How to Increase Website Traffic through SEO in 2022

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On June 21, 2022

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In the history of digital marketing, there is no better place to be found than at the top of Google when your target audience is searching for what you sell. SEO is an important channel for you, especially, when you search about how to increase website traffic.

SEO is today as important as it was five or more years ago, which is why businesses search for how to increase traffic on websites through SEO. There have been speculations that, at some point, text search is going to be replaced by something. Initially, people guessed that it was the voice search, but that hasn’t worked out.

With approximately trillions of searches per year, Google has become more dominant than ever. Google also has more data on what people want and when than any other search engine. Now when it comes to SEO, its importance is irrefutable.

SEO is more competitive today than it was a few years ago. When you open Google, you see there are ten spots on that front page – if you want to be found there, you will need SEO strategies to knock someone else off.


Some Fundamentals for SEO

This is a competition, which means that the threshold and standard you will have to work to if you want top ranking is higher than before. Amongst the basics that you will need in place for SEO today, include the following:


Ace Your Meta Tags

These will be your page titles or Meta descriptions, which are visible on the search results page on Google. The Meta tags are key to getting people to click on your ad. The page titles are key for getting visibility for your target keywords.


Excellent Content

You need excellent content on every page, including your product category pages, your home page, and every single page on your site that you want to get ranked. If you are a service business, the service pages need to be longer and more in-depth and more informative than ever before.


Outstanding User Experience

Ranking a low-quality website has become more complex than ever before. You need to pay more attention to delivering an outstanding user experience, and a significant component of this is website speed.


Here is how to increase website traffic through the following SEO strategies:


Landing Pages


Back in the day, a landing page was considered a special type of page built for pay-per-click ads or a page that you wanted to target a particular type of traffic. It was the ideal solution to how to get more traffic

Today, things have changed. So, every single page on your website can (and in many ways should) be a landing page.

For instance, once your business website is properly optimized for search, you will have all kinds of pages helping you regarding how to increase website traffic. And all of these different pages will rank, and they will be landing pages for new traffic coming to your business website.

Suppose you are an ecommerce store; you will have potential buyers coming to your product category pages, your home page, your product pages, your content pages in the blog, the resources, or the knowledge base.


Also, if you are a service business, you will have visitors coming to the individual service pages on your website as well as your homepage. Now, this aspect poses a challenge for many businesses because their website lacks a suitable design and structure.

Most business websites are designed for potential customers and visitors to follow an orderly queue, which is in a very linear pattern. So, people come to the homepage, go through the homepage in its entirety, and proceed to go to a subpage on the site – they move through the website like that.

However, this doesn’t sync with modern user behavior. This approach poses a potential danger because the information on the second page/subpage of your business website assumes prior knowledge.

It means that it assumes that someone has been through your homepage, that they understand your business, and that they have some context. But, this is simply not how we use the internet.


A potential visitor might land on the subpage first and have no context about your business. The absence of prior information can become a problem and prevent the potential visitor from making a purchase.

That said, the subpage needs to do a great job of setting the scene and giving the visitors the information they need to proceed with a purchase or become a lead. Another area where this aspect really shows up is your website content.

Suppose you are really investing your time making these amazing blogs, and they are ranking very well. You share your website content on social media and get loads of engagement. 

But then your target audience goes to those pages on your website from search or from social media and assumes that you are just a content site because they cannot see any information relevant to your business.

So, while writing those landing pages for your business, you have to make sure that you include calls-to-action and introductions to the business and what your business actually does.


Remember that you are linking people through to the commercial pages on your business site so they can either go through and make a purchase or become a lead.

Suppose you sell water bottles, and you have ranked a blog post on how to clean a portable water bottle, and you have some tips on how to do it. And you say something like if your portable water bottle looks like this, it definitely has more bacteria than the inside of a public toilet.

Now, if you make that blog post really compelling, you might be able to persuade someone to purchase a new portable water bottle.

But, if you just give them how to clean the water bottle tips, the average reader will look at those tips and say great – now I know how to clean my water bottle, and that’s it.

This way, all you are doing is paying the server costs to provide Google information to forward to people free of charge, which isn’t good for your business. In other words, there is no benefit to you at all.

You are making your teamwork to help people without expecting anything back. That said, make sure that your website content is really compelling so that the visitors buy from you and you reap benefits.



Coming to the question on how to increase website traffic ,the first traffic strategy that we will be focusing on is blogs. You might have heard a lot about the importance of blogging, which will not change this year. Google is still ranking good-quality informational content for all kinds of informational and commercial keywords.



Blogs are an excellent digital marketing asset that anyone can build for their business – not only to target search but also to inform one’s social and the rest of content strategy.

So, the question is – what sort of businesses should be using blogs. The answer is quite simple – any business that solves problems for the customers or can entertain, educate, and inform their customers to build a relationship should use blogs.

Businesses can also use blogs as the basis for their social media content. But most businesses still don’t get much traffic with their blogs. And the primary reason for this is that they don’t approach the topic selection in the right way.

The first thing to do while choosing a blog topic is that you want to think about your target audience and what is most interesting to them. Also, think about the potential problems that they are having.

If you can write content that is a solution to their problem, you can get them onto your website and convince them that you/ your business has the solution to whatever issues they are facing. This is the perfect way to get more traffic from your blog posts.

For instance, if your business sells keyboards, you will want to assess questions in your commercial intent blogs. For instance, you can write a blog about which computer keyboard is the best. People who type this question are your target audience looking to make a purchase.

As a keyboard-seller, this is the type of blog pose that you will want to write and answer. However, to keep the blog informative and relevant, you can niche the topics further into things like which keyboard is best for gaming, which will become a subtopic of the main topic.

By narrowing down the topic, you will be less competitive while establishing a higher commercial intent.


So, whatever your business is, you can do the same blog writing process and choose a topic for your business and your target audience.

Also, keep in mind the three phases of a typical buyer journey:

  • Curiosity 

These are just curious people and are fairly unlikely to purchase at this stage. But the people at this phase indicate that they might have a problem that your business might be able to solve.

  • Research

People at this phase are getting further along the buying journey. At this stage, your potential customer starts to compare different options and search for things like which keyboard might be the best.

  • Intent

The final purchase when potential buyers are actively looking to make a purchase. For instance, they might be searching for a peculiar computer model.


While keeping these three phases of the typical buyer journey in mind, you can write blogs on your business website while targeting people at each of these three phases by integrating the right call to action for the buyers at the specific stage of their journey. 




More than 80% of all internet traffic is video, which is why it is becoming harder for businesses and emerging brands to ignore integrating video in their SEO strategy.

Initially, it might feel a bit complicated, but the truth is that once you get comfortable talking to the camera, you can triple your website traffic.

As a starter, you might take a blog that you have written for your website and then slightly amend it to turn it into a video script. All that is left now is reading the script, adding some examples, and showing your viewers informative things on the screen.

No, of course, other factors are happening behind the scenes, such as lighting and some sort of set or platform to record your videos, but here is the thing – the sooner you start, the sooner you will get the hang of it, and soon you will find it the best solution to how to generate more traffic to your website.


Your first ten or fifteen videos are probably going to be your worst, but you have to keep going. Video engagement is higher on social media platforms. And to fit your video on different platforms, you can edit, cut, and use it in different formats and in different places.

Video also has the great benefit of being search-based. So, if you have a video on YouTube, and someone searches for the services or whatever you are doing, you have a great chance of showing up. Video is one of the best ways to bring traffic to your website.

Once your target audience has watched the video, that engagement and that relationship-building piece are so much stronger because they see the brand’s face, which establishes trust, which is good for your business and solving the question of how to increase website traffic.



Social Media

Believe it or not, many businesses are struggling to get to grips with social media. This has been a problem for so many businesses in different industries for so long – and yet, very few are closer to solving the social media problem than they were five or more years ago.

The thing about social media is that it is here to stay. Just think about the time people are spending on social media – it is only going in the upward direction. If you are searching the internet about how to boost website traffic, social media can be the best answer. 

The primary reason that businesses fail on social media is that their potential target audience simply isn’t in the right frame of mind for the content that the businesses are posting. Let us go through an example to illustrate this potential problem.

Suppose the business is about colonoscopy – no one goes on social media to see posts about colonoscopy. People don’t scroll through their social media feed in the hope of seeing about colonoscopy. Also, you must have never seen a colonoscopy influencer on social media.

And yet most colonoscopy organizations would pose their information about their service and offer a free consultation. And the colonoscopy practices would talk about this on their social media platforms. Now, through this example, you are in a position to better understand why this approach doesn’t work.

Suppose you are struggling with how to increase website traffic through your social media posts. In that case, one useful technique that you might want to use is to take a step back from the potential solution you offer and instead focus on the problem your business solves.

So, in our previous example, if the colonoscopy company stopped talking about colonoscopy itself and instead focused on the problem they are trying to solve – it would work in their favor. In other words, they could post about people with gut health issues.

A similar approach can be applied to your and your SEO social media strategy – make yourself an authority and influencer (if you will) in your niche.

If your business deals with gut health as well, you might want to share tips on different nutrition types or common conditions and symptoms of those conditions.

You might want to use social media to share inspiring and educational stories from people who have found solutions to their problems by using your services. This is the kind of stuff that people go on social media for.

People go on social media to be entertained, informed, and educated. Another potential reason that businesses fail on social media is that they choose their social media channels based on their own preferences rather than their customer’s preferences.

This problem is particularly severe when a newbie SEO agent or social media marketing manager will assume that the business needs to be visible on Instagram or TikTok because these are the social media channels where they spend their time instead of assessing where their target audience is.

Suppose the target audience is much older than they are; there is a great chance they might be spending much more time on Facebook and LinkedIn, where the largest user group is somewhere between 40 and 60.


That said, it is insanely important to choose your social media channels based on where your target audience is rather than where your employees are.

Another reason that most businesses fail on social media is that their content isn’t good enough. When we say “not good enough,” we mean to say that their content is purely self-promotional – it is all about their business. There is nothing to entertain the audience.

Also, they are not really speaking the language of their target audience. This kind of business resembles that business that behaves very predictable and self-centered on business events. It is the kind of business that pushes its business card into everyone’s hands and only talks about itself.

What you really want to do on social media is provide the type of content that people are looking to go onto social media for. If your business deals with boring stuff, such as selling software, you can go on social media to share tips – easily digestible tips, minus the massive details.

So, when it comes to social media, you might want to post pictures or videos of your product in action, or you might want to share tips, informative, and educational stuff to your target audience while using the appropriate social media channel.

In case you are looking for how to increase referral traffic, social media it is. 


The Takeaway

Today, no potential businesses cannot benefit from being found at the top of Google for their main target searches. When it comes to how to increase website traffic, you will need to integrate the right SEO strategies and get to grips with SEO to drive high-quality, high commercial intent, and profitable traffic. You will want to be seen where people search for exactly what your business does.

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