Guest Posts vs Niche Edits: Right Approach for Long-Term SEO

Guest Posting
On July 3, 2023
Guest post vs niche edit featured

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Guest posts vs niche edits: truly the ultimate battle in the realm of content marketing and search engine optimization.


In one corner, we have guest posts, improving the landscape of SEO, building high quality backlinks, and establishing meaningful relationships with thought leaders. 


And in the other corner, we have Niche Edits, slyly sneaking their way into the content landscape with their subtle yet impactful presence by targeting the right audience and driving traffic from high ranking websites. 


It’s a clash of the titans!


A clash of marketing strategies.


And a clash of preferences. 

Guest post and Niche Edits

Are you excited to find out who is going to win in 2023 in this showdown between guest posts vs niche edits? 


Because we are definitely stoked! 


So, buckle up!


This is going to be an amazing and exciting journey, and by the end of it, you will know whether you need guest posts or niche edits to get the results you want.


Let’s dive in:

Guest Posts vs Niche Edits: Defining the Terms

Before we dive into the comparisons of guest posts vs niche edits, it is important for you to understand what they are.


You should be aware of the terms and what they mean in order for you to decide which one of the two aligns with your marketing strategy the best.

What Is Guest Post?

Guest blogging, sometimes known as “guest posting,” is the process of creating content for another blogger or company’s website. A guest post is a piece of content or article that is published on another person or company’s blog. On your own blog, your posts are simply referred to as “posts,” but when you write on another site, you are referred to as a “guest.”


Typically, guest writers contribute to sites in the industry they work in that are similar to their own in order to:

  • Bring in more visitors to their website
  • Get external links from domains with high authority to raise their own domain’s authority.
  • Boost their brand’s recognition and awareness
  • Build solid contacts with other professionals in the same industry.

What Is Guest Post?

Both the guest blogger and the website that hosts the guest post benefit almost always from guest blogging. Hence, guest posting is a two-way process. So, if you decide to follow the trend, you might also consider incorporating guest authors’ content onto your own website.


Guest posts are effective tools for reputation marketing and reputation management for a number of reasons, such as getting your brand recognized or occupying space in branded search query results. However, a great deal of people use them to insert backlinks for SEO purposes.

What Is Niche Edits?

Niche edits are also (at times) referred to as curated links or contextual backlinks. They are obtained when you add a link utilizing SEO-driven anchors within already published content. These articles have already been indexed by search engines like Google and Bing.

What Is Niche Edits?

Getting consent from site owners and authors to link to their content on your site is a necessary step in the niche editing process. Contextual backlinks are used to accomplish this. Nowadays, rather than publishing a guest post, webmasters are much more likely to incorporate useful backlinks into their content


In addition to adding value to their work, authoritative links can revitalize older pieces. These advantages increase interaction metrics and attract traffic to both your and their websites.

Guest Posts vs Niche Edits: Types

Before we dive headfirst into the epic battle between guest posts vs niche edits, let’s take a moment to understand their distinct types. 


Much like an assortment of delectable treats, there are various types of guest posts vs niche edits, each offering a unique twist to captivate readers and boost website visibility:

Types of Guest Post

If you are serious about getting your guest posting strategy off the ground (or you just want to understand the difference between Guest Posts vs Niche Edits), you need to add types of guest post to your content calendar. 

Types of Guest Post

Use these types of guest post as tools for landing more and better guest posting opportunities that can help you further your brand and drive Search Engine Optimization value for years to come.

  • ‘How-To’ Guest Posts

A good old ‘How-To’ article never goes out of style. No matter what demographic you are targeting, every audience has questions about a certain topic. Leverage this curiosity of your readers and offer them solutions and tutorials. You can write an in-depth and intricate blog on many topics. 

‘How-To’ Guest Posts

For example, if you are working in content marketing and SEO niche, you can choose topics for ‘how-to’ guides such as: 



Keep an eye on your competitors and your audience as well. You need to be aware of the content your audience likes and shares on social media. This will give you an idea about the topics your readers are interested in. You can add more elements to your guest post to make it more engaging:

Guest Post Engagement

You can find topics that are trending among your audience by using Google Trends and comparing topics that you think your audience might like.

  • Like-Audience Guest Posting

You need to prioritize guest blogging for an audience similar to yours. This strategy involves finding a website that caters to a comparable but non-competitive audience. 


For instance, suppose you are a florist. Your ideal audience would be horticulturists, event planners, and housekeepers. Instead of reaching out to florists to market your business, a better idea would be to pair up with event planners, decorators, and bouquet designers.


Do not restrict yourself by posting only on websites and businesses that are near your business geographically. You need to focus on search engines like Google and help them understand the link between your website, the guest posting sites you are posting on, and your audiences.

  • Thought Leadership Articles in Your Niche (Articles by Your CEO)

A thought leadership article from the CEO of your company can increase your authority in your niche. For example, here is an article by Sundar Picha in the Wall Street Journal:

Articles in Your Niche

When you add links to such authoritative articles, your audience perceives you as an expert who has done his research. This makes them curious to know what you find the best. In short, they start looking forward to your reviews. 


Make sure that it does not look forced. Plus, your CEO does not have to write the article himself. You can have a writer write it and then include quotes from your CEO.

  • Case Study

A case study is an excellent piece of content to use as a guest post. It improves your authority in your industry. Your brand’s trust is increased by the data and statistics used in a case study. 

SEO Case Study

You can add the link to a relevant case study to your guest post in order to drive your point home. 


For instance, if you have written an authentic case study about how you boosted the business of 1000+ clients. You can then easily link to a blog titled, ‘Demystifying Programmatic SEO: How to Make It Work?


If you interlink your case studies and blog posts appropriately, more people will read them. 

  • Community-Specific Guest Posting

In some cases, guest posting works best when used to improve your company’s local SEO. Depending on your product or service and the region you operate in, the specific websites you target will vary. Local brand building is required for locally produced goods. Businesses that cater to a wider geographic area with their services should look for regional or national partners to assist them in reaching their potential customers. 

  • Data Report

A data report is another way of establishing yourself as an expert when doing guest posting. 


Readers love data.


Oh! They love reading stats that help them increase their knowledge.

SEO Data Report

You can use multiple methods and tools to extract data for your data report. You can use Google surveys by asking relevant questions, or you can use tools that offer competitor research, such as Ahrefs and SEMrush. These tools offer valuable information about competitors’ marketing campaigns which you can use (or even repurpose) for your own SEO. 

Data Report

  • Brand Building Guest Posting

Partnering with people who can assist you in establishing yourself as an industry leader is another one of the types of guest post. Domain authority is not the deciding factor when selecting the ideal partner for this strategy. Instead, search for websites that are recognized in the real world as reliable sources in your industry. Although establishing a connection with the website you wrote on is important in this scenario, SEO is still the top priority. Finding someone who would let you link back to your website is essential.

  • E-Book

An e-book is very beneficial for an SEO strategy. It provides the customer with something in return for another thing, typically an email address. This method of lead generation makes it possible to follow up with leads via email and is an excellent approach to get people talking about or just interested in your services.

Guest Post E-Book

An e-book is a terrific tool to encourage readers to learn more about the subject of your guest post while link-building. Even better, you can use it to present new concepts. 

Types of Niche Edits

Here are the types of niche edits that you need to be aware of:

Types of Niche Edits

  • White Hat Niche Edits

The most natural type of niche edits is to manually contact website owners and offer to exchange valuable content for a free backlink. These types of niche edits are the safest kind of link curation. Additionally, they employ conventional outreach techniques like building broken links.

White Hat Niche Edits

Although these niche edits need a lot of effort, they do produce effective link campaign results. Instead, go for white hat link building tactics to guarantee a global reach that will outperform your rivals in the market.

  • Grey Hat Niche Edits

A “grey hat niche edit” strategy simply entails charging the blog owners for a certain link. It often involves contacting blog owners and giving them money in exchange for a link placement in the hopes that they will add it to a relevant article and make the anchor text appear natural within the specific content.

Grey Hat Niche Edits

But why is this considered a grey hat niche edit? 


Due to the fact that purchasing links is against Google’s policies.

  • Black Hat Niche Edits

Black hat niche edits are dangerous. They give their customers access to previously exploited websites that can be used to anchor links for niche editing.


Black hat SEO services continue to market used or hacked links as niche edits when they are not. You need to avoid black hat niche edits at all costs because they are done without the post, blog, or link owner’s knowledge or permission.

Guest Posts vs Niche Edits: Benefits 

In the comparison of guest posts vs niche edits, both bring their own set of benefits that you cannot ignore if you want to see outstanding results. 


So, whether you prefer the charm of guest contributions or the subtle optimization of existing content, both strategies offer enticing benefits that can elevate your blogging game to new heights. 


Let’s take a look at it, shall we?

Benefits of Guest Post

Benefits of Guest posts

If you are looking for the following benefits, then guest posting is the one for you:

  • Build Quality and Natural Backlinks

Build Quality and Natural Backlinks

Search engines (like Google, Yahoo, and Bing) consider the quantity and quality of links pointing back to your website when determining your rankings. Through guest writing, you have more chances to increase your natural backlinks. Every backlink you obtain is a reliable reference to your brand. On many guest blogging platforms, you can include at least one link back to your website.

  • Build Relationships With Like-Minded Industry Experts‍

A further advantage of guest blogging is the chance to network with like-minded subject matter experts. It’s truly a potent approach to creating meaningful contacts that can open up new business chances and excellent networking opportunities.

  • Boost Referral Traffic

Boost Referral Traffic

By writing guest posts for other websites, you can increase referral traffic to your own and benefit from an already-existing readership. The web pages of your business perform better in search engines as website traffic increases. 

  • Establish Thought Leadership‍

Establish Thought Leadership‍

Making a name for yourself as a thought leader in your area requires creating carefully produced articles or opinion pieces on hot-button issues. Guest posting can help you achieve that.

  • Bring in New Audiences and Gain Attention From Potential New Customers

Connecting with audiences outside of your target market can be made possible by posting articles on other websites. Even though not all guest posts can immediately boost your sales (or increase your leads), the content you provide for other websites is crucial for building the popularity and presence of your business.

  • Builds Brand Awareness‍

Stages of Brand Awareness

The more guest posts you write, the more people will learn about you. This is especially helpful if your website is just getting started. By contributing to well-known websites as a guest blogger, you may benefit from the traffic those websites receive and raise awareness of your business.

  • Grow Your Social Media Following

Grow Your Social Media Following

You can easily get that website to recommend your brand or company by contributing to a reputable blog. This will make you look good in the eyes of the website’s social media followers. Most chances for guest writing allow you to customize your contributor profiles. So, you can leverage that as well.

  • Attract High-Quality Traffic to Your Site‍

Attract High-Quality Traffic to Your Site‍

It’s crucial to pick the correct websites to partner with when you guest blog. Established domains indicate that high-quality traffic is already being drawn to them. You can direct their visitors back to your own website by writing a guest post for them.

  • Improves SEO

Building domain authority and enhancing your SEO rankings are both facilitated by guest posting. You may increase site traffic by producing material for your audience that is educational, practical, and relevant.

  • Shorten the Sales Cycle

Sales Cycle

By publishing content on well-known blogs and websites, you may immediately improve the awareness of your company or brand among your target demographic. You shorten the sales cycle for your products and services as a result. The people who are most likely to become your consumers will see your business when you use a good guest posting strategy.

Benefits of Niche Edits

On the other hand, if you prefer the following benefits, then niche edits are your perfect match: 

Why do you need niche edits

  • You Control the Anchor Text

You Control the Anchor Text

The other website for which you write niche-specific revisions already has SEO-rich material with relevant keywords. Utilize this to your advantage by including a link to extremely pertinent anchor text.

  • Targets the Right Audience

The websites or blogs that are most relevant to your niche and that share your target audience will post your niche edits. While using other Search Engine Optimization tactics, this element makes it simpler to connect with the target audience.


The target audience is aware of the authority sites because they already have high rankings. Websites that require traffic can easily reach their audience by using their backlinks.

  • Huge Results With Simple Edits

All you need to do is add your links. Adding niche edit backlinks to the appropriate websites alone can send a ton of traffic your way. Keywords and other SEO marketing strategies like article ranking are not necessary for people to use. 

Huge Results With SEO Audits

They can select the most creative approach to work with the earlier or articles that already have a high rating in order to apply their ranking standards.

  • Good for Building Authority

Topical Authority Building

The most obvious advantage of niche edits is that they increase site visitors, which increases authority. It’s best if your website receives more visitors and links from other websites.

  • Drives Traffic From High-Ranking Articles

High-Ranking Articles

Although finding the right site to develop niche edit links may seem straightforward, extreme caution must be used. It is not a good idea to link to random content from other websites. The authoritative website that we turn to for guidance ought to have a highly-ranked article with pertinent material.

  • They are Mutually Beneficial

Niche edits are a win-win situation that helps to update the dated content on other specialized sites while giving you authority-building links.

  • Simple to Implement

Users do not need to write brand-new blog posts to draw readers. In comparison with niche edits links, other strategies demand more time and effort to develop and publish an article that does well in terms of SEO and SERP results, and it can be a time-consuming process.

  • Quicker and Easier Than Guest Posts

All that is needed for niche edits is a choice of anchor text, a pertinent link to your website, and perhaps one or two sentences to contribute to the content of the specialty site. Not having to make completely new content saves time and money.

Guest Posts vs Niche Edits: Tips and Tricks

Let’s take a look at guest post tips and niche edit tips and see how they fare when compared side by side. Once you have done a detailed comparison of guest posts vs niche edits, it will be easy for you to make a decision between guest posts vs niche edits. 


So, without further ado, let’s analyze how different guest post strategies are from niche edits strategies: 


Guest Post Strategies Niche Edits Strategies
 Try to create evergreen content.  Try to draft a compelling pitch.
 Optimize your author bio before submitting guest posts.  Identify relevant targets and find targets’ email addresses. 
 Mention other relevant and link-worthy sources.  Do not make the webmaster work by suggesting that you can write the   copy so they can just copy and paste.
 Find out where your audiences are looking for answers.  Look for your chosen website’s domain relevance and authority. Try   using tools like Moz or Ahrefs.
 Review publications to make sure the content is   appropriate and matches your website’s content.  Make sure that the website you’re prospecting covers topics related to   your niche.
 Refer To Your Other Published Guest Posts  Select existing blog posts or pages. You can use the Google search   operator for this.
 Create an impressive guest posting portfolio to show to   website owners in order to get accepted quickly.  Contact the website owner via email by finding their email address.
 Track your post even long after it has been published.  Pick the content or blog that would be best for a link after thoroughly   analyzing their articles and pages.
 Target higher authority publications (Domain Authority 50   and higher).  You must take into account where those links will point while using   niche editing to create and maintain links.
 Always follow up with a polite reminder after a few days or a   week.  Before contacting the website or blog owners in order to negotiate and   acquire the best offer, evaluate all relevant opportunities.
 Never copy or repurpose content from anyone else for your   guest posts.  Mix in links from other sources, such as guest articles, citations, or   press releases, with the backlinks from the niche edit.
 Make sure that you follow Google’s guidelines.  Always put your content structure first based on the website’s   architecture.
 Create a meaningful relationship with the website owner.  People often mention your brand but forget to link back to your   website. Use brand mentions to get niche edits.
 Develop a clear, brief pitch that shows your intention to submit   a guest post properly.  Review the link, anchor text, and placement to evaluate the link’s     effectiveness.
 Produce stand-alone articles.  Scour the Internet for niche-related websites, scan them for broken   links, and offer a link to your website as a suitable replacement.
 Include keywords in your article.  Place backlinks on the resource page of a high-domain authority   website.
 Keep promoting your guest post. Over and over again.  Link to older sites’ inner and home pages. For newer sites, link to the   home page to improve your site’s visibility and traffic.
 Write an effective Call to Action (CTA) to add to your article.  Create additional content to add value to the older one and ensure that   your anchor text fits best in the chosen part.
 Do not forget to look up the host website’s submission   guidelines.  Optimize your content (both on-page and off-page).

There you have a comparison of guest posts vs niche edits tips to help you understand where the differences stem from. 

Guest Posts vs Niche Edits: Sites for Guest Posts and Niche Edit Backlinks

We have compiled some amazing sites with impressive Domain Authorities that accept guest posts and niche edits.


All you need to keep in mind is that your website has high-quality content. Plus, the content you submit to them needs to stand out (in a good way). If the content on your website is not up to par, it will increase the bounce rate of your site, and you will have another headache to deal with.


We don’t want another headache now, do we?


So, let’s take a look at these websites:

Sites That Accept Guest Posts

The following sites accept guest posts, so if you are looking for one for your niche, you will surely find something in the table below:


Blogs Niche Topics Domain Rating  (DR)
 Hellbound Bloggers Digital Marketing  Blogging, Social Media, Technology 58
 Wiki Web Post Real Estate  Business and economy 5
 In The Know Travel & Tourism  Travel 73
 Guitar Chalk Magazine Arts & Entertainment  Music  44
 The Travel Bunny Travel & Tourism  Travel, Travel Tips 55
 Shout Me Loud Digital Marketing  Marketing, SEO 79
 eLearn Magazine  Jobs & Education  Education, reviews 91
 Blogging Mile Finance   Make Money Online 48
 Psychology Today  Health  Psychology, self improvement 92
 The Work at Home   Woman Digital Marketing  Business, Blogging, Social Media 68
 One Green Planet Health   Environment, Health, Food 80
 Shvong Finance   Finance, Business 31
 Content Marketing   Institute Digital Marketing  Content Marketing 89
 Travel Visa Bookings Travel & Tourism  Travel 47
 Urban Adventure Arts & Entertainment  Fishing, camping 69  Travel & Tourism  Travel, Tech, Business, Finance 59
 Tricky Enough Digital Marketing  SEO, Blogging, SEM, Affiliate Marketing 58
 The Finance Wand Finance   Finance  16
 GetResponse Digital Marketing  Productivity, Platform, Automation,   Marketing 90
 Be a Better Blogger Digital Marketing  Blogging 43
 Attention Trust Home & Garden  Home Improvement, travel,   entertainment 38
 Benchmark Digital Marketing  SEO, Marketing, Social Media 84
 Bella Wanana Finance   Make Money 31
 The Newsify Digital Marketing  Technology, Business, Digital Marketing 25
 Pole Position Marketing Digital Marketing  Marketing, Digital Marketing 71
 Digital Photography   School  Arts & Entertainment  Photography  81
 Sports Then & Now Sports & Fitness  Sports  35
 Czech the World Travel & Tourism  Travel, Travel Tips 48
 Incomediary Finance   Make Money Online 71
 Thealmostdone Home & Garden  Gardening, home, and family 53
 Brand Driven Digital Digital Marketing  Social media, Marketing 58
 Hubspot  Digital Marketing  Marketing 93
 Off the Post Sports & Fitness  Sports  99
 Miska Sports & Fitness  Health, technology, lifestyle 48
 Growth101  News, Media & Publications  Business, finance, e-commerce 99
 Finance Hike News, Media & Publications  Finance, business, investment 14
 Places of Juma  Travel & Tourism  Travel 60
 Money Saving Mom Finance   Finance  71
 Raacho Trekkers  Travel & Tourism  Travel 25
 George Papatheodorou   Blog Digital Marketing  Marketing, SEO, Tools 32
 Keira’s Life Home & Garden  Travel, Fashion, Home & Garden, Food 9
 Bigger Pockets Finance   Finance  80
 Brit on the Move  Travel & Tourism  Travel 42
 Internet Marketing   School Jobs & Education  Digital Marketing, SEO 32
 UK Home Improvement Home & Garden  Interior design, DIY 50
 Rise and Beam Sports & Fitness  Health, education, lifestyle 19
 The Guardian  News, Media & Publications  Entertainment, finance, business, sports 93
 Entrepreneur News, Media & Publications  Marketing, social media, business,   finance, news 91
 IBH Blogs Hub Jobs & Education  Education  12
 Teno Blog Sports & Fitness  Health, travel, business 33
 Flavorful Space Family & Community  Lifestyle health, fashion 16
 Ayurveda Master Sports & Fitness  Meditation, yoga 0
 Beezzly Family & Community  Home Ideas, cleaning, decorating ideas 39
 Fahim Ahmadi Finance  Make money online 21
 Money Mini Blog Finance  Finance 54

Sites That Accept Niche Edits

Keep an eye out for the following sites if you want to get niche edit backlinks:

Website URL Topics Organic Traffic  Domain Rating (DR)
 News Wire  Business, Health and Fitness, News & Media, Technology & Gadgets 100439 83
 Gossipment  Entertainment, Music & Instruments 37717 26
 The Washington   Independent   Business, Health and Fitness, News & Media, Travel & Tourism 191131 71
 Latarde  Culture & Society, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Technology & Gadgets 93851 55
 Considering Apple  News & Media, Technology & Gadgets, Websites & Software   Development 53072 31
 Editorialge   Business, Entertainment, General, Health and Fitness, Technology &   Gadgets 426801 73
 Gogo Terme  Health and Fitness, Leisure and Hobbies, Travel & Tourism 63666 34
 Feeds Portal  Business, General, Technology & Gadgets, Travel & Tourism 199 75
 Be Wise Professor  Beauty, For Men, For Women, Health and Fitness, Technology &   Gadgets 65035 35
 Uploading   Business, Entertainment, Property & Real Estate, Technology &   Gadgets 0 69
 Qui News Valdera  Business, Culture & Society, News & Media, Politics, Sports 14337 37
 Dod Buzz  Business, Gaming, Health and Fitness, Travel & Tourism 105143 60
 Sometimes Interesting  Beauty, Business, Health and Fitness, Technology & Gadgets 66391 53
 Chandigarh Metro  Business, Entertainment, News & Media, Technology & Gadgets 156854 42
 Naasongs   Business, Health and Fitness, Technology & Gadgets 84254 30
 The Education   Magazine  Education, Entertainment, Magazines & Newspapers, Technology &   Gadgets 75457 35
 World Today News  Health and Fitness, News & Media, Sports 17524 68
 Wpreset   Digital Marketing & Advertising, Review Sites, Websites & Software   Development 16999 74
 Tech Stry  Business, Health and Fitness, Lifestyle, Technology & Gadgets 29640 70
 Pace Official (Pace   Business)   Business, Property & Real Estate, Technology & Gadgets 2120 55
 Save The Video  Digital Marketing & Advertising, E-commerce, Websites & Software   Development 237151 50
 College Marker  Education, Jobs & Employment, Personal Development 65740 34
 Masstamilan   Business, General, Technology & Gadgets 42896 44
 Nyxt Big  Business, Entertainment, Gaming, News & Media 12654 46
 Pinoy Bisnes Ideas   Banking & Finance, Digital Marketing & Advertising, Health and   Fitness 14824 39
 Urban Kenyans  Banking & Finance, Business, Education, Technology & Gadgets 40723 56
 The Tech Education  Entertainment, Gaming, Lifestyle, Sports, Technology & Gadgets 102746 35
 Just Web World  Business, General, Technology & Gadgets 24158 53
 My Pro Status  Business, General, Technology & Gadgets 68063 39
 Chiangrai Times (CTN   News)  Entertainment, General, Lifestyle, News & Media 120698 69
 Global Business Diary  Banking & Finance, Business, Technology & Gadgets 1154 29
 Gadget Clock  Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, Business, Gaming, Technology &   Gadgets 19541 49
 Stanford Arts Review  Entertainment, Gaming, Politics, Technology & Gadgets 6845 34
 99 Tech Post  Digital Marketing & Advertising, Social Media, Technology & Gadgets, Websites & Software Development 10302 36
 El Portal De Mexico  Business, Health and Fitness, Lifestyle, Technology & Gadgets, Travel   & Tourism 4545 25
 Voice Of Action  Business, Technology & Gadgets, Websites & Software Development 5790 35
 Scoop Byte  Entertainment, Technology & Gadgets, Websites & Software   Development 171221 54
 Research Snipers  Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, Business, Technology & Gadgets 28033 55
 Ec The Hub  Entertainment, Gaming, Technology & Gadgets 16994 34
 The Hear Up  Business, Entertainment, General, Health and Fitness 37854 43
 Stud Mentor   Education, Health and Fitness, News & Media, Technology & Gadgets 110926 12
 Live Cam Croatia  Lifestyle, News & Media, Sports, Technology & Gadgets, Travel &   Tourism 78297 51
 Saving Advice  Banking & Finance, Entertainment, News & Media, Shopping 85747 69

These sites can help you achieve niche edit backlinks if you leverage them properly. So, if you are looking for the best niche edits, you might be able to find your answer on one of the above-mentioned sites. 

Guest Posts vs Niche Edits: How to Choose Between Niche Edits and Guest Posts

So the question is, which one is it going to be?

Guest posts vs niche edits?

Which one should you be choosing for your marketing campaign?

It is not that difficult to choose between guest posts vs niche edits if you know what your marketing strategy is going to be and what your goals are.

Therefore, if you want to focus on getting your brand’s name featured on high-domain authority websites and increase your authority, then you need to go for guest posts.

On the other hand, if your goal is to create great content on your website while increasing your traffic, then you need to go for niche edits.

However, if you do not want to choose between guest posts vs niche edits, you do not have to!

That sounds surprising, doesn’t it?

Well, you do not have to choose. As a matter of fact, the best marketing strategy for building backlinks should have a unique mix of both. This way, you will be able to get the best results.

Guest Posts vs Niche Edits: Which One Is Better?

In terms of choosing between these guest posts vs niche edits, there is no clear victor. There are benefits and drawbacks to each. They provide the same function but have different objectives.

When you want to gradually increase the authority and competence of your website, guest posts are a good SEO strategy. They give you the opportunity to directly reach the visitors of an established DA website with high-quality content. Content is mostly responsible for the traffic rerouting and SEO enhancement associated with guest posting. 

On the other hand, niche edits do not require content creation and deliver speedier results. Implementing backlinks may bring in quicker SEO results, but audience growth may change that. 

Visitors from an external website who don’t read guest posts must click a backlink to get to your website. This indicates that link building is the primary method for diverting traffic and improving SEO with niche changes. The goal is to improve SEO and SERP rankings, as you can see. But the objectives in guest posts vs niche edits are a little different. While niche edits strive to develop that relationship with the audience more rapidly, guest posting aims to do so more gradually.

Although opinions can differ, SEO industry leaders often acknowledge the significance of both guest posts vs niche edits. The long-term benefits of guest posting, such as building brand authority and cultivating key industry relationships, are highlighted by industry experts.

However, they also warn against the dangers of spammy or subpar guest posting techniques, highlighting the significance of producing high-quality, pertinent content. On the other hand, niche edits are renowned for being affordable and having a chance to produce results quickly. 


To avoid coming off as spammy or manipulative, however, industry professionals frequently emphasize how crucial it is to make sure your link adds value and relevance to the existing material.

Wrapping It Up

In conclusion, when it comes to choosing between guest posts vs niche edits as part of your content marketing strategy, it’s essential to consider your goals, resources, and desired outcomes. 

So, who wins the battle of the Titans between guest posts vs niche edits? 

It can only be decided when you analyze the end results you want. 

Niche edits are hyperlinks put into old articles (with pre-existing backlink profiles) that are already indexed by Google. This is the key distinction between niche edits and guest posts. Without the effort of writing a brand-new blog piece, niche edits function somewhat similarly to guest posts.

Guest posts offer the opportunity for greater visibility, credibility, and audience engagement, allowing you to establish yourself as an industry thought leader. On the other hand, niche edits provide a more subtle and efficient way to enhance your existing content and improve its ranking potential. 

Ultimately, the choice between guest posts vs niche edits should be based on your specific needs, budget, and long-term objectives. By understanding the unique advantages and limitations of each approach, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your content marketing goals and helps you achieve sustained growth in your online presence


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