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A Complete Guide to Local SEO Citation Building

According to a study by Google, 80% of consumers use search engines to find information about local businesses. This means every local business without an online presence is losing a lot of revenue. 

Billions of people use Google, and hundreds of thousands of businesses index with this search engine to reach those users. 

This plethora businesses mean there is a high competition, and every single one of them wants to rank at the top in the search engine result pages for relevant keywords.

But Google only shows the most trusted result at the top. 

As a local business, if you want to win the trust of search engines, particularly Google, you need to pay attention to link building and especially focus on local SEO citation building

What you will learn in this article:

  • What are Local Citations?
  • Why are Local Business Citations Important?
  • Improve Search Engine Ranking
  • Improve Brand’s Image
  • Increase Website Traffic
  • Types of Citation Sites
  • How to Build Local Citations?
  • Globex Can Help with Local SEO Citations


What are Local Citations?

Citation is exactly what one would assume from its name, as you can see its definition by Oxford Languages. 

Local citation, from an SEO perspective, is the mention of a business anywhere on the internet. There might be a link to your website with the mention, but it is not compulsory. 

It is also not just limited to the business name; it could be an address, contact number, email address, or other relevant information.

When someone searches a query looking for the services of a local business, Google wants to show the best person for the job. 

It’s just an online search engine that uses bots called Spider or Web Crawler, so it can’t come to real life to see if your business exists and how it’s performing. That’s why it checks your presence on the internet. 

search engin work

It sees how many times and where your business was mentioned. It looks for relevance and accuracy to determine the ranking of its websites. There are many other ranking factors too, but this article is about local SEO citation building


Why are Local Business Citations Important?

Citations link building is necessary if you want to be more accessible for internet users. It’s an important part of every local SEO strategy to attract and win the trust of a local audience. 


Improve Search Engine Ranking

Every business wants to rank higher on Google to increase its online sales. Online citations are a part of off-page SEO that helps build an authoritative image of your website. 

Although you don’t necessarily get a backlink, Google checks where you were mentioned and how those mentions relate to the keywords you are trying to rank for. 

Relevant and quality citations in a good quantity help you improve rankings on search engine result pages. 

Moz did thorough research to study the importance of local SEO citation building for search engine ranking. It found that citation signals are the fifth most important ranking factor for local businesses. 

local SEO citation building

Improve Brand’s Image

Making your business more accessible improves how users view your business. They think of you as a popular and trustworthy brand when they see you on all relevant platforms. 

Sprout Social did a survey and found that increasing brand awareness is the biggest goal of every social marketer due to the business benefits it offers.

Google maps citations for local business SEO

Although guest posting is a better way to increase brand awareness, techniques like Google maps citations for local business SEO shorten the sales process. 

When they search a relevant query and see your business information at the top with a map, they don’t have to make an effort to reach you. 

Here you can see Globex Outreach shows its exact location when someone searches its name.

Google map citations for local business SEO

Increase Website Traffic

It creates a traffic path when there is a link to your site with a citation; however, the backlink is not mandatory. 

Even if there is no backlink, local SEO citation building still increases your website traffic.

It’s no easy task to attract visitors. Many businesses spend thousands of dollars on digital marketing but make some minor mistakes that won’t let website traffic increase

One of those mistakes is not paying enough attention to local citations SEO


Types of Citation Sites

There are two basic types of citations you can build for your business. Both offer value in their own way and require different types of effort to build. 



Structured citations provide detailed information about your business in an organized manner. Local business directories are the most commonly used platforms for structured local SEO citation building.

The most common sites to build structured citations are:

  • Google My Business
  • Yelp
  • Facebook
  • Yellow Pages

Here is a structured citation of Globex Outreach at Yelp with its name, website link, address, and contact number. 


Unstructured citations are mentions of your business information on different websites. These usually don’t contain the complete information of your business and may or may not have a link.

You see unstructured citations with press releases, guest posts, blogs, reviews, and news. 

These may be mentioned in the title, in the author bio, or somewhere within the body of the article, depending on the type of post. 

The platform is not necessarily relevant to your business. 

Here is an example of an unstructured citation of Globex Outreach with a backlink from Medium. 


How to Build Local Citations?

First, it’s recommended to take the help of professional service. However, you must have a good understanding of online citations, even as a businessman. 

Here are all the types of citations to help you build a natural online profile of your business. 


Biggest Local Business Platforms

These are the very first type of citations you should build. There are platforms like Google My Business and Yelp where you can register your business. 

These platforms play the most important role in improving search engine ranking and making your business more accessible for users. 

This is how local SEO citation building on the biggest platforms helps Globex Outreach.

search engine ranking

Niche/Geo Specific Platforms

Many sites only register local businesses of a specific niche. 

You will have to spend extra time searching for these platforms, but they are crucial if you want to improve your brand’s online exposure. 

These location citations by business category Google that you are a real business of a specific niche from a specific area and should be ranked for relevant keywords. 

Here is what a niche-relevant local directory looks like. 

niche-relevant local directory

Blogs and Reviews

You can get a citation from almost any website using two ways, although you should prefer only relevant platforms.

  • Have people write a review of your service
  • Write as a guest author on relevant sites


There are many review sites that test a service or product and write a detailed review about it. There are two types of review websites. 

  • Where a website moderator writes reviews.
  • Where users write reviews from personal experience.


Here is an example of a review website where anyone can write a review about Globex Outreach. 

review website

People read and trust online reviews, especially when they come from an authoritative website. 

Here is an example where a website moderator reviewed several guest posting agencies, including Globex Outreach.

website moderator reviewed

The second method is publishing articles as a guest author on websites that are regularly visited by your prospects. 

Many websites might not allow a Do-Follow backlink, but they will let you mention your brand name and other information if you provide them with a good article. 

A lot of businesses use the services of Globex Outreach for paid guest posts

This allows them to publish blogs on different websites for local SEO citation building without any effort. 


Social Media Sites

Search engines always check the social media profiles of a website when determining its authority.

They consider factors such as social traffic, social following, and social engagement. 

Business pages on social media platforms also work as important structured local business citations.

Every business should first create its profiles on all social media channels even before developing a website and try to build its following. 

Here is our page on LinkedIn. It’s easy and free. 


Globex Can Help with Local SEO Citations

Globex Outreach is a full-fledged link-building agency, serving the industry of digital marketing for over a decade. 

It’s always better to have a professional handle your building link-building projects, so you can focus on other sides of your business development. 

We have the team and resources to offer quality citation building service at the most competitive rates. 

You can send us a message here or call us at +1718-(618)-4834 for a free consultation at any time. 


What Does a Citation Include?

You should pay most attention to NAP citations

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number

These are the core components that should always be a part of the citation. However, it may not always be possible, nor is it mandatory, as many citations will be unstructured. 

Furthermore, you should try to add a maximum of the following information as local citations building best practices


Other Information to Prioritize

  • Website URL
  • Business Description
  • Exact location
  • Real Images
  • Customer Reviews
  • Email Addresses


More Information You Can Mention

  • Hours of Operation
  • Links to Social Pages
  • Videos
  • Payment Methods
  • Geo-Coordinates
  • Fax Numbers
  • Other Attributes


To Sum it Up…

Local SEO citation building should always be a part of your link-building campaign for better search engine ranking, brand awareness, and website traffic.

You should build both structured and unstructured citations on all types of platforms. Giant local business directories like Google My Business should be a priority.

Try to mention detailed information and use a local citation finder tool to ensure it’s the same on all platforms. 

It’s a time-consuming and difficult task, and one mistake can waste all efforts, so it’s more efficient to use a professional citation submission service


Have we missed anything? Do you want to share your experience?

Comment below and let us know how you do local SEO citation building for your business. 


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