Link Building for Healthcare Businesses In 2022

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On June 14, 2022

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According to Statista, the revenue in the healthcare industry is expected to reach around US$60bn by the end of 2022. 

Whether you want to open a medical billing service or a hospital, you must grow a strong online brand. Getting your website ranked higher on Google and other search engines is why link building for Healthcare Companies is important. 

Most healthcare entrepreneurs think that SEO and link building is hard. If you’ve tried link building for healthcare before but couldn’t get your desired results, fret not. 

Keep reading this blog to find actionable link building strategies you can adopt to easily get backlinks and rank on top of SERPs. 


1- Get backlinks from directories

Business directories are websites that list websites across different industries. One of the famous examples of business directories is Yellow Pages. People use business directories to find relevant agencies and businesses. 

Getting your business listed in these directories should also be a part of your Link Building For Healthcare Businesses strategy. Your business’s presence in different business directories provides you with backlinks and helps you find more customers. 

You shouldn’t forget a few things when getting backlinks from business directories. Make sure your healthcare business is listed in relevant directories, so you get relevant backlinks. 

It’s better to get backlinks from local business directories as search engine bots boost rankings of websites with more local backlinks. 


2- Build reciprocal backlinks

Reciprocal link building is one of the easiest link building for healthcare strategies you can adopt. In this strategy, all you need to do is find websites of other businesses that operate in the healthcare industry. You will ask the manager of that website if they are willing to give you a reciprocal backlink. 

For example, if you sell medical equipment to hospitals, you can ask hospitals in your area if they are willing to exchange a backlink with you. 


The good thing about reciprocal link building is that it’s a free strategy. You don’t have to pay money to the website’s owner, and you don’t have to make an extra effort either. But remember that you have to actively approach different website owners to get backlinks through reciprocal link building. 

3- Go for paid content

Most link building strategies require you to spend a lot of time prospecting and juggling between different tasks. For example, if you try getting reciprocal backlinks from health websites, you will have to spend a lot of time exploring different websites and approaching them. 

A simple way to save your time spent on link building for healthcare strategies is by opting for paid content. With paid content, you agree to pay for getting mentioned in content published on authoritative websites. 


Paid content is an expensive link building approach. For example, if you want to get your healthcare business featured in a famous healthcare publication, you will have to pay the money requested by the publisher. 

One downside of choosing paid content for link building is that most top publishers only give you the backlink for a certain time. For example, if you want your paid content and backlink to stay on the publisher’s website, you will have to pay the additional money after a certain period of time. 


4- Find niche edit opportunities

Niche edit link building is one of the best link building for healthcare strategies you can adopt. Niche edit backlinks are also know as contextual backlinks. In simple terms, contextual backlinks are those backlinks you acquire from websites that have published content in your target industry but haven’t mentioned your website in their content. 

For example, if a healthcare website reviews healthcare services, you can approach that website to write a review about your healthcare startup. 

Finding niche edit backlink opportunities is not that difficult. You can explore our niche edit backlinks service to learn how this strategy works for your healthcare business. 


5- Focus on broken link building

It’s a common practice to add high-authority contextual links in context. Writers put these links to prove that they’ve done their research before writing content. However, sometimes the link a writer has placed in their content expires, and the users see the “404 Error” when they click the link. 



This 404 Error can decrease the credibility of the content. Therefore, the publisher of the content containing broken links must replace the link with a live web page or remove the link from the content. 

Broken link building is the link building for healthcare strategy of finding all such pages that contain broken links and offering the publisher that they can put a link to your website in place of the broken URL. Doing so will not only help you get niche edit backlinks from authoritative blogs but also help you build connections with bloggers. 


6- Publish authoritative content

One of the easiest ways of generating backlinks is publishing authoritative content. Publishing original content around topics that provide valuable information to your target audience helps you get backlinks easily. 


For example, if you publish a report about the healthcare industry in your blog, publishers will link to that page, giving you a good backlink for your website. 


7- Get started with HARO

“Help a reporter out,” commonly called HARO, is a link building for healthcare strategy that helps you get backlinks from top publications. You can create an account on any platform that connects reports and professionals willing to share information about their industry.

Here is how HARO link building works; A reporter posts  that they need a report about the healthcare industry. You offer to help the writer by providing them data; the writer publishes the report and includes a link to your website as a reference – helping you earn a backlink in the process. 


8- Publish press releases

Press releases are considered “low value” by some SEO experts. You have to pay a huge amount of money to publish your press release in a leading publication, and the backlink by a PR website might not dramatically affect your backlink portfolio. 


But remember that publishing a press release can improve your Healthcare SEO & Link Building strategy. Suppose you publish a press release about your company that can strongly impact you. In that case, your company might catch the attention of news outlets, allowing you to get authoritative backlinks when content containing your link is published. 


9- Participate in events

Representing your company in a big event will help you get backlinks from authoritative websites. The websites of most events are well-managed and have higher DA. Getting a backlink from an authoritative website can help you diversify your website’s backlink portfolio

For example, some events are arranged for healthcare companies. Participating in any such event arranged for healthcare companies will get your website featured across publications, helping you get backlinks from several authoritative websites. 


10- Partner with Nonprofits 

Several nonprofit organizations are operating in the healthcare industry. The main purpose of such organizations is to play their part in improving the healthcare landscape worldwide. Participating with such nonprofits on a campaign will fortify your Healthcare Link Building Strategy

Most nonprofits are looking for established companies to help them on a project. The project might be as small as publishing a specialized research report on a specific topic in the healthcare industry. Collaborating on a report can help you get an authoritative backlink easily. 


11- Create linkable assets

Linkable assets are any type of content that other publishers can quote in their content. For example, you can publish an infographic about the sales of healthcare products in a specific area. 


News channels and other publications link to this infographic in their content, giving you a backlink in the process. 

Creating linkable assets is not as difficult as you might think. You don’t have to conduct original research all the time to create linkable assets. For example, you can create appealing infographics and use them in your Healthcare link building strategies


12- Claim unlinked mentions

Some news publications might have used any infographic or linkable asset without linking to your website. According to the copyright guidelines practiced across the web, nobody can use your content or linkable assets without mentioning your website as a source in their content.  

You can reach out to anyone who has used your linkable asset without giving a link to your website. Including this in the healthcare link building campaign will help you generate high-quality backlinks without wasting your time, money, and effort. It will also help you establish better connections with authoritative publishers across the internet. 


13- Give testimonials to other services

A testimonial from a trusted company is a big thing for any budding startup. Several startups are looking for people who can check their products and services and leave good reviews about them. 

Posting feedback about a service can help you get a backlink from a High-DA website. For example, if some company offers a SaaS product to healthcare companies, you can publish a review of their product on their website. 

Posting a detailed testimonial is a link building for healthcare strategy that doesn’t only help you get a backlink but also helps you get close to one of the leading companies in your industry. 


14- Get links through crowdfunding

Budding companies require money to handle their operations and introduce new products in the market. If you give money to a company looking for crowdfunding donors, you can get a backlink from their website. 


Suppose a company is looking for funds to introduce a new supplement in the market. You can fund that company and get health and fitness niche backlinks from their website. 

There is nothing difficult about finding companies that want funds from investors. You can use platforms like Indiegogo to easily fund budding startups in the healthcare industry. 


15- Sponsor physical/online events

On-site or virtual events help people connect. The good thing about events is that they help companies and people find new opportunities to boost their growth. 

Sponsoring such events can help you get fitness backlinks to your website and increase your influence in the healthcare industry. 

As a sponsor, you don’t have to pay a ton of money to the organizers of the events. There are different tiers for people who sponsor events, so you can decide whether you want to become a “platinum” or “bronze” sponsor. 

Sponsoring an event can also help you find new customers for your products. Make sure you sponsor an event in the healthcare industry if you can afford sponsorship. 


16- Publish guest posts

Guest posting is considered the best link building for healthcare strategy by many SEO experts. The basic framework for guest posting is simple. All you need to do is find a list of Niche relevant bloggers that accept guest posts. You then pitch those bloggers to write content for their blog. 

If your pitch is accepted, you write a guest post for that blog. Posting content as a guest blogger can help you get backlinks from authoritative websites

Guest posting can also present you as a thought leader in the healthcare industry if you provide detailed reports or useful insights. More people will visit your website if your publication truly benefits them. 


17- Learn from your competitors

Link building is not as easy as you might think. Even if you implement all the strategies mentioned above, if your competitor has a “better” link building portfolio than you, the links you get won’t help you leave your competitors behind on SERPs. 

It is therefore important to identify your competitors’ actions to build health backlinks. Doing so will ensure that you create a better link building strategy that helps you improve your SERP rankings in no time. 

Check the link building strategy of your competitors if you use top SEO tools for backlink competitor analysis. 


18- Hire a link building agency

Implementing all the link building for healthcare strategies at the same time is not as easy as you might think. You cannot spend all your time acquiring backlinks and ignoring important aspects of handling your business. It is, therefore, a better option for you to hire a link building agency to easily get backlinks. 

Working with a link building strategy streamlines backlinking for you. An agency has an experienced team of link building experts who can identify the specific needs of your website, explore the strategies of your competitors, and devise a proper backlinking strategy for your website. 



Following the link building for healthcare strategies mentioned above will help you easily get backlinks for your healthcare business website. Feel free to contact us if you need more information about a Niche specific backlinking strategy or want us to help you get backlinks. 


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