550% Increase in Monthly Organic Traffic of a French Insurance Comparing Platform

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On March 29, 2024
Insurance Business SEO Case Study

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If you are from France and have compared your insurance premiums to get the best value for your money, you might have come across the client we are about to feature in this case study. The insurance premium market in France is a competitive one. We helped our client conquer this market and get a 550% increase in their monthly organic traffic. Let’s see how we did this! 



Campaign duration = 6 Months

Country-specific referring domains = 15

Increase in Traffic = 550%

Campaign Start Date = September 2023

Campaign End Date = March 2024


Project Background

This client reached out to us in August 2023 and mentioned the need to get organic traffic and leads from the local community. What set them apart from our other clients was their country-specific approach, limited to France. 

The problems faced by the business were low monthly traffic and scarcity of new customers. They wanted more customers on their website to generate direct revenue. Globex Outreach started its SEO campaign at the start of September 2023. Let’s see what differences it made and how. 


Our Strategy

Globex Outreach started working on conducting the analysis for the website. We understood consumer behaviors, user trends, and competition in France regarding the insurance industry. The types of analysis we conducted are mentioned as follows:


Competitor Analysis:

Knowing that the client was looking to establish its identity in the French insurance market, we started by having a look at how competitors were doing in France. This included conducting a deep analysis of competitors’ websites, social media handles, and consumer base. 

Keyword Research

After conducting these analyses, we found that the business needed quality backlinks from authority referring domains. Based on this analysis, we outreached the top level domains in France to get backlinks for our clients. These domains were both country-specific and relevant to the insurance industry in France. 

Top Competing Domains

Backlink Analysis 

Utilizing advanced backlink analysis tools, we conducted an in-depth assessment of the Insurance Company’s existing backlink profile. This involved scrutinizing the quality and relevance of each backlink pointing to the client’s website. By identifying authoritative and relevant backlinks, we were able to utilize them to improve the client’s website authority and search engine ranking. 

Backlinks analysis

Spammy Backlink Analysis 

In parallel with the backlinks analysis, we also scrutinized the backlink profile for any spammy or low-quality links that could harm the client’s website ranking. By using spam detection techniques, we identified and categorized spammy backlinks based on various criteria such as relevance, authority, and trustworthiness. 

Spammy Backlinks Analysis

This approach allowed us to reduce and eliminate any negative impact on the client’s SEO performance by disavowing or removing these harmful backlinks promptly. 


Backlinks Building Strategies Executed by Us 

insurance backlinking stratgegies

  • Niche-Relevant and Country-Specific Backlinking

After conducting backlink analysis and identifying the spammy backlinks for our client, we started building backlinks from niche-relevant sources within the country. We identified the top 15 media websites in France and reached out to them for guest posting and niche-edit opportunities. 

French Link Building Case Study

 All of these websites were related to the insurance and finance industry, with quality content and an established audience base. Our custom outreach specialists reached out to these websites with quality content having links back to our client’s website. 


  • Brand Mentions 

The client was quite new to the French market and had yet to establish its online identity. Keeping this brand positioning in the market, we decided to go for brand mentions of the client in different local B2B and B2C business directories. 

Along with this, we also secured brand mentions for the insurance company on reputable review platforms and social media handles. This was done after performing audience research and categorizing the audience based on the demographics targeted by the client. 


  • Competitors Link Building 

The competition for insurance provider companies in France is quite fierce. Beating such competition was challenging for a budding business like our client. However, our talented digital marketing team and SEO specialists added competitor link building to our client’s SEO strategy. 

Competitors Backlinks Analysis

This included identifying competitor backlinks and then availing those opportunities to get backlinks for our client. This included 100% quality domains having organic and consistent traffic. Backlinks from these sources added to the client’s authority and increased its online visibility and search engine traffic by 550%. 

Below is a table to have an idea of how organic traffic started increasing after each campaign milestone. 

Revenue Spent Monthly Traffic Increase
After the Completion of 2 Months $1500 100% (From 980 to 2000)
After the Completion of 4 Months $1000 250% (From 2000 to 3450)
After the Completion of 6 Months $500 250% (From 3450 to 5431)



Globex Outreach has been working with many such clients to improve their online visibility from scratch and make a brand out of their new businesses. This ultimately led to more online website visits and sales, contributing towards more revenue. 

The most important thing we added was rerouting the traffic to their website by collecting valuable data from their audience. If you are also looking to improve your business’s online visibility, you can schedule a meeting with us. 

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