966% Increased Conversion Rate

Specialized Exterior Cleaning Services is a UK based firm that provides several cleaning services for residential and commercial buildings. They offer almost every cleaning service that people all around the UK can need; however, they could only approach a limited area through traditional marketing. They needed to spread brand awareness in every corner of the United Kingdom for which they turned to the internet.

Before Our Services:

They created a website but weren’t able to attract many people to it. On average, they were receiving only nine leads per month, most of which were unqualified. Only a small portion of their traffic was organic. Visitors brought through ads and social media cost a lot more than they pay. Even after a few months, they weren’t getting any return on the investment.

Goals and Offered Services:

The client’s only goal was to get leads through the website with minimum investment. While getting leads sounds like one target, there are many other goals to achieve before it can be reached. One needs to build a stronger brand and bring a lot of relevant traffic to the website. For all these things, the website has to be ranked on the first page of search engines for strong keywords.

There had to be conducted a Situation Analysis to see where our client currently stands. After analyzing the current position and goals, our SEO suggested “Local SEO Starter” package that would build a solid foundation and bring most relevant visitors who can go through the entire sales funnel.

After the Campaign:

A digital marketing campaign is only as good as its strategy. A strategy tells us how to utilize a combination of tools to get maximum benefits out of it with minimum investment. SEO team carried out each SEO practice according to the roadmap provided by the team lead.

By the end of the campaign, the client could see the website ranked for over 40 keywords. Not only was there a significant increase in traffic, but the conversion rate also increased by 966%. Most of the leads the client was getting were fully qualified and relevant to the business

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