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How to Get High DA Do-Follow Backlinks & Win Rankings

Backlinks are still the most important part of Google ranking factors even in 2019.

No matter how good content or user-experience you provide, you just can’t rank until you get some high DA DoFollow backlinks.

That’s exactly what you will learn in this article.

Here you will find decisive practices to get high PR DoFollow backlinks.

Backlinks and Their Importance

A backlink is considered a vote in your favor.

More votes mean more people like and trust your page. So, Google will trust you too.

Google uses over 200 factors to determine the ranking of a page. Among these factors, 40 are directly associated with backlinks.

Factors that are most noteworthy and relevant to this topic include:

A perfect backlink must comply with at least these 5 attributes.

According to Brian Dean, the authority of the linking page has always been a significant ranking factor.

Google has confirmed it too.

=”no”]To get a backlink from high PR backlink sites, you must first understand what it is.

What is the PR of a Website?

PR means PageRank.

PageRank is an algorithm of Google that measures the authority or importance of a web page.

As some new professionals may confuse, it’s NOT the rank of a page on Google SERP.

It was named PageRank after its inventor, co-founder of Google, Larry Page.

This algorithm uses the number of backlinks to determine the rank of a page. But, it’s not the only algorithm at this job.

This algorithm scores the page on a scale from 0 to 10. But, it’s considered dead now.

That said, there are still other ways to determine the importance of a webpage.

For example, you don’t need a tool to understand that Wikipedia has a great domain authority. Moreover, almost every page of this website has a high page authority.

Same is the case with Forbes, NY Times, and Washington Post.

The point is: backlinks from a website that is considered powerful are the most beneficial.

How to Check PR of a website?

There isn’t one official tool to check the value of a website.

There are, however, many online tools that provide you their opinion.

Among these tools, some that are considered most close to perfection, include:

You need high DA DoFollow backlinks for better results.

The difference between Nofollow and DoFollow:
When a link is created, it’s either DoFollow or Nofollow.

If a link is set Nofollow, it means the owner of that page doesn’t want to share his juice with it. In other words, Google crawl doesn’t follow these links.

If a link is set DoFollow, it means the owner is sharing his juice with it. Google crawl follows this link to check its credibility and relevance to the page.

It will be considered a vote in favor of your content’s credibility if it gets a DoFollow link.

Let’ discuss how you can get high PR DoFollow backlinks.

What is Outreach Marketing?

Before knowing about how you can get quality links, let’s know about the drive behind getting a link: the outreach process.

What is Outreach Marketing?

In link building, outreach marketing is the process of reaching out to potential bloggers and site owners to get a high quality link from them.

The simple outreach process goes like this:

  • Step # 1: You find the link prospecting sites
  • Step # 2: You select the best of the best sites
  • Step # 3: Manually outreach to the site owners

This simple process takes you towards getting the links.

But for getting the quality links, you should consider doing the following things:

Find Relevant Sites

You would know the most ranked and powerful websites of your niche. You should check the approximate authority of your relevant sites from the mentioned two tools.

Create a list of all websites and pages with high authority.

A backlink is useful as long as it comes from a relevant page.

A page, even high authority, won’t be much beneficial for you if it doesn’t have content related to your website.

For example, a link from a sports page is most beneficial for the page of the same niche.

The link will have even higher authority if it’s even more specific than just niche.

For example, a page with content about soccer links to another page on soccer – it is not just the same niche but also the same topic.

You need to find and make a list of two things:

  • High Authority Relevant Websites
  • High Authority Relevant Pages

A website can link you in many ways like guest posting.

But, you also need to make a list of relevant pages whose link can increase your value. If you have a page with content about soccer, look for high authority pages on soccer.

You will try to get a link for your soccer page from one of those pages.

Above screenshot shows all ranked pages for keyword ‘soccer’ and MozBar is displaying the domain and page authority of each page.

You can select the most relevant pages with high page authority and save them in a list.

Domain authority shows value of the overall website. You should know all these websites to get backlinks from them.

Write a Great Email

Some links you get without asking because someone found your content very useful.

For that, they have to find you first.

If you are not on the first page of a search result, you are unlikely to be found. But, you get on the first page after you get backlinks.

To solve this deadlock, you have to first approach other bloggers and request them to give you a link.

This is why the first point emphasized on creating a list of all high authority websites and pages of your niche.

You reach out to other bloggers through emails. Bloggers and website owners do this all the time.

If you are a low PR site and want a high PR site to link you, it will be like asking a favor.

These powerful sites are considered influencers of their niche.

All high authority sites give DoFollow links to new or weak sites – mostly in return of a favor.

You have to reach and impress them before they select you. These sites get many similar emails on a regular basis.

They don’t even respond to most of them.

You need to create an email that stands out.

There are numerous templates you can follow in writing an outreach email. But, all must have these qualities.

  • Readable: Email should be written in an easy to understand language. Don’t be too formal.
  • Succinct: Make small and precise email.
  • Make them feel unique: Address them as a single person. Make them feel valuable.

Here’s is how a leading digital marketer, Neil Patel, writes his email

See how friendly and straightforward email this is. Best of all, you feel special after reading it.

That’s what you need to do.

Write an attractive email with a good subject that can impress an influencer to give you a backlink.

Here’s a tip: offer them something in return to get better response.

Create Great Content

Even a new site with low PR won’t give you backlink if your content is low quality.

It is bad for a site to link to a page with bad or spammy content.

When you contact them, they always first verify if your content is good enough.

They only make a commitment after they have assured the quality and relevance of your content with their page.

High-quality content easily gets backlinks.

It will be considered a high-quality page if it is:

  • Lengthy: Comprehensive and covers a topic with minimum 1,500 words.
  • Unique: There is no other page with the same In short, no rewriting.
  • Your own research: Create content that shares the conclusion of your own study and experience.
  • User-Friendly: It must be easily readable with a good design and structure.

If you have rewritten someone else’s content, then there is no need for you. A high DA site can directly link to the original source instead of referring to its copy.

It is recommended to follow these expert 24 tactics to create full optimized content.

Guest Posting

You will either get a link from a resource page or you will provide them an article to post with your link in it.

The post you provide to publish on their blog is called Guest Post or Blog Post.

Guest or Blog posting is the most common practice for DoFollow backlinks submission. The authority of the link depends on the site where it is published, So:

  1. You need to utilize that list of niche relevant high PR backlink sites.
  2. Email every one of them and request for a backlink.
  3. Show them that you have an awesome relevant page.
  4. Provide them a sample of a guest

Just like the content on your website, the guest post must also be good quality and relevant.

Bloggers will reject your post if it is not valuable.

Broken Link Building

Broken link building is a time consuming but effective process.

Remember the list you need to create of high PR backlink sites – you will utilize it here again.

  • You have to find broken links in relevant pages.
  • See what the link was about.
  • Create a page with similar content.
  • Contact the blogger, identify the broken links, and request to replace it with yours.

Even this might not always work.

But, it is more likely to get a response compared to a guest post.

Broken links are not good for a site. It’s bad user experience.

If convinced properly, a blogger is sure to agree to replace the link with yours. That is if your content provides value. Otherwise, he would just remove it.

Josh from Ahref shared this great tip for building broken links.

If you don’t get a reply from the blogger, you can also contact other bloggers who have used that same broken link.

You can check a broken link in Ahref Site Explorer and it will show you all websites linking to it.

Contact all those bloggers. At least one of them will agree to use your useful link.

Participate in Roundup Posts

A roundup is a post with answers from various experts.

If you are an expert, you could also be a part of a roundup post of your niche.

This mostly works for bloggers who are already a big brand and own high PR backlink sites.

It could be especially beneficial for new sites if you get a part in round posts.

The world will see you listed among brands of your niche which helps in building your own brand.

Besides, you get high DA DoFollow backlinks from every roundup post.

You will, however, have to prove that you are an expert worthy of being a part of high PR roundup post.

Get Reviews on Your Product

You can get review websites to write a review of your product – if you are a product website.

Find relevant review websites and send them a sample of your product.

Same applies to services websites.

For example:

You can ask a fashion blogger to write a review of your product if you sell shoes or clothes.

There are many reviews writing high PR backlink sites. The review they write will be published on their site with at least one link pointing to your website.

This method is also beneficial for building brand presence.

Let me share an example…

CNET is one of the biggest review websites in the world. As per MozBar statistics, its DA score is 95.

Every single one of its page has a strong PR. The biggest of brands like Motorola and Samsung contact CNET to write a review of their product.

A link from this site would bring a lot of juice if your page is relevant.


This was a simple process to get high DA DoFollow backlinks in 2019. Here’s what you learned in this article:

PageRank tool maybe dead, but it doesn’t change the authority of a website.
You need DoFollow backlinks to get juice from a website.
Find High PR backlink sites of your niche and create a list of most relevant pages
Create a killer email and send it to all websites from the list.
Make sure your content is backlink worthy.
Approach other bloggers with a well-written guest post.
Broken links can find you free backlinks site Create similar content and contact bloggers to replace it.
Try to participate in roundup posts of authority sites.
If you have a product website, contact review writer to publish a review of your product.
What is your favorite approach to get high DA DoFollow backlinks?

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