Cultivating Digital Wellness: 18 SEO Strategies for Doctors

On August 29, 2023
SEO strategies for Doctors

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Navigating the intricate realm of modern healthcare requires not only medical expertise but also a commanding online presence. In a digital era where patients turn to search engines for medical solutions, implementing effective SEO strategies for doctors has become paramount for doctors aiming to stand out in the digital landscape. 


By aligning medical proficiency with strategic online visibility, medical practitioners can ensure that their valuable services reach those in need. 


This guide on SEO for doctors is dedicated to unraveling the tailored SEO strategies that can empower doctors to elevate their online influence, expand their patient base, and provide optimal care in the interconnected age of information.


Let’s read: 

What Are the Benefits of SEO for Doctors?

By working on SEO for doctors and strong lead generation, a doctor’s practice name that sticks out in search results establishes credibility with potential patients. A fantastic strategy to boost website traffic, create more leads, raise awareness, and improve direct bookings is through doctors SEO.


More people will have the opportunity to locate your business as a doctor, learn more about what medical services you have to offer, and get in touch with you in order to eventually become customers if you rank higher in Google. 

Benefits of SEO for doctors 

More leads will result in more sales as a result of the doctors SEO strategies that you utilize. This is so that more people will read your website and, as a result, generate more leads, the higher you rank in search results.


So, how can doctor SEO services and strategies benefit your business? 


Let’s take a look at some of the amazing benefits of SEO strategies for doctors: 


  • More direct bookings from patients
  • Better and Higher keyword rankings
  • More converted leads and inquiries for your medical business
  • Better potential to close deals, retain patients, and win business
  • More qualified leads and traffic

Best SEO Techniques for Doctors

As medical practices strive to connect with patients in a competitive digital landscape, mastering the realm of SEO becomes crucial for ensuring that valuable medical services and expertise are easily discoverable by those in need. 

Best SEO Techniques for Doctors

Let’s delve into the best SEO strategies for doctors. We have curated a comprehensive array of tailored strategies designed to empower doctors in optimizing their online platforms, ultimately fostering stronger connections with patients and elevating the healthcare experience as a whole.

  • Claim and Optimize Your Google My Business (GMB) Listing 

When it comes to local doctor SEO consulting, one of the most crucial resources for your medical business is its Google My Business (GMB) listing. 

Claim and Optimize Your Google My Business (GMB) Listing

As soon as you have claimed and verified your listing, spend some time optimizing it with precise and recent information about your services and practice. Include images, business hours, a list of services, etc.

  • Get Your Business Listed in Online Directories 

Make sure that your medical business is listed in various web directories, such as ZocDoc, WebMD, and Health grades. In addition to claiming your Google My Business listing, you need to focus on directories. 

Business Directories list

With the use of these listings, you may increase your exposure in search engine results pages (SERPs) and draw in more clients for your practice. This is one of the most effective local SEO strategies for doctors.

  • Make Sure Your Medical Website Design Is SEO Appropriate

It might seem obvious, but this is where you can start working on other aspects of effective SEO strategies for doctors. You can start by updating the information on your medical website and making any design corrections.


Make sure you have a separate contact page with your NAP (name, address, phone) contact information so it can be utilized consistently on all future listings and review websites. Keep in mind that uniformity is crucial to the entire scenario because this is one of the first places Google will look for these details. 


Therefore, it is vital to include the contact information at the bottom of the website and include it again on the contact page of your website.

  • Optimize Your Medical Website for Local Search

Make sure that each web page of your website contains locally relevant keywords, geographical data, contact details, and other elements that will help it be found locally. 


Additionally, you have to think about developing location-specific web pages that concentrate on the regions that your medical business serves.

  • Use Social Media Platforms to Build Relationships

Social media can work wonders for the SEO strategies for doctors you employ. Make sure to reply to remarks and inquiries from clients and potential patients. They will appreciate it if you demonstrate your concern for your online community.

  • Online Reviews Play a Big Role in Doctor SEO Consulting

Make sure your website has a reviews or testimonials page when thinking about doctors SEO and getting on the top page of Google.


Make sure there is a good balance between what is referred to as “first party” reviews, which are those that clients directly provide to the business, and third-party evaluations, which are taken from online directories like Facebook, TrustPilot, Google, G2, and Yelp.

Online Reviews Play a Big Role in Doctor SEO Consulting

On top of that, you should make sure you have reviews on your website because they are a reliable indicator of page rank in Google’s eyes.

  • Start a Blog on Medical Health Related to Your Business

If you have already incorporated relevant and trendy keywords into your primary website pages, then it’s time for you to start working on a healthcare blog to drive more traffic to your website.


A medical healthcare blog can increase website traffic and offer educational content to patients and potential clients.

Medical Blogs

Include geographically- and niche-relevant keywords in your articles and the text to assist your SEO. In order to entice people to investigate your website further, do internal linking whenever possible to your pertinent websites or blogs.


To keep the blog interesting and fresh, try to add new content frequently, at least once or twice a week. Your medical content should aim to enhance the visitor’s life, not only do well in search results.


Just a word of warning:


Websites for healthcare organizations need to take particular care with their content and make sure that patient data is protected. Learning about HIPAA is a fantastic place to start for doctors who are interested in SEO strategies for doctors, as doctors may incur fines for violations, depending on how serious they are.

Start a Blog on Medical Health Related to Your Business

Google penalizes websites containing content that could endanger someone’s health in addition to breaking the law. The domain name for these websites is “Your Money Your Life” (YMYL). Your medical blog ought to demonstrate EAT:


  • Expertise
  • Authoritativeness
  • Trustworthiness


A medical blog can foster connections with the public and patients. Use your blog to engage with patients and offer your medical expertise.

  • Create and Publish Unique Content

The creation of the content for your website should begin after the design and features have been decided upon. You can attract new customers and keep existing ones with accurate and educational material. Your website should include original, properly referenced, and formatted blog entries, articles, and other internet user-friendly content.


You can add procedural information for new clients, instructive posts on your blog for both existing clients and new ones, and scientific research that supports your particular methodology as content on your website.

Create and Publish Unique Content

As you presumably already know, accuracy is crucial in the medical sector. The amount of traffic to your website might be impacted by inaccurate articles or a single assertion, which can determine how well-liked your business is with local customers. Making sure that text-based content is factual and helpful to the reader, as well as links to external content, such as multimedia content, are all good places to start.


Furthermore, by creating high-caliber content, you may convince people to link to it and establish your authority. Besides, you can also build a reputation and authority with content marketing that is tailored to your target audience, which increases the likelihood that they will become new patients. 


The bottom line is to make sure your content is interesting to keep readers coming back for more.

  • Use Social Media Platforms to Share Useful Information

Your current and prospective patients depend on you for information. Share blogs, articles, infographics, videos, and other content with them to educate them on their medical conditions and available treatments. This is one of the most advantageous SEO strategies for doctors.

  • Make a Facebook Business Page

You are very behind the times if your medical business doesn’t have a Facebook business page for a variety of reasons, but you might not have thought of doctors SEO as one of them. Your first-page search results depend heavily on Facebook.


Why is that so?

Make a Facebook Business Page


Because 90% of the time, for instance, when you search for a competitor’s medical practice, their Facebook business page will be one of the highest-ranking results on the first page. Because Facebook has such sway over search rankings, creating a practice Facebook page is necessary if you want to avoid losing ground and visibility.

  • Use Social Media Platforms to Drive Traffic to Your Practice’s Website

One of the easiest SEO strategies for doctors involves making sure that your website is SEO-friendly and that all of your social media links point to it. This will aid in increasing website traffic, which could result in more appointments being scheduled.

  • Engage in High-Quality Link Building

For doctors, link development is a crucial SEO strategy. The number of backlinks pointing to your website is more important to search engines. Your website will rank higher if it has more high-quality links. More backlinks can be obtained through outreach. Even simple emails can have an impact. The greatest ones, however, are tailored to the user’s requirements.

Engage in High-Quality Link Building

For backlinks, make sure your content marketing and SEO strategies for doctors are of the highest caliber. Backlinks from SEO for doctors drive more visitors to your website and encourage repeat visits, which boosts sales. With the help of high-quality backlinks, websites can rise in the SERPs and increase their traffic, domain authority, trust score, and rating. They’re a reliable sign of authority and credibility.

  • Optimize Your Website for Mobile, Speed, and Security

A website’s mobile friendliness, speed, and security are among the 200 characteristics that Google takes into account when ranking websites. So, keeping that in mind, your website should ideally load in under 0.5 seconds for the best user experience.


Using Google’s Page Speed Insights tool, you can assess the speed of your website. Patients may leave your website before they can contact you for more information if it is not loaded quickly enough.

Optimize Your Website for Mobile, Speed, and Security

Let’s take a look at some SEO strategies for doctors that you can employ to improve your website speed:


  • Make sure that fewer plugins should be used
  • Use no more than two web fonts instead of multiple fonts.
  • Switch on browser caching
  • Make use of a content delivery network
  • Reduce the number of language files such as JavaScript and CSS.
  • Compress the video and image file sizes on your website
  • Choose a better, quicker hosting option for your website, such as WPX Hosting or Site ground.
  • Make Your Patients Click on Your Page Snippet and Page Title

Ten organic search results are displayed to a patient after they run a Google search. The URL, page title, and snippet for each result are displayed. The patient will determine whether your website is what they are seeking based solely on this information. It’s crucial that your page’s meta title and description scream “click me!” to potential patients because of this.

  • Add Images and Videos

Prospective patients may become scared by seeing too much text on your website. As a result, bouncing occurs when users leave your page in less than 30 seconds. The higher your bounce rate, the less likely it is that Google will rank your page highly for the same keyword in the following search. 

Add Images and Videos


One of the cleverest SEO strategies for doctors involves adding a few photos that connect to the keyword to reassure your patients that your page is related to their search. 


Plus, graphics and videos can enhance click rates. Increased click through rates are another sign to Google that people are interested in your page. Your SEO will consequently improve for searches using the same keyword in the future.

  • Use Simple and Easy-To-Read Language

You could be accustomed to patients being unable to read your handwriting as a doctor. However, it’s critical that patients can quickly read and comprehend the content of your pages when it comes to SEO for medical websites. ‘Readability’ is the term used for this. 

Use Simple and Easy-To-Read Language

It is one of the elements allegedly present in Google’s search algorithm. In other words, try to avoid writing lengthy passive voice statements. Use brief, energetic sentences as an alternative. The text should be divided up into smaller paragraphs as well.

  • Utilize Email Marketing for Better SEO

In addition to keeping current patients interested and informed in your clinic, email is one of the most effective content marketing tools available to business owners for attracting and converting potential customers into satisfied current customers.


Email marketing frequently includes information about services or promotions as well as blog articles, instructive graphs, or photos. Even while emails with lots of content are beneficial for the company, customers tend to utilize their mobile devices to access the internet during the day. Keep in mind that having content that is suited for mobile devices is essential for web-based marketing success.

Utilize Email Marketing for Better SEO1

Your email subscription list’s success depends heavily on the efficacy of your search engine optimization. Since current patients are already subscribed to your email list, SEO techniques don’t always focus on them. To keep them enthusiastic about your practice, you must nevertheless continue to provide them with high-quality educational materials.


In terms of using SEO strategies for doctors to build your email subscription link, you can try utilizing SEO as a tool to land patients on a personalized landing page built via WordPress. This landing page that you create could advertise a specific service of yours or be a blog post written by your medical staff that explains why a particular service of yours would benefit the patients.


The moment a potential customer clicks your link, they become a member of the Google Adwords database and are placed right in your hands, eager to learn more about the services you provide.

Utilize Email Marketing for Better SEO

You have a great chance to get a potential customer’s email address by creating landing pages that lead through high-ranking SEO results. You now have a new subscriber to your email list if your content piqued their interest just enough to make them want to learn more.

  • Optimize Your Site’s HTML Tags

To explain to search engines what your medical practice website is about, utilize HTML tags. They provide a technical and aesthetic framework for your website, making it easier for users and search engines to comprehend its content. One of the most significant on-page SEO parameters is HTML tags. 

Optimize Your Site’s HTML Tags

The following are the top three HTML tags:


Title tags: The first thing visitors see when they arrive at your website is the title tag. In fact, it can be found in the search results before the user even clicks on your link in the SERPs. Thus, make sure your title tags are relevant to your business, include relevant keywords in your title, and make sure that it is not longer than 60 characters.


Meta descriptions: Your pages’ meta descriptions, which show up in the search results, should be succinct. In addition, they ought to be appropriate, contain pertinent keywords, and be between 155 and 160 characters long.


Headings: Headings make your writing easier to read and help Google grasp its structure. From h1 through h6, there are six heading tags. However, h1 and h2 are the most significant. Your headings should contain relevant keywords, but avoid stuffing them.


For one of the best SEO strategies for doctors, you should include your primary keywords in the titles and h1 tags. In descending order of search volume, the secondary relevant keywords should be placed.

Basic SEO for Keywords

Based on the content management system (CMS) you use, such as Drupal, Wix, or WordPress, you may use these tags with ease. If you’re still unclear, a quick Google search will provide instructions.

Need Help With SEO for Your Business?

You can trust that Globex Outreach will fulfill its commitments when you turn to us for local SEO for doctors. We offer top-notch SEO services for doctors. Before developing a strategy to help you optimize your site for those keywords, we’ll first work with you to determine the most significant and lucrative keywords for your business. 


As a result, your website will rank higher on search engine results pages when users input those terms, increasing the likelihood that they will visit your site.


The final outcome? 


More visitors to your website and more revenue due to higher conversion rates.


Contact Globex Outreach today to learn how our SEO services may assist in ensuring that your business is positioned to take advantage of all that search marketing and SEO strategies for doctors have to offer. Don’t let your rivals surpass you in the search rankings.

Final Thoughts

With all of their other duties, doctors may find doctor SEO marketing to be a challenging undertaking. To properly optimize a website for search engines, you must first be aware of all the tools available to you.


The SEO techniques for doctors that we have mentioned in our article are a wonderful starting point for approaching this seemingly hard task, but be careful to do additional study on each one because you might find more useful tools within each platform you select.


You won’t get the outcomes you want from SEO strategies for doctors using just one method. You must be tenacious in all areas of doctors SEO, from your keyword-rich website to online advertising, as it is a multifaceted field. Your chance of victory increases tremendously when more values work in your favor.

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