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Guest Posting: What it is and the Benefits Offered

  Guest Posting: What it is and the Benefits Offered   There are quite a few marketing gurus who believe that the single most important strategy for growing your following, interest and readers is to guest post. However, those who are a bit skeptical may wonder why this is such an important effort.   Learning a bit more about guest posting is one of the best ways to see if this is something worth investing time and effort into. Guest Posting – Defined Guest posting refers to writing and then publishing an article on someone else’s blog or website. There are countless websites that offer guest posting opportunities. This is a great way to connect with new people and to get the name of your…
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Blogger Outreach: What it is and Why Do It

Blogger Outreach: What it is and Why Do ItThere is no question that social media has evolved quite a bit since it first became mainstream. With social media reaching critical mass, quite a bit of what was done in the past – such as sending the same, exact message to everyone in your audience – is now considered to be a less effective method. Now, more than ever before, your social media marketing strategy needs to focus on building new relationships. While there are some marketers who have pursued marketing efforts on social media as an ego boost (for example, the total number of followers or friends a brand has), a traffic boost (which does not always lead to conversions, and other reasons, it is…
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Local Citation Building Best Practices

Local Citation Building Best Practices: A citation is a mention of your business name and address on another webpage. It does not require the presence of a link. One example of a citation would be an online yellow page directory where the business is listed, but no link has been created. Citations are also present on local business association pages or chamber or commercial pages that includes your business information, even if there is no link to your site. Citations are considered an essential component of ranking algorithms in both Bing and Google. When all other factors are equal, businesses that have a large number of citations are likely going to rank higher than a business with less citations. A citation that is generated from…
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5 Effective Ways for Maximizing Your Blogger Outreach Efforts

5 Effective ways for Maximizing Your Blogger Outreach Efforts: Are you searching for new ways to approach your blogger outreach efforts? Have you thought about working with various bloggers as ambassadors for your brand? Here you are going to learn five effective ways to promote your brand thanks to blogger outreach efforts. Why Invest in Blogger Outreach?Established bloggers have an obvious advantage when it comes to spreading a message. They have a direct channel to your target audience and are able to easily influence purchasing decisions thanks to good, old-fashioned word-of-mouth marketing efforts. In fact, according to recent research, up to 81 percent of people online trust advice and information they receive from bloggers and a total of 61 percent of these individuals have wound…
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