How to Get Dofollow Backlinks? It Is Easier Than You Think

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On June 6, 2023
Dofollow Backlinks

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How to get Dofollow backlinks? 


Sounds like a familiar question, right?


We all have asked ourselves this question at the beginning of our journeys as SEO experts. So, if you are at that stage, as well, we have got your back!

Dofollow Backlinks


Dofollow backlinks are still the core base of SEO operations. While the emphasis has shifted to providing exceptional content over link building activities, it is still an important consideration. It’s difficult for folks who are providing wonderful content but aren’t getting linked to it. However, this predicament can be solved easily if you know the right strategies to find high DR dofollow backlinks.


High domain authority backlinks are hard to come by. This comes as no surprise. Consider this post to be a road map for making the link building process a little easier, so you may continue to develop amazing content while still getting links.


So, let’s get started and find out how to create dofollow backlinks in 2023:

Why Are SEO Dofollow Backlinks Important for Your SEO Performance?

Before we get into how to get dofollow backlinks, let’s understand why they are so important for any SEO strategy. 


High domain authority backlinks are unquestionably one of the two factors that comprise Search Engine Optimization. When ranking a website for a search query, search engines consider dofollow backlinks. Backlinks, in general, act as coupons for the content you present to your audience. When a website with similar material to yours connects to your page, it attests to the quality of your content.

SEO Dofollow Backlinks


When it comes to link building, quality always triumphs over quantity. Quality backlinks might improve your ranking performance by raising the domain rating. Meanwhile, low-quality backlinks might have a negative impact on your overall SEO performance by lowering your Domain Rating.

How to Tell the Difference Between Good- And Bad-Quality Backlinks?

When learning how to get Dofollow backlinks, you must know how to differentiate between the good ones and the bad ones; otherwise, your work might as well go to waste. 


We do not want that to happen now, do we?


The simplest method is to visit the website from where they originated. The greater the website’s Domain Rating, the greater the quality of the backlink. Bad-quality backlinks, on the other hand, might be either backlinks from websites with poor Domain Ratings or spam backlinks designed to harm your SEO performance.

Good- And Bad-Quality Backlinks


In a nutshell, contextual dofollow backlinks can help improve your SEO performance by:


  • Increasing organic visitors from another website.
  • Using the proper anchor text to support your keyword ranking.
  • Boosting your Domain Rating.


The main takeaway you need to remember when learning how to get dofollow backlinks is that backlinks can be quite important in your SEO strategy. Make sure you employ a link building strategy aimed at acquiring high DR dofollow backlinks, which will boost your Domain Rating, ranking performance, and, finally, organic traffic!

How to Get High Authority Backlinks in 2023

Here are some of the most amazing strategies for you if you want to know How to get high quality backlinks in 2023: 

  • Discover Relevant Content Online

As SEO experts, we’ve all experienced the difficulties of getting accustomed to how to get dofollow backlinks to our articles. Waiting for a pleasant email asking for a backlink on your blog post may be satisfying, but it is rare unless your Domain Rating is high or the content on your website is great and already ranking high on the rankings.

Relevant Content Online


As a result, one of the best ideas for building high-quality backlinks is to start finding relevant content online and asking for a high DR backlink. The more backlinks your article receives, the more probable it is that you will receive emails requesting a link.


  • Select an article that is relevant to your target audience’s demands.
  • Write content that adds value and provides information to the article you discovered.
  • Obtain the author’s contact information.
  • Make a personalized pitch in which you introduce yourself and the content you developed, and ask if the author can connect to yours.


Needless to say, there are numerous techniques for locating material and obtaining a backlink. Begin by experimenting with the most prevalent ones and determining which ones help your business the most with more links.

  • Work on Creating Ultimate Guides on Different Guides

Create a detailed ‘ultimate guide’ on a certain topic (for instance, how page speed affects SERPs) in which you are an expert. Choose a topic that is related to the rest of your content but will appeal to a wide audience.

Creating Ultimate Guides


Divide your guide into subtopics to allow you to construct a comprehensive guide. For instance, we wrote an article on using CHATGPT for link building and divided it into the following subtopics:


  • Benefits of using ChatGPT for link building 
  • How to use ChatGPT for link building
  • How to use ChatGPT for crowd marketing
  • How to use ChatGPT for conducting research and designing a link building strategy
  • Disadvantages of using ChatGPT for link building 
  • Can it replace Google?
  • Should people use it for link building? 


  • Get Rid of Harmful Backlinks 

We have discussed the importance of backlinks at the beginning of our article. However, there are some backlinks that can have a negative impact on your SEO performance. This could be because it was done on purpose or by chance.


An SEO attack is a common thing to happen to people and their websites. A competitor can do this by using spammy links and phony reviews to reduce your keyword rank and domain authority. Finding these spammy links on time and blocking the sources might have a significant impact on your SEO efforts.

Harmful Backlinks


Bad-quality backlinks are another type of detrimental link that can harm your website. In contrast to an SEO attack, low-quality links frequently harm your website unintentionally. For example, you may accept a link without first checking the Domain Rating or Domain Authority of the website that provides it. 


In this scenario, a very low Domain Rating suggests to Google that the website cannot be trusted. As a result, a link from that website may lower your own ranks and Domain Rating.

  • Skyscraper Content Is Your New Best Friend

This is an extremely successful method for gaining high volumes of traffic while establishing high domain authority backlinks. All you have to do is look for articles on a given topic that has received a lot of backlinks in the past. Keyword searches are beneficial in this case. Do make sure you do a proper keyword analysis to study its competition, difficulty, traffic, etc.

Skyscraper Content


Then, write content that is ten times better than the original. Following that, market your content and watch your high DR dofollow backlinks grow.

  • Recommend Your Website for a Resource Page

There are numerous types of resource pages. Whether it’s about people to follow, tools to use, or blogs to read when they fall in the same niche as you, one thing is certain: it’s incredibly relevant to your industry.

If anyone reads that resource page, it will be the people in your niche. So, hunting for these pages (you shouldn’t have to look way too much) and requesting yourself to be added to them is a terrific approach to earn a backlink that your target audience will notice.

Resource Page


How to Get Dofollow Backlinks Using Resource Pages? 

First of all, you need to locate resource pages related to your niche because relevance is important. You can do so by searching for the following terms:


  • <your niche> best services 
  • <your niche> top blogs
  • <your niche> best of
  • <your niche> best blogs
  • <your niche> top tools


You can also try other variations of the search terms added above. 


Once you’ve decided on a few resource pages, go ahead and browse their current content or articles. Are you satisfied with the standard they’ve established on the page? If yes, then go for it. If your site isn’t quite there yet, you might want to wait a while and work on upgrading your pages before contacting out.


Rejection usually means that they will not review your request in the near future. They’ve already determined that you’re not of sufficient quality for the page. So make sure you’re putting your best foot forward from the start. Now that you’ve compiled a list of resource pages. Simply contact them. You can try blogger outreach methods or email outreach.

  • Make Sure That Your Anchor Text Has the Right Target Keywords

A strong link-building strategy necessitates significant keyword research. These keywords should be relevant to your sector and the target audience. You may increase the potential of both your backlinks and target keyword ranks by generating a proper list of keywords to target in your link building effort. This tactic is truly the essence of the learning process associated with how to get dofollow backlinks!

Anchor Text


Pay special attention to your anchor texts to connect them with the target keywords you want to rank for with link building techniques. When contacting an author for a contextual backlink to your website, make sure to suggest a keyword from the list you want to target as the anchor text for your link. If your page is able to obtain excellent backlinks with the appropriate anchor text, your keyword ranks will improve, and you will receive more organic traffic.

  • Indulge in High-Quality Guest Posting 

Once you’ve identified your niche, you may approach websites with similar content, products, or services and ask to contribute to a guest blog by writing for them. You can then insert a backlink to your website in your author bio or at the bottom of the blog. 


This is an excellent approach for link building when you are learning how to get dofollow backlinks. However, see to it that the blogs are of good quality, topical, and thoroughly researched.

  • Establish Meaningful Relationships With Others Bloggers and Writers in Your Industry

Anchor Text


Building relationships with other link-minded individuals (be it influencers, writers, bloggers, SEO experts, or link builders) who sell similar products or services or create similar content might be advantageous for link-building. The greater your relationship, the more likely they are to refer to you as a source of information on a specific topic. As a result, you will get greater seo dofollow backlinks. 

  • Utilize Business Listing to Get Backlinks 

Local SEO is synonymous with a business listing, and it entails optimizing your website to boost your website’s ranking and visibility for any local searches in your region. Local SEO allows you to target a particular area’s audience in order to sell your services or products. It boosts your local sales by increasing your visibility in the market.

Business Listing


Here are some key methods for improving your company’s local SEO and making you know how to get dofollow backlinks via business listings:


  • Set up a Google My Business account: It is designed to help the company stay in business locally.


  • Make sure that you pay special attention to user reviews. They are vital in SEO techniques for your business because they enable viewers to have some trust in your brand. Therefore, a positive review will boost your company’s visibility.


  • Make your search for backlinks geo-targeted. If you want to increase local SEO services, target your clients geographically with local keywords. Your business area and your primary keywords should target city>state>country.


  • Moreover, you must include location pages on your website, which contain all the information about the services or products that you are offering locally. It displays a map of the local service provider. This means you must include your name, address, and contact number (NAP) in the schema format on your website.


If a company is featured in the yellow pages, it shows that it is legitimate and trustworthy. If it was mentioned in the “50 best companies to buy something from,” that means you are halfway there.

Business Listing


The more directories your website is listed in, the more inbound links you have, but more significantly, the more Google trusts your site.

  • Recreate Your Competitors’ Genuine Dofollow Backlinks

Analyzing your competitors’ most appealing dofollow backlinks and then reproducing those backlinks is one of the greatest and most time-consuming SEO tactics for gaining dofollow backlinks. So, if you want to know how to get high quality backlinks in 2023, this one will get your attention.


Replicating your opponent’s backlink strategy entails obtaining a backlink on the same domain that your rival has linked to using the same link building process. Simply access each referring page and examine how your competitor obtained the backlink on that page.

Recreate Your Competitors’ Backlinks


If the backlink is from a website’s comment section, for instance, you can post your own comment and receive a dofollow backlink. On the other hand, if it’s from a forum site, simply create an account and participate in the topic to obtain a dofollow backlink.

  • Leave High-Value Addition Comments on Other Sites

Someone will definitely notice you (and give you a dofollow backlink) if you add value in the comment section of a popular website or blog, or even a social media platform.


You can even take inspiration from other people who are good at leaving value addition comments. Try to add brief and constructive comments to someone’s post or article in order to elicit a response from the original poster or the author. 

High-Value Addition Comments


As a result, you will get a backlink from them as they will link to your content in order to help their audience understand an essential point stated in the article.


This is a win-win situation for everyone.


Keep your remarks, however, valuable. Going about spamming gibberish in order to obtain a link from a website or blog’s comment section will not help you. In reality, most individuals will avoid spammers’ websites like the plague.

  • Check Your Current Backlink Profile

To reach your SEO objectives, you must first know where you stand. Analyzing your present backlink profile means that you are aware of how your links have performed for your website thus far. Furthermore, this type of data can assist you in discovering which types of backlinks perform best in your business and what content marketing strategies can help you reach them.

Backlink Profile


A proper report of your backlink profile will provide you with this essential information. You should get a thorough audit of your backlink profile by running a link building report on your website. Furthermore, this research will identify possible chances as well as potential or current flaws that are impeding the positive outcome of your SEO performance. In layman’s words, this report will inform you of what works well and what doesn’t in your link development plan. 

Dofollow Backlinks Examples 

An excellent example of a dofollow backlink would be if a certain website about interior designing linked to a website about paints, sofas, and other types of furniture using a regular, un-coded link. Doing so would pass link juice along to the furniture and designing tools website and could help increase its ranking on the search engine results page. 


Let us take a look at an example of what a dofollow link for an interior design website might look like in HTML code:


<a href=””>Interior Designing Tools</a>


This link would act as a dofollow backlink by default. However, it would act as a nofollow backlink if it is coded to act like one. In that case, this is how it would look like: 


<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Interior Designing Tools</a>


The “rel” property in the preceding code indicates that the link is a nofollow backlink, which indicates that it does not pass on any link juice. It also has the nofollow attribute, which is the simplest way to identify a nofollow backlink. The major distinction between inbound, outbound, and internal links is that links without the nofollow attribute are regarded do follow. 


Here is another example of dofollow backlink code for you:


<a href=”“>Kamus SEO</a> 


And here is another example Example of a nofollow backlink code for you:


<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Kamus SEO</a>

Should You Buy Dofollow Backlinks for SEO in 2023?

The process of paying money for a link back to your website or web page from another website or webpage, respectively, is known as buying backlinks. Typically, a link buyer’s purpose when acquiring backlinks is to improve the rating of their own website in search engines like Google and Bing. Their other goals for buying could include increasing their referral traffic or generating conversions. However, this is significantly less usual.


So, do individuals pay for backlinks? 


Yes, absolutely!


High domain authority backlinks are valuable because the number of hyperlinks leading to a website is a major search engine ranking criterion, particularly for Google. Simply put, the more relevant and high-quality links are pointing to your website, the better you can rank in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

So, What’s the Verdict on Paid Links?

In conclusion, while Google uses bought backlinks as a ranking signal, they clearly do not want such paid links to count. Although you can theoretically try to hide the paid status of your links from Google, you’re doing so at your own risk.


To put it another way, employing undeclared purchased links to boost your website’s search ranks is the SEO equivalent of using a leaking, wobbly rocket to do the job. If you’re lucky, everything will stay put, and your ranks will skyrocket. However, you may discover that the rocket has crashed and burnt, as it was bound to do, taking your rankings and SEO legwork with it.

Best Sites for Dofollow Backlinks

Don’t know how to get dofollow backlinks? You do not have to worry about it. You can visit websites and platforms that know how to get dofollow backlinks and ask them for their help. 


We have rounded up some of the best sites to get dofollow backlinks for your website for you. 


So, without further ado, let’s check them out:


Sites To Buy Dofollow Seo Backlinks What Do You Need To Know About Them?
 Zintro  For experts on jobs and network platforms
 SEO Clerks  Opportunity to Buy Backlinks with a $1 Budget
 Thumb Tack  Great local listing site for businesses
 Adsy  100% of Pages With High DA (40+)
 VECTEEZY  Upload vector artwork, sell it, and create powerful backlinks     linking to your site
 Links Management  20,000+ Different site owners
 Backlinks Generator  Blog comments, Wiki links, Web 2.0 links, Article       Submissions, profiles links
 Fiverr  Buy Different Kinds of Links like Foundation links, Guest   Blogging, Infographic Sharing
 Post Links  You have to buy Postlinks’ Credits
 Freelancer  Hourly rate is about $5-$20+ /per hour
 Backlinks  Buyers can Control backlinks
 Zeerk  Gig price of Zeerk starts from $3
 Startup Europe Club  Links for startups based in Europe
 SEO eStore  Very Fast Delivery within 24 hours
 IT Central Station
 Delivers backlinks through product reviews
 SEO Fast Ranks  Great site for buying EDU backlinks
 Get Backlinks .net  Backlinks are Search Engines Ranking Algorithm friendly
 Accessily  niche relevant high DA websites for publishing guest posts
 Product Hunt  Backlinks for products, services, or solutions
 Backlinks Rocket  100% natural and Google Algorithm safe

What Is the Best Method to Get Cheap Dofollow Backlinks for a Website?



How to find Dofollow backlinks for cheap?


The answer to this question has never been simpler!


There is literally no better way to do it than link building.


Link building is important for anyone who wants to know how to create dofollow backlinks in 2023. One of the most important things to accomplish strategically is SEO. There are numerous strategies for building links. It is advised to create a variety of backlinks, ranging from profile development to directory submissions to guest posting to forum backlinks to Wikipedia link building to infographics backlinks to everything else.

Why Are Contextual Dofollow Backlinks Important for Link Building?

A contextual backlink is one that is found within the body of the content on a website or blog and blends in organically with the content or copy. In essence, good contextual linking entails including hyperlinks inside your website’s content that use appropriate anchor text – the visible text that embeds a link.


If you are interested in knowing how to get Dofollow backlinks, you need to understand the benefits of contextual backlink building. 

Contextual Dofollow Backlinks


Utilizing contextual backlinks to authoritative websites or providing a visit to your own site demonstrates that you’ve done your homework. It also demonstrates that your primary goal is to generate helpful information that visitors will benefit from. Google promotes this type of content and considers you more trustworthy and user-focused, resulting in higher site ranks. Other advantages of contextual backlinks include:


  • Reduced bounce rate for your website
  • Heightened awareness of your website and content.
  • Increased traffic and, as a result, more conversions
  • Another organization utilizing your post and increasing your SEO score with a backlink.

Let a Professional Build SEO Dofollow Backlinks on Your Behalf

Instead of doing all the hard work on your own, you can hire the help of a professional who can take care of your link building strategies for you. 


At Globex Outreach, we provide a simple and free method for improving your SEO and speeding up the indexing of your new website. It’s only possible because we get links from highly trusted websites’ indexed pages. Furthermore, by appearing on credible domains, you get Search Engine Results Page (SERP) visibility.


All in all, we make sure that we increase your website’s visibility, search engine ranking, credibility, and awareness.

Wrapping It Up

Nothing beats witnessing the fruit of your link-building efforts bear fruit. The strategies to help you understand how to get Dofollow backlinks can help you in developing your SEO marketing strategy or addressing a link building service. Some of them may appear general, but they all contribute to the core goal of increased visibility and organic traffic.


It is important to note that these link building tips are critical to your overall link building strategy. However, following these measures alone will not result in robust SEO performance; they must be backed by a solid link development strategy.


We all know that link building is hardly rocket science. Simply look at your website through the eyes of your target audience. Does it meet their requirements and provide answers to their questions? Is it guiding them correctly? 


Create a good link building plan and combine it with these methods to improve your SEO performance!

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