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Buy Guest Posts: A Definitive Guide in 2021 for Everyone

Want to know where to buy guest posts? This blog will help you.
In this blog, I am going to reveal:
• Does guest posting for backlinks really work?
• How can guest posting help in SEO and link building?
• What you should consider for hiring guest posting services?
• How to find the paid guest post websites?
• Where is a common place to get high quality backlinks?
• Tips for buying the best guest posts for your business.
• The exact recipe we use at Globex Outreach to write guest posts for our clients.

After reading this blog, you will get answers to all your troubling questions regarding guest posting.


When we posted our blog on how we boosted the businesses of our 1000+ clients through guest posting…

…we got many emails asking if it is legit. How is it possible when it is dying?

So I thought of sorting out this mystery once and for all.

buy guest posts

Is It Okay to Buy Guest Posts?

You think that you don’t need to spend money (waste in your mind!) to buy guest posts.

The digital marketing world is buzzing with the news that guest posting is going to fade away soon.

In fact, some marketers think that guest posting services are already dead.

You can find many articles talking about the ‘bad sides’ of the best guest posting services (yes, despite that they have ‘best’ with them).

buy guest posts

Read these blog posts, and you will never think again to buy guest posts links.

But where you can find such blogs that talk about the negatives of guest posting for link building, there you can also find articles talking about good, better, and the best of guest blog posting.

is guest posting good

What if I say that there can be another take on this whole saga?

Instead of just looking at guest blog posting from a white or black lens, here is an interesting take on publishing a guest blog post on guest blogging sites.

Why You Need to Buy Guest Blogs?

Just check out this featured snippet for the keyword ‘is guest posting bad’…

…and you will get the answer whether you should go for paid blog posts on high quality blogs with traffic or not.

is guest posting bad

Check out the title and the opening line of the snippet: You will find a steep contrast in them.

It shows four important things:

  • Not all types of paid blog posts are the same.
  • There is more than just SEO benefits in publishing to buy guest posts on guest blog sites.
  • There is nothing like bad or good guest post services. It all depends on the way you do it.
  • Guest blogging is not going anywhere if it is more than link building. That it is.

So forget about whatever you have heard about guest blog posting services.

You can buy high DA backlinks and much more.

In fact, Neil Patel calls it the heartbeat of his digital business.

buy guest posts

Can you guess why he took dibs on guest posting sites to grow QuickSprout?


He knew the key to make guest blog posting the best inbound marketing strategy.

Create valuable CONTENT that:

  • Is engaging and valuable.
  • People love to read.
  • Google finds worth considering.

And that’s what he actually does.

You can see his blogs on different high authority guest post submission sites.

SERP Screenshot

Check out these top guest blogging sites, and you will find that Neil Patel didn’t write any guest blog post just for the sake of writing a blog post.

They are also not those typical 500-words guest post articles.

They all are:

buy guest posts

What did he do?

Instead of going to buy guest blog posts as a source to buy high quality backlinks, he focused on creating content that attracts eyeballs.

Well, while providing value to readers and quality to Google, he also used his guest posts for backlinking (so you thought he didn’t do that, at all – eh?).

Top Marketing trends

What created the difference is:

He created content while focusing on providing VALUE, not to get a backlink.

And that’s the turning point that makes premium guest posts links so PREMIUM for your backlink profile.

I have only one answer to all your popping questions, like…

  • Where can you buy guest blog posts?
  • What is the best backlinks service?
  • Where can I buy backlinks?
  • And where can I easily get quality backlinks for my blog?

…is only one:


Here is how genuine guest posting services bring a ‘value’ factor in their services.

How Do Paid Guest Posting Services Work?

Most guest posting services follow a similar pattern for creating and publishing guest posts.

What creates the difference is ‘how’ they carry out the process.

For us, at Globex Outreach, it is a four-step process.

That’s how we accomplish a guest post order for our clients:

  1. Find the best guest blog sites
  2. Write unique and engaging content
  3. Editorially place the link within the content
  4. Publish the guest post

Paid Guest Posting service steps

Sounds like a lot of work? It really is.

It is not difficult to fall into the rabbit hole of black hat guest posting that Google hates for link building.

Here is what to consider to buy guest posts:

STEP # 1: Their Charges and for What

One thing you must remember that you get what you pay for.

Don’t go with any service just because they is offering low prices.

SEO is not an easy job and using it as a growth trigger for your business even harder.

You should know that you have to invest a reasonable amount in hiring a guest posting company.

But remember that you are looking to ‘invest,’ not ‘throw’ your money.

That’s why checking and comparing guest post prices of different companies to ensure you get what you are paying for.

See different additives in the given guest post price package.
Guest Posting Packages

1 Guest Post

$100 $80

  • DA 20+
  • SEM Traffic 150+
  • Native Writers
  • 500 Words Unique Content
  • 8- Days Turnaround

5 Guest Post

$500 $400

  • DA 20+
  • SEM Traffic 150+
  • Native Writers
  • 500 Words Unique Content
  • 8- Days Turnaround

15 Guest Post

$1500 $1200

  • DA 25+
  • SEM Traffic 200+
  • Native Writers
  • 500 Words Unique Content
  • 8- Days Turnaround

You can see that our price packages are different and our range of services varies along with the given prices.

Make sure that you hire a company that gives you the best bang for your bucks.

STEP # 2: Check Content Quality

Do you know what differentiates a spammy guest post from a Google-friendly guest post?

Quality CONTENT.

Google is only concerned about the quality of the content, not about what you tag it as.

That means if your content is…

  • Valuable
  • Engaging
  • Informative
  • Interesting

…it is good to go – even if it is in the form of guest posts.

You can be only saved:

If you don’t fall for a cheap guest posting service that writes guest post articles just for getting backlinks.

Look out for someone who knows the art of writing valuable and engaging content.

Ask for a sample, and check out these given dos and don’ts of guest post writing for evaluation.

tips to evaluate the quality of content

Make sure you get:

  • Niche relevant guest posts samples, not non-relevant samples.
  • A URL of published posts to see if their work gets published or not on quality sites.
  • Published sample work of the writer expected to work on the order.

Get an insight into their writers’ capabilities and content value.

That’s what builds the foundation of a quality guest post.

STEP # 3: Ask for Site Selection Criteria

Where you publish your post matters a lot.


All websites don’t give the same benefits of guest posting.

Here is why:

  • All websites are not equal to Google.
  • Every ink doesn’t give the same link juice.

Let’s understand it by dividing websites into different classes.

We can say that there are four types of websites:

  • Lower Class Sites
  • Middle-Class Sites
  • Upper-Class Sites
  • Elite Class Sites

And Google loves them based on their classes.

Here is The Website Class Pyramid Model. I created it to explain this phenomenon.

This model tells you where your best guest blogging opportunities lie.

website class pyramid model

This model highlights three important points:

FIRST POINT: The number of lower-class websites are more than elite class websites.

SECOND POINT: Links from lower-class sites are easy to fetch. But it is difficult to get a link from elite class websites.

THIRD POINT: A link from the highest-class websites are powerful than 100+ links from lower class websites.

In other words:

You can’t randomly find a high-quality blog posting sites list. You have to invest your time and efforts to manually outreach them.

Miracles Do Happen:

Yes, miracles do happen and you can also find a guest blogging sites list randomly – at least, it happens on this blog.

Here we have come up with a list of high-quality 100+ Sites to Guest Post in 2021 for your convenience.

Another perk? Well, they all are listed along with their relevant important stats to make your selection easier.

Feel free to use this guest posting sites list to grow your business.

SitesCategoryDAPAAlexaRankCFTFTraffic Improvement725027968441196272
thefashionablehousewife.comFashion714977087447201533 Marketing443850735232916682
https://www.oddee.comNews8057646295225118492 Marketing614556507444442569
https://cs.byu.eduEducation85385956362711400 Improvement64485606472816383
http://essenziale-hd.combyuHome Improvement594887906516131260
onlinethreatalerts.cominternet Marketing5443171114411723118
https://azbigmedia.comBusiness605065483484995170 Improvement624871510825103061
http://essenziale-hd.comHome Improvement594887906516131260
http://www.youngupstarts.comFinance564326747337252601 Marketing574517410740251179

Make sure that your selected guest post service company has a fully-vetted guest posting blogs list if you don’t want to waste your money and time over nothing.

For us, the answer to the question…

How to find guest post sites for SEO?

…is not that simple.

At Globex, our secret recipe of guest blog site selection includes 14 ingredients:

  1. Domain Authority
  2. Website’s Traffic
  3. Relevance
  4. Historical Graph
  5. Traffic Location
  6. Backlink Profile
  7. Link Placement
  8. High TF Value
  9. Domain Rating
  10. Indexed Pages
  11. Site Appearance
  12. Social Activity
  13. SSL Certified
  14. Wayback Check

Site selection criteria of Globex Outreach

We consider these important factors while selecting a site for posting a blog post.

And that’s how we grew the businesses of our clients successfully.

So don’t ignore the site selection criteria of your selected service provider.

It will define two things:

  • Will Google consider the fetched link as an authority vote or not.
  • Your site will rank higher or not.

Remember that good quality content does just 50% of the work. You also need high quality votes if you want to get the maximum benefits.

Make sure that they help you fetch high DA dofollow backlinks because a link with a nofollow tag signals Google that it should ignore the link.

If Google ignores a link, how will it consider it as a vote? It won’t, right?

So for effective link building through guest posting, go for dofollow links that give powerful link juice.

STEP # 4: Find Their Content Writing Strategy

Good and valuable content doesn’t come out with the flick of the wand.

You have to plan out and strategize the content writing process to get the desired results.

Like, we have come up with this guest blog content writing strategy:

  • First Step: We fully understand the requirements and needs of our client.
  • Second Step: We read the site’s guest posting guidelines and check the content to understand the blogger’s requirements.
  • Third Step: We come up with a topic idea that suits the client’s and blogger’s requirements.
  • Fourth Step: Next is the research stage. Here our focus is to do all-inclusive research on the topic.
  • Fifth Step: Our writers create engaging and Google-friendly content.

The best content writing strategy ensures that:

Your content doesn’t look like a guest blog.

It makes it look like another valuable piece of content created to give value to readers.

And that’s your safe heaven!


Guest posting is one of my favorite SEO playgrounds, and it’s one of the best things that occurred in the SEO world.

The thing is:

You don’t commit a crime if you buy a guest post unless you create an amazing piece of content for readers.

Once you fulfill all the parameters of a ‘good’ and ‘right’ guest post, it becomes a panacea for your various other business pain points.

Besides link building, you also get brand awareness, credibility building, authority establishment, and driving qualified traffic.

But don’t forget one thing:

It depends on who you select. So be careful while selecting services to stay safe.

Share with us your views about this bad boy of the SEO world and how you turn it into a good boy for your business.

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