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On January 29, 2024
Sports guest post guide

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A high-quality sports guest post can attract a large number of visitors, and engaging content can persuade people to check out your other sports-related blogs and articles. 

Everyone enjoys one or more sports, such as cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, car racing, bike racing, cycling, swimming, wrestling, Kabaddi, and so on. You can cover either sport, and you can begin writing sports guest posts.

Good content generates traffic to your link and receives feedback from readers. Although it may take some time, results are sure. Let’s delve into this detailed guide to grab the most out of your sports guest posting endeavors. 

30-Second Summary

Sports guest posting involves creating content for other sports blogs, which is vital for SEO through quality sports backlinks and enhanced visibility. Writing sports guest posts, finding sports guest posting sites, tips for winning a guest blog post, and also their benefits are all that you’ll explore in this informative yet productive blog. 

What Exactly Is Sports Guest Post?

Sports guest post is organized informative content that covers all the most recent updates and facts about a specific game or sport around the world. It is an approach for engaging large audiences interested in sports-related content.

Many notable sports personalities from many sports have become well-known as a result of these guest posts. These guest posts are produced on a regular and ongoing basis to ensure that readers get the most up-to-date information about their favorite sports every day.


Why is a Sports Blog Guest Post Essential for SEO?

Sports websites are doing exceptionally well these days due to organic promotion. Publishing a sports blog guest post on a sports site is an authentic SEO tactic. The industry is performing well in all domains.

However, due to the intense rivalry in this field, you have to choose the right tactics and techniques to promote your website and business in the global market.


Why Write Guest Post Blogs on Sports?

Sports guest post blog


It is strongly advised that you start writing sports guest blog posts and share them on various social media platforms and blogging sites on an ongoing basis. So, you can be able to engage with large audiences to promote views and thoughts on their favorite sport. 

Sports guest posts works with the best SEO tools and software in order to promote a sports business on the Google Search Engine. They will also assist you in enhancing your online presence among the wide array of sports businesses.

The sports industry is enormous and spread around the world. Every sport reflects the culture and values of its respective country. Individuals are also interested in learning about the history, statistics, laws and regulations, most recent amendments, and updates to various sports. 


How to Find Sports Guest Posting Sites?

When looking for sports guest posting sites, consider the following search queries to find relevant platforms that accept guest contributions:

  • “Sports blogs” + “write for us”
  • “Guest post” + “sports” + “submit”
  • “Sports” + “contribute” + “guest post”
  • “Write for us” + “sports” + “blog”
  • “Sports” + “guest author” + “submit article”
  • “Guest blogging” + “sports” + “submission guidelines”
  • “Contribute” + “article” + “sports” + “guest writer”
  • “Guest posting” + “sports” + “write an article”
  • “Sports” + “guest author” + “submit content”
  • “Submit guest post” + “sports” + “guest blogging”
  • “Write for us” + “sports” + “contribute an article”
  • “Sports blogs” + “guest writer” + “submit your article”
  • “Write for us” + “sports” + “contribute your expertise”
  • “Guest post” + “sports” + “write for our blog”
  • “Sports” + “guest author” + “submit your content”
  • “Write for us” + “sports” + “share your sports knowledge”
  • “Guest blogging opportunities” + “sports” + “submit your post”
  • “Contribute an article” + “sports” + “guest post”
  • “Sports blogs” + “guest blogging” + “write for our audience”
  • “Guest post” + “sports” + “become a guest contributor”
  • “Sports” + “write for our blog” + “submit your guest post”
  • “Become a contributor” + “sports” + “guest post opportunities”
  • “Write for us” + “sports” + “submit your sports article”
  • “Guest blogging opportunities” + “sports” + “write for our sports website”


List of 100 Best Sports Guest Posting Sites

Let’s take a look at best 100 guest blogging opportunities, you can avail of while sports guest posting. 

Sr. No Websites DA Traffic
1 FOX Sports 91 213,084
2 RantSports 73 12,205
3 NFL Spin Zone 73 2,499
4 The Sports Bank 72 36,033
5 71 84,876
6 Hoops Habit 68 9,341
7 BellaOnline 67 34,145
8 TheThings 65 1,661
9 Forza Italian Football 65 9,714
10 RealSport101 64 1,814
11 Topend Sports 64 429,975
12 Sportslr 64 unknown
13 63 13,585
14 Cherwell 62 0
15 Vital Football 62 1,638
16 Football League World 61 2,254
17 Last Word on Sports 60 15,234
18 60 365,489
19 SlideServe 60 362,627
20 Back Page Football 60 63,929
21 Essentially Sports 58 3,614
22 58 929
23 Football Talk 58 9,012
24 The Transfer Tavern 58 2,914
25 Cricket World 57 4,149
26 Outside of the Boot 57 47,221
27 The Hoop Doctors 57 160,078
28 SBD 57 651,370
29 Horse Network 56 3,528
30 Pain in the Arsenal 56 123,246
31 The McGill Daily 56 148,352
32 The Boot Room 56 16,741
33 Soccersouls 56 3,024
34 Amico Hoops 56 7,825
35 Puck Prose 56 14,368
36 Golden Gate Sports 55 16,301
37 UBITENNIS 55 209,117
38 Soccer Manager Football 55 3,258
39 Hashtag Basketball 55 1,478,764
40 Mud Run Guide 55 2,787
41 Beyond the Flag 55 71,251
42 eTechnoCraft 55 13,817
43 KC Kingdom 54 1,613
44 Sporteology 54 3,680
45 Lake Show Life 54 6,344
46 Rum Bunter 54 188,691
47 The Nonstop News 54 7
48 Sports Then and Now 53 1,548
49 Tireball 53 2,980,589
50 Musket Fire 53 201,460
51 BoSox Injection 53 52,674
52 Ning 52 5,700
53 Pole Sports 52 2,547
54 ISN 52 982
55 Daily Contributors 52 38
56 Inside the Iggles 51 457,061
57 Hardwood Houdini 51 266,087
58 Wild East Football 51 24,784
59 Sports Feel Good Stories 50 88,118
60 Sports News Australia 50 69,328
61 Sportsvibe 50 18,328
62 50 1,734,560
63 Soccer Times 50 126,734
64 FutnSoccer 50 6,391
65 Editor In Leaf 50 18,756
66 Mashhap 50 261
67 TechGame 50 104
68 World Football Index 49 633,039
69 Spurs Web 49 233,775
70 Prost Amerika 49 1,861
71 NBA Hoops Online 49 11,741
72 That Balls Outta Here 49 3,916
73 Just Horse Racing 49 3,863
74 Visit Central Oregon 49 1,125
75 College Sports Madness 49 16,643
76 Sports Networker 48 3,237
77 Indian Sports News 48 32,772
78 College Sports Madness 48 17,525,642
79 Sports Nova 48 1,254
80 Sports Networker 48 11,653
81 Women Talk Sports 48 1,551
82 Chop Chat 47 18,481
83 CaliSports News 47 120,983
84 Ruck 47 258,549
85 Pro Golf Now 47 1,814
86 Links Catalog 46 11,054
87 Tennis Tours 46 49,616
88 Total Football Madness 46 18,864
89 Football Tripper 46 1,514
90 peRFect Tennis 46 2,541
91 ATL All Day 45 4,809
92 SportsPundit 45 2,040,239
93 Amateur Golf 45 2,848
94 Sports Star 45 6
95 God of small Thing 45 5,076
96 44 5,898
97 Scotzine 44 138,357
98 Think Football 44 2,038
99 Tennis Tonic 44 215,521


7 Most-Effective Sports Guest Posting Strategies

Sports Guest Posting Strategies
Mastering any sport requires a game plan, and link-building is no exception. A carefully curated set of
sports guest posting strategies improves your website’s backlink portfolio by leveraging the unique benefits of each strategy.


Strategy 1: Creating High-Quality Content

In sports, just as an athlete’s performance is crucial for success, your website’s content is the foundation of your efforts in making link-building strategies

Producing high-quality content is more than just being informative; it’s also about attracting your readers, keeping them engaged, and inspiring them to share your insights.

How to do so:

  • Present fresh viewpoints on well-trodden topics.
  • Select substantial pieces that explore a topic thoroughly rather than skimming the surface.
  • Make sure the content speaks to your target sports audience, addressing their interests and concerns.


Strategy 2: Infographics and Visual Content

Infographics improve the credibility and appeal of your website by simplifying complicated sports information into eye-catching visuals that encourage interaction and sharing.

How to do so:

  • Browse trending sports topics.
  • Create engaging images with tools such as Canva or Piktochart.
  • Share on social media platforms and sports forums.


Strategy 3: Niche Edits

Site’s niche edits involve smoothly inserting your hyperlinks into current, authoritative content, so extending your site’s exposure.

How to do so:

  • Establish ties with the owners of sports websites.
  • Request that they include your link to their existing content.


Strategy 4: Collaboration and Partnership

Collaborating with relevant sports influencers or organizations creates a win-win relationship that multiplies outreach and backlink opportunities.

How to do so:

  • Find potential partners who share your interest in sports.
  • Make proposals for collaborative content projects.
  • Ensure that the content has mutual sports backlinks.


Strategy 5: Engaging in Podcasts and Interviews

Podcasts are contemporary radio for sports fans. Participating in or hosting them can result in real, organic backlink opportunities.

How to do so:

  • Reach out to sports podcast hosts for guest opportunities.
  • Prepare insightful content and discussions.
  • Share episodes linking back to your site.


Strategy 6: Hosting Webinars and Virtual Sports Events

Digital sports activities, whether webinars or live shows, are attractions for sports enthusiasts, providing multiple opportunities for guest posting and link-building.

How to do so:

  • Decide on a popular yet trending sports topic.
  • Promote the event through multiple channels.
  • Add relevant hyperlinks to event descriptions and follow-up content.


Strategy 7: Developing Sports Apps

Developing sports apps fills market needs and maybe a goldmine for backlinks, especially if they become popular and are shared across platforms. Furthermore, choosing the right mobile app development company with experience in sports apps is an essential step toward ensuring your venture’s success in this competitive industry.

How to do so:

  • Determine a demand in the sports app industry.
  • Create a user-friendly mobile application.
  • Add sports backlinks in app descriptions and in-app content.


4 Tips to Win a Guest Blog Post on Sports?

Let’s take a closer look at some of the top sports guest posting tips if you’re not sure what to look for. 

tips to Win a Guest Blog Post on Sports


  • Niche-Relevance

Choose sites that are most relevant to your website. For example, if you run an online sports goods business, it is useless to get a link from a technology-related blogging site.

Consider the combination of a sports and technology-related guest post. It just doesn’t make sense, right? Google is aware of this, as well. Google prioritizes backlinks from niche-specific blogging websites.


  • Write Valuable and Engaging Content

Next, you have to learn how to write a sports guest blog post.

Writing a guest post entails more than just selecting a relevant topic and pouring your thoughts on paper. When writing a guest post, you must adhere to specific guidelines, especially if you are writing for a high-authority site.


  • Send a Proposal to the Blogger

Once you have fantastic content, the next step is to present it to the blogger.

The ‘how’ aspect of contact is usually easy to uncover because contact information is typically provided in the guest blogging guidelines.

The challenge is to come up with the most effective ‘what’ part. What should you include in the proposal to persuade a blogger to say ‘yes?’ Here are some crucial elements to consider when proposing your idea:

  • Introduce yourself as an expert writer by providing links to your prior published write-ups.
  • Persuade them by using their name and discuss their guest blogging journey.
  • Make a strong argument that offers you the upper hand: Demonstrate your uniqueness and the reasons you should be given a “yes.”
  • Offer them multiple choices. List two or three potential topics and explain how they will benefit the readers.
  • Act amiably and casually: Don’t come across as a needy freak who would do everything to get a guest post space.


  • Promote Like Crazy

Once your guest post is published (which it should be after all of your hard work), promote it like crazy. Do everything you can to get the most out of your diligent efforts.

The ultimate goal of promotion is to maximize the benefits for your sports business as a whole. Thus, go beyond what is necessary to achieve the best results for your business.


Beyond Ordinary Benefits of Sports Guest Blog Posts

Now, it’s time to know the exceptional sports guest posting benefits, so let’s enumerate them individually. 

Benefits of Sports Guest Blog Posts

  • Increased visibility within the sports community

Connect with a Relevant Audience — Through guest blogging; you may reach out to sports fans who actively look for sports-related content.

Gain Niche-Driven Exposure — By posting niche-specific sports blogs, you may establish yourself as an authority and gain awareness within your target sports community.

Improve your Online Market Presence — Guest blog posting allows you to establish an online footprint as a professional sports writer or enthusiast, making it easier for others to find and interact with you.


  • Having the Ability to Access a Targeted Audience

Reach a highly engaged crowd — Sports blogs attract passionate readers who are truly interested in sports-related topics, ensuring that your content is delivered to an eager and attentive audience.

Target Specific sports-related niches — By guest blogging, you may cater to the special interests of your target audience, whether it’s football, basketball, tennis, or another sport.


  • Ensured Networking Opportunities

Interact with influencers and Industry-Leading Pros — Guest blogging allows you to connect with significant personalities in the sports world, which can lead to future collaborations, partnerships, and mentorship opportunities.

Engage with other sports enthusiasts — Contributing to guest posts allows you to interact with people who share your enthusiasm for sports and have meaningful conversations.


  • Established Credibility and Authority

Create Your Authority as a Specialist — It helps you get recognized and build a reputation in your sports sector when you publish blog posts on respectable sports sites.

Create a Powerful Personal Brand — Continually looking for the strategies for crafting and landing high-quality guest posts contributes to developing a solid personal brand as an informed and trustworthy sports writer or commentator.


  • Increased Visibility and Traffic to Your Website

Increase Traffic to Your Blog or Website — You can use guest blogging to link back to your platform, which will drive targeted traffic and possibly grow your readership or clientele.

Increase the Number of People Social Media Following — You may grow your following and reach on social media sites like YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter by putting links to your profiles in your guest author bio.


  • Stay Informed About Sports Trends and Insights

Research to stay informed — Guest blogging necessitates being up to date on the newest sports news, trends, and insights, so improving your expertise and understanding of this industry.

Master in the Editorial Process — Getting feedback and guidance from experienced sports blog editors will help you improve your writing skills and build a more critical eye.


Closing Note

Every guest post is unique. The niche of your industry determines where you publish your content, how you approach it, and how you market it. If you are looking for a sports blog guest post, do what gives the best thrust to your sporting goods website and business.

If you’re looking for a sports guest post, do whatever will help your sporting goods website and business grow the most. Find the right sports guest posting sites with high authority and traffic to reap the most benefits. Once you understand how sports guest posting works, your online presence will be irresistible.


Frequently Asked Questions

Sports Guest Post — What Is It?

A sports guest post is a specific type of content that covers a range of sports-related subjects and subtopics. These informative write-ups aim to educate, inform, and keep readers up to date on the most recent trends in the sports sector.

How Do I Write a Sports Guest Blog?

Suppose you have a knack for writing and enjoy sports. Then, all you have to do is choose a sports topic, do some research on it, and write the sports guest blog in an informative tone utilizing industry-specific keywords.

Is Sports Guest Posting Effective?

Sports guest posting leaves a lasting impression on visitors, viewers, and readers. It increases your company’s image and brand name while also generating consistent traffic and excellent sports backlinks to your business website.

How many guest posting sites can be targeted simultaneously?

Well! There is no such limit imposed; you can target as many guest posting sites as you want. However, the targeted guest posting sites must have strong domain authority (DA), page authority (PA), and trust flow (TF).

How to Find the Best Sports Guest Posting Sites?

You should always look for blogging sites with high DA, PA, and TF. Double-check their website for daily activities. You may also check the quality of guest posts offered on their websites.

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