Doubled the Website Traffic of a Private Law Firm (200% Traffic Increased)

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On March 14, 2024
Law firm Backlinks Case study

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Learn how we helped a private law firm improve its online visibility and search engine rankings by providing customized link-building services. This law firm experienced a hit by the latest Google algorithm update back then and then witnessed a traffic increase of 200% within 6 months. 



Monthly Budget: $2000

Campaign Length: 6 Months

Traffic Value: $30,000


Background of the Project 

We have designed this case study about how Globex Outreach was able to drive significant results for the Private Law Firm. The law firm was from Texas, facing the main concern of traffic decrease and loss of brand identity in search engines. 

We utilized our customized link-building strategies and programs to provide the client with all the link-building services their website needed to come back to its original position. Take a look at how it actually worked in a realistic world! 


Backlink Analysis 

Our first link-building step with every client is to conduct a thorough backlink analysis and SEO audit of their website. This is because we need to know what we are dealing with and what the client holds in terms of its website’s online visibility and backlink profile. 

Law Firm Backlinks Strategy
Upon detailed analysis, we found out that there was some serious work to be done in order to restore the traffic back to its form and further improve it. 

Competitor Analysis 

Along with the client’s website audit, we also conduct a competitor analysis for every client who comes to us.

Competitor Analysis of Law Firm
Right after conducting the competitor analysis, we got to know that the legal industry in that area was a very competitive space. 

Competitor Analysis of a Law Firm

Through our detailed competitor analysis, we got to know that in order to rank locally for the targeted keywords, they will need a certain number of backlinks from different bloggers and media outlets. Although there were some previous backlinks, what they needed was more of them from quality and relevant sources. 

Spammy Backlinks Analysis 

The previously built backlinks were not all equal. After conducting a detailed competitor analysis, we did spammy backlinks analysis in order to find spammy backlinks that will do more harm than good. Most of these links were coming from irrelevant sites that had duplicate content. 

Spammy Backlinks Analysis

Some distinct types of spammy backlinks we identified were residual spammy backlinks, backlinks coming from low-quality websites, paid links, and link exchanges. We also identified link farms and forum spans and told our client how to avoid them. 

Executing Backlink Building Strategies 

  • Brand Mentions 

As we were dealing with an already established website that had some backlinks and considerable online presence, the best link-building strategy we found useful was providing the business with brand mentions of their business on quality and relevant sites and media outlets. 

Brand Mentions For a Law Firm

Brand mentions helped increase the law firm’s visibility and recognition across the web. When we consistently mentioned the brand in various contexts, it results in building the trust and credibility among potential clients and search engines.

By strategically utilizing brand mentions, we resulted in improving the online visibility of the law firm, attracting more qualified leads, and establishing them as authoritative players in their respective legal niches. 

  • HARO Link Building 

Based on the business’s previous online visibility and brand awareness in front of the audience, we seemed HARO link building to be the perfect strategy to improve the backlink profile of the business. With this service, we provided the law firm with backlinks from reputable media websites. This didn’t only add to their backlink profile but also improved search engine rankings and organic traffic. 

You can consult the graph below to have an idea of how HARO link building strategy resulted in improved online traffic. 

Law Firm Successfull link building campaign

Engaging with journalists and content creators through HARO also led to networking opportunities. Building relationships with these professionals was what actually resulted in significant media coverage for the law firm. 

Take Away from this Case Study 

Through a comprehensive approach encompassing backlink analysis, competitor analysis, and spammy backlink identification, Globex Outreach was able to drive significant results for the private law firm in Texas. By tailoring customized link-building strategies, including brand mentions and HARO link building, the firm witnessed a remarkable increase in website traffic, experiencing a 200% surge within six months. 

Link building is the most important aspect of improving your brand image in front of your audience. This is what our experts knew and helped the law firm improve their organic traffic and put them among the top results on the SERPs. This helped them get more leads and clients. 

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