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How to Write and Submit a Sports Blog Guest Post?


Before digging out everything related to sports blog guest post, let’s find out why you need to do a sports blog guest posting?


Why Do You Need a Sports Blog Guest Post?


There was a guy who had a sports goods website.

He had the best quality products, and his website was also amazing.

Despite all these efforts, he always tried to dethrone his competitors on SERPs. But always failed!

And now he doesn’t know what to do to improve rankings.

Sounds like your own story?

Let me show you one of the main reasons for your failure.

Look at this:



Does your website have such a massive number of backlinks? If not, that’s where things are getting wrong.

Good products and an amazing website can’t alone take your business anywhere if you miss out on backlinks.

We already know that backlinks are among the most significant ranking factors.

So you need sports link building services if you want to fetch high quality links to your site and avoid seeing your competitors beat you in the race of rankings on SERPs.

And guest posting is one of the key players among link building techniques.

So if you want to dethrone your competitors, guest blog posting services can become your savior.

Sports blog guest posting can pave the path towards success for your sporting goods e-commerce website.

Because it can give your website and brand:

  • Visibility
  • Awareness
  • Credibility
  • Authority
  • Higher ranking
  • Qualified traffic

But how you do guest posting defines whether you will be able to fetch all these benefits or not.

So here is what you should be doing to get high-quality backlinks from guest posting:


How to Win a Guest Blog Post on Sports Blog?


Here is the right recipe to do guest posting on a sports blog that brings the desired results:

  • STEP 1: Find the best blogs to pitch
  • STEP 2: Write engaging and valuable content
  • STEP 3: Reach out to the blogger
  • STEP 4: Do promotions

Let’s dive deep into every step.


STEP # 1: Find the Best Blogs to Pitch


The first thing is to find sports blogs to write for.

Here Google can become your knight in the shining armor.

Simply use different Google search strings to find guest posts.


  • Sports blog “write for us”
  • Sports blog “guest post guidelines”
  • Sports blog “submit a guest post”
  • Sports blog “guest post submission”
  • Sports blog “guest post”

There is another way to find a guest blogging site. Use long-tail keywords, like sports blogs that accept guest posts or sports guest posting sites, etc.

Here is what you will find…



…a whole lot of sites that accept guest posts.

But your struggle doesn’t end here.

Next, you have to find the right guest posting site to leverage a valuable link to your site.

Not all backlinks are the same because not all sites are equal in Google’s eyes.

So every sports guest blogging site is not the perfect fit to invest your time and effort.

Here is what we consider at Globex Outreach while outreaching guest blogging sites for our clients. We are revealing a major chunk of our recipe that we use to determine where to submit blog posts.


NUMBER 1: Niche-Relevance


Choose sites with maximum relevance to your website.

Like, if you run a sports goods online store, it is useless to fetch a link from a technology-related blogger site.

Just imagine the combination of a sports technology blog guest post. It doesn’t make sense, right? Google also knows that.

So Google gives importance to those backlinks that are coming from a niche-specific blogger site.



So if you run a sports goods related business, go for sites that:

  • Give sports-related news
  • Discuss different sports-related matters
  • Cover sports events
  • Publish articles related to sports celebrities

Find a relevant blogger site so that your content looks natural on it, and you can also get qualified traffic from there.


NUMBER 2: Authority


A link from an authoritative site means Google will give authority to your site as well.

A link from a low authority website means Google will consider it less valuable.

For example, here are two different fashion related websites with different domain authority.



I hope you don’t think that links from the Style and The Urban Housewife contain the same value as a link from Vogue.

Because they don’t.

Vogue’s link is way more powerful than the combined backlinks of the other two websites.

Yes, you heard it right – that’s how important is a site’s authority.

So check out the domain authority of a site before fetching a link and only reach out to high authority sites.


NUMBER 3: Traffic


Remember that guest posting is not only done to get a backlink?

It is also a great source to bring qualified traffic to your site.

So if you guest post on a high traffic site, it means two things:

  • Your site will get more qualified traffic
  • You are guest posting on a credible site because Google is sending it more organic traffic

Unfortunately, despite all these benefits, the traffic metric is one of the most under-rated blog selection metrics.

But at Globex Outreach, we give significant importance to traffic metrics while manually outreaching blogs.



Because no matter how relevant and good a website is, if it doesn’t contain traffic, you will miss out on a huge benefit of guest post blogging: enhancing brand awareness and getting qualified traffic.

So whenever you reach out to bloggers, make sure they have enough dudes to enhance your traffic flow.


 BONUS TIP: Readers Engagement


Blogs showing a huge number of social media shares and comments are not bragging about their popularity.

They are indicators that they have active users that interact, respond, and react to the content.

See how actively a site’s readers engage with the content.

Reader engagement might not have anything to do with the quality of the website, but it does show the behavior of readers.

A site with an active user engagement is more likely to send referral traffic than a site with less user engagement.

So check out social media shares and blog comments to see how readers engage with the content.


STEP # 2: Write Valuable and Engaging Content


Next, it is time to know how to write a sports blog.

Writing a guest post takes more than just grabbing a relevant topic and pouring your mind on the paper.

You have to follow certain patterns to write a guest post – significantly when you are writing for a high authority site.

Here is what you should do:


#1: Read Blogger Guidelines


Most bloggers have guest posting guidelines that tell dos and don’ts of writing a guest post article.

These guidelines are centered around:

  • Type of topics they accept
  • The amount of content
  • Specific writing rules to follow
  • Quality enhancement guidelines
  • Any special requirement
  • Contact information

So these guidelines are a must-read if you want to get a ‘yes’ from the blogger.

High-quality sites have a particular standard that makes them the best and close to their readers. So they don’t compromise on that.

For example, here are sports blog guest post guidelines given on a sports blog:



So always read guidelines to get a heads-up on how to submit blog posts so that your submitted guest post blog can increase acceptance chances.


#2: Find a Unique But Relevant Topic


Once you know what your selected blogger is looking for, it is time that you start to find a topic that:

  • Is unique
  • You can justify
  • Is relevant
  • Have an edge
  • Have valuable information

For that, analyze the blogger site.

  • See what kind of topics are already covered.
  • Find out loopholes of existing topics that you can cover with freshly written content.
  • Figure out what topics they have missed out on.

It becomes easier to come up with a compelling topic once you get an idea of your horizon.

This hack can save you tons of time and effort because you get the right direction to utilize your energy.


STEP # 3: Pitch the Blogger


Once you have amazing content in your hand, the next step is to pitch out to the blogger.

Mostly it isn’t hard to find the ‘how’ part of contact because you can usually find out contact information through the given guest blogging guidelines.

The issue is to come up with the best ‘what’ part.

What to write in your pitch that a blogger feels convinced to say to you ‘yes?’

Here are some key points you should consider while pitching your idea:

  • Project yourself as an experienced writer: Give links to your previous publications.


  • Convince them that you know them: Use their name and refer to their blogging journey.


  • Show them that you are familiar with their site and content: Talk about your favorite post.


  • Give a convincing point that gives you an edge: Show how you are different from others and why you deserve a ‘yes.’


  • Give them options: Give 2-3 topic ideas and how they will provide value to their readers.


  • Be casual and friendly: Don’t sound like a desperate freak who wants space for guest posting no matter what.


Here is an email template that might help you bag a guest post on a sports blog:


Hi [write name],

Being a sports enthusiast, your site [mention name] has always been my go-to place to find amazing articles on my favorite sports.

The combination of research, creativity, and the right amount of information is what makes your content so irresistible for a sports freak like me.

By the way, I loved your article [add URL] because you presented the whole match event magically through your words.

After being a fan of your site for a long time, I finally have gathered the courage to write a guest post for your website.

Being an avid reader of your blog, it wasn’t hard for me to come up with what kind of content you post.

I have come up with these topics:

[option # 1]

[option # 2]

[option # 3]

Let me know if you are interested and which topic suits you the best, and I will deliver it whenever you want.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon (meanwhile, I am going to read your new blog post [add URL]).



Can you tell what I did here?

I have turned a cold email into a warm email.

It doesn’t seem like you are contacting the blogger for the first time.

It shows as if you have a relationship with the blogger for a long time.

Such cold emails with a touch of warmness are likely to move bloggers’ hearts.

Come on; everyone has an emotional side – touch it.


STEP # 4: Promote Like Crazy


Once your post gets published (it should actually after putting in so much hard work!), promote it like crazy.

Don’t leave any stone unturned to get the heck out of your whole hard work.



Ultimately, this whole promotion thing is to garner maximum benefits for your business. So do whatever it takes to get the best for your business.




Not all guest posts are the same.

Where you post your content, how you tackle your content, and how you promote it depends on the niche of your industry.

If you are looking for a sports blog guest post, do what gives the best thrust to your sporting goods website and business.

Find relevant sports guest posting sites with good authority and traffic to get the maximum benefits.

Once you know the trick to do t sports guest posting sites he guest blogging the right way, your online presence will become irresistible.

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