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On October 12, 2020

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You are not wrong if the title of this blog is pinching you.

You might be wondering: Can a link building consultant really bring money for you?

Because until now, you have been just spending money to buy white hat SEO link building services.

And link building is not at all cheap.

If you dig out link building packages of agencies, they can actually blow your mind.

It means that, on average, you spend monthly around $1500-2000 on building link service.

And in return, you get just fake promises of results and deadlines that never seem to end.

Things get even messed up when you build an in-house link building team.

So there is no wonder that you have been considering link building as a black hole that sucks up your SEO marketing budget but doesn’t pay you off.

But what if I still stick to my words: Yes, a link building consultant can really help you get tons of cash.

Hard to believe?

Here are some link building benefits:

Good quality backlinks help you rank higher.

Ranking higher means…

  • You get more brand recognition.
  • Your brand awareness increases.
  • You get the major chunk of the traffic.
  • So… you can generate more revenue!

In other words, a backlink building consultant can really help you get to make money – but only if it does things right.

Here is how:

Duties of a Link Building Consultant

A link building consultant will not bring quality links out of thin air. He has to follow a set path, stick to a few rules, and perform certain duties to deliver the best results you expect from him.

Here are given a few important duties that your selected backlink building agency must do:

1.      Builds a Robust Link Building Strategy


You might have heard about how a content marketing strategy helps a content marketing consultant develop winning content for your business that audiences love and Google likes.

But do you know that link building strategy is also a thing, and it is equally important to get the desired results?

You need a strong link building strategy to make things work for you.

Doing link building not powered by a strategy is just like you are randomly throwing arrows while expecting that they will hit the target.

Writing guest posts, ticking some link roundups, giving out testimonials, and pitching out to a couple of resource pages is not going to take you anywhere.

High quality link building is powered by a powerful backlink strategy that works.

Here strategy doesn’t mean the techniques you use but the overall plan of how you will fetch quality backlinks.

Ever heard of marketing sales funnel?

Your customers go through a path before becoming your loyal customers.

#1: They first become aware of your product.

#2: In the second stage, they become interested in your products.

#3: After that, they evaluate your business.

#4: Then they develop buying intent.

#5: Finally, they confirm the deal and purchase.


You define a marketing strategy to help customers every step of the sales funnel.

Similarly, you need a strategy to turn your website into a goldmine of natural links.

Let me show you how.

Follow these steps to build a good backlink strategy for SEO:

  • STEP 1: Know your targeted audience
  • STEP 2: Check out your competitors
  • STEP 3: Create amazing content
  • STEP 4: Let others know about your content
  • STEP 5: Tweak your strategy along the way


Things will only start working if such a strong backlink strategy will back all your link building efforts for SEO.

Again, a freelancer or agency running just for the sake of – well, running – don’t have time to invest so much into something.

On top of that, building a whole strategy and doing research seems so useless when they are just sitting there to sell links, not to build them.

But a good SEO link building consultant is here to give you a consultant. And guiding you every step of the link building strategy is a part of his job.

2. Analyzes On-Page SEO


SEO is a mix of off-page and on-page tactics.

So no matter how much you invest money and time on your off-page SEO, it will all be a waste without the touch of on-page SEO.

If you want to…

  • Increase sells
  • Get the attention of the searchers
  • Steal limelight from all your competitors

…you have to grab the top ranking position on SERPs.

And it is impossible to do it all alone on the power of link building if your on-page SEO is a mess.

Oh…and sorry to break your bubble, but the on-page SEO is not only about adding keywords and content optimization.

Here is what else is also part of the game.

Source: Hook Agency

So a genuine consultant doesn’t ask you to jump on to the wagon of link building before checking what is the situation of:

  • Keyword selection
  • Keyword placement
  • Keyword density
  • Title tags
  • Meta description
  • Site structure
  • Internal linking
  • Alt tags
  • URL structure
  • Quality content

Yes, on-page SEO is all about this, and yes, it should be on-point to get far-reaching results.

3. Does an SEO Audit


Before you start working on improving your site’s SEO, you need to check what can pull down your efforts.

That’s where SEO audit comes into play.

You have created a fantastic website.

It is visually appealing, content is awesome, and has the right keyword selection and placement.

But it can still not rank higher if it has loosey-goosey ends and less readability for Google.

Like your site:

  1. Might have an unhealthy link profile with bad links from poor sites.
  2. Broken links giving bad user experience.
  3. Poor internal linking that obstructs crawlers’ path.
  4. Duplicate pages that you don’t know exist.
  5. Slow page speed taking years to load.

These issues can kill your site’s SEO even if it is well-optimized.

So what can you do?

You can evaluate your site and its performance.

An SEO audit can be a time-taking task, and you might also have to loosen up your budget because it is also expensive.

But if you see what it includes, you find these prices legit.

Once you have all the knowledge and tools to climb, conquering a rock wall of SEO becomes a lot easier.

And building effective and good backlinks for SEO becomes not-so-hard-nut to crack.

4. Generates Linkable Assets to Capture Natural Links


It has been long that the Penguin algorithm stuck the SEO world, and now we know Google just accepts natural links.

That simply means:

You can’t scam the system – paid links, link schemes, and comment spam – no, not anymore!

Links that people naturally link out to your site are acceptable and good to go.

But here the real question is:

Question: Why will people link out to your site?

Answer: When your site has something worth linking to.

Its best example is Backlinko’s Skyscraper blog post.

This blog post was published back in 2016; it has garnered around 12.8K links from 2.5K referring domains.

Okay, you might be thinking that Brain Dean is an authority name, so linking out to one of its blogs will increase their authority as well. So sites just give out the link to his blog – without any reason!

Well, this is not the case.

You can analyze Brian’s other posts as well.

For example, this is the backlink analysis of Brain’s other blog.

You can see that it just managed to get 89 backlinks.

So why does his Skyscraper blog get so many links even after so many years?

The reason is simple:

That blog tapped a new idea that nobody had discussed before and delivered a very impactful piece of information.

In other words: it gave enough reasons to make it a reference blog for other industry-related bloggers.

The thing is that you can also buy links.

But why go for a black hat backlink strategy for SEO when you can naturally earn links by offering enough reasons to others to link to you?

These linkable assets can be:

  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • New concepts/ideas
  • Related images

A link building consultant guides you to choose your fighter and how to use it in your favor.

5. Works on Your Content


If I ask you what is your content writing strategy?

Are you one of those who sit down and wait for the content to start flowing automatically?

If yes, you are wasting your time.

No matter how good your writing and creative skills are, if you don’t have a plan in hand, you can miss out on important points while writing content.

And it will cost you later when doing high quality link building will only remain your dream of good-old-days because:

You will have nothing to link to.

So start working on a content writing plan that includes:

  • Finding relevant keywords.
  • Giving useful and valuable information.
  • Creating interesting and engaging content.
  • Answering all possible questions/queries.
  • Bringing an edge that others don’t have.

So instead of just focusing on link building, inject value into your content.

In fact, content based link building is one of the most powerful techniques because here you don’t focus on building link. You just write amazing content, and links keep flowing naturally.

Here are some tips that might help you:

These tips will change the bottom-line of your content’s impact.

6.      Builds Relationship within Industry


There is a huge difference between link building and link earning.

Link building can cost you an average of $300 per link.

Whereas, link earning requires just a chunk of your time.

That’s what getting a link sounds like:

So if you go for link building, your marketing budget skyrockets.

But link earning means that you get a link without spending a single dime.

But to get such links, you do have to invest some time outreaching the best niche-specific blogger sites, building a relationship with them, helping them in promotion, etc.

Once you get a good reputation, getting a link becomes easier.

So basically, it is not about link building, but building link contact to make things easier for yourself.

7.      Keep Analysis an On-Going Process


SEO is not something you do and then leave it to run on its own.

If you are not staying with the current trends and changed Google scenarios, get ready to fail.

SEO is a continuous process, and like any other continuous process, you have to feed it with constant attention and focus.

An expert link building consultant keeps analysis a part of its daily, weekly, or monthly task.

The good thing is that this analysis tells you where things are getting lost. So you can fix them without any further damage.

So things basically go like this:



The good thing about building link service is that it is not rocket science.

The bad thing about link building service is that it can become a rocket science if not done right.

So it all depends on the selection of your link building source and techniques.

It is better to find a link building consultant who is not only experienced but knows the hidden tricks that are the actual propellers behind any effective link building effort.

Let us know your link building experience in the comment box. We are ready to get moved!

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