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How Do Press Releases Improve Your Website’s Ranking?

Every website holder wants his website to be in the top results of the search engine. In this article, I will discuss press release and its effect on a website’s ranking in the search engine result page.

What is a Press Release?

The press release is a phenomenon that started in 1906 when a train wreck had to be reported by the concerned authorities.

Press releases were given to journalists so they could publish it to draw the public’s interest. Simple examples include award functions, product launches, and unfortunate incidents. The most common source of press releases are news channels and news websites.

The reason behind sending a press release to trigger news media hubs to share an event that is about to happen or has happened in a company.

Earlier press releases were officially given in hard copies and printed on the traditional papers. With time, however, things have changed and now social media sites, play a very important role in spreading information faster and to a massive audience.

Search engiine journal

Do Press Releases help SEO?

Press releases certainly help SEO.

If done right, a well-written press release can bring a lot of visitors to your website.

How Press Release Affect Website’s Ranking?

Being just one of the many factors which boost SEO, press releases do a good job for a lot of businesses. Just writing a press release is not sufficient for ranking; much has to be done to secure a top ranking position.

How Press Release Increases Your Ranking?

Here are all merits of a press release concerning a website’s ranking.

Your website Earns Backlinks

This is a top-notch benefit for a website’s ranking. If you have just initiated your website, then there’s a lot of work to be done.

Earning backlinks means that your website’s authority has increased.

One thing needs to be clarified here; earning quality backlinks is important. The quantity is one factor but the quality of backlinks is more important.

By earning backlinks, your website gets good exposure to people who haven’t ever visited it before.

Earning the goodwill of trusted websites is more pivotal as it will help your website in ranking higher in the search engine in fairly less time as compared to if your website earns backlinks from poor sites.

Here are a few hacks we use to build Google trust signals.

Brand Awareness Enhances Customer Visit


Whenever a product or a business is to be given out to the public, the ethos is to make it available for a number of people.

With the help of press release, you can easily navigate new customers on your website.

This will make your brand visible to more people and will also uplift the website for Google.

Keyword Resarch

Diverse Link Profile is Crucial

When you publish a press release, your content will get multiple links from different platforms. Depending on the number of visitors on the publishing website, the audience from their sites will visit yours.

It is recommended to also follow these tactics for internal link building for better user engagement and ranking on Google.

Global Rank

A Good Platform for a Brand

Every site that links with your website is a full-fledged platform for your business. As explained earlier a sound website is great for your business. Every backlink that you earn on your press release will bring more visitors to your website.

If even one of the visitors turns out to be a corporate client, then your business can profit well.


Relevant Traffic

Earning traffic on a website is very valuable for any website holder. Having relevant traffic means that Google will very likely position the site in the top search results.

People visit to find some information. If a visitor doesn’t find relevant information, then they will immediately go back, thus causing the bounce rate to increase.

If your website has relevant content and meets the needs of the visitors, then they will spend more time on it. Increasing time spent on a website is a very good factor for Google. Your website will very likely be ranking in the top positions because of this.

Visitors will Convert

Many websites have different buttons which require some information about the visitor.

The mechanism is very simple, once a person visits a website, they become a visitor, but when they give some information in the form of email ID or by registering for the weekly newsletter then, they convert.

A website’s engagement rate is yet another major factor which Google takes into account when ranking websites. Moreover, if your press release compels the prospective customer to purchase through the website, then you’ve won!

Jamie Pitman

Earned Customer Value

When a press release is posted over the web, the results depend on how customers welcome that content. In case the customers like the press release, then they will likely be sharing the content over social media.

Although there is no direct link between social media and Google ranking, but plenty of evidence suggest Google prefers content that is shared over social media. Thus, social signals do help along with press release in getting higher ranks for a website.

Instagram Post

Press Release for Local SEO

Through this technique, you can market your business for a local audience. For instance, if you want to market a product to an audience that is nearby or within the city, then press release in a local channel would be a great way to grab attention.

When you write a press release for local SEO then keep in mind that the focus should be on the laymen who will read it.

Good Impression of the Website

If you have worked on all the factors mentioned above, then you will easily build a good impression of the website for search engine.

Google will consider your business a brand when multiple news sites will link to your website – though it takes time for a website to make it to the big list.

A backlink from huge websites with 80+ DA will be strong a vote of confidence. Here you can read the complete guide on how you can get a backlink from Forbes.

How to Write a Perfect Press Release?

Let’s quickly go through how to write a good press release.


The links will look something like this. You can download the full sheet and search the DA of each website.

Small SEO Tools’ domain authority checker lets users find DA of 50 websites in a single go. This is a pretty slick application for anyone finding high DA websites and doesn’t have time to repeat things.

So, once you have the list of website, what’s next?

  • Check out the criteria that we provided above and see if you find any websites that fit in that criteria.
  • Now start pitching these websites with quality guest post ideas

Find Guest Posts through Social Blogging Websites

Another great way to find websites for guest posting is through social blogging websites like Alltop, Blogarama, and Technorati. These are top blog directories and you can easily find websites that approve guest posts.

Here is how to find them:

Blog Directory

Most of these are blogs that accept guest posts. You can simply pitch them about your guest post idea and wait for the response.

Finding Guest Posts through Comments

Another way to find guest posts is through comments. This may not work on all blogs since comments now don’t allow people to add their website address. But you can also search for them through Disqus comment channel.

  • First, you have to write a guest post on a website and wait for other people to comment
  • Make sure the post is controversial so people can take a side.
  • When people comment, simply search their profile and you will see the website they write content for.
  • Now thank them for the comment and pitch them if they would like to accept a guest post on a similar topic on their website?
Guest Positng

Facebook Groups

There are many Facebook groups available on guest posting. If you don’t know how to find them, simply search for them by typing ‘guest posts’ in Facebook search. Join them.

Now here is how to find the websites for guest posting.

  • Clearly write the type of guest posting websites that you want
  • For example, ‘Looking for US based guest posting sites related to health niche’
  • You will get many websites from users. If you have a budget, you can also get paid guest posting opportunities from users. Paid guest posts are usually for high DA websites that also get traffic relevant to your niche

You can search for similar guest posting opportunities on other social media websites as well.

Freelancing Websites for Guest Posts

A recent case study by one SEO expert suggests that people can also get backlinks from users on Fiverr. Most people believe that Fiverr is not an authoritative source for getting backlinks. Therefore, they should avoid it at all cost. But this is wrong.

See this guy. He says that he was able to get traffic to his website by spending $500 on Fiverr. You can watch the full video of how he did it.

A short summary is that he was able to rank 3rd for a highly competitive keyword ‘New York SEO’ in the USA by creating a few news article links and tons of web 2.0 links.

SEO Services New York

While writing of this post, two weeks have passed and he is still in third place for that keyword. We can only see when his rankings will decline.

But, what does it teach us? You can also create backlinks from Fiverr guest posts.

So how to do that?! Find quality guest posting opportunities on Fiverr.

  • Search Fiverr for ‘guest posts’ and see what comes up
  • Select one that you think looks suitable – Make sure to check its rankings and reach buyer’s review
  • Message them to check where they will post your article. What is the DA of that website? And, how much traffic does it get?
  • Once you are satisfied, order him to complete the task

Some rates for guest posting on Fiverr. All these are paid guest posts, so you need to make sure that you are publishing your content on a non-spam website.

Writing on Trending Topics

One way to get sure approval when you submit a guest post is by writing on trending topics. Let’s say your niche is digital marketing. Search about what is the top trend in your industry. It can be anything like Instagram marketing, video marketing, anything that you can think of. Now, pitch the websites about topics related to these trends for guest blogging opportunities. They will instantly approve them because they are getting content on topics that aren’t available anywhere else.

This is called exclusivity.


One keyword that is trending during the holiday season.

In fact, you can form relationships with these blogs by becoming their VIP contributor.

  • Simply provide them with weekly content on any topic of your choice
  • Insert your own blog’s backlinks in between content that you write
  • Get a constant stream of traffic back to your blog

Make Epic Pitches

One way to get approval for guest post pitches is by writing high quality guest posts. Just remember that guest posting websites get a lot of requests and they simply ignore them. Why? Because they are providing no real value. That’s where your pitches can make a difference.

How to write epic pitches that will let them approve your request?

  • Research the website and hunt for topics that you can write on for guest blogging opportunities
  • Be courteous and provide value to the readers of that website

For example, I was to guest post on a website that makes video animations. It had written on almost all topics related to advertising videos such as Youtube for monetization, Pinterest marketing, Instagram and IGTV video marketing.

I searched its website to find some loophole. Something that I can write on. Finally, I found it. The topic was ‘affiliate marketing videos.’

Many people are now making affiliate marketing videos. These are unboxing videos, video reviews, and sometimes simple videos of products just copy pasted on their channels and pages. But these work.

I pitched it three topics related to these. Here is the format.

Subj: You are missing AFFILIATE MARKETING FOR VIDEOS topic – It Can Bring MORE TRAFFIC!


I am a keen reader of your blog. And, I love to create and test video ads for my dropshipping stores and affiliate websites. I found a gap in your blog and that relates to affiliate marketing videos. Most readers today want to learn how they can start affiliate marketing. You have not covered that topic.

What if I can write on it as I already have an expertise in that particular niche?

Here are a few topics that I have in mind:

  • Affiliate Marketing Videos to get More Sales
  • Dropshipping Video Ads – Why they work? How to Make them better?
  • Double Your Print On Demand Store Sales with Videos

Let me know which one looks better to you.



Guess what? In two days, I had a reply from the blog owner. She liked the affiliate marketing video topic.

So, what is the lesson here?

  • Create value for the blog owner
  • Find a gap in his content strategy
  • Clearly explain the topics that you want to write on

Read Guest post guidelines

Most people often complain that their guest post pitches are not answered. There can be many reasons for this but one of the most popular ones is guest posting guidelines. These people simply don’t read the guest posting guidelines and the editors reject their requests.

It is essential to read the guidelines of a website properly because only then you can send them what they need. Think of this as a job interview. Surely you would not want to go for a job interview with your intermediate mark sheet. Instead, what you need is a resume. That’s the same thing with guest post guidelines. They help you understand what the websites are actually looking for.

This is a standard set of guidelines by Search Engine Land website. See how they clearly explain what type of topics they want the contributors to write on? You can only pitch them topics that relate to these categories.

Monitor Traffic

Once you have written guest posts on around a dozen websites, it is time to monitor traffic coming from these guest posts. This will help you create a strategy for the future. Let’s see one guest post is bringing 75% of the whole referral traffic. Think about it. Why is it happening? What was the topic about? Why are people interested in this topic?

When you know the answers to these questions, simply create a collaboration plan with the site owner. By this time the guest posting website owner would also have observed that your guest post is driving more traffic.

Here are a few guest blogging guidelines you should follow to amplify the traffic growth. Let’s see what these guest blogging opportunities are:

  • Ask the site owner for regular contributions
  • Add a lead generation hook in the article
  • Make a redo of the same article and optimize it for keywords

Ranking through Guest Posts

One clever technique to improve search rankings is by ranking through guest posting. This is an open secret and even Google allows it. So, what is this secret and how can your business benefit from it? Let’s find out.

Say your website has a DA of around 20 something. You can’t rank for a high difficulty keyword of 50+. No matter how many social signals you get, you will have a hard time getting in the top of the SERPs. But there is an easy way to do it. Simply write a guest post on the keyword that you want to rank on.


The website that you will be writing on should have a high DA and should receive more traffic. When you write a topic on it, it has more potential to rank on that keyword than your own website. Make sure that you link back to your website from the first few paragraphs so to pass maximum link juice.

Anatomy of a Guest Post

While guest posts are no different than the regular articles you publish on your blog but you need to strategically place your link in them to get the most value.


The average length of each guest post should be around 1200 or more. Guest post length is usually provided in the guest posting guidelines by the website where you want to write the content piece.

However, with that said, it is a good practice to write a long-form content piece so that your guest post can rank higher and you cover the whole topic.

Here is a recent study by Buzzsumo showing the average length of each content piece ranking online in searches.

So, go for 1000-2000 words for starters.

Contextual Links

Place a link in the first few paragraphs of the content because just like before, links higher in the content are given more weightage by Google.

Even Backlinko recommends putting a link in the first few paragraphs to get the most link juice.

Outbound Links


Instead of dropping the keyword alone, you need to link that keyword to your own blog or website to get the most value from the guest post.

Lead Hook

Add a lead hook that can bring readers of the guest post back to your blog. Why is it necessary? Because guest posts can be a great way to get subscribers for almost free. Here is how:

Now that you have this strategy in place, you only need to create a special landing page for guest post visitors. Once that is ready, you can get their email addresses by providing them a little more value.

Brian Dean has cleverly done this with a remarkable landing page.

Author Bio

It is a good practice to add the link of your homepage in the author box section. But for each website, you should create a custom author box message that matches with the content that you are posting.

Yehuda Hassine

See how Yehuda has shown he is an expert in his field?

Here is another one:

John Hughes

See what Hughes is missing? He could have used the space to market his company in a better way. Don’t miss this out.

Consider the author box an essential marketing banner for your website.

Not many people may read it, but those who will be interested in your website will surely read it. This is your place to shine.

Guest Posting Future

Future of Submitting Blog Posts for Guest Posting

Now that 2018 is passing, most people are concerned about the future of guest posting. Rest assured, it isn’t going to change much. Why? Because if you are doing everything white hat, building links through connections, partnerships, and networking, you have already embraced the future. Here is what you should be focusing on for getting more organic traffic through guest postings in near-future.

Focus on Connections and Networking

We would recommend you to start building connections with companies that complement your products. Work with them for partnerships and promoting your brands through guest posts, giveaways, podcasts, webinars, and mutual marketing activities. Because in near-future, they will become your indirect assets.

Guest Posting

Quality will win over quantity. One backlink from a reputed website is much better than 100 backlinks from small domains.

  • Regular Contributions are a must

Make yourself an authority in your domain. That’s the only way to open up more guest posting opportunities and win in SERPs. In near-future, Google will give more weight to authors who are a regular contributor in a niche, because they know their subject. They will easily win over people who are new to the field.

This will also shut down ghost blogging for good.

  • Community Managers are the New Brand Managers

The new online marketers are not content marketers or SEO specialists, but community managers. Those who can engage, retain, and convert potential customers. They will become the face of their respective companies.

See how Joshua Hardwick has become the face of Ahref. Similarly, Rand Fishkin is the face of Moz (even after leaving it). Why? Because people believe them!

Paid Guest Posting

Yes, they are here to stay. We may be stretching this, but Google has no way of distinguishing paid and free guest posts. They are going to exist for a long time. Why? Because just like advertisements in the real world, paid guest posts are just one way of advertising.

The way people exchange paid guest posts may change. Just like advertorials are provided a separate section, but they will still contribute to link juice.

Purch, the owner of Tomshardware, offer one paid post for $5,000. It doesn’t allow a link in the post but that is enough because the website is visited by millions of people in a day.



How many Guest Posts do I need to rank higher?

It depends on many factors, especially the content on your website, the keywords you are targeting, and the DA of the website where you are posting the content. As an estimate, you need to guest blog consistently i.e. 3-4 guest posts each month to see some movement in rankings. They usually take 1-2 months to rank higher.

How many Guest Posts a month should I publish?

As said earlier, you should continuously build connections with websites where you can submit a guest post. On an average, start with 3-4 guest posts per month and then stretch it to 7-10 guest posts per month.

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