How to Get Sponsored Blog Posts For Your Website

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On October 14, 2022

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Blogging is one of the highest revenue-generating businesses if done correctly. Besides serving as a business itself, it also caters to the outreach and marketing needs of a plethora of businesses worldwide. 

 You may need a team to run a blog with consistent and successful results. There are plenty of ways you can turn your blog into a passive moneymaking machine. The best one among those is publishing sponsored content on your blog. The best working methods to cash the most out of your blog are as follows, clearly defining how to get sponsored blog posts:

Types of Sponsored Posts

If you’re wondering how to get sponsored posts for your blog, then you should first decide on what kind of sponsored post you are going to give to the sponsors. The following are three main types of posts that can be sponsored;

Sponsor Provides Content

What is a sponsored post on a blog? This is the type of post in which the sponsor provides you with a high-quality post or blog that is in accordance with your niche and content guidelines. You just publish that already-given content on your blog.


The sponsor reaps maximum benefits, and he can play with the words of the content and promote his products or services in a way he likes. The higher the DA of your website, the more exposure the sponsor will get through a single post. This serves as a key to how to get sponsored blog posts.

Sponsor Provides Guidelines

In this type of sponsored blog, the sponsor only provides his content guidelines and relevant links to be promoted. The content creation, as well as publishing, is on your part. You will want to get your sponsor’s approval before publishing the blog. 

You can even outsource the writing part to an experienced content writing agency. The sponsor can then buy sponsored blog posts from you to post on your blog. 

This kind of post is more feasible for the sponsors as they do not have to deal with writing and editing the blogs to publish them. 

Backlinks For Sponsor

There is a third type of sponsored post in which the sponsor gives neither the guidelines nor the content to publish on your website; instead, he provides you with a targeted link to promote. 

You will have to use the link in your content to promote the link of the sponsor. This will serve as a backlink for the sponsor to improve his site’s SEO health. 

This type of post mostly entails informative infographics that are linked to the sponsor’s website. 

1. Get Affiliation for Your Blog

Affiliate income can potentially surpass all other sources of income on your blog if you’re doing it right. If you’re struggling with how to get sponsors for your blog part, you may want to tap into affiliate blogging.

Affiliate blogging is the type of blogging in which you use the link of a product and sell the product through your content. When a sale is made using your affiliate link, you get a predetermined percentage from that sale. Affiliate blogging requires a one-time effort and will reward you with lifetime passive results. 

Choose the Right Affiliate Network

As long as your content is there, people will keep coming back to the affiliate links one after the other, and you will remain to get a fixed percentage from all the orders placed through your link. The number of customers converted using your links is easily trackable; hence, you can rely on this sort of process for a lifetime. 

Source: DragonSocial

Following are some of the best-trusted affiliate networks that you can go for;

Things to Consider

You will find tons of platforms online, all serving the same affiliate services. At the same time, it becomes crucial to choose the right affiliate network for your blog because the affiliations usually last for years or a lifetime. You should be considering two main things while choosing an affiliate network:

  • It should be relevant to your niche
  • It should offer an optimum commission percentage
  • The product or service to be promoted should be high-value

Tips To Write Affiliate Articles

There are two types of affiliate articles you can write: Tips for Writing Sponsored Posts

  • Affiliate articles with relevant links in accordance with the content
  • Listicle articles with a list of products linking to the target site

Following are the Tips for Writing Sponsored Posts:

  • Adhere to the sponsor’s guidelines
  • Provide value to the reader
  • Propose a solution to the pain points of the target audience
  • Naturally, place the paid backlink
  • Promotion of services or services should not be out-of-context

Source: OutboundEngines


2. Join Bloggers Network of Globex

Globex is an outreach company that has one of the most sophisticated networks of bloggers in all trending niches. Its extensive database comprises a gigantic number of high DA publishers that offer sponsored guest posts. 

When looking for the Top Sponsored Post Networks in this domain, Globex Outreach perfectly fits the bill. It is as easy as signing up on their portal for free.

How to Register?

1- Go to their online portal


2- Click on the sign-up button


3- Fill in with the right credentials


4- Then you will get an email notification confirming your registration

5- You can then sign in with your credentials right password

Diving Into Sponsored Backlinks

The sponsored backlinks are the ones that are sponsored by the clients or sponsors. They have high link juice in them because of the quality of the content they are embedded in. The number of backlinks given to a particular website depends on the package a client decides.

Source: Moz


A post of 500 words can have one to two sponsored backlinks. If there are more than two or three backlinks in a post, it can affect the link juice of the backlink. It is essential you approach a reliable outreach consultant to get professional help.

3. Produce Authoritative and Niche-Specific Content

You will want to produce authoritative and niche-specific content. The more relevant and high-quality content you produce, the more authoritative you will seem in your niche.

You should produce well-researched content on topics that need to be covered in your niche. You 

Source: DevirX


4. Write Review Blogs

Writing review blogs is also one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to get your blog sponsored. Many bloggers write paid reviews on different products or services. 

They use the particular product and service and let the readers know about their pros and cons. The sponsored review blogs will have the link to only those products that fall in the domain of your sponsor. Wondering how much does a sponsored blog post cost? Review blogs fall very close to sponsoring blogs when it comes to finances. We’ll break it down in detail towards the end of the blog.

When you are writing a review for your sponsor, make sure you abide by all the requirements of that review. Some sponsors may give you a margin of being honest in mentioning the cons of their products, while others don’t like the cons to be mentioned in the review blog.

Source: Sephora


5. Do Your Research and Pitch the Right Brands

The most important thing that matters when it comes to sponsorships is the customized package that you present to a sponsor. You may want to spend some time researching the niche and, after doing the market research, pitch to the right brands.

Source: MarketingTutor


Only target those brands which are related to your niche and find their pain points. Pitch to the right brands by offering a solution to their problem. The right brands will be perfect for how to get sponsored blog posts, and you can sponsor their products on your blog by giving them content services. 

If you tap into a domain that has high demand in the market, as well as a high average product price, you’ll earn more on guest blogging and sponsored blogs.

6. Make Your Website Sponsor-Friendly

Website designs are highly underrated when talking about getting sponsors for your blogs or clients. The user interface of your website should be easy to understand for the publishers as well as the sponsors. This speaks a lot on how to get sponsored blog posts.


Many successful outreach agencies like Globex Outreach will have their own portal that enables the sponsors to easily navigate the writers, publishers and accountants working on a particular sponsored project.

How Much to Charge

The price range of a sponsored blog ranges from website to website. There are a number of factors that play a part in determining how much to charge for sponsored blog posts and the financial package of a sponsored blog. Following are a few things that you should consider while offering sponsored blogs on your website

  • DA of your website
  • Number of backlinks given in a blog
  • Type of Promotion done in the blog
  • Link juice of the backlink
  • Relevancy to your niche
  • The credibility of the content
  • Quality of the content

Keeping all of the factors into consideration, high DA websites can charge around $300 to $3k, given the niche of your choice. If you’re looking for beginner-friendly sponsored blog post rates, a free consulting session will help you determine what’s worth spending on and what’s not.  

You can easily earn six figures from sponsored posts only if you’re thinking about how to Make Money with Sponsored Posts. This can be a consistent revenue-generating service on your blog.


Following are some of the sponsored blog post examples that are written in the parenting niche. 




When weighing the Pros & Cons of Sponsored Posts, the pros definitely outrun the cons in the long run, as they are a very cost-effective strategy to improve revenue. 

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