16 Proven tips for Multilingual Link Building at Affordable Pricing

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On April 7, 2022

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Multilingual Link Building, an important part of a link building strategy that allows you to get relevant, local backlinks from websites in a certain geographic location. 

Backlinks show the authority of your website. Having more backlinks allows your website to rank higher on SERPs easily. 

Do you want to know how to get multilingual backlinks easily? Keep reading this blog to find sixteen tips that will help you build multilingual backlinks easily. 


1- Find the right keywords

Multilingual Link Building focuses on building high-quality backlinks from region-specific websites. It is, therefore, essential to do keyword research before you get down the process of link building.  

Finding specific keywords will help you decide which backlinks you should target at the start. A specific local keyword strategy will also help you pinpoint the famous websites in your target audience, so you can try to get a backlink from them.

The usual keyword strategy you use for content creation cannot help you in International Linkbuilding. To create content for multilingual link building, you have to do separate keyword research to build relevant backlinks. Here’s how to do local keyword research for link building:

  • Be specific about local users’ intent. 
  • Check the search volume of all keywords. 
  • Find implicit and explicit local keywords. 
  • Review the keyword strategy of your competitors. 


2- Guest posting

The simplest strategy of Multilingual Link Building is to focus on guest posting. In simplest words, guest posting is the process of contributing to leading blogs in your target industry. 


Guest posting allows you to curate high-quality multilingual backlinks that position your website higher on SERPs. 

For example, if you are trying to get backlinks from French websites, Multilingual guest posting will help you build French backlinks without traveling to France (wink). 

The question is, how do you create a multilingual guest posting strategy from scratch? These 11 tips can help you get started:

  1. Identify what type of websites you aim for getting backlinks. 
  2. Use specific google search queries to find websites. 
  3. Send amazing outreach emails to all bloggers
  4. Create the content on valuable topics. 
  5. Write a compelling pitch to win a blogging spot. 
  6. Do your best to write authoritative content. 
  7. Write a Bio that shows your personality. 
  8. Respond to the comments on your guest posts. 
  9. Share links of your content on social channels. 
  10. Write as many guest posts as you can. 
  11. Track your progress to calculate your guest posting ROI

Guest posting to build multilingual backlinks can take a lot of time. You can get help from an experienced guest posting agency to speed up the guest posting process.  


3- Blogger outreach

The most important element of your Multilingual Link Building strategy is to know about your target audience. 

But what if you don’t have any experience with the area’s culture you’re targeting to build backlinks? A simple way to overcome this challenge is by getting in touch with bloggers through blogger outreach

You can define blogger outreach to influencer marketing in simpler words. 

There are many reasons why blogger outreach is considered one of the Basics of Multilingual Link-Building.

For example, blogger outreach allows you to contact influential bloggers in a specific area. As mentioned above, if you are trying to get backlinks from French websites, working with French bloggers can simplify the whole process. 

You can use the tips for guest posting mentioned above for blogger outreach, but keep in mind that this approach for building Multilingual links in 2022 will also take a lot of time. 


4- Create local content

Producing content is the easiest way to get multilingual backlinks to your website. Compared to getting backlinks through blogger outreach or guest posting, publishing content to your website directly will help your brand and improve your SERP rankings – helping you build backlinks simultaneously! 


Let’s take a look at what types of content you should produce to get backlinks from authoritative multilingual websites: 


  • Publish top lists

You can help your readers by creating Top lists around different topics. Listicles help you sum up your knowledge about an area and prove that you are trustworthy to your target audience. 

For example, you can create a blog about Top cinemas in France; blogs like these will be referenced by local websites and help you easily get backlinks. 


  • Educational content

Educating your readers can help you generate backlinks in no time. Educational content serves as evergreen content and allows you to build your brand online. Your unique educational content will be featured in content published on other websites, allowing you to effortlessly get multilingual backlinks. 


  • Case studies

Users love to read summarized information about difficult topics. If you sell a product or provide services in an industry, publishing case studies is an easy way to win backlinks. Detailed case studies are commonly featured on news websites that can provide you with great backlinks. 


  • Focus on trends

The famous mantra of trend is your friend also applies when you build International Links For Your Website. If you create detailed content about trending topics in your industry, you can have the chance of getting a backlink if your content is featured in one of the leading publications. 


  • Publish reviews 

90% of customers say that Reviews help them make buying decisions online. You can publish reviews of different products or services to get backlinks. If you publish unique reviews that provide great value, you can expect to get this content endorsed by other bloggers, allowing you to get multilingual backlinks quickly. 


5- Skip the translation

The most difficult part of a Multilingual Link Building strategy is creating content in different languages. For example, if you focus on guest posting or blogger outreach, you will have to produce content in several languages. 

You might think of using Google Translate or any other tool to translate content written in English.

It might seem like the best option to use such tools, but the bitter truth is that these tools are not reliable. 

The only option for Link building for Multiple Languages is to create content in different languages from scratch. It’s undoubtedly the wrong approach to learn content for writing content if you want to link building on the scale.

The only feasible option is to hire a multilingual content creation service to make things easier for yourself. 


6- Learn from your competitors

No matter which industry you operate in, you will have several competitors who are doing things better than you. 

Inventing the wheel yourself won’t help you build multilingual backlinks faster. Try to get help from customers as it can make the whole process easier for you. 


Look at the backlink profile of your competitors. Check the websites they’ve got backlinks from so you can also target that website for your link building campaigns. Spending your time on competitor research will ensure that you don’t have to waste your time and effort. 


7- Broken link building

Broken link building is one of the proven white-hat Multilingual Link Building strategies that can help you generate multilingual backlinks quickly. 

In simple words, broken link building is to point out to a publisher that a link they’ve mentioned in their content isn’t live anymore and gives the notorious 404 error. You convince the specific publisher to link to your page instead of the broken page to maintain the authority of their published content. 


The basic reason broken backlinking always works is that it gives you the upper hand. Instead of begging the blogger to give a link to your website, you show them how to improve their content and give more value to their readers. 

Prospecting for broken link building can be divided into three types:

  1. Resource page targeting with keywords 
  2. Resource page targeting
  3. Targeting with URLs

Broken link building requires you to know Advanced SEO. It is, therefore, a better option to hire an agency to do broken link building for you. 


8- Be niche-specific

Getting multilingual backlinks from authoritative websites is an art. Spending all your time and effort to get backlinks from any website won’t help you. You have to ensure that you only get high-quality backlinks from relevant websites. 

One of the best  Tips for Multilingual Link Building is to focus only on getting backlinks from websites that are relevant to your target industry. For example, if you run a multilingual website about tech gadgets, it won’t help you if you get tons of backlinks from fashion webzines. 

Prefer backlinks from a website that can provide value to your readers and help search engine bots validate the authority of your content. 


9- Avoid junk backlinks

Junk backlinks can be best described as multilingual SEO mistakes. These backlinks don’t add any value to your website and prove it to search engine bots using Black-Hat SEO strategies to get desired results. 


Any backlink is a junk backlink that has the following characteristics:

  • A link secured from a spammy website.
  • Link acquired through Ill-fitted anchor text in the content. 
  • The link is adjusted in plagiarized content.

It’s a common misconception among SEO beginners that all they have to focus on is acquiring as many backlinks as possible. Remember not to push the limits when working on a Multilingual Link Building strategy and only try to get backlinks from websites that provide real value to the readers.


10- Focus on niche edit backlinks

There are so many web pages on the internet that don’t link to your website and have published content relevant to your target industry. 

The niche insertion strategy used for Link building for Multilingual Websites revolves around convincing the owners of relevant websites to link to your website. 

Niche insertion or niche edit backlinks are superb as these links are placed on pages that have been live for a long time and have a strong SEO value

Besides that, niche insertion saves you from the struggle of content creation. You secure a backlink from a website that has already published great content on a given topic. Follow this link to learn more about how niche insertion works and how you can use it to acquire multilingual backlinks. 


11- Go for paid content


Content creation is the most difficult task for a Multilingual Link Building strategy. If you don’t want to wait around before you learn how to write content in different languages, a simple option is to go for paid content. 

Branded content or paid content is what you pay for to build your brand online. Paid content comes under the umbrella of Native Advertising, and it’s great to use paid content to get multilingual backlinks if you have already allocated a marketing budget for your SEO efforts. 


12- Get reciprocal links

The process of vetting backlinks can be made simple if you only focus on getting reciprocal backlinks. In getting reciprocal backlinks, all you have to do is identify the websites that publish content similar to yours. 

You reach out to the manager of that website and persuade them to join you in the reciprocal link building strategy

For example, suppose you sell clothes online and want to get a backlink from a French fashion magazine. In that case, you can contact the manager of that specific magazine and offer to mention their webzine in your content if they agree to do the same. 

Reciprocal link building allows you to save money in your Multilingual Link Building strategy as you don’t have to hire someone to write multilingual guest posts and don’t have to go with branded content either. But keep in mind that this strategy only works if you have published great content on your website in the first place. 

13- List your business in directories

Listing your website on a business directory can help you generate backlinks during your Multilingual Link Building strategy. 

Business directories like Yellow Pages make it easier for users to find relevant businesses in an area online. You can find business directories in a specific region and list your website in that directory to get a quality backlink without spending a penny. 

Be very specific when scrutinizing different business directories in your area. Try not to get a link from any business directory with a bad reputation online. 


14- Get educational backlinks

Educational backlinks are one of the most authoritative multilingual link building best practices you can adopt for SEO. In general, education websites have higher DA, and webmasters manage such websites properly.

Vetting high-quality educational backlinks in your Multilingual Link Building strategy can improve your position on SERPs

Many people shy away from building educational backlinks as they find the process hard, but it isn’t difficult to build educational backlinks. 

Here is how you can build Edu backlinks easily without hitting your head on the wall:

  • Try to list your website on the “Resources” pages of educational websites. 
  • Offer special discounts to students and teachers. 
  • Create a scholarship program for students. 
  • Interview the leading faculty members of an educational institute.
  • Give shout-outs to leading educational bloggers in your content. 
  • Benefit from alumni and association pages of an educational website. 


15- Use Photos to build backlinks

Images are linkable assets that make Multilingual Link Building easier for you. Avoiding image creation is something that can stop you from building backlinks. Here are five ways you can leverage images to get backlinks from multilingual websites: 


  • Multilingual infographics


It’s common to find infographics in English, but it’s not relatively easy to find infographics in different languages. Creating infographics in different languages can help you generate multilingual backlinks. You can hire an infographic creation service if you don’t want to focus your effort on creating infographics yourself.  

  • Graphs

Graphs make it easier to see trends and understand a specific dataset. You can create graphs about hot topics to get backlinks from multilingual websites. To boost the impact of the graphs you create, it’s better to create interactive graphs as they hook the user to your website. 


  • Photos

Simple photos of different local areas can also help you get backlinks. For example, capturing images of different tourist sites in France can help you generate tons of backlinks from French websites. 


  • Maps

Tourists always rely on maps to navigate in a new city. You can create simple maps to help tourists travel easily. The maps you publish on your websites can help you get backlinks with minimal effort. 


  • Product images

Product images make it easier for users to make buying decisions. Taking amazing product photos and publishing them online allows you to generate Multilingual premium backlinks easily. 


16- Hire a reliable link building service 

Every single tip of Multilingual Link Building mentioned above requires you to spend a lot of time, money, and effort. You cannot afford to spend a ton of time learning the strategies and using those strategies to build multilingual backlinks. 

A simple thing you can do to speed up the link building process is to hire a multilingual link-building service. Relying on professionals will make the whole process easier for you, and you won’t have to wait for months before you generate a single backlink. 

Here are some tips to help you hire the best multilingual link building service:

  • Check the portfolio of the agency.
  • Ask about their content creation process. 
  • Go through the list of their partner bloggers. 
  • Compare the prices of different link-building services. 


Final Words 

Best Multilingual SEO Practices translate directly to your online success. These backlinks help you rank higher on SERPs and help you build a strong brand. 

Try to implement the multilingual backlinking tips mentioned above one by one, or contact us if you want experts to build multilingual backlinks for your website.


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