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Globex Outreach Services is one of the fastest growing and most innovative Content Marketing Agencies in the world and as part of our commitment to constantly improve our service to our clients, we are taking guest posting to a whole new level – not by going global but by staying local and offering our Australian client’s localized guest posting services.

We know that guest posting is an essential part of any successful online marketing campaign, but we also recognize that local guest posting can be more effective for some businesses than a worldwide reach.

 Guest posting works best if the guest posts are reaching your target market and the blogs are relevant to your business. That is why we have introduced country specific guest posting and blogger outreach that helps our clients increase relevant local traffic to their websites. By specifically offering Australian guest posting services we are narrowing the focus of the posts but making them far more relevant and effective in reaching your target audience.

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Why we Have Introduced Country Specific Guest Posting Services

Many traditional online marketing companies believe that guest posting is all about reaching the biggest possible audience and having the widest outreach. But sometimes it’s quality rather than quantity that counts. A successful guest posting campaign should not employ a scatter gun approach, it needs to be aimed at the right market and get the message out to the right people, and in many cases those people are local businesses not international companies.

If you are an Australian based company that sells surfboards or didgeridoos and have no international exposure or export opportunities, it does not help your business to get the majority of your hits in Great Britain, the United States or France. This might improve your SEO rankings on Google, but it will not improve your client base or sales.

Our research has shown that guest posting can be extremely effective when a company gets their content on a local blog, with a large following, that is both relevant to their business and trusted by people within their community, city or country. Guest blogs on local Australian guest posting sites can help Australian businesses achieve better SEO rankings, improving their brand exposure and establishing their company as an authority in its field. By introducing an Australian specific guest posting service we can now help you connect with a market that is relevant to your business and products.

The Benefits of Australian Guest Posting Services

We have been in the business long enough to recognize that some companies benefit most from being on premium sites that reach a small, but potentially highly lucrative target market. Australian companies that specialize in a specific field and have a limited audience or want to establish themselves as an authority in their profession need to be highly selective when they post blogs.

At Globex Outreach Services we have repeatedly seen that guest posting on premium Australian sites not only builds brand awareness, it also builds brand respect and trustworthiness. Premium sites automatically lend their credibility to the guest post because the audience trusts the host site and they are willing to transfer that trust to the company that is guest posting on it.

Premium sites are extremely protective of their reputations and will only publish guest posts that are well written, factually correct and add value to their site. They are not going to risk their hard-earned reputation for a company that is not aligned with their values and ethos. When done correctly, this form of online marketing can help your business achieve better SEO rankings, improve your brand exposure and increase your sales.


Who writes the blogs?

We work with a talented team of professional writers from around the world, but they are predominately based in the United States, Canada and the UK. Our writers are all native English speakers, they have extensive experience and expertise in their field and produce work that meets our exceptionally high standards.

How many blogger outreach projects have you completed?

We have successfully completed 100’s of blogger outreach projects for a large variety of client. We are proud of our reputation for providing quality service and we strive to build long term collaborative relationships with our clients.

Is blogger outreach an ethical marketing tool?

Yes. Blogger outreach is an ethical marketing tool. At Globex we only believe in using legitimate, white hat marketing methods and white label link building strategies. Our interesting, informative and easy-to-read blog posts offer our client’s outstanding value in terms of quality and placement of links.

We do not engage in spamming, keyword stuffing or techniques that are solely designed to create backlinks. The bloggers we work with will not post anything that does not offer inherent value to their readers. This means that you can trust our blogger outreach services to act ethically and get legitimate backlinks for your site.

What will the content of the blogs be?

The content of the blogs is designed to draw readers to your site and encourage them to browse. We produce blogs that are informative, impartial and educational but still relevant to your target market.

The writing style is non-promotional and engaging, and the links are placed as naturally as possible within the content. This enables us to secure content placements on good quality mid-tier blogs and ensure your link is naturally crafted.

What is your turnaround time (TAT)?

Our TAT varies from between 48 to 72 hours depending upon the complexity of the writing and a suitable blogger’s availability.

How will my site benefit from your blogger outreach services?

Guest blogs are an effective way to create high-quality links and boost your ranking on Google. Guest blogs attract traffic to your website and increase your exposure on the internet. You will also get relevant links which connect you to larger sites. Most people view guest posting simply as a way to increase their links and they often resort to low-quality, hastily composed blogs because they don’t understand the value of well written content.

We focus on high-quality posts which will not only increase your online visibility but will also add to your brand value and recognition, client acquisition, and business opportunities. High-quality posts help you establish yourself as an authority in your field and people will be more likely to refer to your website when they are looking for an expert’s opinion.

Does guest posting help with SEO?

Yes. Guest posting improves SEO. Inbound links are the primary ranking factor for search engines and Google basically registers these as votes. The more “votes” you get, the higher your website will rank in Google’s search engine results.

Our service helps build links to your website by using quality guest posts. Each post includes a specific number of links to your site but, more than that, you get to choose the specific anchor text as well as the landing page on your site.

Why you should choose our service?

We offer a variety of different guest posting and guest blogging solutions tailored to fit your needs. Not only do we understand the role played by guest blogging and guest posting in the online marketing industry, we also invest a lot of time and effort into understanding and catering to the needs of our clients.

This enables us to provide top quality guest blogging and posting services. Our agency focuses primarily on quality, not quantity. We provide unique and authentic content that is posted on sites and blogs that are relevant to your business and attract your target audience, increasing on your website through inbound links connected to reputable, authentic websites. Our support team is always available to answer your questions and provide support.