthy you are.

Google’s algorithms crawl every indexed page to determine the best results using over 200 factors.

Somewhere in these factors are adjusted ‘TrustRank’ factors to differentiate between useful webpages and spam.

What is TrustRank?

TrustRank is a link analysis technique to decide if a website is trustworthy or not.

Researchers of Stanford University and Yahoo developed it – Google acquired it later.

Google had to acquire it because it needed to make the PageRank perfect.

What is PageRank?

PageRank is an algorithm that uses the number and quality of backlinks to decide if Google can trust a page to rank it.

Google Webmasters’ official replied to a question, saying ‘Trust’ is just a catchphrase.

It can also be called Reputation, Trust, Authority.

PageRank is the most well-known type of trust.

The problem arose when humans came to know about this with the help of the PageRank score tool.

They started investing in backlinks instead of their content.

Google realized its mistake and introduced the TrustRank to evaluate the credibility of every site further.

Is There Any Google Trust Score Test?

Google doesn’t offer any official tool to measure the trust score of a website.

There are other tools available online to perform Google website trust check.

Most popular among them are:

  1. Majestic Trustflow
  2. MozTrust

Both of these tools predict the trust rank of your website based on the number and quality of sites that link to you.

What are Trust Signals?

When the world came to know how PageRank works and they can get Google trust score, they misused it.

TrustRank came to counteract the PageRank and this time Google didn’t make the same mistake of telling the world how it works.

We know it exists, we know it works; but no one knows how.

Where there is a problem, there is a solution!

You want Google to have faith in you, then build trust signals!

Trust signals can be called tactics to gain Google’s trust. We don’t know the exact factors, but there are obvious practices to build Google trust signals.

These trust signals are even confirmed by SEO gurus like Brian Dean and Nathan Gotch.

Be Open About Your Website

Google would be more open to the sites that it knows more about.

How would Google know about your business?

From your own site, of course.

Tell everything about your business there is to know.

You have to fill these page of your website comprehensively:

  1. About page
  2. Contact page
  3. Privacy Policy
  4. Terms of Services
  5. Affiliate Disclaimer Pages

Google’s algorithm may not understand what you have told about yourself, but it will definitely know that you are not hiding anything.

  • Your About page must tell, what your business is about and your objectives.
  • Mention your business address and contact number on the Contact It shows that you are not just passing time with your site. You are a proper business who provides complete services of its field.
  • Privacy Policy clarifies what you intend to do with the data of your visitors. Google will know that you are not doing anything behind your visitors back.
  • Terms of Services page shows that you are not randomly dealing with people. Every user who comes to your site will be aware if there are any conditions involved in your services.
  • Affiliate Disclosure page is there to inform your visitors that they are in a paid relationship with you.

Putting all this information on your site will make you more trustworthy to the user and Google.

Every good business has its own documentation to use when dealing with people. It tells that you are a proper business.

Optimize Your Domain

Those days are gone when you had to use a relevant keyword as your title and hide your information on whois.

Just so you know, Google is a domain registrar. It already knows who you are even if you have hidden your identity.

  • It is recommended to be open about the identity of your business and doesn’t hide it.
  • It will leave a very good impression if your business address on your contact page matches the exact same on whois info.
  • Another practice to optimize your domain is to register it for a longer period of time. If you register your domain for 3 months, it means you have doubts it will last longer that. Having it registered for a period of over 2 years shows that you are planning it on the long

Would Google like to rank a page that may no longer be available after 3 months if you decided it’s not working out for you?

On the other hand, a domain that is not anywhere for at least 2 years is a much more attractive candidate for a ranked position.

Remember, Google already has access to all this information and it will judge you based on these factors.

Link Out to Authority Sites

A good site links to other good sites. High-quality outbound links have a special value when determining the quality of your content.

You can visit the site of Neil Patel or Brian Dean; see you how many links they give.

None of their links are irrelevant or low quality.

You should link to high authority websites. It gives the impression that you are not afraid to share your traffic and that your information has sources.

It is also a very good practice to mention all the references and sources of information you used in your article.

You can take the example of Wikipedia.

  • There is no shortage of inbound links it uses.
  • It mentions every source at the end of the article.

Show Some Activity

An active business is more attractive than a desolate business.

Just building a website and posting occasional updates are not enough. Regular activity on your site is one of the best Google trust signals.

Two effective ways to show liveliness include:

  1. An Active Blog
  2. Active Social Media Accounts

Using an Active Blog

Every business should have an active blog on their site. It raises Google trust signals when you post an article regularly on your website.

  • This shows that you have plenty of information and experience in the genre of your site.
  • Google will acknowledge your efforts to provide quality services.
  • Moreover, a blog is a great way of increasing your site’s traffic.

Blog Comments

Engaging visitors in blog comments keep them happy and builds Google trust signals.

You should get your readers to comment on their views or queries and you should always give them a reply.

Here’s an image showing how Neil Patel, a world-class marketer, engages his visitors.

New visitors will also be motivated to comment when they see you answering them. There were 135 comments on the post from this image.

People love to comment there because they know admin will answer them and everyone will read it.

Active Social Media Accounts

Your website needs to have an account on every social media platform.

Every account will be linked to your website, so Google will know if you are running social media campaigns.

Keeping your audience engaged and driving them to your site shows your activeness and seriousness.

There are many more benefits to social media activities than just building Google trust signals.

It helps you become a brand. Below section explains the importance of becoming a brand to build Google trust signals.

Become a Brand

Everyone trusts a brand and every business wants to become a brand.

You are probably building your business or website so it becomes a brand automatically when it is big enough.

That’s one to go.

Or, you can show that you are already a brand and start acting like a brand.

Remember, everyone, trusts brands – including Google.

You will always see brands on the first page of Google search results even if their content isn’t that great (even if temporarily).

I searched for the term ‘billionaire’ and four top results show only Forbes and Wikipedia.

The top result, Forbes, wasn’t even as described in the meta description – Perks of being a brand!

Wikipedia is such a favorite brand of Google that you will always see it on the first page even if it doesn’t offer any quality content.

There are a few practices you can do to give out the impression that you are a brand.

Name Like a Brand

Using the keyword in your domain is no longer an effective SEO practice thanks to The EMD Update. Now, you can be creative and use any name you like for your website.

None of the brand names is cliché – That’s an approach you need to follow.

Use a name for your domain that sounds like a brand, catchy, and attractive.

How would you like it if Twitter was named ‘Social Networking Microblogging Service’.

A good brand name will attract costumers/consumers/visitors and help you become a brand you long for.

Thorough About Us Page

Having a small about us page gives out the impression that you haven’t done anything noteworthy. There is nothing to tell about you or your business.

You first have to believe that you are a brand to make others believe it.

You need to write a kickass about us page like you are a big deal. Let the world know you are awesome, your services/products are awesome, and they are awesome.

Mention every tiny bit of detail there is to know. It will also build strong Google trust signals. Here is an article by Neil Patel on creating a perfect About Us page.

Searches of Your Name

People search on Google using brand names. YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are the biggest examples.

Google will know that you have become a brand when people will start searching for you.

And that’s the biggest achievement for Google trust signals.

How do you do it, depends on your marketing strategy!

Brand Name Anchor Text

Try to use your brand name in the backlinks you get. It gives the impression that your name matters.

For example, one is an article on backlinks and other is an article on backlinks by Brian Dean.

Even if the first one has better content, people will go for the article by Brian because he is a brand and Google knows it too. Every single of his articles is ranked on the first page.

We want Google to know your brand name is just like Brian’s name on SEO.

Social Media Following

Brands have a huge social media following. A great proportion of their traffic comes from social media platforms.

  • Social media spreads the awareness that you are brand.
  • People even judge a brand’s size from its social media following.

Get Backlinks from Seed Sites                                     

Let me put this way.

A friend of Google’s friend is a friend of Google too.

Look for Google’s friends – high authority and trusted sites. Get backlinks from these websites.

It builds strong Google trust signals when a trusted site uses your reference.

Such trusted sites are called ‘Seed Sites’ that Google believes will never engage in black hat SEO.

There is no public list of all these sites, but some obvious seed sites include Wikipedia and

You should find the seed sites of your domain and try to get backlinks from them.

If you get a link from a site that was linked by a seed site, it is still a good source of Google trust signals.

News Site Backlinks

News sites are supposed to provide fresh and authentic content. This case is particularly true for mainstream news websites like CNN.

Getting backlinks from a high authority news site is a sure way of building Google trust signals.

  • One way is to do something so huge that such news sites will contact you.
  • The other way is getting backlinks through a guest post or press release.

Gain Trust of Users

Google is doing it all for users.

If a user trusts you, there are no Google trust signals that can beat it.

Google uses numerous factors to understand how users interact with your site.

For example, a high bounce rate means your site doesn’t offer value to the user.

You should try to get as many social shares as possible. Google will know that your content is valuable so people are sharing it.

User’s trust is most important if you ask how to increase trust in E-commerce websites.

People read blogs just for information. There is money involved in E-commerce.

You have to convince your visitor that you are trustworthy and won’t scam them.

You can write good content and offer good services but there will still be a small stain of doubt left in the customer’s mind.

There is only one thing that can clear that doubt. It’s called User Reviews.

Positive User Feedback

You can tell good things about your services and product all you want but it won’t be as effective because you are the seller.

Customer believes other customers.

If a customer tells good things about your business, that’s what makes a big difference.

People read customer reviews before buying anything, and they believe in them.

Moreover, Google understands ratings and user interaction. Positive customer reviews will build strong Google trust signals.

How do you plan to build Google trust signals for your site? Let me know in comments.

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