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How to Guest Post on Huffington Post – Everything Explained!

In this blog, I am going to unveil the secret behind how to guest post on Huffington Post.

Here you will find answers to questions like:

  • What to do to become a guest blogger on The Huffington Post
  • How to get your first article published on The Huffington Post
  • How to find topics that get a positive response
  • How to write compelling email pitches that work
  • How to write an article for Huffington Post

After reading this blog, your dream of doing guest blogging on a premium site is likely to come true. In fact, that’s how we have done things.

So now it is your turn to come in the line.



What if I say that getting a link from a 93 DA site with organic traffic of 2.2M is not beyond the horizon of your scope?

Yes, I am talking about the Huffington Post, one of the most renowned premium sites whose links can give a tremendous boost to your site.



And yes, I am saying that you can get a link from this site. It is hard, but not impossible.

If you are in the SEO game for a long time, you know what it means to guest post on premium sites, like Huffington Post.

Getting published on Huffington Post simply means that your worth will increase in Google’s eyes, and you will see…

  • Boost in your ranking
  • Increase in authority and credibility
  • Enhancement in exposure

…because a highly authoritative source that is one of the giants in its industry will be giving you a vote of confidence.


So no wonder that you want to know how to write for Huffington Post blog.

If you want to publish your guest post on Huffington Post (that you definitely do; we all do!), I have bad and good news for you:

The bad news is that the Huffington Post guest blog is a bit difficult as it has closed its unpaid blogging section as of January 2018.

But wait! I also have good news:

It opened two more sections:

  • Opinion section
  • Huffington personal



Though the ‘Opinion Section’ is closed now, you have the opportunity to write for the ‘Huffington Personal’ section.

It might not be tagged as guest blogging on Huffington Post, but it is ‘unofficially the same thing.”

So here is your answer to the cherished question: How to guest post on Huffington Post?


How to Be a Guest Blogger on Huffington Post?


Getting your first guest post published can be a bit difficult because it is a no-brainer that submitting article to huffington post is every marketer’s desire. So the Huffington Post gets hundreds of pitches every day.

And it is not easy to come under its editors’ radar because they don’t have time to read every Huffington Post submission thoroughly.

So here are given some tips on how to get published in Huffington Post that can help you cross the barrier and become a Huffington Post contributor.

Here is an insight into how to publish on Huffington Post:


STEP 1: Research and Analyze the Site


Your first step towards submitting to the Huffington Post begins with analyzing every nook and cranny of the site.

You need to know about the site to come up with content that works.

Digging out a site helps you to know:

  • The range of available niches
  • The type of content they publish
  • Their writing style and tone
  • Their most popular topics
  • What kinds of topics they accept
  • What possible ideas you can pitch

Every site has its own particular tone and style.

Dig out any blog, and read different published articles.

Obviously, topics will be different, but the way they tackle each article will be quite similar.

So the rule of thumb of how to feature a guest post on Huffington Post is:




Once you know what you are going to compete, it becomes easier to come up with a winning Huffington Post pitch and find ansers to:  how to get an article published in the huffington post


STEP 2: Find an Awesome Idea


When I say awesome, I mean really ‘awesome.’

The reason why Huffington Post stopped taking guest post was:


“to improve the editorial quality of the news site and cut down on unvetted reporting.”


So this initiative itself warned all other people looking for submitting articles to Huffington Post that you are only invited if you have something worth telling.

For example, that are some of the published articles on HuffPost’s Personal section:



You can see that one thing is common in all these article submitted to Huffington Post. They:

  1. Have a story-telling way
  2. Are original, unique, and compelling topics
  3. Are written in the first person
  4. Give a different perspective on societal, political, cultural topics
  5. Have a personal touch, expression of emotions, feelings, views, and thoughts

So you don’t need to think much about how to find blogs to guest post on Huffington Post.

Just come up with a topic that really has a soul and something to shake the heart of the readers and editors. Then, create an inspiring Huffington Post blog pitch. It will do the trick.

The most common themes of HuffPost Personal section include:



  • Health (mental & physical)
  • Relationships (parenting, love, family, friendship)
  • Identity (personal, social, religious, cultural, ethnic, global, regional, gender, sexual)
  • Career & Business (entrepreneurship, job opportunities, market scenario)
  • Social Taboos (body image, living, behavioral, and cultural patterns, set norms)
  • Personal Stories (experiences, views, and thoughts)

Make sure you choose a topic that you are confident with and have a grip on.

Don’t try to act way too smart by selecting a topic that you know nothing about. And you choose it just because you want to prove yourself as a brainy head.

You know where it will end your proposal…in the bin!

So choose a unique and site relevant topic that you know how to tackle.

That is the secret key to how to become a Huffington Post blogger.


STEP 3: Create a Compelling Content


Don’t write just for the sake of writing or because you want to get published.

Write as if this is the last piece of content you are going to write in your life. And carve the best out of it!

Here you need to know that there is a difference between writing and carving content for Huffington Post blog submission.


“Writing is just like tossing words on the page, whereas carving content means creating a masterpiece utilizing your best writing abilities, creativity, and story-telling expression.”


You need to stick with the latter option and ‘carve’ something exclusive that resonates with the readers and the editor’s taste.

  • Tickle their emotions
  • Give them food for thought
  • Provide them a solution
  • Offer a new thinking perspective
  • Share your special experiences
  • Reveal never-heard-before tips

In other words, write something that others have never read before, but they will love to.

Make sure you have something like this before submitting to Huffington Post.


Here Paula Danziger words might help you:



So: Do this!

And if you really end up creating something like this, tickling the fancy of the editor will be like a breeze.


How to Publish a Guest Post on Huffington?


Your struggle doesn’t end after writing a MINDBLOWING story.

The next step is how to feature a guest post on Huffington Post?

This is not going to be easy. But again, we all know good things never come easily. So how can this happen for Huffington Post article submission?

So if Huffington post article submission is your dream, you have to earn it.

Here is some useful insight into how to approve a guest post on Huffington Post:


STEP 1: Find Information of the Relevant Person


First, you need to find out who you are going to pitch out to.

For that, you definitely need contact information.

But here is an interesting thing about guest blogging on HuffPost:

There are three ways to pitch and submit an article to Huffington Post.


  • You can send an email to Arianna directly at (yes, you can pitch your idea to the main lady behind the scene fearlessly. And she doesn’t mind!).


  • For an easy shot, you can send it to one of the editors of your area of interest.


  • Lastly, you can pitch through the official Huffington Post guest post submission form. Here is the address:


By the way, it looks something like this:


So choose whatever way you want to choose.

But it is just the beginning.

Giant is ahead yet.

Your next target is: how to approve a guest post on Huffington Post.


STEP 2: Write a Convincing Pitch



Whether you are submitting the submission form or emailing to a person, what you write matters a lot.

Here are the key things you need to focus on to write a pitch or Huffington :


  • Mention Experience: Tell them what makes you the best fit to write for HuffPost.


  • Establish Credibility: If you have ever written for another premium site, mention its link.


  • Tell Your Idea: Explain it in a way that shows why your story matters and how it will benefit their audience base.


  • Show Your Expertise: Mark your expertise in the chosen area with your credentials, academic background, or previous work experience.


  • Give a Brief: Depict your writing style in a brief introduction of your topic so that editor can judge you are good to go or not.


Here is a sample that might help you win your case:


Hey Arianna,

I hope you are fine. And I hope you get this email when you are thinking of an amazing topic, and you find that in my email (miracles do happen!).

I’m [your name], a [your position] working at [where you work/your website]. I love your blog, and writing for it is like a dream for me. And to turn this dream into reality, I have come up with an article [article’s title].

I believe that this article will give a different perspective to [tell how your article will make a difference].

I have written the article, and if you want, I can send it to you right away along with a short bio/ social media links/ headshot.

Looking to hear from you soon.



Make sure your email reflects your sincerity and true interest in guest blogging for Huffington Post.

Moreover, try to present your idea as convincingly as you can.

In fact, it is better if you also attach a PDF of your post along with the pitching email or paste the article below the email while submitting stories to Huffington Post.

Try to make things as easier and convincing as much as you can so that you can enhance the possibility of getting a beaming ‘yes.’


 STEP 3: Get Ready for the Next Step


After sending the email, you know there are two possibilities:

  • Either you will get a response
  • Or you will not get the response

So you should be fully prepared to tackle both situations.

If you get a response, first, congrats. Second, be ready to fulfill all the requirements.

Make sure that:

  1. Your final draft is ready to go.
  2. You meet the deadline.
  3. You cater to all the demanded requirements.

In case if your pitch doesn’t get a response after 10-14 days (you know there are always ifs and buts in life!), send a follow-up email.


  1. Be polite and professional
  2. Don’t sound impatient
  3. Briefly refer to your previous email
  4. Slightly tap your idea (to help in case the editor missed your previous email)

When you are searching for “how to guest post on Huffington Post blogs,” you should be sure of one thing:

Responses can get delayed because there is so much going on in the editor’s room that it is difficult to get quick answers.

So don’t lose your cool. Your time might be on the way.


STEP 4: Share Your Post Like Crazy


If your post gets published (and we hope that it does after so much effort!), get ready to give a shout out to the world:

“Hey, I got my name on HuffPost as a guest writer.”

This is not a small achievement. So you have every right to tell others that YOU MADE IT, finally.

  • Promote on the social media platform
  • Drop links in your friends’ WhatsApp groups (it is okay to get a bit haughty!)
  • Do whatever it takes to give a boost to your post

It is your right to do all this when you learn how to get an article published in the Huffington Post.



If your post gets good views and engagement, landing the second opportunity will be easier.


Bonus Tips: How to Increase Your Chances of Getting a ‘YES’


Here are some bonus tips that might increase your chances of publishing a guest post on the Huffington Post:


BONUS # 1: Build a Relationship with Editors


The most challenging part during submission to Huffington Post is getting the attention of editors in the mass of so many other emails.

So it is better if you start building a relationship with them beforehand.

Here is how:

  1. Follow them on social media and interact with their posts.
  2. Comment on their articles.
  3. Send warm-up emails appreciating their work and efforts.

This prior effort will give a tremendous boost to your pitched email.

Just imagine if the editor sees your name, and it reflects back in his mind…

“Ah, the girl who sent me such a warm email before.”

…you can imagine that your chances of getting attention increase by two folds.


BONUS # 2: Follow the Set Pattern


Rule of thumb for how to get published in the Huffington Post is:

It is always good to be a trendsetter, introduce something new, and play on your own grounds.

But it is better to play safely on your first try.

Don’t copy someone, but try to stick with the trending patterns to enhance your chances of getting an acceptance email.




Finding an answer to how to guest post on Huffington Post might be an intimidating experience.

Getting your work published on a premium site is not a joke.

It takes a lot of top-writing skills and dedication to publishing a guest post on the Huffington Post.

So if you have just started pursuing your dream, and finding answer to how to get a Huffington Post blog, it will take time.

But again, SEO is difficult. So it is better to go with a flow and bring SEO benefits with guest posting on the Huffington Post by putting in some effort.

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