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Globex's Guest Posting Service

We offer premium  guest blog posting service to help promote your business.

The importance of guest post submission can’t be overstated. Bloggers accepting guest posts can help your business achieve better search engine rankings, improve your branding, and establish your business as an authority with your targeted audience. With high-quality writing and outreach efforts to build solid relationships with high-quality blogs, our clients get the maximum benefit of our guest posting service.

Here’s how we provide the best guest blogging services to our clients. We find the best blogs that will guarantee further exposure. These blogs are carefully picked from our list of blog sites and will match the your brand message. Certain audiences prefer a specific type of content so it's up to us to find a way to get those audiences engaged.

With relevant high-traffic blogs, your brand will grow. This leads to new opportunities to grow even bigger and attract a more diverse customer base.Once you feature a post on a blog, you can further promote it on social media. This attracts potential readers, and you get to convert these readers into potential loyal consumers.

Building links is essential if not even crucial to your brand's visibility online. Targeting the right audience and providing high-authority content is something that will resonate well. It will make them compelled to find out more about your brand. With the right social media promotion, you'll achieve your ultimate business goals.

Buy Guest Blog Posts

  • 10+ Years Experience in Guest Blog Post Service
  • Fast Turn Around Time
  • Connections with 30,000+ Bloggers and Influencers
  • Highly Experienced US Writers
  • High quality blogs having DA 20 - DA 90
  • Detailed Reporting With All Stats
  • No Networks or PBNs

How Guest Posting Service Works

Find the Best Blogs

We don’t just deal with any blogs. We find blogs that perfectly match your content. Why? Because if the content is a good fit, their audience will be a good fit for your content. We’ll actively seek out high-quality, relevant blogs on which to place your content. We’ll never seek out blogs with anything less than a great reputation.

Pitch the Idea

From there, we’ll pitch the idea to the blogger of featuring you as a guest blogger. Most of the time, they’ll be more than happy to feature you. This is because guest blogging benefits both you and them, if the match is good and the content is relevant. This is how our monthly guest post service works.

Build the Link

Now it’s time to build the link. This is achieved when your post is featured on the blog through our guest posting service and linked back to your website. This is very important! When an established blog’s audience reads your post (and they will, because they are loyal followers of the blog) they will be compelled to know more about you and what you have to say. That is, if your content is well written.

Promote on Social Media

Now it’s time to get the word out about your post. It’s not enough to rely on the blog’s existing audience; you want to spread the word to as many people as possible! Social media channels are extremely powerful marketing tools. You don’t have to have a huge social media following for it to be a powerful way to market your blog post, either. Word of mouth can work wonders!

Our Pricing and Packages

1 Blogpost

$ 100

  • DA 20+
  • SEM Traffic 150+
  • 500 Words Unique Content
  • Native Writers
  • 5-Days Turnaround

5 Blogpost

$ 500

  • DA 20+
  • SEM Traffic 50+
  • 500 Words Unique Content
  • Native Writers
  • 15-Day Turnaround

15 Blogposts

$ 1500

  • DA 25+
  • SEM Traffic 100+
  • 500 Words Unique Content
  • Native Writers
  • 15-Days Turnaround

25 Blogposts

$ 2500

  • DA 30+
  • SEM Traffic 150+
  • 500 Words Unique Content
  • Native Writers
  • 15-Days Turnaround

30 Blogposts

$ 3000

  • DA 30+
  • SEM Traffic 150+
  • 500 Words Unique Content
  • Native Writers
  • 25-Days Turnaround

35 Blogposts

$ 3500

  • DA 30+
  • SEM Traffic 150+
  • 500 Words Unique Content
  • Native Writers
  • 30-Days Turnaround

Benefits of  Our Monthly Guest Posting Services

Builds Your Network

The main goal of cheap guest posting services is to introduce you and your business to a new, yet still targeted audience. Because the blogs you guest post for want to promote their business and drive traffic to their sites through your article, you can rest assured that they will work hard to promote the article through social media, etc. When they do, they’ll essentially be sending targeted web traffic your way.

Increases Niche Authority

When you strive for paid guests post on reputed sites, you are immediately seen as being authoritative in your field. After all, a reputable blog wouldn’t ask you to guest blog for them if they didn’t think you knew what you were talking about, right? If you guest blog on your niche topic for various different blogs, you’ll really start to establish yourself as a go-to source for information. You need exclusive guest posts services for that.

Drives Targeted Traffic

When you go for guest post placement, you include a bio and a link back to your website, usually within the article/post itself. If your post is well written, new readers will click through to your site to find out what else you want to say, in this process, you can easily get your target audience and can definitely convert them into long-term customers and can generate business by engaging them with your blog.

Need Paid Guest Blogging Sites?
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Why Choose Us

  • 01
    High quality content

    Being your trusted link posting partners and a reputed guest posting company we don’t play games with your reputation. We will create only the best blog content to build your image within your targeted audience.

  • 02
    In-text links

    We’ll link to your website from within the content itself, whenever possible and we’ll ensure that each blog post is relevant to your business and important to your blog visitors.

  • 03
    100% Real Sites

    We will only target real, honest-to-goodness websites and blogs for your content. We will never target networks or low-quality sites for your content. That is the quality of our blog posting services.

  • 04
    Pre-approved sites

    You’ll have the chance to pre-approve the sites we are considering before we reach out to them while you were using our monthly guest blog post services. You will have to select from our list of guest blogging sites

  • 05
    Permanent links

    Each link we offer you is a permanent link. You’ll get long-term returns on your investment. Make us your link posting partners in your SEO by choosing our monthly guest blog services.

  • 06
    Bi-Monthly Reporting

    We’ll keep you in the loop with bi-monthly guest blogging services progress report.

Real Ranking Results


Guest posting is one of the most well-known and effective ways of link building which is off-page SEO’s core technique. In other words, link building is the most important off-page SEO technique and what works best for link building is a guest post. It is a win-win situation for both the service provider and receiver; the provide get a high quality authority backlink, while receiver gets free, but high quality content on his niche with freedom to post it the way they like.
We have a group of highly experienced writers working in-house for all our projects. All of them are based in our USA office and being native English speakers, they are capable of writing content without any grammar, sentence structure, spellings and flow mistakes. We make sure that we provide 100% American and plagiarism-free content to the high DA PA blogs associated to us and in doing so, we get high DA PA backlinks for you.
Unless there are any conditions from the affiliated blogs owners, we mostly write 500 to 1000 words long posts. However, some niche authority magazines with very high DA PA may demand longer posts from an SEO point of view.
We prefer the content that we get from our in-house writers because industry is so rife with Third World countries’ freelancers with non-native quality of English language writing. In order to catch up with the expectations of the owners of niche authority websites affiliated with us, we have to make sure that content is on par with their expectations. However, if you think that your content matches this standard, you can send your content to us, and we will see if it needs more improvement or not.

Well, we are associated with over 30,000 niche authority blogs and magazines as well as viral magazines. The news magazines or the business blog guest post that we mostly use for guest posting have DA and PA higher than 30. We do not use automated software to post plagiarized or spun content. We have won the trust of real and authentic industry blogs and news magazines over the passage of few years. Our first choice is a niche authority magazine or blog and in case we cannot get a guest post spot on such websites, we always go for online magazines and viral news websites with many categories. We always get your blog post published in category relevant to your niche and viral element helps in marketing too. If you want to buy guest blog posts than Globex Outreach is the best platform to buy guest posts.
Once the content is published on the website we send you the link to the content and you will be able to see and find out whether you got a do-follow link or not. We always make deals for do-follow links. If part of your worry is niche authority, let us explain that we have relationship with many online magazines, blogs and viral comment websites. We always check their authority with Google SERPs, Moz Domain Authority and Majestic Trust Flow etc. so rest assured about quality of our work.
There is no wax on wax off when it comes to off-page SEO. Yes, if we used automated software and spun content to get you some backlinks, Google will penalize your website, but we do not do this. Since the content that we get from our US based writers is 100% unique and high quality, and websites publishing that content are also high DA PA niche authority websites or magazines, there is no chance of Google penalty. We do not use directories and article submission websites to publish your content.
Well, the purpose of guest posting is to get do-follow backlinks and for this purpose most of the times one backlink is considered enough because Google con siders the websites that gave you backlinks and not the number of them. However, we manage to get at not less than 2 backlinks in each post and these links are always embedded into the body of text.

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