The Perfect Guide to Getting Backlinks from Premium Blogs

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On December 30, 2021

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Backlinks are relevant even in 2022 and one of the strongest ranking factors to date. Backlinks from popular websites with a domain authority of 80 and above help build a powerful backlink profile, increase brand awareness, and improve search engine rankings. 

You can do premium link building by:

  • Finding unlinked brand mentions
  • Finding broken links and requesting to replace them with yours
  • Creating and sharing quality infographics
  • Becoming a contributor to a premium website
  • Contacting a contributor of a premium website
  • Hiring Globex Outreach to get backlinks from premium blogs


No one thought backlinks would be relevant even in 2022. 

About a decade ago, every SEO expert saw Google introducing ranking factors that weren’t dependent on backlinks. On top of that, the criteria for quality backlinks also kept getting strict with every new update. 

While the old-school ways of link building might not work today, quality backlinks remain one of the top ranking factors to date


When it comes to quality backlinks, the first thought we get is backlinks from premium blogs. This article gets into an in-depth discussion about premium backlinks and ways to build premium backlinks.


Why Backlinks are Important?

Backlinks might not be as powerful as they used to be, but they are your best chance to rank on the first page of search engine results pages. 

You won’t have to build many backlinks once you have built a domain authority of 80 or higher. 


However, you still have to get a lot of quality backlinks according to a planned strategy to be able to reach that DA. You will need to stand out in front of search engines if you have a competition of the same league, and backlinks are usually the best option. 

Google now considers the user experience and thoroughly scrutinizes the quality of content and website design, but it still needs the vote of confidence to see who the internet trusts to be ranked on top. 

You will need a smart strategy to build a natural link profile and powerful votes from premium blogs to be able to achieve and maintain a rank on the first page of Google for keywords with reasonable traffic. 


What are Premium Blogs?

The term ‘premium blogs’ can be somewhat confusing to many people. It doesn’t refer to blogs that require users to purchase a premium to be able to read their blogs. 

SEO experts use the name of premium blogs to get backlink from DA 80+ sites. Any website that manages to build a domain authority or domain ranking of 80 or higher has a special place in the eyes of search engines. 

Some popular examples of premium sites include Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Business Insider. 

Source: Ahrefs


Backlinks from premium blogs are believed to boost the search engine ranking and domain authority of any website as their vote is considered much more powerful than any other website. 

While they are, without a doubt, beneficial, it’s not as easy to acquire a link from such sites. Other websites would easily do a niche edit if it’s relevant and most of them never say no to a guest post. 

It’s, however, very different with authoritative sites. They don’t publish just any content because they have to maintain their position as a credible service provider. 

You have to follow a specific set of rules and put real effort into the process just to get a single backlink that might not remain live forever. 


If your goal is to get high quality SEO backlinks to improve your rankings, make sure you first understand the concept before you start pitching to the giants of the internet. 


How to Identify High Quality SEO Backlinks?

Just a backlink from a high DA might not always be considered a high-quality backlink. For example, Facebook and Quora also have a domain authority that easily exceeds 90, but getting a backlink from them won’t be helpful. 

Sometimes, a backlink from sites that don’t have a very high DA can be more helpful than backlinks from premium blogs. 

Here is how you can tell if your backlinks are powerful or not. 


A good quality link is always niche relevant. This means that the site or page linking to your site has the same niche. If you are running a fashion blog or store, you should try to get backlinks from a website related to fashion.

It shows to search engines that you are not getting a random backlink, but one that is relevant and useful for the audience of the linking website. 

You are more likely to get traffic from a niche-relevant website, and that traffic is also more likely to convert. 


Quality Content

A backlink surrounded by quality content has more value. Search engines are believed to read the content around each link to understand the context. 

A relevant backlink placed in low-quality content wouldn’t be considered powerful. 

You should try to find good pages in addition to the websites where you plan to place your backlink. 

If you are publishing a guest post, make sure you create content that offers value to readers to increase the worth of the backlink you will place in it.


Contextual Link

It’s unlikely that anyone will click your link if it isn’t used naturally and contextually. You should know the proper way to use anchor texts to make your backlinks stronger.

Google supposedly studies the user behavior around each backlink to decide how valuable it is for them. If users keep ignoring it, it could mean that it doesn’t belong here. 

Traffic attracted through contextual links is more likely to convert to a lead or sale because they would know what to expect from your page. 

Not only will a contextual link help improve your domain authority and search engine ranking but also increase your sales. 


Does Premium Backlinks Building Work?

Backlinks work – even in 2022

Quality backlinks provide more value.

Backlinks from high DA websites are considered quality and powerful.

There is no reason why one should not invest to get backlinks from premium blogs

Besides, backlinks from premium sites offer many other benefits. 

They do help improve domain authority and rankings on search engine result pages, but they also bring more traffic, improve online PR, and give exposure to your brand. 


It is also understandable that these links cost more, but many would prefer a premium backlink over ten mediocre ones. 

You should not ignore the normal backlinks, but these powerful publications should also be an important part of every SEO campaign. 


Link the Brand Mentions

This isn’t very helpful for new businesses, but a company that has spent a few years in the industry can benefit from this method. 

Look if anyone has ever mentioned your brand name on his website. It could be on premium or other websites with average domain authority. While it’s a long shot to get mentioned by a giant of the internet without noticing it, it is worth taking. 

There might be some news about your industry that mentioned you or maybe someone reviewed or listed a few companies like yours. 

You need to contact the editor of that website or the write of that article and request that they put a link to the website on your brand name. If they aren’t very busy, they will agree to this small favor. 


Finding just one brand mention could save you the trouble of weeks and hundreds of dollars. 


How to See Brand Mentions?

Many might ask you to buy a premium tool to see all the brand mentions on the internet. There are some tools that can be very helpful in such things, but you don’t spend money just for this one thing; you can do it for free.

Simply type your brand name in quotation marks in the Google search engine and it will show you all the results that have mentioned you. 

You might have noticed that the search for brand mentions showed our official website first. You can exclude specific websites from the search result by typing “” after the brand name. 


You might also find some free tools on the internet that will show you all the social mentions of your brand. 

You can also make the search for a specific website. This means you can choose your favorite websites and see if they have ever mentioned your brand. Simply type “” before your brand name (in quotations). 

Find Relevant Broken Links

Finding broken links is one of the oldest ways to get backlinks from premium blogs, and it actually works. 

A broken link is a link that doesn’t exist. The writer might have put the wrong link or the linked website may have changed its URL. Either way, a broken link compromises user experience and search engines see it as a negative sign when reading a page to determine its rank. 

Redesign this to explain broken links


However, it’s rare to find a broken link on such highly maintained websites. Even when there is an opportunity, you won’t be the only one jumping at it. 


How to Find Broken Links?

This is not something you can do manually. You will need a good online tool that can find you all the broken links of a website. Usually, all good tools require you to purchase their subscription, but there are free tools that can do this one job for you. 

Ahrefs Showing Broken Links of Forbes


Ahrefs will show you a few broken links but will require you to sign up to be able to see the complete report. 

There are also other online services, such as DeadLinkChecker that will show you all the broken links of a website for free but ask you to sign up. 

DeadLinkChecker Showing Broken Link of Forbes


Create and Share Infographics 

One of the best ways to get backlinks from premium blogs is by creating linkable assets. 

There is no guarantee that you will get backlinks and, even if you do, you can’t be sure when you might have any endorsements. 

However, if you market your infographics the right way, people will use the resource and use your link as a source. 

Among many types of backlinks, infographics also get you image links, which help make your profile appear more natural and organic.  

It is also understandable that it takes a lot of time and research to build infographics. This is exactly why even authoritative websites share the effort of others and give them a link instead of creating a resource of their own. 


Tips to Create Powerful Infographics

You will need strong industry knowledge and choose a topic that your target audience would really like to learn about. Try to answer questions that are still a mystery and only an expert would be able to answer them. 

Globex Outreach has been offering infographic creation and submission services for nearly a decade as we understand its importance. They are referred to as linkable assets because people share them on their blogs and they are required to give a link to the source. 

We usually add a watermark of our client on the image in a way that it can’t be cropped so it also tells the viewers who created it and increases brand awareness. 


Become a Contributor on Premium Blogs

A lot of your troubles would solve if you can become a contributor to high DA sites. One might think that no one would deny free articles, but these premium websites won’t make just anybody their contributor. 

They have strict editorial guidelines and only allow the best to contribute to their platforms. 

If you can become a contributor, you can write an article and give backlinks from premium blogs to your or other sites as long as they are natural and don’t sound promotional. 

Some websites, such as Forbes, have also started paying a monthly amount to their contributors so they would continue publishing quality blogs. 


How to Become a Contributor?

While it is a long shot, it’s not impossible. If you don’t see many people as contributors, it’s because most people are not interested. 

If you are serious about it and don’t mind putting effort, there is no way you can’t become a contributor to a premium website. 

Find a Reference

This struggle would become a lot easier if you can find someone in your contact who regularly contributes to one of the big sites. 

They will help you get in without having to mail pitches, do follow-ups, and prove that you are worth your salt. 


Share Your Best Samples

You will need to convince them that you have extraordinary writing skills and you are an expert in your niche. 

They are not going to believe your words. Share your best samples with them. It would help if you can show a publication on another well-known platform. 


Send an Unpublished Article

When you are reaching out to the editor, make sure you attach the article that has never been published before. 

Do not expect to get backlinks from premium blogs by sending them a news or press release that has already been published on many platforms. 

They will only publish a unique article that has never been published and provides value to readers if they like the outline. 

Make sure you don’t paste the article in the email body. Attach a link to a Google Docs of the article. 


Don’t Keep Mailing

They might not reply. Even if they acknowledge, they might not be able to process your request right away. 

If you keep following up, it will not help. In fact, you will annoy them. 


You should do a follow-up only once and be very polite and respectful. Use that one follow-up wisely. 


Find Contributors of Premium Blogs

If you can’t become a contributor, you should try to find a contributor and have him publish an article for you. Those articles will, of course, contain backlinks from premium blogs to your website. 

This is a complete premium backlinks building tactic, but it requires you to do proper blogger outreach. Here is a useful guide to help you do effective blogger outreach in 2022 with all the dos and don’ts you need to know. 

Contributors will only agree to do this if you offer them some sort of benefit. They might not say it outright, but that’s how it actually works. 


How to Find Contributors?

Contributors are just writers who happen to write to popular websites with high domain authority. You might see it mentioned on their social accounts or resume. 

If you don’t have anyone in your personal link who might be connected to contributors of a website, here are two things you can do. 


See Authors of Blogs

Simply visit the website whose contributor you are looking for. Open some blogs and see who authored them. You will see their introduction right below their name. 

There would be some guest authors, council members, full-time writers, and contributors. Reach out to the ones who you can think can be helpful to you. You might have to search their name on Google and social websites to communicate with them. 


Use a Tool 

There are several tools like BuzzSumo that allow you to connect with influencers and contributors. They are not free but their price is worth the investment if you also use their services such as finding trends and keywords. 

Online services like HARO can also be a great help in connecting with the right people. 


Some Popular Premium Sites

There are hundreds of thousands of websites with a domain authority that exceeds 80 on Moz. However, not all of them are world-renowned. This doesn’t mean that they can’t provide high quality SEO backlinks. You should jump at any opportunity you can get. 

Here we have shared how you can get a backlink from some of the most popular premium websites where every business would want to get published or at least mentioned.

You can get backlink from if your approach is right. In fact, they always encourage good story ideas. 

You can visit their contact us page, submit a request to become a contributor at, or pitch your idea at

Many ask how to get backlink from Search Engine Watch, but very few know that it’s not as difficult. 

As long as you are an expert in the digital marketing niche and can provide a quality article, they wouldn’t mind publishing you.

You can apply to become a regular contributor at Search Engine Watch by following the link. 

They have also provided detailed editorial guidelines so your article gets approved the first time.

They would publish niche-relevant quality articles that can provide unique insights. You will have a big competition and it could take time before you get published.

However, they always welcome all contributors and have provided detailed writers guidelines on their website

If you are wondering how to get backlink from Search Engine Journal, visit their contact us page to submit a request to write for them.

You can get backlink from, which is one of the biggest sites in the business niche. They provide high-quality work to their readers and every single endorsement from them to a business bears heavy fruit. 

It has a program called Entrepreneur Leadership Network, which allows everyone to contribute to this internet giant. You can apply to become a contributor at Entrepreneur by following the link. 

You will be required to fill an application, clear their interview, and then pay a membership fee to complete this process.

One of the top websites for trends, news, and expert analysis also accepts content from contributors, and people from any part of the world can join their network. 

If you are thinking how I can get backlink from b2c, read their contributor guidelines and fill out this online application form.

They have mentioned that they have a heavy workload and won’t be able to reply right away, but they will respond.

Every online business needs a DoFollow backlink opportunity on, but they don’t give it away to anyone. 

If you have something really good to share with their audience, you can send an email to If they like your pitch and samples, they will get back to you.

Visited by over 7 million people every month, a single backlink from HubSpot site could prove very powerful. 

They have strict quality guidelines that they have mentioned on their website. If you can follow their guidelines, reach out to them on their contact us page.

As long as you are sending them a quality piece, they won’t be very difficult. Just like any good website, you will need to follow their submission guidelines to get a backlink from

If you feel that you have something very special and unique to share, visit their Got a Tip page and fill out the form.

You can get dofollow backlink from, but they review your complete profile before making any decision. 

Although they work on a number of niches, they have maintained high-quality standards and have clear guidelines for anyone who wants to contribute to their website. 

You can fill out the form here to become a contributor at ReadWrite.

You will choose one niche and sign a contract with them to be able to become a contributor. 

You can contact Debbie Strong at or Laura Casado at with a pitch and some good samples. 

If you want to syndicate or get backlink from site, email at


Globex Outreach Can Get You Backlinks from Premium Blogs

It takes months to get backlink from DA 80+ sites. Each website will make you wait and most probably reject your submission unless it’s something that really outshines most articles on the internet. 

If they do agree to publish an article, they might not allow you to link back to your website. Even after all that, it is not going to be a free endorsement. 

You need a full-time blogger outreach team and niche-expert content writers to be able to succeed at premium backlinks building.

While you might lack the time, resources, and experience, Globex Outreach specializes in this field and has all the resources it could need. 

We can help you get an endorsement from over 100 premium websites. From writing research-based quality content that makes you appear as an industry leader to timely publishing with brand mentions in the category you demand, it’s our everyday job. 

You can contact us any time to get a free consultation and learn more about our services. 

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