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On March 20, 2024
Online Financial service seo case study

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Here, you can find a detailed case study of one of our clients in the financial industry who achieved great results in just a few months of working with us. This client availed our services to boost their traffic and achieve their goals. 

You can learn more about the strategies behind all our case studies on our website. 

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The biggest problem that our client was facing was that their website was receiving almost no traffic. The owners of the website looked into several ways to improve their organic traffic but all efforts seem to go in vain.

How can low traffic affect a website

The website remained largely unnoticed and was not receiving the expected traffic. In such circumstances, they reached out to use their problem as a last resort.


Backlink Analysis

Being a vital aspect of SEO, backlink analysis is the first thing we do. This process involves evaluating the links pointing back to a website from external sources to learn about the quality, quantity, and relevancy of the backlinks. 

Backlink Analysis

The information gathered through a backlink analysis provided us with useful insights into the SEO performance of the ongoing campaigns.

Understanding competitive advantage, link quality, toxic link detection, strategy improvement, and more helped us refine the clients’ link-building strategies and improve search engine rankings to enhance their online visibility.


Competitor Analysis

The next step we do is to conduct a thorough competitor analysis. This process led us to evaluate our client’s competitors and gain better insights into market trends, influences, and strategies. We saw a lot of room to identify opportunities and gain market intelligence.

Competitor Analysis

Once we analyzed our clients’ competitors, our goal was to differentiate their brands and enhance visibility. By revealing the strengths and weaknesses of our client’s websites, we knew exactly where to start and let the acquired information leverage our mission.


Spammy Backlink Analysis 

Spammy Backlink Analysis

Low-quality, irrelevant, and harmful backlinks affect the online presence of businesses every day. Spammy backlinks were a major problem for our client.

Through monitoring revealed that our client’s link from sources like link farms and irrelevant websites proved to be a major part of the problem.

Spammy Backlinks Analysis

Spammy links were harming our client’s website’s SEO efforts and reputation. Realizing the possible consequences of spammy backlinks, we took swift steps to remove them to improve the credibility and SEO performance of the website.


Niche Relevant Backlinking

Looking at the gaps in our client’s Backlinking strategies, our main focus was to acquire backlinks from websites that relate closely to the same industry as our client’s website. Link-building opportunities from relevant websites ensure search engines that authoritative sources are endorsing you.

Niche Relevant Backlinks

Niche-relevant backlinking showed us steady results over a small period of time. We saw improved search rankings for our client, enhanced web traffic, and a stronger online presence ever since its registration.

Online Financial Services Link Building Campaign

Once we identified relevant websites through research, our next step was the creation of quality content in the form of articles, blog posts, infographics, and more. From there on, we reached out to relevant publishers and collaborators through mediums such as personalized emails, social media, and more to pitch out content for collaboration and contribution.

The publishers did not take much time to accept our content, and hence, niche-relevant backlinks were secured for our client. From there on, we monitored their performance in terms of traffic, ranking, and engagement through the links.


Broken Link Building

Another important step taken for our client was broken link building. The purpose of this strategy was to acquire backlinks by finding dead and broken links on other websites. We suggested new content as a replacement on that website.

Broken Link Buildig

First, we started by identifying websites with relevant niche and valuable content like blogs and articles. Here, we find broken links through different tools and develop content in reference to the context and tone of what the broken link was pointing to.

Broken Link Building

 Afterward, we reached out to website owners and let them know about their broken links. Once the communication channel has been established, we recommend replacement content as a solution to their problem. This approach works better than asking for a backlink. It can mutually benefit both parties involved.


HARO Link Building

Website owners have used the HARO link-building strategy for a long time. It is one of the top ways for businesses to earn backlinks from reputable websites and improve their authority and rankings in search engine results.

Once we registered our client as a source on the HARO website, we received queries from journalists in the relevant categories. It took a lot of effort to review different queries and narrow down the ones that match your niche and goals.

HARO Link Building

From there on, we create a strong pitch and respond to the queries of different journalists. You can suggest adding a link back to the relevant content on your website. Remember to pay special attention to the response that fits naturally and follows the guidelines and instructions stated for an opportunity.

We kept checking the deadlines to increase your chances of being selected for the opportunity. Otherwise, it is easy to miss out as HARO queries come with a tight deadline. After that, we waited for the responses to get featured and to assess the effectiveness of our HARO link-building efforts.



We have only worked on this site for three months and observed such great progress. We believe it has a lot more potential to grow and thrive. We plan to link some high-volume keywords that we used for content Over the next three months to see further progress. 

If you also need any help with your own site, even if it has been penalized, you might be interested in getting in touch with us to discover options for a better tomorrow.

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