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Globex Outreach Services understands the importance of guest posting as part of a successful online marketing campaign. But we also understand that guest posting only works if the guest posts are well written, engaging and can reach the intended target market. Many traditional guest posting services believe that guest posting needs to have a global reach, but our research has shown that concentrating on local guest posting and guest blogging sites is an extremely effective online marketing tool for certain German businesses.

That is why we are taking the guest posting concept to the next level, not by making our clients global but rather by keeping them local and offering German specific guest posting services. By narrowing the focus of the posts we are not limiting their reach, we are merely making them far more effective in reaching the correct audience.

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German Guest Posting Sites

Guest posting is a common online practice that helps businesses connect with target markets that might otherwise be inaccessible to them through traditional marketing and advertising. When applied correctly guest posting works extremely well because it benefits both the company placing the blog and the website accepting it. Blogs and websites constantly need good quality content and guest bloggers can add tremendous value to a site, increasing visibility and building influential networks.

Bloggers accepting guest posts on their sites enable companies to connect with a wide audience and expose themselves to new markets. With high-quality writing and effective guest posting and blogger outreach services we help our German clients build solid relationships with first-rate bloggers in their area and maximize their local guest posting opportunities.

Guest posting is about reaching a wide audience, but sometimes it’s quality rather than quantity that counts. We recognize that some companies benefit most from being on premium sites that reach a small, but potentially highly relevant and lucrative, target market.
German companies that are specialized and have a limited audience or want to establish themselves as an authority in their field need to be highly selective when they use guest posting services. Effective guest posting is about finding a balance between the size of the market, the credibility of the messenger and the ability to get the message out on the most appropriate forum. It does not help a local German baker specializing in black forest cakes for local consumption to get hits in Canada or Australia.

Premium Gust Posting Services in Germany

We recognize that for much German company’s guest posting on premium German sites builds brand awareness, respect, and trustworthiness. Local premium sites automatically lend their credibility to the guest post because the audience knows and trusts the host site and they are willing to transfer that trust to the company that is guest posting on it.

Understandably, premium sites are extremely protective of their reputations and will only publish guest posts that are well written, factually correct and add value to their site. They are not going to risk their hard-earned reputation for a company that is not aligned with their values and ethos. It is often easier to get premium sites to host blogs from companies in their area that they are familiar with and have a connection to.

Localized guest posting can help German businesses achieve better SEO rankings, improve their brand exposure and establish their company as an authority in its field. But it only works if the outreach company matches the brand with the right blogger and that is why local German guest posting services can have such a significant impact on German businesses.