The Only On-Page SEO Checklist 2023 You Will Ever Need

Search engine optimization (SEO)
On May 23, 2023
Onpage SEO Checklist

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A well-thought-out on-page search engine optimization checklist helps businesses create leads and turn those leads into paying customers. Furthermore, on-page search engine optimization is quite cost-effective. In addition, it provides various long-term benefits, including audience engagement and client loyalty. So, investing in an on-page SEO checklist 2023 is the choice you should be making!

Onpage seo

Source: Moz

On-page SEO is the basis upon which your website must be built if you want to achieve higher search engine rankings. On-page and off-page SEO are inextricably linked. If you lack one of them, your website’s prospects of ranking high are slim.

SEO Checklist

Source: Slide Team

Off-page SEO entails link-building tactics, the outcomes of which are not always in your control. The advantage of on-page SEO is that it is completely under your control. On-page SEO is applied to both the visible and coded portions of your website. It applies to both users and search engines.


So, let’s start with the best on-page SEO checklist 2023, shall we?

On Page Search Engine Optimization Checklist

Every time you revamp your old content or post a new article, you must ensure that you have addressed every component from your SEO on page activities list. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of responsibilities at hand. 


So, how do you do on-page SEO step by step?


Fortunately, we’ve created a comprehensive on-page SEO checklist 2023 to assist you in mastering your on-page SEO. 


Let’s dive right in right now !

  • Identify Your Target Keywords

Target keywords, or in other words, relevant search queries, are instrumental for on-page SEO. After all, your objective is to appear higher in the search results for keywords that are relevant.


Conduct keyword research to determine what combinations of words and phrases viewers use to find web pages similar to yours. 

Types of FirepitsSource: SEMrush Blog

But what metrics do you need to pay attention to? 


  • Search Intent
  • Keyword Search Volume
  • Keyword Difficulty

Keywords Difficulty

Source: Mangools

By conducting keyword analysis and comprehending search intent, you can select the ideal target keywords. You can then work on your page’s optimization according to your basic on-page SEO checklist.

  • Videos Reign Supreme

People are drawn to visual stuff, particularly videos. Adding videos to your web page will keep your visitors on your website longer and lower bounce rates, both of which are important ranking requirements for Google.

Social Media Promotion

As an e-commerce store owner, you need to get your videos indexed by Google. At the same time, it is imperative that your readers and Google understand what your video is about. 


You can follow the following tips to make your content appealing to search engines and users:


  • Design an eye-catching and relevant thumbnail that matches your topic. 
  • Create compelling and short titles for your videos, including the target keyword.
  • Try to add subtitles to your videos for viewers who like to watch videos without sound.
  • Make sure that the content on your page and in your video align with each other.
  • Write a multi-paragraph description of your video. Use it to describe what your video entails and add your primary and secondary keywords to it.

Why do videos need to be a part of your on-page SEO checklist 2023? Because they drive a healthy ROI and are popular among viewers. The stats prove it:

Usage of Online video

Source: Search Engine Land

  1. Create High-Quality On-Page Content

The content you add to your web pages is the heart of your on-page optimization. It informs both readers and major search engines about your business and its online presence. 

content quality vs quantity

Source: Scoop It

The first step you should be ticking off your on-page SEO checklist 2023 is a selection of relevant keywords and topics for your content. You need to research keywords properly in order to see what your competitors are doing and how their websites are appearing in SERPs. Plus, you can use tools like UberSuggest, SEMrush, Ahrefs, and AnswerthePublic.


Moreover, before you start using on site SEO tips and tricks, you need to know how your page content fits within your buyer’s journey and your audiences’ search intent.

Buyers Journey

Source: Qualtrics

These factors will determine the way you use your keywords and the types of content you publish.

The Best SEO Practices for Creating High-Quality Page Content

Here’s everything you need to do if you want to create content that is capable of luring your readers and guiding them toward conversion:


  • Create content for your specific buyer persona
  • Make sure your content answers your audiences’ questions and solves their problems
  • Write content that you think people will want to link to and share with others
  • Add both short and long-tail keywords to your content in a natural and non-spammy way
  • Optimize your content for conversions by adding calls to action on product pages
  • Don’t forget to add relevant and engaging images, videos, and other media

Content Checklist

The high-quality page content is your chance to offer value to Google and your website’s visitors; it’s the beating heart of any on-page search engine optimization guide. All other on-page SEO factors are derived from high-quality page content. Therefore, devote sufficient time to developing and optimizing it.

  • Setup Your Google Search Console

You need your Google Search Console up and running if you want to rank high in Google’s SERPs.


The Google Search Console was created to help people track their website’s performance in Google Search. Needless to say, it is an extremely powerful SEO tool.

setup search Console

Source: Search Engine Watch


And it is free!!!


It has an array of features that can come in handy, especially if you are ticking off on page SEO factors in 2023:


  • Shows which keywords can bring its users the most traffic
  • Fixes common website mistakes and errors
  • Submits user’s sitemap
  • Lets users view their page experience scores


Source: Stack Exchange

In a nutshell, if you are serious about on-page SEO activities and actually want to rank, you need to set up the Google Search Console.

  • Pay Attention to Mobile-First Indexing

We live in a world that is digitally obsessed. People are on their phones at all times. A website optimized for smartphones and mobile devices is not just a luxury. It is a necessity! 


So, should you include mobile-first indexing in your on-page SEO checklist 2023?

mobile first indexing

Source: Designer Websites

Surprisingly, this factor is so important that Google might not even rank a page if it is not optimized for mobile users. Furthermore, when it comes to website indexing and ranking, Google favors mobile-optimized websites. 


Keep your phrases and paragraphs brief, utilize prominent buttons, and use easy-to-read typefaces to make your site appealing to mobile-viewing consumers. 


Looking for feedback on how well your website fares? Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test has got your back.

Mobile friendly test

Source: Google Search Central

This free tool by Google tells users how effectively their web pages are optimized for mobile devices.

  • Make Sure to Optimize Your Images

They say, ‘art imitates life.’ 


The images you add to your content tell a story. However, while people love seeing images, Google is not capable of understanding them in the way humans do.


In order to make Google understand your images, you need to optimize them. Add filenames and alt tags. 

Image SEO

Source: Speed Boostr

But how? 


Here’s how: 


Start by saving your image with a filename that properly tells what the image is about.


For example, you save a picture of chicken marinara to your laptop. Your filename should be clear and concise, something like: 




Once you have done that, add a descriptive alt tag when you add the image to your content or your website.

Here Is Your Image Optimization Checklist:

Here is everything you need to include in your on page search engine optimization checklist for images: 


Add alt text to your images: An alt text is an alternative to text for an image. Google uses alt text to understand the image. Plus, it also helps visually handicapped people who use screen readers. Make sure that it has your primary keyword.

Image SEO 2

Source: University of Dayton

Don’t substitute the content with images: Images and alt text are meant to enhance your content. Alt text does not substitute text. It is supposed to be only a few words. Therefore, if you’re adding images to your content to convey extra information relevant to your primary keyword, make sure that the content is also written out in the page’s body text.


Optimize your images for speed: Adjust the size of your images so that their width does not exceed your web page’s maximum width, as well as compress them to minimize file scale without sacrificing image quality. If you have a huge site with a lot of images, you should consider using a content delivery network.

Moble page speed

Source: Think With Google

Your image must convey value: Instead of adding empty, meaningless visuals, your images should demonstrate the concepts discussed on your web page. You can use screenshots, graphs, flowcharts, and even your own illustrations.


Optimize the filename: Your primary keyword should be included in the name of the picture you submit to your page. Replace any spaces in the filename using underscores or dashes. Otherwise, they will be replaced with “%20” or some other nonsense that does not appear trustworthy and can affect your image’s ranking in image results.

Image Filename


  • Use Internal Links to Improve Navigation 

Internal linking is an integral part of advance on page SEO techniques that make it rank at the top of SERPs. How do they do that? Well, internal linking helps users and search engines find their way around your website. 


In other words, they act like a travel guide!


Sounds interesting, right? 


For example, Bed Bath and Beyond has internal links to its ‘comforter sets,’ ‘bed sheets,’ ‘UGG,’ and ‘Therapedic’ in its ‘bedding’ page’s description.

Internal Linking

Internal Linking

Source: Bed Bath and Beyond

You can also find helpful links in its navigation menu, breadcrumb navigation, footer, and other elements.


One thing to take note of is how Bed Bath and Beyond’s internal links have descriptive, straightforward anchor texts instead of generic texts like ‘Click here.’ 


Here’s another example from the hair care page on their website:

Internal Linking

Descriptive anchor links like the ones Bed Bath and Beyond have; help search engines like Google and Bing understand what the (internal) linked page is about.


If you are working on informational pages, then we recommend adding external links to your list of on page SEO best practices in 2023 as well. 

Authority links
Source: Orbit Media Studios

When you link out to high-quality and high-authority resources, it shows Google that you have done your research with your audiences’ best interests in mind.

  • Incorporate LSI Keywords and Synonyms in Your Page

It used to be a common practice to stuff as many keywords as you want. However, that is not the case anymore. Things have changed. Google has evolved.


Today’s Google is a smart Google.

LSI Keywords

Source: Pinterest

It can penalize you for following an old school SEO on page activities list. 


Therefore, instead of stuffing the same seed keyword hundreds of times, use LSI keywords and synonyms in your content. 


For example, let’s assume you want to rank on a keyword such as ‘how to start a company.’


Instead of using the same phrase throughout your article, the best practice would be to use synonyms and related keywords like: 


  • how to create a company
  • how to open a business
  • how to start a business
  • how to make a company
  • how to start a small business


You get the gist of it.

Keyword Research

Once you have similar phrases locked in, use some LSI keywords as well. These go along with the primary keyword. 


You can use a tool such as LSIGraph to find them.


Make sure that this strategy is a part of your on-page SEO checklist 2023.

  • A Good Keyword Placement Strategy

Keywords Placement

Source: Business 2 Community

Now that we have established the importance of LSI keywords and synonyms let’s talk about their placement. Keyword placement, an integral part of the on-page SEO checklist 2023, can make or break your SEO game. 

Where to Intentionally Place Keywords?

We have created a keyword placement checklist for you to make sure that your on-page SEO game is at the top: 


  • Title tag
  • First 100 words of the page
  • Meta description
  • Page title
  • Image alt text
  • Headings (add a keyword in a minimum of two H2s on your web page)
  • Image file name (make sure the name describes the image)

Keyword Placement 101

If you are getting confused with the above on page SEO checklist 2023, do not worry. You will get the hang of things once you start applying them every day. 

  • Your Meta Description Needs to Boost Clicks

Your meta description is your page’s description which can be seen in the search results. This is what it looks like: 


And the following text in your HTML code when working on SEO

Meta description 101

While the meta-description does not affect your rankings directly, it is the key to standing out and attracting more clicks. Hence it is a vital part of our on-page checklist 2023.


So, if your meta description isn’t a part of your on page SEO factors checklist, you need to add it to the list ASAP.


Leverage it to tell the reader what they will get from your page and why they need to visit it in the first place. Besides, it must have your primary keyword. Make it stand out.

Meta DescriptionSource: Delante

Keep in mind that Google sometimes generates meta descriptions and meta tags on its own. So, if you optimize your meta-description as part of your basic on-page SEO checklist, you can decrease the risk of Google taking control.


Furthermore, try to abide by the limit of 120 characters max, including spaces, to lower the risk of Google truncating it in mobile and desktop SERPs.

  • Make an Optimized Title

You will encounter two types of titles on a web page for a website:


Meta title / Title tag / SEO title: This is the title that people see in the SERPs. A good title tag should have 60 characters or lower than that. It must include the primary keyword you’re after. Make sure your keyword is at the beginning of the headline to avoid being chopped off on smaller devices.

H1 tag: H1 title is the page title that visitors see when they land on the web page. You have greater leeway to be innovative and to demonstrate value here, but the keyword must be included.

Title Optimization

Source: Reliable Soft

It is important to pay attention to your title tag and H1 tag when creating an on-page SEO checklist 2023. They do not have to be different. However, you can switch things up. 

What Are the Characteristics of a Strong Headline?

A strong headline impacts the decision of whether a user will click through to your website. Hence it is a must for the on-page SEO checklist 2023.

H1 Optimization

Source: Wordstream

Here’s how to identify a strong headline:


It conveys value to the readers. For example, a title like ‘7 reasons you need to try green tea’ won’t make the readers click. However, a title like “7 reasons why green tea can make you lose weight’, does.


It does not make false promises. Do not title your article as the ultimate guide if it does not have all the content an ultimate guide does. 


It Is descriptive. Something as simple as ‘services’ might be descriptive as a page title, but it won’t do anything in the SERPs. On the other hand, ‘affordable SEO link building packages’ is interesting.

  • Always Review Your Content’s Quality

The topicality of your content is heavily influenced by search intent. A brief description, for example, may satisfy a product shopper. However, someone looking for information may choose a comprehensive guide.

To compete in the SERPs and keep consumers engaged, your content must fulfill a rigorous criteria in any case. That is why, when completing your on-page SEO checklist, you should consider content quality.

Some of the Most Important Content Quality Indicators Are as Follows:

  • Accuracy: Your content should be grammatically correct, up-to-date, and factually correct.
  • Originality: The content should be free of plagiarism. Do not copy huge chunks of content from elsewhere.
  • Length: Make sure your content is comprehensive and concise. 
  • Readability: Readers will leave your website if your writing is too difficult to read. Check that the reading level is adequate for your target audience.
  • Formatting: Headings, subheadings, Paragraph breaks, tables, graphs, bullet points, and other formatting features can improve the readability of your work.
  • Tone of Voice: It is not only what you say, but also how you say it. The appropriate tone of voice is determined by your topic matter and intended audience.


And in the case of writer’s block, you can always use an AI tool like ChatGPT to rephrase or compose content.

  • Investigate Search Intent

Search Intents

Google is very interested in search intent because it saves users time. And with the evolution of AI and keyword research, google is more focused on user experience. Therefore, to no one’s surprise, Google has started correcting spelling errors, understanding synonyms, and translating entire sentences.


Here’s how search intent is classified: 


Informational: This includes search queries for general awareness about something. It often includes short-tail key phrases, for example:

search intent

Source: Google

Investigational: This kind of intent answers narrow search terms and specialized questions. It includes reviews and listicles that answer questions like when, what, where, and how-to. For instance:

Investigational Intent

Source: Google

Transactional: This search intent query shows some action or purpose such as sale, discount, buy, etc. For example

Transactional Intent

Source: Google

Navigational: This kind of search intent is related to finding the way on the web, as the name suggests. This includes contact, cart, login, etc. For example

Navigational Intent

Source: Google

How to Research Keywords Properly According to Search Intent

  • Use long-tail keywords for Search Engine Optimization.
  • Optimize your content for voice search by searching spoken questions your target demographic asks using voice search.
  • Plus, optimize your blogs and articles for specific search engines as well as local keywords.
  • Track keywords and their ranks for mobile phones as well, and implement mobile SEO for your business.
  • Once you have researched keywords for your ecommerce store, make use of keyword mapping so you can monitor your optimization efforts.


  • Do Not Neglect Schema Markup

Schema Markup
Source: SEMrush

Schema markup is one of the most important on page SEO elements. It aids in further categorizing your information. It’s yet another tool for assisting search engines in understanding and ranking your content. Schema markup, a type of structured data (SD), provides classifications to information on your website. 


A common example of schema markup is recipe web pages. We all have seen cooking times and calories on Google when we search for a recipe. This information is provided by Schema Markup before a user even clicks the result. 

Schema markup

Source: Google

Structured data, like the example mentioned above, can help you increase your website traffic.

  • User Experience Focused Content Is the Trend

An on-page SEO checklist 2023 without user experience-focused content is dangerous for any marketing strategy. 

You need to design your website’s content with your user in mind. This also includes your website’s layout. Moreover, the blog’s formatting should enable your users to swiftly and easily navigate their way through your website’s content to discover the answer to their query.

User Focused Content

What are the factors that can influence your users’ experience? Let’s find out:


  • Straightforward headings and subheadings
  • Visual aids such as videos and images
  • Not writing long paragraphs and breaking the body text up 
  • Using lists, text boxes, and bullet points 


You should then strive to establish easy-to-read and navigate content.


You want to ensure that your page structure allows consumers to get answers to their questions as fast and easily as possible.

Buyers persona

Source: AZO Network

Make sure your content is easy on the eye. Your reader will find it seamless to navigate through your content if you ensure the following:


  • White space
  • Easy to read and simple headings
  • Numbering
  • Bullet points
  • Statistics
  • Images
  • Links


Add these to your on-page SEO checklist 2023, and your readers will love it. 

  • Optimize Your Page Titles

Page titles are one of the most important on page SEO elements. They tell both search engines and readers what to expect in the corresponding web pages.

Page Titles

Source: Ahrefs Blog

Make sure that your title on every page has your focus keyword to guarantee that your web pages rank for the correct intent. Make your keyword as natural and non-spammy as possible.

How to Develop a Page Title?

Include the following practices in your On-Page SEO Activities:


  • Do not write your title in ALL CAPS.
  • It should be under 60 characters to make sure that it is displayed correctly. Google’s display titles max out after 600 pixels, so if you stick to 60 characters, your title won’t be cut off in the SERPs.
  • Include your brand’s name in the title. For example:

SEO Tips

Source: Google

  • Do not do keyword stuffing in the title. It looks tacky and spammy. Plus, modern search engines will penalize you.
  • Make the title relevant to the web page.


  • Always Link Back to Your Sources

Linking back to credible external sources strengthens the credibility of the content you provide. 


Here are a few examples of external links that are going to boost the quality of your content significantly: 


  • Statistics
  • Industry studies 
  • Case studies
  • Quotes from industry influencers
  • Research reports 

Link Back To source

Source: Commit Agency

Tip: You can also try typing something like “keyword site:EDU” or “keyword site:GOV” in the search bar to get official resources and educational websites.

  • Leverage the Featured Snippets

Featured snippets provide material relevant to your user’s search query at the very top of the search engine results page. It could be a video, a definition, a list, or even a table.


For instance, if you search for ‘what is a bohemian dress’ in Google’s search bar, you get a featured snippet at the top of the SERPs. This is the perfect example of on-page SEO done right. 

Featured Snippet

Source: Google

The little highlight in the picture above is known as a featured snippet. A featured snippet answers a question instantly. We strongly recommend optimizing your web page and promoting your primary and secondary keywords for featured snippets.


You can also use an SEO tool to determine your performance. For example, Similar Web has a Keywords Page under the section called Competitive Analysis. It tells its users what keywords rank for featured snippets under the SERP features column.


The phrase “flowy dress,” for instance, is not linked to any featured snippet SERP feature.

Featured Snippet

Source: Google

On the other hand, in the image given below, look at the phrase, “why are gaming computers so expensive.” This search query can be easily optimized for a featured snippet.

Featured Snippet

Source: Google

The point is that not all keywords and search phrases can be optimized for featured snippets. So keep that in mind when you create your on-page SEO checklist 2023.

  • Choose the Right Type of Content

Google has made it as clear as ice that content is king. It is the ultimate key to getting ranked, as it is the most important factor. 


But how do you find out what kind of material would rank the highest? 


It is quite straightforward.


All you need to do is examine the SERPs to observe what sort of articles are ranking at the top. An in-depth SERP analysis will reveal what types of articles appear in the results for a specific query.

Content Type

Source: Network 9

Let’s look at the types of web pages:


  • About us page
  • Copyright page
  • Privacy policy page
  • Home page
  • Category pages
  • Downloads page
  • Blog posts
  • Product pages
  • Service pages
  • Landing pages


Keeping all the types of pages in mind, here are all the different kinds of content formats you can try your hand at: 


  • Videos
  • How-to posts
  • Ultimate guides
  • Listicles
  • Podcasts
  • Interviews
  • Long-form articles
  • Reviews
  • Infographics 

Content Marketing Formats

Content formats differ in terms of the rich features they may acquire from Google, the types of queries for which they rank, and even their comprehensiveness.

On-Page SEO Checklist 2023 FAQs

What Is the On-Page SEO Structure?

On page Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the practice of optimizing your web pages for search engines and searchers in order to increase your rankings and traffic.


What Is Off-Page SEO?

Off-page search engine optimization or SEO refers to elements outside of your website (other than on-page) that contribute to your website’s ranking in the SERPs. 


Backlinks obtained from social media or link building are an example of off-page SEO.


What Is an On-Page SEO Checklist for Local Businesses? 

There are quite a few on-page SEO activities you can use when working on your business. Let’s take a look at an effective on-page SEO checklist 2023:


  • Featured Snippets
  • Header tags hierarchy
  • Schema makeup
  • Keyword research
  • Image optimization
  • Meta tags
  • H1 tag
  • High-quality content 
  • Internal links

Why Do You Need a Professional for On-Page Search Engine Optimization?

With this on-page SEO checklist 2023, you can get a solid start on optimizing your site for on-page for your business. And from here, Globex Outreach’s team is happy to help you out.


Our organization offers complete SEO services, enabling clients to apply smart strategies that correspond with their business objectives, brand persona, audience expectations, and other factors. We do extensive research to develop focused local SEO plans, after which we supervise all implementation. 

Globex Outreach

Globex Outreach

Choosing our SEO services may be the finest decision you make for the future of your business since we provide measurable, significant results.


Find out more details about how to use the on-page SEO checklist 2023 for your ecommerce store when you contact us today!


Let’s talk about our on page SEO services!

Wrapping It Up

Now that you know How do you do on-page SEO step by step, it’s time to put the plan into action! 


A good on-page SEO checklist 2023 concentrated on optimizing web pages and individual posts on a particular website. It is a long procedure that entails several, and a checklist can make it easier. 


You must first choose a keyword and include it in other aspects of your content, such as the SEO title, meta title, meta description, and alt text. You should also make sure that your content answers a question, is informative, readable, and meets the search purpose. Consider optimizing your photographs with alt text and providing hyperlinks to related posts as well.


With Globex Outreach’s on-page SEO checklist 2023, you’ll be able to ensure that all of your website’s on-page elements are optimized for Google. Just keep in mind that having your keyword research ready will make things considerably simpler for you.


At the end of the day, all you have to ask yourself is if your website’s on page SEO factors checklist is on point or not. If it isn’t, you need to do an audit!


Best of luck for your on-page SEO checklist 2023!

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