How to Do Blogger Outreach in 2023: Types and Best Practices

Blogger Outreach
On June 23, 2023
How to Do Blogger Outreach

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Blogger outreach is a foolproof way to reach out and make a difference. 


Here’s a scenario for you to imagine:


Imagine you are leading a team of content writers and graphic designers. You also have a few SEO experts on your team. Your entire team is tasked with creating unique blogs and articles for the company you are working for.


All the blogs are perfect. They have unique, original research, original information, infographics, and videos, and they offer the amazing user experience that Google loves. 


However, when you publish your articles, you do not get any backlinks from them.


Now, you would be expecting some backlinks because you have created really good content, right?


But that’s not the case!


Your content gains some traction and has a significant amount of organic traffic, but it does not generate any backlinks whatsoever.


So, what’s going wrong?

Blogger Outreach Checklist

Let us tell you:


While your content is unique, immersive, and engaging, it is missing an essential component known as blogger outreach. If you do not know how to do blogger outreach or your company lacks a blogger outreach strategy, your content is not going to get a good amount of natural backlinks.


No matter what kind of industry you are working in or what kind of website you run, you need blogger outreach in order to make your brand famous and increase your sales.


If you don’t know how to do blogger outreach, you need not worry. 


We have taken it upon ourselves to explain everything about blogger outreach to you while teaching you how to do blogger outreach along the way.


Let’s get started, shall we?

What Is Blogger Outreach?

For example, let us suppose for a minute that you are a fashion designer who owns a clothing brand and wants to use blogger outreach to market his or her clothes. To cross-promote your work, you can start by compiling a list of bloggers and influencers in related fields, such as fashion models, the makeup industry, and lifestyle.

Blogger Outreach

Although your audiences are rather similar, you are not direct rivals. This might be a fantastic approach to increase awareness and (perhaps) attract new customers.


The key to successful blogger outreach is to locate the websites and social media accounts frequented by your target market and establish long-lasting connections with their administrators.

How Does Quality Blogger Outreach Work?

Blogger outreach is not quite easy. It is a lot of work. You have to invest a lot of your precious time and effort. In the beginning, acquiring every single backlink can feel like going up and down a thousand stairs. 

Quality Blogger Outreach

Here is a simplified version of how blogger outreach works so you know how it happens before you learn how to do blogger outreach:


Step #1: Find and locate Relevant Bloggers

Step #2: Make yourself prominent On Their Social Radar

Step #3: Find their Email Addresses (you can use a tool for this)

Step #4: Personalize your outreach email for influencers and bloggers

Step #5: Set up an email automation campaign

Step #6: Follow Up With The influencers and Bloggers (don’t spam them)

Is Blogger Outreach for SEO Still Effective in 2023?

It is pretty oblivious that blogger outreach is still as relevant as it used to be when it started getting traction. The only slight catch is that it only works properly if you are ready to invest your time and effort in making it successful. 


According to Backlinko’s analysis of 12 million outreach emails, only 8.5% of outreach emails actually get a response from the blogger or influencer. 

Blogger Outreach for SEO

However, do not let this statistic discourage you from doing blogger outreach and sending emails. 


We understand that it seems discouraging but do not let it completely stop you from pursuing blogger outreach for links to achieve your SEO goals. 


There is a reason why blogger outreach campaigns fail. 


Do you want to know the reason?


It is bad emails that are sent with zero personalization and no prior thought process. 


Here is an example: 

Blogger Outreach

The majority of messages and emails like these do not even make it to bloggers’ and influencers’ inboxes. Instead, such badly-written emails get filtered out by spam filters and are never viewed by prospects. Therefore, when you are getting started with how to do blogger outreach, make sure that you do not send such emails.


Your emails will stand out from the crowd and elicit the response you want if you personalize each one and develop a clear blog outreach strategy. Here is an example of a perfectly crafted and well-thought-out email sent for blogger outreach purposes:

Blogger Outreach Services

Types of Blogger Outreach

Before we learn how to do blogger outreach, let’s explore the various types of blogger outreach. It is important to know all the ways you can do it before diving into a whimsical wonderland of influencers, thought leaders, and trendsetters. From the clever link building methods to the viral giveaways, each type of white label blogger outreach brings its own flavor of enchantment to the blogging realm. 

Types of Blogger Outreach

So grab your imagination goggles, and let’s learn types of blogger outreach!

  • Link Building

Let’s go back to the scenario we imagined at the beginning of this article. 


Imagine you have created an amazing piece of content. Now you need to generate backlinks for it. 


That is where Blogger outreach comes in. 

Link Building

By using blogger outreach, you can leverage your articles to generate valuable, high-quality editorial backlinks to your website. These backlinks will improve your search engine optimization and consequently raise your ranking in the search engine resource pages.


If you are doing blogger outreach for link building purposes, you would need to find influencers with audiences who share your interests. These people would be the most interested in the content you create, and they will link to it. As a result, you will get blogger outreach backlinks.

  • Sponsored Posts

Another type of blogger outreach is called sponsored posts. Sponsored posts are extremely important because they enable you to create a brand persona that will help you create more leads.

Sponsored Posts

As the name suggests, you have to pay bloggers in order to get your content published on their sites. The content they publish will have a redirecting link that will send people to your business.


Sponsored posts can be expensive, and they can be cheap as well. The cost depends on the following of the blogger and how influential they are, as well as the kind of post you want to publish on their website.

  • Guest Publications / Posts

In this type of blogger outreach, you reach out to bloggers and influencers with the sole purpose of creating some kind of content for them. When you create content for them, you are able to use their audience in order to boost your brand awareness and get a valuable backlink at the same time.

Guest Publications / Posts

Plus, you might as well receive a substantial amount of referral traffic from their website to your website.


As an SEO expert, what else could you wish for?

  • Product Promotion

Product promotion involves reaching out to influencers in your field and asking them to review your products or services as well as share them with their audience.


However, this does not happen for free!

Product Promotion

You will have to spend some money.


Sponsored posts, product reviews, product promotions, and advertisements are some of the ways for bloggers to make money, so prepare yourself to pay up!

  • Product Features 

Similar to product promotions, product features are also product reviews. However, they are not the same.


In product features, your product will be featured in a post or an article with a broader explanation instead of a formal review. 


For example, an influencer who is vegan and constantly promotes makeup products can promote vegan makeup in more detail.

  • Collaboration


Collaborations are often considered blogger outreach best practice by people. In this type of blogger outreach, brands collaborate with influencers to create a piece of content, be it a social media post, an article, a video, an infographic, or a blog.


The purpose of this collaboration is to raise awareness about the brand, its products, and services, as well as generate revenue for the influencer.

  • Giveaways 

Giveaways are another significantly effective type of blogger outreach strategy. The reason why giveaways work so well is that they positively impact both the influencer and the brand collaborating with each other.


So, how do giveaways work?


Let us explain:


In giveaways, the brand or the company provides its products to the blogger, and the blogger hosts competitions for its audience in which the product is given away to the winner.


Giveaways are often hosted via YouTube videos, Instagram posts, or social media campaigns for blogs. They attract a significant amount of traffic and help draw attention to the brand as well as the blogger.


Therefore, the company gets brand awareness and customer attention while the blogger gets more followers and opportunities.


So, it is a win-win situation!

What Does the Blogger Outreach Process Look Like?

Before starting your blogger outreach campaign, it is crucial to have specific goals in mind. Make a plan for the outreach effort you intend to launch. You can measure the results specifically with the aid of these targets. Define your objectives in a method that can improve lead generation if you want to increase sales. 

Blogger Outreach Process

Here’s what a sample blogger outreach process looks like:

  • Define Your Goals

The first step of learning how to do blogger outreach is laying down clear criteria in order to define your goals. Blogger outreach will only work if you know what you are doing.


The best way to do this is to build a road map that can help you decide which influencer suits your brand’s persona the best. 

Define Your Goals

Make sure that you also list all the ways that can help you track your results, such as engagement, blog traffic, and rankings. Having clear criteria and defined goals will help you select the right influencer and make the right collaborations.

  • Identify Your Targets

Once you have created a road map and highlighted your criteria and your goals, it’s time for you to navigate them. This is the step where you start building influencer prospects.


Start by defining which influencers suit your brand’s image the best. You can make a sheet in Excel or a content calendar with all the bloggers that might increase your website ‘s traffic. 


Keep it simple!


The more complex you make this, the harder it is going to be!


Therefore, we suggest using a simple spreadsheet and finding which blogger is best for your brand.

  • Collect Your Prospects’ Email Addresses

Once you know which bloggers you need to collaborate with, it’s time for you to start finding their email addresses in order to pitch your content to them.

Collect Your Prospects’ Email Addresses

You can use dedicated websites, or you can use tools to find their email addresses using their domain name.


Email address finder tools are a crucial part of blogger outreach.

  • Establish a Target Persona

Knowing who your target bloggers are and what kind of content they create is almost as crucial as understanding their requirements.


This is why every successful blogger outreach campaign involves meticulous audience research and analysis of outreach methods. You need to pay attention to these two aspects of outreach when you are learning how to do blogger outreach.

Establish a Target Persona

It is crucial to establish a persona of your target audience before you pitch your content if you want your campaign to be successful. You can easily bridge the gap by establishing a transparent target persona.

  • Develop a Lucrative Bait

Once you have a clear understanding of your prospective influencers and their requirements, you need to start implementing your blogger outreach strategy.


This is where you need to have attractive bait in order to lure them in.

Develop a Lucrative Bait

Think of the ways your products or services can benefit the influencers. It can include anything, such as revenue, fame, collaborations, free products, sponsorships, etc. 


This comes in handy when you are building backlinks because it is always a good idea to look for broken backlinks before employing other methods.

  • Customize Your Message

As soon as you have a lucrative bait to attract influencers, you need to start working on structuring a personalized message for them. The email you send to influencers can make or break your entire blogger outreach journey.

Customize Your Message

In other words, your emails need to be unique because they are going to determine if your efforts are going to bear fruit or not. Make sure that your message is clear and that you provide your prospects with a transparent picture of the product or service you are trying to offer.


Blogger outreach only works when you are transparent and honest in your messages.

  • Manage and Organize Your Blogger Outreach Project

Managing and organizing a blogger outreach campaign involves data collection, analysis, and developing a transparent target persona.


Schedule a timeline and increase your productivity once you have analyzed your campaign and all of its aspects. Establish a productive outreach campaign and structure your emails in order to make management easier for yourself.

  • Track Your Results

Tracking and measuring results involves deep analysis, tracking, and optimization of your strategy.


Make sure that you conduct a meeting with your team of writers and SEO professionals to analyze the outcome of your campaign to determine whether it has been successful or not.

Track Your Backlinks Results

Look for ways to improve your strategy and gaps that you can bridge. This can make it easier for you to strategically plan your next blogger outreach campaigns. Moreover, a deep analysis also makes it easier to track the activities of a prospective blogger. Besides, it helps you find out whether they clicked or downloaded the links you had added in your email.

  • Tweak Your Outreach Strategy Accordingly

This is the last step of a blogger outreach process. However, it is equally important as the others. Use the results from your analysis to optimize your strategy in order to generate better results.


Start working on your strategy as soon as you have conducted a meeting with your team and understood the feedback you have received from them. Even the best blogger outreach campaigns have gaps in them. 


Practice makes a man perfect. 


So, keep trying and keep eradicating errors one by one until you find a strategy that works for you in the best way possible.

Blogger Outreach Strategies

Blogger outreach strategies play a vital role in establishing strong connections between brands and influential bloggers, creating a mutually beneficial partnership. 


So, do you want to know how to do blogger outreach? 


Your answer lies in blogger outreach strategies. 


Effective blogger outreach goes beyond simple promotion; it is about building authentic relationships with bloggers who share a common target audience. 


By reaching out to relevant bloggers and offering them valuable content or products, you can tap into the bloggers’ loyal readership and gain exposure to a wider audience. 


Let’s explore a diverse range of proven blogger outreach strategies that can help you amplify your online presence and drive meaningful engagement while teaching you how to do blogger outreach:

  • Choose Your Bloggers Cautiously

Don’t collaborate with anyone who is way too eager to accept a gift or tweet about your business without any relevance. You can use a tool to have a deeper look at the influencer’s metrics.

Choose Your Bloggers Cautiously

Influencer marketing is only useful if the bloggers you select are relevant to your company and powerful enough to make a significant impact. Spend some time researching your bloggers, the subjects they cover, the kind of posts they publish, their writing style, their following, and how involved their audience is.

  • Testing Makes a Strategy Perfect

Wouldn’t it be incredible to know what works and what doesn’t work right away?


Who would say not to such a magic power?


However, unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way, so enjoy experimenting with your outreach strategies.

Backlinks Strategy testing

Test out multiple blogging platforms for your target audience, different pitching techniques, different types of content, the language you post them in, the kind of graphics you add, and even the types of posts you or your blogging partners create. These are some of the examples that you can test using A/B testing.


No matter what you do, do not forget to keep detailed records of your testing. You don’t want to test anything twice just to realize that the first time it didn’t work. It will be just a waste of time.

  • Create Well-Crafted, Concise, and Personalized Messages.

The well-known bloggers that you truly want to collaborate with get hundreds or perhaps thousands of emails daily. 


They do not have enough time to go through each and every email and also check their spam folder for any stray emails.

Create Well-Crafted, Concise,

Make sure the subject line of your initial email is intriguing and catches the prospect’s attention. Here is an example of a captivating subject line: 


Once you are satisfied with the subject line of your email, work on the body. Make sure that the body is succinct and straightforward. You can go into further detail and discuss the specifics once you have successfully started a conversation with the prospect.

  • Do Outreach Like You Do Your Networking

Approach outreach like networking.


When you go to a networking event, and you meet someone who meets your interest, your goal is to make a good first impression and share your value. Usually, they do the same, which ideally leads to a collaboration or a long-lasting relationship that is mutually beneficial.


You need to apply the mindset when you are getting familiar with how to do blogger outreach. Try to cultivate a worthwhile relationship with prospective bloggers after your initial conversation with them. When contacting bloggers, share your value with them and keep it professional. 


Oh, and keep in mind that editors and bloggers are likely to receive a LOT of pitches every day, as we have mentioned above. So, you need to stand out and make your mark. For example:

Blogger Outreach

Therefore, you have to see to it that your blogger outreach attempts are noticeable (for the appropriate reasons), and don’t take it personally if you are rejected. 


There are plenty of fish in the sea.

  • Always Highlight Your Unique Selling Point

If you’re lucky enough to have a novelty, or product or service that no one else serves, then you have hit the jackpot in the world of blogger outreach. 


When you have something that no one else has, then your outreach already has a better chance of getting noticed and eliciting a reply. 


However, that is rarely the case. For example, BharatPe was the first company in India to launch UPI’s interoperable QR code. But as time went on, other companies started doing something similar. So, things stay unique for a certain period of time only.

Unique Selling Point


Therefore, it is more likely you are one of the many businesses offering a similar product or service. 


If that is the case, then you need to make sure that you stand out from a sea of other companies and brands. The best way to do this is by emphasizing how your product or service is different and better from others. 


Highlight your Unique Selling Point (USP) in your outreach email. 


Tell the blogger or the influencer why they need to get on board with you instead of collaborating with your competitor.

  • Segment Your Influencers and Bloggers

You’ll run into a lot of bloggers while doing your research on them, and you’ll probably end with a list longer than the Great Wall of China. 


But how can you use that never-ending list and select which people to contact? 


Segmenting them will be useful in this situation.


Blogger segmentation is an important part of learning how to do blogger outreach. The best place for you to start when categorizing your bloggers is by niche and SEO indicators such as domain ranking, traffic, and referring domains. 


Other segmentation methods can be based on social media following or engagement. Once you have divided up your list of bloggers, you can start prioritizing them according to your company’s goals. This will help you decide which blogger to contact first based on the objectives of your particular outreach campaign.

Segment Your Influencers and Bloggers

For instance, if you run a store that sells fitness equipment for a variety of fitness regimes, such as cardio, weightlifting, pilates, HIIT, and aerobics, then you should segment your bloggers accordingly. You can segment your bloggers according to the kind of workouts they do, i.e., pilates, dead weightlifting, aerobics, cardio, HIIT, etc. 

  • Build Long-Lasting and Meaningful Relationships

You know what they say: 


Honesty is the best policy!


Be honest about what you can provide and what the influencer can anticipate from you. Developing long-term connections with bloggers can be a cost-efficient and effective strategy to increase traffic and leads. 


Create a relationship based on trust with the blogger right away, and make sure they want to keep working with you.


How do you build trust?


It is simple!


Be honest with them.


Here are some other ways of establishing long-lasting relationships:

  • Leave thoughtful and value-added comments on their blog posts.
  • Tag them on your social media pages, especially if you have contributed to their site as a guest writer.
  • Provide testimonials for them or introduce them to other people in your network on their behalf.
  • Ask them how they’re doing by sending them a cordial email and offering them freebies.
  • Make Sure That You and Your Team Are on the Same Page

There may be a lot going on when it comes to blogger outreach, so it’s critical to standardize your processes and keep the team informed of any recent developments. This way, everyone will be on the page regarding the process you use when getting started with how to do blogger outreach.


Additionally, this lessens the possibility of numerous people in the same team working on the same project at once. Therefore, it prevents time wastage. Making sure that everyone on the team is aware of and comfortable with their position is one approach to achieving this.


When a task is finished, make sure that everyone on the team is informed. For instance, the outreach representative knows they can start after the blogger segments have been selected. Moreover, a blogger must meet certain criteria in order to be considered, such as social media following, domain rating, organic traffic, engagement, keyword rankings, etc.


Assign tasks to everyone based on their expertise. Specify the person who is in charge of the project in case any problems arise that need to be resolved.

  • Think Outside of the Box

There are millions of businesses operating all over the world. Many of these businesses have a presence online, and many of them use influencer marketing. There are a lot of companies vying for the influence and attention of a small pool of bloggers. 


Be as inventive as you can when submitting your suggestions for sponsored posts or prizes. Make sure the blogger and their readers notice your promotion.


  • Partner With an SEO Company

Partner With an SEO Company

An important component of internal marketing that is made for external assistance is outreach at scale. 


However, it isn’t easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.


It requires particular skills, outreach tools, expertise, and out-of-the-box procedures. It takes a lot of time as well as effort. 


In-house employees that will truly put in the time and desire to do it week in and week out are hard to come by, unlike in PR. You’ll get double the outcomes in half the time if you work with an agency that has its procedure down to a science, such as Globex Outreach

  • Blogger Outreach Template

We have also created a blogger outreach template in order to help you get started:


Subject: Love your article about content marketing! (Proposal)


Hi (name),


I really enjoyed reading your article (add a link to the article). You’ve put together an excellent resource about the reasons why content marketing matters today. 


As an experienced professional in content marketing and Search Engine Optimization, I devote my spare time to the production of posts around SEO tools, content marketing strategies, and actionable tips & tricks for getting high SEO results.


I reinforce every piece with statistics and successful examples from giant corporations to ensure that all points are valid and share my own insights and tips (I’m a senior SEO executive with more than six years of experience). I can also create auxiliary visuals and infographics to make the story even more appealing, better structured, and memorable.


Here you can find my portfolio.


(add a link to your portfolio)


At this time, I’m working on two engaging articles:

1) (add the title of your article)

2) (add the title of another of your article) 


I thought these could be a nice addition to your blog and would love to become a blog contributor for your site.


By the way, I’m open to writing on any other topic, according to your blogging strategy and editorial calendar.


Please let me know if you’re interested in my articles on any of the suggested topics, or feel free to propose another type of story.


Warm regards,

(your name)

How to Do Blogger Outreach Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some of the advantages of learning how to do blogger outreach?

A wonderful approach to market your company’s name, products, or services to a bigger, more focused audience is through blogger email outreach. It is a successful method for raising brand awareness, fostering connections, and developing an enthusiastic audience of potential clients.


Should you learn how to do blogger outreach yourself or hire a blogger outreach company?

In order to have complete control over every step of the blogger outreach process, which is something you simply cannot get when employing blogger outreach service firms, it is better to learn how to do blogger outreach. This way, you can carry out blogger outreach in-house with the use of an outreach tool.


How can you prevent your email from ending up in the spam folder?

Verify the legitimacy of your email domain, scan your messages for spam phrases, add a personal touch to every message you send, and distribute your outreach efforts among a number of senders’ addresses with a small daily email cap.


How to plan out an effective blogger outreach strategy?

Establish your objectives, identify prospects, create your email sequence, gather contact details, and personalize.


Which type of blogger outreach is the most effective?

Depending on your objectives, link building is the most efficient kind of blogger outreach for SEO, whereas affiliate outreach is the best option if you’re looking to increase sales.


And there you have it – a comprehensive blogger outreach guide. We are hopeful that you have gotten everything you need from our article, including blogger outreach tips, blogger outreach strategies, the blogger outreach process, and, most importantly, how to do blogger outreach. 


Consider the benefits a blogger outreach campaign might have for your brand, depending on the objectives of your campaign. This strategy may be difficult and time-consuming, but it has helped countless businesses build their brands and succeed with SEO


However, the catch is that it can be difficult to tell whether a blogger is actually as influential as their media kit suggests. You must ensure that they can connect with the target markets you want to sell to. 


Working with a blogger outreach company that can conduct the necessary research and due diligence on your behalf is, therefore, a fantastic choice. Of course, you might choose to wing it as a dedicated business owner. 


However, consider the expenses and challenges you’ll have when choosing target websites, contacting authors and editors, pitching blog ideas, obtaining backlinks, and more. 


Let an SEO agency relieve you of the stress with the help of its expert blogger outreach service. Get in touch with us to learn how we can get your brand the exposure it needs by contacting popular industry bloggers.


So, what are you waiting for?


Let’s talk!

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