Link Building Case Study – 200x Traffic in 6 months

Recently a Florida-based services company hired our link building services. We followed white hat practices to generate backlinks and achieve goals set by the client. We had a good run and added another happy client to our list.
Read the full case study below.

Name: Confidential

Niche: Pest Control Services

Location: United States (Florida)

Project Duration: 6 months (December 1 – May 31)

Since it was a client’s website, we will not be sharing any identifying information. It is a Florida-based pest control business that offers services to both residential and commercial clients.

During the 6 months, our main focus was on link building. We only built backlinks for the website because all other SEO practices were handled by the client.

Client’s Goals

The client was well aware of the overall SEO health of their website. They had done on-page SEO (which was well done), but the site lacked a good backlink portfolio.

The client contacted Globex Outreach for link building with an aim to:

Spread brand awareness

Increase organic website traffic

Improve geo-specific rankings

Expand relevant keyword portfolio

Move primary keywords from 2nd to 1st page

Initial SEO and Off-Page Analysis

We did a complete analysis of the website when the client contacted us. We evaluated the website’s health and did a backlink analysis to track its SEO performance.

We found that:

The website domain was 9 months old and both traffic and keywords were trending positively.
It was a niche site with 12 indexed pages and a blog section. The good thing was that it was an exact match domain (EMD), had quality content, and there were no technical SEO issues. The website had a fast loading speed with a good on-page.
The backlink profile had simple, clean directory links going to the homepage. Most of these links were do-follow which was a good thing. However, we also noticed a few PBN backlinks, but most of them were pretty relevant.


The client was offering services in one of the buggiest and most highly competitive states in the US. Their business website had low DA (domain authority) on SEMrush and low DR (domain rating).
The main challenges were that website:

Had low quality backlinks

Had Fewer business directory links

Lacked Local backlinks

Needed industry-specific backlinks

Had poor backlink profile

Proposed Link Building Strategy

After evaluating the website and its SEO health, we proposed our link building strategy to the client. We focused on the following “White Hat Link Building” practices.

Acquiring High DA Backlinks

We noticed that the client’s website had clean backlinks, but they were mostly coming from low DA sites. But the problem with such links is that search engines like Google do not consider them credible. They can be toxic and hurt a website’s SEO in the long run.

So, we formulate the link building strategy to acquire high DA backlinks. We focused on getting links from:

High DA blogs (50+ DA)

Editorial websites

PR sites

High authority local websites

Improving Domain Authority

Since the website had low domain authority (DA), we proposed that the client publishes quality blogs on their website. We focused on backlink expansion and acquiring links from multiple websites. Instead of getting backlinks randomly from every site, we only went after high DA domains.
So we included the following in our strategy to improve the domain authority.

Guest posting

Infographic submission

Local listing

Forum commenting

Publishing Guest Posts

To diversify the backlink portfolio, we proposed that the client publishes guest posts.
The main goal was to boost their domain authority and spread brand awareness. We provided the client with a list of niche-relevant, premium guest posting sites. We narrowed down the high DA websites and asked the client to shortlist sites that suit their budget.

We chose the guest posting sites keeping in mind:

Domain Authority

Industry relevance

Website traffic

This helped us diversify the link profile and we were able to acquire external links from high-authority domains. We only outreached real websites and did not target public blogging networks (PBNs).

Creating Infographics

Market research has shown us that 65% of buyers are visual learners. Also, as compared to blogs, infographics are 30 times more likely to be read.
We proposed infographic submission to the client because such graphics are linkable assets. Information sharing through this medium helps websites earn organic backlinks from high DA websites. We recommended creating infographics for customer awareness about pest control and exterminator services.

Increasing Keyword Rankings

The main goal of the client was to improve their website’s traffic and keyword performance. Their domain had low domain authority and the website was struggling to compete against its competitors.

When the client hired our link building services, the website had only 6 keywords on the first page of Google. Most of their targeted keywords were ranked on the 2nd or 3rd page. What was astonishing for us was that their site did not have a good keyword portfolio.

So, we proposed to target semantic keywords to expand their keyword portfolio. We decided to achieve this feat through:

Guest posting

Link insertion

Services Offered

Link Building Services

Link Insertion Services

Guest Posting Service

Blogger Outreach Services

Infographic Services (Creation and Submission)

The client was eager to boost website traffic and generate leads. But there were many other objectives to be accomplished before getting leads through the website.

The website needed a strong backlink portfolio and had to be ranked on SERPs for strong keywords. On the other hand, the site was lacking domain authority and relevant organic traffic. To cope with these difficulties, we offered the following services to the client.

Results Achieved

The client hired our link building services for three months. But seeing the outcome, they extended the project for another three months. So we did link building for the client for 6 months (December 1 – May 31).

During the first two months, we focused on link building for the homepage to increase domain authority. Our team outreached niche-relevant and local websites with high DA to acquire backlinks. We achieve this goal through:

Blogger outreach

Guest posting

Link building

Guest posting

Link insertion

Infographic submission

We acquired 100+ high authority links from premium sites and blogs with 70+ DA. This helped us push 10 primary (competitive) keywords to the top three positions. Furthermore, more than 50 secondary keywords (new) started appearing on SERPs. We were able to improve the site DR from 10 to 25.

During the 3rd month, we build pillow backlinks (mostly no-follow links) for targeted services pages. The objective was to expand the link profile by using semantic keywords. All these keywords were provided and approved by the client. We did link building through:

We aimed to diversify the backlink profile and acquired PR and editorial links. Most of these links were no-follow but they helped us improve the website’s traffic. This normalized the backlink profile of the website and further improved the domain authority. Plus, the overall website traffic improved and was increased by 110%.

During the last 3 months, we did extensive link building for the website. We were able to rank 30 more keywords on the first page of Google. The good part was that all of these were ranking for positions 1 to 6 on SERPs.

We achieved this goal through:

Local link building

Guest posting

Directory submissions

Infographic Submissions

In the end, we were able to improve the domain authority (DA) from 10 to 50+. The overall website traffic increased by 200% and the client started getting regular leads. The monthly traffic hit 1k+ visitors for the first time.

We ranked 10 main keywords and 26 secondary keywords on Google’s 1st page. We achieved the goals within 50 days, but the client extended the project for another 3 months.

Final Note

The client trusted us for their link building campaign which went on for 6 months. We focused on white hat link building and our combined approach proved to be very fruitful for the website and target services pages.

We did contextual link building keeping in mind the client’s goals and were able to achieve:

Increase in Backlinks (Percent according to graph)

Increase in Referring Domains (Percent according to numbers)

Increase in Domain Authority (DA) (Percent according to number)

Organic Keywords Growth (Percent according to graph)

Increase in Website Traffic (Percent according to numbers)

200% increase in organic traffic

65% increase in organic keywords

DA increase from 10 to 50+

Client Review

Globex Outreach outperformed other link building services and has helped us outrank the competitors. They understood our needs and knew what needed to be done. The team went out of the way and helped us improve our website’s performance.

We received regular monthly SEO performance reports along with budget spending. What we liked the most is their professionalism as the team kept us in the loop. You guys sure are a reliable team and a good partner for link building activities.

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