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Why You Need Paid Link Building Services? A Complete Guide

This blog is just the right thing if you want to know:
• What is a paid link building service
• How free link building is different from paid link building
• How paid backlink building services can help change this for you.
After reading this blog, you will find out why many link building agencies exist and are they worth your time and money?
So let’s begin.


Why you need paid link building services?

Simply: So that you can get high-quality links without worrying about getting entrapped into shady link building practices.

Now let’s decode this simple answer to reach the root of it.

What are Paid Link Building Services?


Link building means to give a link from one site to another site to increase its authority, ranking, and drive qualified traffic.

Sounds simple? Well, it is not.

When you talk about link building, you know you will open a Pandora Box because you are going to hear a lot of things about it.

“Link building is becoming spammy with every passing instant.”

“It is no more significant SEO technique.”

“Google has stopped ranking a site based on link building.”

Ironically, all these things about link building are one way true and the other way false.

That’s how mysterious this whole world of link building is.

If you use cheap link building techniques, all the above points will become true for you.

But if you use the right link building techniques, it is still as relevant and important for ranking as before.

That’s where a paid niche link building service can help you.

Remember that there is a difference between link building paid links and paid link building techniques.

Buying links for link building from other sites is a big ‘no.’

Here is why:

Google has forbidden them.

Google has clearly mentioned that buying or selling links is against Google’s Webmaster Guideline.

But then what does it mean to buy link building services?

It means to hire link building expert, pay him for services, and get quality links in return.

And that’s what differentiates high-quality links from poor quality links.

There are free link building ways that don’t cost you a single dime.


  • Blog commenting
  • Poor directory submission
  • Poor article forum submission
  • And many more

These sources give you free links, and you might think that you got something really amazing without getting bankrupt.

Well, that’s not true!

These links are free, that’s true, but you have no guarantee of their quality.

  • Spammy
  • Done just to get link
  • Low quality

And Google forbids to do anyone of them.

That’s where the white hat link building service can save you because it consists of legal link building practices and proven ways to save you from any possible Google penalty.

In fact, they are now considered as black hat link building tactics because they are:

And getting a poor link for your site is just like running your site’s reputation on your own. Eh… Don’t want this, right?

That’s what you should be doing.

Hire Link Building Expert to Make a Difference


Here is how premium link building services can save you.

Benefit # 1: Guaranteed Quality Links


Online paid link building services providers charge you money for their services.

Now there are two types of structures:

  • Either they charge you monthly
  • Or, usually for custom link building services, they charge you per hour

But what they give you in return is way more than what you get with free link building services.

So it can be costly.

But you can see that with every cost comes the guarantee that you will get a link from a high-authority site with relevance and targeted traffic.

With free link building techniques, you can’t be sure whether you will fetch a quality link or not.

However, when you hire services, they use new link building techniques that are guaranteed to provide quality content.

Like at Globex Outreach, our link building services come up with several quality guarantees.

So when you hire a link building company, you know you are tapping into guaranteed quality.

You don’t need to worry much that your links will be legit or not because you will only be paying for legit links.

BENEFIT # 2: Long Lasting Links


You post a link in a blog’s comment; the blogger has the right to remove it without informing you.

Link forums also don’t guarantee the life span of the placed link.

So what if your link gets down after a few days or a month? You will again be standing on point zero.

But paid link building strategy comes up with a plan to keep your link up for more than a year, and if it gets down, most companies offer to provide an equal value replacement link for that.

Well, at least that’s what we do.

While outreaching websites, we focus on multiple things:

  • We ask for a do follow-link
  • And long-lasting link publication


How does it help businesses?


  • Get a reliable link profile.
  • Don’t have to go through the trouble of link building again and again.
  • Fetch link building benefits for a long time.

So with a reliable content-based link building, done through a paid link building agency, you know that your benefits will be long-lasting.

BENEFIT # 3: Get Someone to Hold Accountable


You placed a link within a blog comment, waited for a couple of days for it to do work, but it seems every effort vanished.

So who should be held responsible here?

You did it or asked your team to do it, so you don’t have anyone to blame. Because this way or the other, you were behind this idea.

But when you are going with a paid link building service, you know that you don’t hold responsibility for anything.

If things wouldn’t work for you, you can hold someone accountable for it.

In fact, most companies offer 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

So if you are not satisfied with the results, you can go back to them and ask to make things work for you.

BENEFIT # 4: Regular Report Delivery


According to the new link building strategies of various link building agencies, report delivery is a part of their process.

You don’t have to juggle between different tracking reports and tools to see how your campaign is going or what your links are doing for you.


You get all this right in your inbox by the service provider.

With paid link building services, you get a report as a perk that helps you in two ways:

Number 1: Where and how links are created

Number 2: Measuring results and seeing the results of the campaign

So you know clearly where your revenue is going and how to generate more.

BENEFITS # 5: Hassle-Free Experience


Link building can be very difficult and tedious.

It is not all about finding a website, asking them for a link, and getting your link published.

I wish it was that easy. But getting a quality link can take a major chunk of your time.

And building an in-house SEO team is itself trouble.

So this way or that way, link building can become a big fat hassle for you.

But when you hire the best paid link building service company, it will be responsible for everything.

Like at Globex Outreach, when we go for link building through guest posting services, from finding the best prospects, writing content to post-publication, we handle all the hassle.

So you can see that either they are new link building techniques or the older one; link building consultants design them in a way so that they handle all the headaches.



The problem with Google is that it doesn’t satisfy very easily.

It wants to give the best results to searchers for their queries.

Even if you have created the best content, and matched your content with users’ search intent, still Google wants the vote of confidence from other websites to your link building like can we consider it trustworthy and authoritative.

That’s where link building comes in.

But make sure you choose quality sites and manually reach out to them for better results.

It is even better you choose a link building expert who knows his work.

This way, you will have time to focus on many worthy things rather than wasting time on something that anyone else can do on your behalf and even better than you.

So don’t fall into the trap of free services because you know you get only what you pay for.

Pulling out a few dollars from your marketing budget for link building will move the needle for you on many fronts.

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