20 Blog Content Writing Tips to Write Better Content In 2024

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On December 14, 2023

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The value of content for online mediums is ever-increasing, especially after Google’s algorithm update prioritizing helpful content in search engine results. So, as we step into 2024, the demand for high-quality and impactful content continues to increase. 

This has caused writers and content marketers to create and present content following the updated blog content writing tips. Read below as we describe the top 20 such tips that will help you write better content in 2024. 

20-Second Summary: 

Whether you are writing in your own niche or a whole new topic, there are some effective blog content writing tips you need to keep in mind. These tips will help you follow a proper structure, use the right tools, copywriting frameworks, and include all the required details to your content. 


  • Set proper deadlines 

Blog post content writing requires you to follow specific deadlines. It’s important to know how much time a specific type of written content will take and how not to miss the deadline. 

But if you are trying to create the best content, why should you put any deadlines at all? 

The presence of deadlines can improve your writing and help you stay creative. Meeting a deadline can boost your confidence and help you create content according to a defined content calendar. After setting a realistic deadline, here are a few tips on how to meet your writing deadlines


  • Learn about your audience

Knowing your readers must be a part of your blog content writing strategies as it can help you create compelling content. To learn your audience completely, you will need to do the following:

  • Interview some of your clients/customers
  • Conduct market research
  • Create buyer personas 
  • Define who you don’t want to target as your audience
  • Take help from tools like Google Analytics

After you have done research on your audience, you will need to define your writing tone and style following the brand tone of voice your business falls in. Refer to the infographic below to learn when to attract, engage, and delight your customers. 

How to Learn about your audience

Understanding and doing this will provide you with the perfect start and let you polish your blog writing content marketing efforts. Here are some reasons why getting familiar with your readers is important:

  • It helps you decide which information to include in the content. 
  • You choose how you should format your content. 
  • Optimizing the tone of your content gets easier. 

Spend some time learning about your readers before you write a single word, as it will help you perfect your writing tone as a writer and address the right audience. Below you can find how to perfect your writing tone based on the target audience. 


Perfecting Your Writing Tone 

Having a unique tone as a writer can help you build a strong brand online. Your readers will love to subscribe to your blogs if you have a concise, compelling, and consistent tone. 

Perfecting Your Writing Tone


A specific tone can also help you differentiate your content from other blogs on the web. 

Developing your unique tone as a writer/publication is not difficult. Here are some tips for creating your unique tone:

  • Let your voice guide your tone. 
  • The tone should be consistent. 
  • Cut the sentences in your content. 
  • Add differing ideas to your writing. 
  • Don’t be predictable in your content. 
  • Let specific details differentiate you from others. 


  • Check your competitors

The chances are that the topic you’re writing for has already been covered by your competitors. It’s essential to learn how your competitors have focused on a topic in their content, so you can create better content. 

Check your competitors


Competitor analysis will help you know about the choice of words, tone, and the type of written content your competitors are producing and will help you get the full range of blog content writing benefits. Doing this will also let you help you learn from the successes and failures of your competitors so you can then refine your blog content writing strategies

You can use proper tools like BuzzSumo to analyze the topics of your competitors in no time. 


  • Do a thorough research on the topic 

Jumping straight to the blog content writing process won’t help you a ton. You must do your due research before writing content, especially if you are a complete beginner in a niche. 

This will help you get credible and informative content from sources across the web and will also tell you a lot about what to include and exclude from your content. 


  • Cover all the basics of SEO 

When you are writing blog content for online mediums, you will need to incorporate basic SEO practices to make your content more visible in search engines and reach the right audience you are aiming for. There are some things you will need to do to cover the basics of SEO blog content writing.  


  • Find the Right Keywords First

Authoritative content can help your website rank higher on search engines if you do proper digital content optimization with the right keywords. 

Find the Right Keywords First



Finding keywords and placing them in content is not as difficult as it might seem. You have to start your journey by choosing the right tool for finding the keywords. 

There are both free and paid tools for keyword research, but you should start with free tools as a beginner. 

You don’t have to put ALL keywords in a single piece of content. Create content around different keywords so your website can top the SERPs. 


  • Write compelling Title tags and Meta Descriptions

Adding Title tags and Meta descriptions in your content can help you avoid SEO mistakes in your content and follow the right blog content writing tips. 

right blog content writing tips.

The title tags and meta descriptions appear on SERPs and briefly introduce your content to your readers. You must have a compelling meta description to convince more users to click on your content.

Here are some tips to help you create good title tags and meta descriptions:

  • The length should not be too short or too long. 
  • Don’t repeat the topic in title or meta tags.
  • Stuffing the keywords in meta tags is a bad practice. 
  • Add a good CTA to the meta description. 
  • Keep the meta descriptions friendly for readers.

Now that you are done with pre-research on everything you need, it’s time to really dive into the writing process. 


  • Create a detailed outline

You might have the urge to write content straight away without creating a structure, but it will only hurt your writing ability and the content you produce. You’ll write fluffy content if you don’t start with a proper outline. 

It hardly takes a few minutes to develop a proper outline once you’re done with keyword research, gathering information, and doing a competitive analysis. 

Start your outline by pasting the primary and secondary KWs on the page. Develop the central idea of why a reader should read your content. 

List the basic information about your target audience to keep your content centered on your readers. You can then break down the content into headings and subheadings before getting down to actual writing.   


  • Polish your headlines

A proper headline can improve the effectiveness of your content a lot. Without having a good topic, you won’t be able to encourage your customers to read till the end. 

Polish your headlines


Here are some practices you should adopt for writing good headlines:

  • Follow the character limit
  • Avoid using jargon in your headlines. 
  • Try to solve the problems of your prospects. 
  • Place the right keywords in your headline.
  • Ask an intriguing question from your readers.
  • Don’t make your headline boring or too vague. 
  • Add numbers/statistics to your headline where possible. 


  • Create Compelling Intros 

A good introduction can hook the readers to your content. As per this statistic, many readers don’t even bother to scroll down the content they interact with online. 

Create Compelling Intros

Only a good intro in your content can improve the readability of your content. Make sure you keep the sentences short and concise in your intro. 

Instead of repeating the title, you should include proper keywords to encourage the readers to read more. 

You can dedicate a couple of sentences to state your readers’ problems and how the content you’ve written can help them. Avoid sharing stories like how you once conquered the world in your dreams, as they can distract your readers instead of encouraging them to read every single word. 


  • Cover all the details

After picking the right information for the introduction of your article, you should ensure that you don’t skip any details in your content. 

A common mistake writers make is providing too much or too little information in content. To ensure that you maintain the right balance of information in your content, a simple thing you can do is get information about your target audience

Another way you can balance the weight of information in your content is by taking a look at the title. If your content is an informational post about beginners, you should avoid adding details pros would love to read and vice versa. 


  • Keep repurposing in mind

The biggest benefit of creating digital content is repurposing it for different platforms. For example, if you create a lengthy blog post about SEO for beginners, you can take certain segments out of this blog and use it for other types of content like emails and video scripts. 

Keep repurposing in mind

Your content will only be “repurpose ready” if you add value to it. Make sure you add quotes, infographics, and relevant tips so you can share these things on other platforms. 

One easy way to repurpose your content is to tweak your blog content into a short guide and use it to give content offers to your customers. 


  • Add internal and external links to your content

How can readers verify the information you have provided in your blog content? A simple way to make your readers trust your content is by adding links to your content. This includes both internal and external links. 

Internal links come from the website on which you are going to publish the blog content while external links are from authority sources with high DA across the web. These authoritative links work towards improving the credibility of your content and fall under the top-notch blog content writing scope

The placement of contextual links can also improve your SERP rankings. Search engine bots value the content with plenty of links as it proves that the writer has done their research before writing content. 

You can also see a whole lot of high DA links placed in this blog. 


  • Enhance visual appeal with images

Reading blocks of content is never fun for a reader. To keep the readers interested in your Digital Content writing, you should add good images to your online content. 

The addition of images can help your readers understand your instructions. For example, if you are writing about arranging furniture in your room, adding good images can give a reference to your readers. 

Another good thing about images is that they can help you optimize your content for Image SEO. If you create infographics yourself for your content, it can also help you generate backlinks from authoritative websites. This is one of the most valuable blog content writing tips you should while writing content. 


  • Avoid repetition in your content

Nobody wants to read the same ideas in your content. You have to keep your blog content writing concise and clear to ensure that readers find it informative.  

A common misconception is that repetition is all about repeating the same topics. Repetition also counts for things like:

  • Using jargon in your content. 
  • Not varying the length of sentences. 
  • Maximizing the length of paragraphs. 
  • Stuffing wordy expressions in your content. 
  • Using pronouns instead of repeating a person’s name. 

Make sure you avoid these practices to keep your content concise. 


  • Humanize your content

If you are writing content for SEO purposes, you might mistake optimizing content for “search engine bots” instead of your readers.

To make your content engaging and informative, you have to keep the readers first. Here are a few tips to help you humanize your content:

  • Address your audience. 
  • Share your brand values. 
  • Give a byline to your writers. 
  • Recognize the struggles of your readers. 
  • Mention expert reviews in your content. 


  • Don’t sound salesy

Blog Content writing can help you persuade readers to try your products and services. However, if the thought of making sales with content is in your mind, you might end up sounding salesy in your content. 

Here are five ways you can avoid creating salesy content:

  • Don’t promise your readers anything. 
  • Address the problems of your readers. 
  • Encourage your readers to ask questions.
  • Keep your content informative and engaging. 
  • Make sure you add relevant resources for your readers. 


  • Learn about copywriting frameworks

Implementing the proven principles of copywriting can improve the readability and engagement of your content. Using copywriting frameworks can make content creation “plug and play” if you do it properly. 

Learn about copywriting frameworks


It can take some time for you to learn about different copywriting frameworks and use them for content creation. However, it’s worth investing your effort in familiarizing yourself with these frameworks.  


  • Get help from writing tools

You don’t have to perfect everything yourself as a writer. There are plenty of blog content writing tools that can make it easier for you to proofread and enhance your content for your content writing journey. 

For example, using Grammarly can help you fix grammatical mistakes in your content. Another tool named Hemingway Editor allows you to enhance the readability of your content easily. You should also use other writing tools mentioned here to improve your workflow.  


  • Improve the readability

Improved readability of your content can ensure that readers love to visit your blog time and again. The more engaging your content is, the easier it will be for you to convince your readers to stay in touch with your brand. 

There are many things you can keep in mind to fix the readability. You can read this guide here about improving the readability of your content for SEO purposes. 


  • Edit your content 

You must be excited to hit Publish after spending a ton of time and effort on Digital Content writing. But before you proceed to publish anything, you should edit your content carefully. 

A proper editing session can help you identify problems with your content and provide a better way of expressing your message. Make sure you do a proper editing session to get the most out of your content. 


  • Make a Summarized Video of Your Blog

While written content is important to provide all the information in detail, you can improve your blog content writing efforts by adding a video to your blog. This video can be a short and concise summary of your blog explaining the important points from what you have written. 

A video on your blog page will capture more attention from readers. You can then use this video on other channels to improve your content marketing efforts. 



Now that you know in detail what blog content writing is and how to best utilize it by improving your efforts, it will be much easier for you to channel your thoughts in a strategic way. You can use these tips to polish your overall skills and create content that not only engages the readers but also improves your visibility in search engines. 


Frequently Asked Questions 


Question 1: What is blog content writing?

Blog content writing is the process of creating content, usually for marketing purposes. It can include any form of content that needs planning, writing, and editing. 


Question 2: What are some blog content writing tools?

Grammarly, Hemingway editor, SEMrush, and Ahrefs are some tools used in blog content writing, to name a few. 


Question 3: What are the benefits of blog content writing?

  • A blog brings traffic to your website
  • Blogs helps build authority in your industry
  • They strengthen your brand recognition
  • They engage your audience 
  • They help you share business news and announcements 


Question 4: How to improve the readability of your blog?

Follow these tips to improve the readability of your blog:

  • Follow your brand tone of voice
  • Write for a specific audience
  • Leave ample white space
  • Add useful images and infographics where needed
  • Use tools like Hemingway editor 


Question 5: How to avoid repetition in your content?

You can avoid repetition in your content by: 

  • Using jargon in your content. 
  • Not varying the length of sentences. 
  • Maximizing the length of paragraphs. 
  • Stuffing wordy expressions in your content. 
  • Using pronouns instead of repeating a person’s name


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