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  • Detailed Reporting
  • 10+ years experience
  • 15,000+ blogs in 100+ Categories
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Happy Clients

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Projects Completed

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Guest Posting Services for SEO Agencies & Brands

Guest posting is one of the most commonly pursued SEO efforts in any link building strategy. Here at Globex Outreach, we are continuously working on finding new opportunities for our clients. Guest posting services can help you achieve the following goals:

  •  icon   Position your company as the authority and leader in the niche.
  •  icon   Boost your branding strategy, help you communicate your brand values, and build stronger relationship with your target market.
  •  icon   Boost your website rankings in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

Today we are here to inform you about our new partnership. We are thrilled about SEO Signals Lab becoming our outreach partner. Thanks to their connections, authority and their audience size, we can now help you by delivering even more efficient guest posting services.


We are happy to offer you our extended guest posting services in collaboration with our new outreach partner Steven Kang. An exceptional digital marketing strategist, Steven Kang is one of the people behind the SEO Signals Framework. His main goal is to help bloggers and marketers by sharing the latest insights on how the Google search engine operates.

There are currently approximately 200 ranking factors at play. Each of these factors has its own variations, which leads to the conclusion that there might be well over 10,000 variations to track and optimize. Google assesses these factors and compares them with the ones of your competitors before it decides where to place your website in the search results.


By studying the SEO field for more than 10 years, Steven Kang was able to define 4 major SEO signals every SEO process should take into the account:


Your content has to be relevant to the keywords used throughout it. Google compares this against keywords in its database and determines the content relevance.


One of the major trust signals is your authority. When assessing the rank of your website, Google will take a look at how many trusted websites are linking back to your website.


The concept of popularity as an SEO signal has evolved over the years, simply due to the new platforms emerging in the online landscape.


Your website security plays a vital role in your SEO efforts. You have to comply to the latest Google’s standards to have your website labeled as secure for visitors.

Steven Kang is also the creator and one of the admins of SEO Signals Lab Facebook group. This group was created 2 years ago and it has grown to an amazing almost 30k members. With approximately 25 posts per day, this group remains one of the most active in the SEO niche.

The group was created to help people understand SEO better. Its members use it to share a lot of interesting case studies, split test results, and news about SEO algorithm trends.

Our partnership with SEO Signals Framework has enabled us to fine-tune our guest posting strategy. We have found their insights into link popularity very valuable in shaping effective and custom-tailored guest posting services for our clients, you. In fact, the link popularity signal doesn’t play as important of a role in SEO as it used to.

Building mass backlink networks across social media, forums, and blog comments is futile. Trust has become the most important factor. This is why we have made adjustments to our Guest Posting services to get the biggest bang for your buck. In cooperation with SEO Signals Lab, we have decided to focus on the Authority signal.

Let Us handle Guest Posting for your Clients

Features of Our Websites

Designing our Guest Posting services around the concept of the authority signal puts us in a position to deliver tangible results to you in significantly shorter time frames. We always target the following websites:

Websites with a high volume of search and social popularity

Thanks to their popularity, these websites quite often show up on numerous social media and blogs. We leverage this popularity for our clients to give their brand exposure that it deserves.

Websites with high amounts of visitor activity

By guest posting on these websites, we will make sure that your content gets in front of a large and engaged audience. These websites usually generate a lot of direct traffic and send a powerful authority signal to search engines.

Websites with already established years-long presence

These websites have been awhile on Google’s radar. They are seen as trustworthy and authoritative. Our guest posting services will enable you to leverage some of the most reputable websites online.

Websites that are highly referenced by other authoritative websites

To help you boost your online presence we will target the websites that are recognized as authoritative by not only Google, but also a large online community and other relevant websites.

Websites with a high volume of relevant content

Online content consumers are attracted to websites with stable growth content volume. We will look into guest posting on websites where audiences are eager to read your content.

Websites with strong and growing metrics

When we pick out our partner websites we look at everything. We look at their rankings, engagement on social media, their comment section and so on, in order to provide our clients with only the top-notch websites.

How Our Guest Posting Service Works

To deliver the best possible results, we are devoted to each of our clients. Over the years, we have developed a unique approach to guest posting. This has enabled us to custom-tailor our services and meet some of the most specific requirements of our clients.

Let go through our work process.



Before we start, we will assess your content marketing strategy. We will also hear you out to understand your brand mission and vision and clearly define your business goals and needs. This will help us narrow down our options and develop a smart guest posting strategy specifically tailored to your needs. This part of the process has proven to be vital for getting the most optimal results.


Finding the Best Guest Posting Opportunities:

We don’t post content on the first blog with a guest posting section. Over the years, we have built a list of the most credible and authoritative blogs with large and engaged audiences. Before we decide which blog we are going to post on, we have to find the ones that perfectly match your content and your goals.


Outreach Target Websites and Pitch the Idea:

Once we have identified the blogs that are relevant to your goals and content, we will reach out to them. Our outreach will include a short pitch of the idea and we will include you as a guest blogger. Getting you featured on these blogs is easy, once we find the perfect match in terms of content relevancy and content value.


Build the Link:

The process of building the link is over once your content gets published on a target blog. Since blogs have different publishing rules, your link might be found in two locations. One is in the bio section of the writer, while the other is in the text body of the article. All of the blogs covered by our guest posting service are established. This means that the audience will actually read your post. Some of them will even click on your link.


Content Promotion via Social Media:

At last, we come to the content promotion. We don’t like leaving anything to chance. Instead of solely relying on the blog audience, we will promote your blog post on social media. Don’t underestimate the power of social media marketing channels. Social Media channels have the attention of a large audience. We will make our effort to get that attention.



As a final step we provide our clients with detailed reports on the performance of their posts. Through these reports we aim to keep the clients in the loop and also help them make better decisions in the future based on the results of their campaigns. Keeping track of disparate guest blogging campaigns can be tricky and we strive to help our clients get the most relevant performance indicators.

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Advantages of Using Our Guest Blogging Services

Increased Targeted Web Traffic

Your website traffic has a lot of segments. The most valuable one for you consists of qualified leads. By exposing your business to vast audiences, you will increase your website traffic, and attract more qualified leads to it. This results in increased conversion rates, sales, and more revenue.

Higher Rank in Search Engine Results

Guest posting service puts you in a position to improve three important SEO factors. First, you will get backlinks from websites with high domain authority, which has a positive effect on your rank. Then your website traffic will spike because more people will click on the link. And lastly, the people who are really interested in who you are will spend more time on your website reading your blog.

Boost the Authority of your Website

The blogs included in our guest posting service are all reputable websites. They don’t publish everything that gets pitched to them. Once your content gets featured on these websites, you will be perceived as an authority in your niche. And this is exactly what we are trying to help you with here. Once you are seen as a go-to source for guides, news, and information, expanding your online presence becomes a breeze. This will also help you grow your brand awareness.

Learn From the Audience

Once your articles get published and shared via social media, they will generate lots of comments. This is a unique opportunity for you to leverage the useful feedback from the community. You can also get very useful information from the other contributors on those blogs. This can help you fine-tune your marketing strategy and achieve even better results.

Our Pricing and Packages

1 Blogpost

$ 80

  • DA 20+
  • SEM Traffic 50+
  • 500 Words Unique Content
  • Native Writers
  • 5-Days Turnaround

5 Blogposts

$ 400

  • DA 25+
  • SEM Traffic 100+
  • 500 Words Unique Content
  • Native Writers
  • 15-Days Turnaround

10 Blogposts

$ 800

  • DA 25+
  • SEM Traffic 100+
  • 500 Words Unique Content
  • Native Writers
  • 15-Days Turnaround

15 Blogposts

$ 1200

  • DA 30+
  • SEM Traffic 150+
  • 500 Words Unique Content
  • Native Writers
  • 20-Days Turnaround

20 Blogposts

$ 1600

  • DA 30+
  • SEM Traffic 150+
  • 500 Words Unique Content
  • Native Writers
  • 25-Days Turnaround

25 Blogposts

$ 2000

  • DA 30+
  • SEM Traffic 150+
  • 500 Words Unique Content
  • Native Writers
  • 25-Days Turnaround


Guest posting is not only safe but one of the most effective SEO methods available to numerous companies. Posting your content on authoritative websites will help you improve your rankings, but also start building your reputation as an expert in the field.
Domain authority ranges from 1 to 100. It’s a logarithmic scale that shows how likely it is that the website will be found in the search engine results. This means that it is far easier to go from DA 20 to DA 30 than from DA 50 to DA 60.
While all the links from guest posts help increase your website authority, they don’t count the same. Links in blog posts posted on websites with high domain authority have more value than the ones posted on websites with low domain authority.
While it is possible to use your keywords as anchor text, it’s not one of the safest practices. The editorial teams of the blogs can fix these links especially if they see them as SEO-driven. We suggest that you completely trust our team of SEO experts who are able to place your link organically. The best way to ensure that the link stays is to place it without affecting the natural flow for the reader. For some very specific keywords, this is hard to achieve, and we will offer you several other anchor-text-based links.
Our team of talented content writers is proficient in SEO writing. We will review your requirements and any provided keywords, and produce the content to your specific guidelines.
The turnaround of our guest posting services is usually no longer than 30 days. Please be aware that this service is based on direct communication between you, us, and the editorial teams of targeted blogs. Since we prefer to deliver tangible results, we are more focused on quality. Some blogs have shorter while the others have longer outreach periods.
The length of a post depends on the publishing practices of the chosen target website. The minimum word count is usually 500 words and they can be as long as 1500 words or more. It all depends on the guidelines their editor provides and the type of content you are going for.
The most obvious benefit is exposure. Publishing an article on a website that has a dedicated following and having a link within it that leads back to your website has a big probability of leading some traffic back to your website. The other benefits work to the advantage of your SEO efforts helping your website rank better since it has more positive signals leading back to it.

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