Achieving 1000% Organic Traffic on Financial Management Keywords

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On June 11, 2024
financial management SEO case study

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If you have ever looked for the best financial management facilities online, you may have come across our client featured in this case study. Even with exceptional services to provide, our client was struggling with organic traffic on financial management keywords.

We understood the struggles of our clients and led them to conquer the market by achieving organic traffic on financial management keywords.

You can learn more about it by reading further.


Campaign duration = 6 Months

Monthly Traffic after the Campaign = 4,000

Increase in Traffic = 1000%

Campaign Start Date = August 2023

Campaign End Date = February 2024

Project Background 

This client reached out to us in August 2023 and mentioned their issues regarding organic traffic. The competition was high and there was a lot of work to be done. The scarcity of new customers was challenging enough for our client.

Just like all other clients, they wanted more traffic on their website to improve their discoverability and generate revenue.

It did not take long for Globex Outreach to share its SEO strategy with the client. Let’s see what differences it made and how.

Our Strategy

Globex Outreach got to work right away and analyse the client’s website. We studied their audience’s behaviour, user trends, and competitors in the financial services industry. We conducted several types of analysis to determine the best possible approach for our client.

Financial Management SEO Growth


Here are just some of the types of analyses we conducted.

  • Competitor Analysis

We could not think about helping our client become widely recognized among their target audience without understanding their competitors. Hence, we started by seeing how their competitors were performing in the financial management industry.

Competitors Backlinks Analysis

We looked at all the critical factors, such as the competitor’s website, social media, and customer base. 

The best approach we figured at that time was helping our client through quality backlinks from authority domains. From there on, we started reaching out to suitable top domains and acquiring backlinks for our clients.

  • Backlink Analysis

We conducted a comprehensive assessment of the existing backlink profile of our client. Our team accessed the quality and relevance of every single backlink to identify authoritative and relevant backlinks. 

These backlinks helped us significantly enhance the client’s website authority, which led to a notable improvement in their search engine ranking. 

Competitors Backlinks Analysis

The process was meticulous, but the obvious results and growth in traffic made all the efforts worth it.

  • Spammy Backlink Analysis

We understand that Spammy backlink analysis is also as important as backlink analysis. This approach helped us go through our client’s backlink profile to identify Spammy or low-quality links that could potentially harm the search engine rankings of a website.

Using the right detection techniques and tools, we identified and categorised spammy backlinks to eliminate hindrances in our client’s success journey. 

Spammy backlink Audit 

Our Approach and Execution

Looking at all the loopholes and potential of our client, here is how the strategy devised by us led to a 1000% growth in their traffic.

  • Niche-Relevant Backlinking

A thorough analysis of our client’s backlink profile provided us with all the information we needed to start building their backlinks from niche-relevant sources. From there on, we knew exactly who to reach out to and what to ask for.

We offered the relevant websites from the financial management industry guest posting and niche-edit opportunities. The next step was to reach out to these websites with quality content and a retainable target audience.

Our team of outreach specialists contacted these websites with high-quality content that had links back to our client’s website.   

Time Duration Revenue Spent Monthly Traffic Increase
After the Completion of 2 Months $1000 200% (From 400 to 800)
After the Completion of 4 Months $2500 450% (From 800 to 2600)
After the Completion of 6 Months $4000 350% (From 2600 to 4000)


  • Brand Mentions

Our client was relatively new to the financial management market. There was a long way to go for them to establish an online identity. Of course, we did not want our client to wait for that long. So, we resorted to our approach of brand mentions.

Brand mentions

We use brand mentions in relevant B2B and B2C businesses. After performing audience research and categorising the audience based on the demographics, we also reached out to different financial management review platforms that could help boost brand recognition and visibility among the target audience.

  • Competitor Link Building

Looking at the tough competition of financial management companies, we already know that the challenge can be very hard to overcome. This challenge was overwhelming, but we knew that the right approach would make anything possible.

Our dedicated digital marketing team and SEO specialists used competitor link-building as one of many approaches to boost our client’s online presence and trustworthiness among the target audience.

Globex Outreach used quality domains with organic traffic to get backlinks for the client. This led to a 1000% increase in our client’s traffic and significantly improved their visibility for the target audience.

  • HARO Link-Building 

We registered our client on HARO and received queries from relevant journalists. From there on, we reviewed and selected matching queries, created a strong pitch, and responded to the journalists’ queries. 

HARO Link Building Services

From there on, we added a link back to the client’s website and followed the guidelines. After submitting our responses, we waited for them to get featured and assessed the effectiveness of our HARO link-building efforts.


We unlocked the doors of opportunity for our clients in just 6 months and there is a long way to go for them. Globex Outreach shows the same dedication and result-driven assurances to every client regardless of how long they have been in the market for.

By rerouting traffic to our client’s website and studying their competitors, we have secured this client’s trust forever. You can also unlock the full potential of your digital website by getting in touch with us.

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