Privacy Policy

This page contains the Privacy Policy (hereinafter known as the “Agreement”) adhered to by Globex Outreach (the “Site”), together with its subsidiaries and affiliates. Contained within this document are details regarding the kinds of information the Site collects from you, the visitor to the Site, as part of the normal operation of the business.

Further, this Agreement outlines how that information is used, including how and under what circumstances it may be disclosed to third parties. This Agreement forms part of the Terms of Use for the site.

Terms used in this Agreement:

In this Agreement, several terms will be used to describe those who visit our site. All customers of the Site will be herein described as “Subscribers,” whereas the contacts of all of those Subscribers will be referred to as “Contacts.” In instances where the word “Staff” is used, this is to be understood to mean all people and persons are given access to the Site by the Subscribers. The Staff, Contacts, and Subscribers will be referred to collectively as “Users.” This is also to include the registered users on the Site’s interactive areas.

Use of Information:

  • To troubleshoot issues
  • To manage billing matters including aiding in the resolution of billing matters
  • To keep Subscribers aware of various product offers and updates
  • To keep a measure of consumer interest in the Site’s products and/or services
  • To provide a customized User experience
  • To detect existing errors on the Site and to protect against future errors
  • To protect the Site and its Subscribers from fraud and/or criminal activity
  • To aid in the enforcement of the Site’s Terms of Use should questions or problems arise
  • In any way expressly described at the time of the collection of the information