Crafting Success: How to Become an Online Website Content Writer

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On February 28, 2024
How to become a online content writer

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It’s 2024, and we can already see how everything is dominated by hashtags and viral sensations.


In other words, the hunger for captivating content has reached unprecedented heights. Just as epic sagas need their heroes and thrillers demand plot twists, businesses clamor for engaging narratives to capture attention, build brand loyalty, and drive sales. 


In fact, a staggering 93% of consumers confess to making purchasing decisions influenced by online content, while an impressive 82% admit to reshaping their perceptions of brands after encountering tailored messaging.

What you need to know about content writing?

It’s no wonder that content marketing budgets are projected to soar to new heights.


Enter the unsung heroes of the digital landscape: content writers. 


They’re the creative architects behind the quirky social media quips that light up timelines, the masterminds crafting enticing blog posts to educate and entertain, and the storytellers weaving narratives that resonate with audiences on a deep level.


The journey to becoming an online website content writer is a journey brimming with opportunities for growth, offering a pathway to a location-independent career and boundless earning potential.



We have created this detailed blog post to help you embark on your journey through the dynamic realm of content writing, from unraveling its essence to uncovering the essential skills and strategies needed to thrive. 


So, without wasting a minute, let’s dive into how you can become a seasoned wordsmith, an online website content writer, and an aspiring storyteller at the same time.

What Is a Content Writer?

Being an online website content writer requires a lot more than some decent writing and creative skills. 


An online website content writer, no matter what niche they work in, must have the right skills to transform any piece of boring or uninteresting piece of information into something fun, engaging, creative, and digestible for their clients’ audiences.


This need for creativity poses another important question?


Should a writer use an AI tool to write?


While it is considered unethical to use an AI tool to do your job as a writer, an AI tool can be used to enhance your writing skills, though!


But how?


An AI tool can help a content writer increase their efficiency, generate ideas, refine style and grammar, and do better research. So, the faster you can create your drafts, the faster you can get the work done. 


What else defines a content writer? 


An online website content writer is also responsible for creating creative and well-written copy for ads, social media, blogs, e-books, brochures, and whitepapers, to name a few. 


In other words, anything that needs some kind of text or writing for marketing and advertising is most likely to fall under the expertise of a content writer. On a wider level, it can be a part of the marketing team, but it is specifically the job of a content writer to come up with compelling stories for the audience.

What are Roles a Content Writer Might Have to Take On?

Breaking down the roles of a content writer is like assembling the ultimate Avengers team: each member brings a unique skill set to the table, working together to save the day. 


From mastering the art of SEO to wielding the power of gap analysis, content writers are the superheroes of the digital realm. 


They’re the architects behind engaging blog posts, the strategists behind viral social media campaigns, and the guardians of brand integrity. 

content marketing efforts

It might be surprising to you, but a content writer also has to focus on the design and editing of content. You also need to make sure that while you are fulfilling all the roles, you are also showcasing how you can blend your creativity and strategy to create content that resonates with audiences across the digital universe. 

SEO Analysis

To properly target keywords, a competent content writer should have a solid working knowledge of the latest Search Engine Optimization practices. 

On-Page SEO Checklist

A content writer is always aware of the importance of a catchy headline, sensible keyword density, and strategic keyword placement to increase the likelihood that the content will rank highly in search engine result pages.

Gap Analysis and Research 

No matter who your client is and whether you have written for them before or not, it is very important for you to perform a gap analysis.


You must perform your own research regardless of the kind of content a client demands from you.


Why do you need to perform a gap analysis and research?



Because in most cases, when you are working with a new client, you will also be working with a niche or vertical that you are not familiar with. Therefore, you need to perform extensive research to make sure that the content you create is accurate, in line with the brand’s image, and up to date with the current trends.


In other words, total research and a good gap analysis enable you to create informative content as well as write on the right topics that the client’s audience might be interested in. The best part is that search engines love fresh content, so it’ll give you a competitive edge and happy clients.

Focus on Design 

When creating content for a client’s website, an online website content writer needs to make sure the content is formatted properly for screen viewing. By strategically placing subheadings, bullet points, and other useful techniques, the content writer makes sure that the copy doesn’t just look like a boring passage of text. They ought to even be familiar with some basic HTML techniques for formatting text, adding links, and emphasizing particular phrases or portions.


Creating original content is not the only job a content writer has to do. Sometimes, you have to edit free written content, or sometimes, the guidance you are provided is not enough. 

he Ultimate Checklist For Content Editing

In such cases, as a content writer, you will have to proofread and edit poorly written content and make it search engine-friendly.


This task can take a lot of time, but it is an important part of your job as an online website content writer.

What Traits Should an SEO Content Writer Online Must Have?

An online website content writer has to be versatile. Not progressing and improving your skills can land you in hot waters with your career. 


Instead of being the master of one skill, a content writer has to be a jack of all skills, including research, Search Engine Optimization, design, editing, and proofreading. 


That seems like a lot of skills, right? 


Especially when you have to master them all at the same time, it can feel a little intimidating. However, all it takes is some effort and a great deal of practice to master all these skills. Once you have mastered them all, nothing can stop you from reaping content writing benefits. 


What skills do you need to succeed as an online website content writer? 


Let’s find out: 

  • The capacity to write rapidly and reliably under pressure
  • A firm command of syntax, spelling, and formats
  • The skills to conduct efficient and timely research
  • The efficiency to write in a variety of voice tones, about a variety of topics, and in a variety of contexts and structures
  • Moreover, if you can specialize in specific niches and gain an in-depth understanding of a certain industry, you will also develop the ability to come up with ideas quickly.


Therefore, it is pretty clear that pure writing skills are very important if you want to become a content writer. 


That being said, pure writing skill is not the only skill you need to have a successful career. You also need to add adaptability, the ability to work quickly, creativity, and knowledge to the mix to succeed!

How To Become a Content Writer

Becoming a content writer is like transforming into the Barbie of the writing world – versatile, dynamic, and always ready for a new adventure. 


Just as Oscar-winning actors perfect their craft through dedication and practice, aspiring content writers hone their skills to captivate audiences and tell compelling stories. 


Let’s explore the steps you need to follow in order to become a successful content writer. So, grab your pen and prepare to script your own success story in the dazzling world of content creation.

  • Take Part in a Content Writing Course

Do you need a degree to become a content writer?


Of Course not!


You do not need a certain degree or a diploma to get into the niche of content writing. However, that being said, a digital marketing certificate or a content marketing course can come in handy.


A great method to acquire some of the skills you’ll need to wow and draw in clients is to enroll in an online content writing course. 


Even if you have a copywriting credential, make sure that you add it to your résumé to appeal to your clients.


Pay close attention to the areas of content writing that most interest you when searching for appropriate courses. Take a look at courses on writing, editing & proofreading, digital marketing, and search engine optimization, for example, if you want to get into content writing from an SEO standpoint.


And these are not the only skills you should look out for. 


You can mix and match! 


For example, you can try a selection of different courses to create a specific skill set for yourself.

  • Refine Your Writing Skills

A lot of people want to be authors, especially those with artistic minds and gifted linguistic skills. Still, very few enthusiasts make a living off of their expertise. This includes content writing as well. 

How to improve your English content writing skills?

But how do you start? Starting to write is the only way to take your work as a content writer seriously. Being the kind of writer that a seasoned team or company would want to hire requires many hours of work.


You can start by creating blogs on your own website, where you may promote your abilities, gather client endorsements, and eventually develop a portfolio. If you are looking for inspiration, you can also participate in online writing groups, competitions, and forums. 


You can even try your luck at offering to write for magazines that you enjoy on a volunteer basis. This will help you establish your reputation while developing your skills.

  • Develop Complementary Skills

Still, there are additional abilities that might help you attract potential customers and increase your chances of being noticed. For example, in order to engage with clients and the organizations you deal with, you will need excellent communication skills. Being able to successfully communicate your thoughts to a large audience will be crucial for content writers.


Another trait you will need is strong research abilities. When starting out in your profession as a content writer, make sure you know where to get reliable sources of information.


What other qualities should you have? Let’s find out:


  • Adaptability: A content writer must possess the capacity to change, advance, and learn new abilities on a continual basis. As your audience’s needs and preferences change, so will the way you write, so be prepared for continuous career evolution.
  • Problem-solving: Having problem-solving abilities will enable you to think of original methods to use the information to meet your client’s demands, especially when you face a problem.
  • Search Engine Optimization: The majority of businesses require a minimum level of search engine optimization from their content writers. So, you need that skill.
  • Learn to Adapt Your Writing to Different Platforms

You need to know the audience you are writing for. You don’t have much time to grab someone’s attention in such a hectic competition. This is particularly valid when creating content for the internet. Instead of reading articles, audiences are skimming sentences. If you have the correct focus, you may overcome this issue as a content writer. Pages with a clear value proposition can capture users’ attention for considerably longer, according to a study.

Content Writing practices

Work on your writing skills so that you can write in different formats. Learn how to write on a variety of topics. Inquire about the style, tone, and voice of your potential employer.

  • Find and Choose Your Niche

Want to differentiate yourself from other writers? Pick a niche and concentrate on it to achieve this. You should write about your primary topic as much as you can. For example, if it is marketing, then make sure you write about a lot. It will assist you in keeping abreast of trends and developing into a subject-matter expert.


You can begin with any subject you have strong feelings about. You can also search for lists of the highest-paying writing niches. Additionally, you might concentrate on producing particular kinds of content, such as case studies, blogs, or whitepapers.


Another excellent method to get into the writer’s market and network is to join writer communities. It can assist you in finding career prospects, networking with like-minded individuals to share experiences, and developing professionally. Look out for possibilities that align with your interests. It will provide a genuine excitement to article writing!

  • Work on Your Editing Skills

You must feel comfortable editing, proofreading, and reworking your work if you want to be a good content writer. You can review style guides like Chicago, APA, and MLA as well. 

10 Amazing Tips for Editing Your Own Writing

You can review your grammar and spelling using exercises available online. Moreover, you can examine the key components of what it takes to be a proficient writer and apply what you have learned.

  • Build a Strong Portfolio

Create a polished portfolio in order to acquire the desired article writing jobs. Give examples of your most recent work. In order to assess your writing style and your capacity to modify your writing for various platforms, potential employers could request to see samples of your work.


Remember to add your profile to content writing platforms and professional websites like LinkedIn. Social media provides you, as a professional, with a platform to highlight your achievements. Include your qualifications, recent employment history, and the type of job you’re seeking. In your field, pay attention to those you find inspiring. 


Keep abreast of the subjects that are popular and pertinent in your field of expertise. If you are an online website content writer in a specific sector, this is really beneficial.

  • Always Stay Organized

As a writer, a deadline is always important. You want to do things correctly from the beginning. Recall that having strong organizing abilities enables you to use your resources effectively and efficiently. Organize. Set priorities for your tasks. Cut down on distractions and clutter near your workspace. Try not to overbook. Establish effective time management techniques to position yourself for success.

  • All done? Start pitching.

When you have completed an online course and done everything you could to polish your skills, you need to start searching for assignments. Creating a list of websites that could be interested in a subject you cover is a good place to start. Try to get in touch with the editor and submit your concept, providing context for the audience’s interest.


It’s okay if you don’t get wealthy right away. Put your attention on establishing relationships and getting good feedback. Clients are more likely to return and refer you to others if they are satisfied with your job. You’ll eventually determine what appropriate pricing is.


Another strategy for increasing visibility and gaining the trust of prospective customers is to guest post on blogs and websites that already have a following. Well-known bloggers frequently lack the time necessary to consistently compose pieces or come up with new ideas. This is an opportunity for a novice to demonstrate their abilities and pick up tips from a more seasoned player.

How Much Does an Online Content Marketing Writer Make?

It’s possible for content writers to generate enough money to pursue this career full-time. The average income for a content writer in the US is $4,276 per month, according to Indeed.


What are the factors that affect how much a content writer earns? 


Well, there are certain factors that can come into play, including content output, industry expertise, years of experience, and language. 


Naturally, authors who are well-versed in a given field will be able to offer stories that are more perceptive and command a higher fee.


Writing in English for an international audience will probably get you better rates, too, than producing content in your mother tongue for a local audience. 


It is very important to prioritize creating content that is human-centric when pursuing content goals. This strategy not only achieves goals but also forges deep bonds with the viewership.


Always keep in mind that the fundamental aspect of content writing is its capacity to impact lives and personally connect with readers. Maintaining the relevance, impact, and true resonance of your material is ensured by striking a balance between strategic aims and the human element.

Difference Between Copywriter and Content Writer

One sells dreams, the other fosters connections – but which one will capture your audience’s attention?


Choosing to pursue copywriting or deciding to become an online website content writer is always a hard decision to make. 


You can always do both, of course! 


However, it is only recommended to tread both waters once you have become a seasoned captain of one! 


In a world driven by words, knowing when to sell and when to share is paramount. So, join us as we dissect the fine line between selling products and selling experiences through words.


A copywriter’s aim is to sell an idea to people to create sales. An online website content writer aims to build customer trust and establish a reliable and positive brand association.
A copywriter focuses on persuading and selling. A content writer focuses on engaging and informing the audience. 
A copywriter creates concise, attention-grabbing text for advertisements and marketing materials. A content writer develops longer-form content such as blog posts and articles. 
A copywriter uses persuasive language to drive action from the audience. A content writer, on the other hand, aims to provide valuable information or even entertainment.
A copywriter often works closely with marketing teams to achieve specific business goals.  A content writer may collaborate with niche experts to ensure accuracy and depth.
A copywriter is excellent at crafting headlines and taglines that grab attention.  A content writer specifically works on creating compelling narratives and storytelling.
A copywriter emphasizes the unique selling points of a product or service. A content writer focuses on building brand authority and trust through informative content.
A copywriter prioritizes brevity and clarity to capture attention quickly.  A content writer has more freedom to explore topics in depth.
A copywriter is adept at understanding target audiences and tailoring messages to their needs and desires. A content writer, on the contrary, often researches extensively to provide valuable insights and information.
A copywriter often works on time-sensitive projects like ad campaigns.  A content writer may have longer deadlines for developing evergreen content.
A copywriter frequently optimizes their content for SEO and conversions. A content writer may prioritize readability and user experience.
A copywriter measures success based on metrics like click-through rates and conversions. A content writer will pursue metrics such as engagement and time on the page.
A copywriter relies on persuasive techniques such as emotional appeals and calls to action. A content writer uses storytelling and educational approaches to connect with audiences.


Whether it’s a pitch-perfect message or a story that resonates, each has its place! 


Therefore, to understand the difference between copywriter and content writer, it’s very important to acknowledge the potential overlap in formats dictated by the goals and purposes of the content. 


Let’s consider the creation of website content as an example:


While informational blog posts might require in-depth research and storytelling abilities, falling under the domain of a content writer, the succinct and persuasive language used on product landing pages is typically the expertise of a copywriter. 


Similarly, on social media platforms, the intent to either entertain or drive sales can influence the format and writer required. Crafting engaging stories for brand storytelling may align with the skills of a content writer while crafting concise, compelling ad copy for sponsored posts would be the forte of a copywriter. Recognizing these nuances ensures that each piece of content serves its intended purpose effectively.

How to Be a Content Writer Online?

All set? 


We are now on the same page when it comes to becoming an online website content writer, how to hone your skills, and making the best of your skills, right? 


But one mystery still remains!


And no, don’t worry, we neither need Scooby Do nor Sherlock Holmes to solve the mystery in question. 


We have the perfect recipe for starting out as an online content marketing writer.

Here’s How to Become a Content Writer Online

The first and the simplest trick to get your foot on the bus and make yourself comfortable is by applying for jobs and contracts. 


Or, you can take the freelance route and bid on projects.


The possibilities are endless in the realm of content writing!


We are not saying this based on assumptions! An online website content writer is always in demand, no matter what. 




One of the major Content writing benefits includes working hard to build long lasting connections with clients, brands, and businesses that are always in need of good content. Since they are always looking for content, it means that they always need an online website content writer.


Still don’t believe us? 


We took a trip to some of the most used sites for both full-time jobs as well as freelance projects for an SEO content writer online.


Let’s take a look at them. 


Starting with Glassdoor, the site every job seeker knows by heart. At any given moment, it has more than 500 jobs listed for content writers: 

Content writing tips


Then, we have the most famous platform for freelance writers, AKA Upwork. It is teeming with jobs for content writers, waiting for them to place their bids: 

Content wrting platforms

The Freelance Route to Become a Content Writer Online

If you are thinking of embarking on the road to freelance, it is a good idea!


You can start by trying your luck at freelance job boards. These job boards are more general websites, and they allow authors to create profiles and apply for opportunities that are directly advertised by employers. 


What kind of clients, tho? 


Well, these clients could be individuals or organizations, and you’ll typically discover that writing content for websites is only one of the services these clients require; they might also require web designers, video editors, and a host of other remote-accessible specialized services.


So, if you are someone who wears different hats, you are in for a treat!


Generally speaking, content writing services make it simpler to accept jobs and present better employment prospects. When you first start out, it could be challenging to compete with established, seasoned professional writers who frequent freelance job boards. However, if you keep your head down and work hard, no one can stop you from becoming a seasoned online website content writer. 


A competent content writer is always more than just an additional worker or contractor. He or she does not need to rely on an online content writer tool to create magic. 


They may produce tangible results that can be utilized in a company’s portfolio to show that they can produce high-quality, impactful content that engages and reaches a sizable audience. They are an ally in helping a business succeed online.

Creating Great Content Is What Globex Outreach Does

Here at Globex, you won’t find just one online website content writer but rather an entire team of them. 


We have the best of the best in our team of writers, thinkers, innovators, and artists! 


Globex Outreach can help you create the best content for your brand. Be it a blog or website content, our writers know how to hit it off with the target audience (of our clients) to keep them coming back for more. 


When you reach out to us to avail of our writing services, we make sure to connect you with writers who have the perfect understanding of your niche and vertical. Such writers then create exactly what you had in mind when you came to us. 


From focusing on your blogs to blogger outreach, we have got your back.


Sounds perfect, right? 


Reach out to Globex Outreach today with your queries regarding content, and we will connect you with our experts so you can get the content you need to take your brand to newer heights.


In conclusion, the journey to becoming a successful online website content writer is multifaceted, requiring a blend of creativity, skill, adaptability, and continuous learning. From mastering the art of crafting engaging narratives to understanding the intricacies of SEO and research, the path is both challenging and rewarding.


Aspiring if you want to become a content writer online, you should focus on honing their writing skills, developing complementary abilities, and finding their niche in the vast landscape of content creation. Whether pursuing full-time employment or freelancing, opportunities abound on platforms like Glassdoor and Upwork. Moreover, understanding the distinction between copywriting and content writing can guide individuals in aligning their goals and techniques with the specific needs of clients.


Ultimately, the essence of content writing lies in its ability to forge connections, inform, and inspire. 


At Globex Outreach, we recognize the power of compelling storytelling and offer a team of skilled writers dedicated to elevating brands through captivating content. As you embark on your content writing journey, remember that persistence, dedication, and a passion for storytelling are the keys to success in this dynamic and ever-evolving field.

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