SEO Packages for Small Businesses: Everything You Need to Know

Search engine optimization (SEO)
On January 21, 2021

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In this guide, you are literally going to know everything about SEO packages for small business:

  • What does SEO for small business include
  • Why your small company needs SEO
  • How affordable packages for SEO can change small businesses’ bottom line
  • What is included in the kit of SEO packages
  • What are the various considerable SEO KPIs

After reading this guide, you will know why and how to select the best SEO small business packages to achieve your goals.

So what are you waiting for?

Dive in…

What is Small Business SEO?


While we are on the topic of SEO packages for small businesses, it is better to first know what is SEO?

Simply put: SEO is the process of improving your website rankings on search engine result pages so that you can get:

  • More visibility
  • Higher traffic flow
  • Qualified leads

SEO involves working on a number of factors to bring all these good things to your business.

So if you are running a small business, all your SEO efforts focus on:

  • Creating well-optimized content
  • A Google-friendly website
  • Giving a better user experience
  • Increasing the authority of your website
  • Making your site relevant for a query

In short, it includes everything that can convince Google that you are the best fit to rank higher on the search engine for a search query.

The focus is to make Google have by all possible means.

Based on this, we can say that SEO can be divided into four categories:

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO


Let’s decode each category to understand more what small business SEO is.

Remember that each category is further divided into essential steps that combine together to make each category an important part of SEO.

#1. On-Page SEO


On-page SEO refers to everything you do on your site to optimize it, hoping to earn a higher ranking and more visibility.

On-page optimization is done within the content, the structure of the website, and the different elements that make up a website.

On-page ranking factors can be divided into these steps:

  1. Title Tag: It is the HTML element that acts as the title of your webpage, displayed on search results as the headline of your page.

Using your focus keyword in it tells Google what the content on your website is all about.

  1. Meta Description: It is a short description of your web content that gives a heads-up to Google and visitors what they are going to get in the content.

Adding your primary keyword in it optimizes your content for the target search query.

  1. Headers: Headings and subheading within your content that break log of content, give a well-formatted look, and define underlying content.

Use of focus keyword in them optimizes content for higher rankings.

  1. Content: Create high-quality, unique, and original content that offers value and in-depth knowledge to readers and satisfies all their questions.

Using the primary keyword in the first 150-200 words and different keyword variants increases the relevance of the content.

  1. Internal Link: internal linking means linking from one web page to another web page on the same domain to make your site’s navigation easier.

Linking helps Google crawlers to crawl and index your website content easily without missing any page.

  1. URL: Uniform Resource Locator, or URL, is the web address that takes visitors to your page.

Optimizing it for your target keyword tells Google if your page is relevant for a query or not.

  1. Image Optimization: Visual content makes your content look awesome, but it can also reduce your site’s speed.

Formatting of the file and using optimized alt image boost your images for ranking of the content.

#2: Off-Page Optimization


Unlike on-page SEO, off-page SEO refers to everything you do outside of your website to enhance its visibility and ranking on the search engine.

The focus is to increase the trustworthiness, authority, credibility, popularity, and relevance of your site so that Google starts considering your site as worth ranking.

Off-page search engine optimization is more like bringing external validation and vote to affirm your importance in Google’s eyes.

It is just like nobody gives you importance when you alone talk about your greatness.

So off-page SEO methods give the extra oomph to your authority for Google’s consideration.

Here are the two most important basic off-page ranking factors:

  1. Backlinks: Backlinks are links from one website to another website that transfer authority and link juice to the linked site.

Backlinks from high authority sites with higher traffic give your site authority, credibility, brand awareness, higher ranking, and traffic.

  1. Social Signals: Social signals are signs that show the buzz surrounding your company and your popularity among folks.

If more people talk about you, your site has higher engagement, and social tags, Google will automatically add positive points in your favor.

#3: Technical SEO


Technical SEO is the process of doing everything on your website to give a better experience to Google and users in terms of everything written, structured, and designed.

Working on the technical aspects of SEO helps you in two ways:

  • It becomes easier for Google to crawl and index your site faster
  • Users easily read, find, and understand the content

These are a few technical SEO factors you should focus on to improve the technical aspects of your site:

  1. Site Security: SSL certification indicates that your website is ready to give a secure experience to the users.

Making your site HTTPS shows Google that you care about your visitors and are ready to give them a better experience by taking care of their security.

  1. Mobile-Friendliness: Mobile friendly websites have a responsive layout, easy navigation, and higher readability on all devices.

Having a mobile-friendly website qualifies your site to Google’s mobile-first policy.

Google crawls and indexes websites with a mobile version faster than the desktop version.

  1. Page Speed: Your visitors can’t wait for more than a couple of seconds for a page to load.

Having a better page speed is an important UX factor that reduces bounce rate and leaves a better impression of your website on visitors and Google.

#4: Local SEO


If you are running a small business, this type of SEO is probably the most important ingredient in your required SEO packages for small businesses.

And also, one the most neglected one. But if you don’t want to fail your SEO strategy, don’t skip it.

It helps you get discovered in local searches, puts you in front of the local target audience, and drives local traffic – the exact thing you want.

Work on these local SEO factors to win local search results:

  1. Listing Directories: Business listing directories, like Google My Business, are online sites where you register your business and affirm your online presence.

Business listing is a great source to tell search engines that you do exist for locally targeted traffic.

  1. Location Data: Structured location data gives the address of your business’ physical location along with your website’s address.

Having structured location data authenticates your position to appear in local searches for the particular query.


So now, you know:

  • What it means by small business SEO
  • What are the various factors of SEO for small business


It still doesn’t tell: why do you need SEO services for small businesses exactly?

Here is the answer!

Why Care About SEO Plans for Small Businesses?


So you run a small business in your town.

Maybe you have a…

  • Bakery
  • Next door hair salon
  • Car insurance business
  • House cleaning company
  • Flower shop
  • Event management business

…or any other business that offers local services.

But now, you think that you should target a larger audience.

So you have decided to have an online presence and ride on the waves of the internet to grab MANY new customers.

That’s GREAT.

But if you think that…

  • Having a website
  • Listing in directories
  • Doing a bit of PPC marketing

…will pour traffic on your site like crazy; you are wrong.

Welcome to the online world where all your previous notions of getting success are proven wrong.

The problem is:

  • Your best services are not enough if you don’t pair them with the best SEO marketing tactics
  • Customer’s consumptions patterns have undergone a major shift
  • Old marketing techniques and mindset can work no more in your favor

SEO can help you out here because:

REASON # 1: SEO Gives More Visibility & Higher Ranking


Nobody knows how amazing services you deliver or how good products you sell if you will not show up when people will search for your services.

That’s why you need SEO.

SEO puts you in front of the right audience at the right time when they are searching for you.

The process goes like this:

  • When someone generates a query, Google analyzes its inventory to find the best fit for that query.
  • If you have worked on SEO, you are likely to appear in search results. If not, you can chill with your awesome services buried in the bottom of SERPs.


REASON # 2: SEO Proves to Audiences That Your Are Amazing


Unlike offline customers, your online customers will not slip with the tone:

“Hey dude, look, I have something amazing for you.”

You have to prove to them that you are really an amazing dude for them.

And one of the best ways to do it is by appearing on the top of the search results.

Searchers believe in Google’s results.

If something is appearing on the top, it would be amazing – that’s what searchers think.

REASON # 3: Searchers Pay Attention to Organic Results


Do you know search engine marketing can help you win the first position by paying Google?

It is an even quicker process than SEO that takes months.

You pay Google and grab the first position.

Sounds cool?

Well, there is sad news for you:

Searchers pay more attention to organic results than ads.


REASON # 4: SEO Gives You an Edge Over Your Competitors


Winning online competition has a secret key:

Stay in front of your audience as much as you can.

You become a blink and forget case if you don’t stay on the top because someone is already ready to take your space.

But SEO helps you to take the top podium and stay in front of the audience.

Unfortunately (fortunately for you!), not all small business companies know the importance of SEO for their business.

Even if they do, they don’t invest time, effort, and money in it.

What happens is:

They focus more on logistics and other marketing factors. But don’t tap on the free marketing factor: Yes, SEO.

So you have a huge margin to fill the wide gap with your own strong online presence.

Affordable SEO packages for small businesses can become your savior.

Why Do You Need SEO Packages for Small Businesses?


Being a small business owner is just like marrying.

You struggle to manage things according to the new pattern.

Try to keep the charm alive while managing to deal with the evident realities.

Bring on new strategies to keep things going.

Stay on the edge because you want to prove to everyone that your decision was not wrong.

In other words:

Running a small business is difficult and time-consuming.

You live on the edge, significantly when you are struggling to prevent running out of money and letting your target audience know that you exist.

In this situation, it is no wonder if SEO seems so off-the-beat to you, or you don’t get time to learn SEO basics.

Even if you do try to take a plunge into the dense world of SEO, you are likely to feel lost.

Reasons are:

#1. SEO is science


SEO is not like traditional marketing, where producing brochures and distributing them on the signals move the needle for you.

Here, you have to come up with a well-formed small business SEO strategy that requires attention to detail, understanding of the data, and data-driven plans.

You can fail in driving a reliable SEO strategy if you miss out on a single ‘x-factor’ from this whole scientific equation.

#2. SEO is Art


SEO automatically turns into art the moment high-quality content becomes one of its essential factors.

You can’t work on the technical aspects of your website, add keywords in the right place, and then expect to see sky-rocket your website on SERPs.

It also includes an important factor that needs more artistic touch and creative skills than technicalities: content writing.

Content is king; we have heard this line uncountable times (even I have mentioned it many times).

And keywords are not the crown of this king.

It requires compelling ideas, engaging storytelling, and impressive expressions to stand tall. That’s where art comes into SEO.

And you know, it is not an easy task.

#3. SEO is Complex


I hope you don’t expect a thing to be easy if its fringes are touching the threshold of art and science simultaneously.

Because SEO really is not easy.

Though local business SEO packages vary depending on the type and range of services you hire, SEO still costs you a bit of money.

If you check out the average cost of SEO for small business or SEO pricing packages USA, you will see that it can cost you around $500-$1500 per month.

Sounds too much money? It is, but it is all because SEO is very complex.

You can’t expect a process with so many types having so many steps (remember? We discussed it above!) to be any easy feat, anyway.

So yeah, you need full focus and dedication to solve the complex mysteries of SEO.

That isn’t possible with other tasks of business management in the loop.

#5. SEO is a Continuous Process


SEO is not a once in a blue moon kind of deal.

You can’t work on your website’s content, backlinks, structure, and other factors. And enjoy your tea of success for the rest of your life.

Some of the SEO factors might not require regular maintenance and tweaking, but many website SEO factors require your attention.

On top of that, if you add a new page or content to your website, you have to pass it through the whole SEO strategy once again.

Even adding a single product page requires an SEO effort of its own.

It can be annoying at times (Oops! I Just revealed my inner professional secret).

So unless you have time to deal with all these, so many ‘SEO is…’ kind of dilemmas, you are more than welcome to come up with your own small business SEO plan.

But if you don’t have time, knowledge, and tools to carry out the whole SEO process like a pro, that’s where you need SEO packages for small businesses.

Once you know why you need SEO for small business packages, next, it is time to see

What is included in search engine optimization packages?

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I do SEO myself?

Yes, you can do SEO on your own if you know a thing or a few about keyword research, content writing, guest posting, etc.

But if you ask that as a beginner, can you do it like a pro?

The answer is: no. Unless you are a professional SEO expert or you have invested a long time into understanding SEO, it is not possible for you to do SEO in full swing.

The reason is simple: effective and perfect SEO is not something that you can do by knowing only a few things.

It requires in-depth knowledge and understanding of so many things and a continuous quest to know new changes that are all the time occurring in the SEO world.

So if you are ready to understand every bit of the SEO thing and ready to invest your time continuously to stay up-to-date, you can definitely do SEO on your own.

Otherwise, there are always SEO experts and professional SEO companies ready to do it for you.

  1. Do SEO packages for small businesses really work?

Yes, SEO packages really work. But it all depends on your selection of the hired SEO service provider.

If you just focus on hiring low-cost SEO services for small business, things might not work for you.

Because companies that chatter too much about their low prices are more often than not offering low standard services.

As already discussed, SEO is NOT AT ALL easy. And nobody does business to do charity. Every company will charge a fair amount of fee for their hard work.

So instead of just focusing on hiring a cheap SEO company, check out their quality of services if you want to get the right and the best results.

If you hire quality SEO service providers, then SEO packages can really work for you without any doubt.

  1. How are SEO packages calculated?

Now, this is a bit of a tricky question.

It is hard to judge how much effort will go into doing SEO of a site.

SEO packages are calculated depending on so many other factors like:

  • Is your website new?
  • How many experiments have you already done on your site?
  • Has it ever undergone any Google penalty?
  • What is the current SEO status of the site?
  • What range of SEO services are you taking?

That’s why most companies charge on an hourly basis for their services so that they can get a fair amount of all their exerted efforts.

Those companies that charge on the basis of the full project or have fixed price SEO packages first check your website and sometimes do its audit to estimate the SEO work it requires before setting local SEO package pricing.

It shows that there aren’t any set criteria to calculate the SEO services prices. It all depends on your website’s condition and the range of SEO services you require.

  1. Are there any guaranteed SEO packages?

It depends on what you mean by the term guarantee.

If by guarantee you mean that they will offer guaranteed quality SEO services, yes, you can find such reputed companies that are known best in the business.

But if by guaranteed SEO services, you mean that you will get the top rankings within a few days, no, there are no such packages.

All those companies that promise to offer guaranteed results are lying.

SEO doesn’t have a clear path. Like, you can’t say that taking road A will take you to the destination for sure.

Sometimes, you have to take multiple roads to reach the destination. And other times, you face unexpected hurdles that you can’t do anything about.

On top of that, you are competing against Google that is all the time rolling out new updates and tweaking its system.

So you can’t say anything about surety and guarantee.

But one thing is sure: if you take the right road, keep on doing the right things with consistency, you can change your bottom line slowly but surely.

  1. How do I get the right SEO service packages?

Selecting the perfect packages for SEO needs you to consider a number of factors:

  • What is included in their SEO packages for small businesses
  • Do they deliver what they promise
  • Can they show you proof of their claims

Once you know what it sounds like to have a perfect SEO package.

Next, it is time to find these packages.

  • First, check online reviews of different companies and individual SEO services providers
  • Second, ask for a consultation and see their reports
  • Third, directly contact them and negotiate their work procedure
  • Fourth, talk with people who have already worked with them.

It will help you get the right SEO service packages.

  1. What are the best SEO packages to choose from?

It is hard to determine which is the best SEO package because:

Everyone claims to offer the guaranteed best SEO services packages.

But you know that these many SEO service consultants are just all talks.

So it is hard to find out the best packages for SEO.

These factors might help you find the best hit:

  • Packages that are all-inclusive, covering all the possible SEO requirements. It saves you from knocking at different doors for different SEO requirements.
  • Check out their prices. Are they charging for what they are actually offering?
  • Do they have tools and software to measure the analytics and metrics?
  • Is it possible for them to deliver what they have promised with the available resources?
  • Giving a set time is difficult, but still, they should give a realistic deadline based on the analysis.

Make sure that you choose the right packages for SEO so that you don’t have to drown your small business budget that is always in a turbulent state.

What Small Business SEO Consultant Offers?

Small business SEO packages focus on improving the performance of your website. Sure. But that’s not the only thing that SEO services company do.

It involves improving the reputation of your site, optimizing your content, working on the user experience, driving qualified traffic, building relationships with influential people, and a lot more.

Based on this, you can say that if you select monthly SEO packages rather than one task SEO packages, you are likely to get headache-free from most of your SEO needs.

Why? Because your selected SEO provider will handle all the SEO hustle included in their SEO package plan.

Based on this, here are a few duties of SEO consultants that they do to give you comprehensive monthly SEO plans.

TASK # 1: Competitor Analysis


It is always good to know what your competitors are doing.

But you know what is even better?

To know your competitors’ secret strategy so that you can implement it or devise a better version of it.

For example, you can find out who is linking to your competitor using Ahrefs’ site explorer.

You can also find out what is their best performing content.

Not to forget that you can also find target keywords of your competitors and keyword performing well on SERPs.

That’s the reason that doing competitor analysis is included in every local SEO package pricing because you can’t begin anything unless you know what you are dealing with.

TASK # 2: Keyword Research


No matter how awesome your website’s design and content is, it is useless without keywords.

So keyword research is the core of every small business strategy.

The key is to come up with a compact keyword list that includes:

  • Well-targeted primary keyword
  • Secondary keywords
  • Different variants
  • LSI keywords
  • Long-tail keywords

Now you might ask why do you need a huge list of keywords?

It is because:

You don’t want to leave out any target audience using different terms and keywords to find you.

Most SEO consultants have awesome keyword research tools in their SEO kit.

Like, SEMrush can give you keywords along with their important metrics.


TASK # 3: Content Production & Marketing


Copywriting is part of your selected top SEO packages.


There is nothing like SEO without content. So if you are hiring a full package SEO services, quality content creation will come along.

Content writing for SEO involves:

  • Creating the website’s content
  • Writing content of meta tags
  • Guest posting for backlinking
  • Blog writing to feed your site

So SEO packages for small businesses also include a chunk of content marketing that revolves around:

Feeding your own website and promoting your business on other websites to get backlinks and qualified traffic.

TASK # 4: Link Building


Link building is an important part of off-page SEO.

In fact, link building is so important that some SEO companies exclusively offer backlink packages price, packages that are focused on only building backlinks.

So link building has a class of its own within the huge domain of SEO.

The problem with backlinks building is that:

  • You need a continuous flow of quality backlinks
  • Only high-quality link building practices work here
  • Diversify link profile is a VERY brain-draining task
  • There is always the fear of tapping black hat practices

A good SEO company needs to take care of all these factors to let you have a secure SEO journey.

TASK # 5: Outreach and Relationship Building


Building quality relationships with your industry’s influential people have always been an important part of conducting a successful business.

This requirement has increased manifolds with SEO.

Obviously, there wouldn’t be anything like manual backlinks if you don’t have anyone ready to give you a quality backlink.

So outreaching influential bloggers and influencers of your industry is an integral part of affordable small business SEO packages.

It not only helps you in getting quality backlinks but also to generate important social signals.

TASK # 6: Social Media Promotion


We have talked about how social signals are gaining popularity as an important off-page SEO factor.

Besides being a plausible SEO factor, a strong social media presence can drive qualified traffic to your site.

And not to forget the benefits of going viral and generating social media buzz around your business

So creating, maintaining, enhancing, and retaining social media presence and investing resources for social media promotion comes along with the SEO marketing packages.

TASK # 7: Tracking Records and Results


SEO efforts without keeping track of things are just like you are filling a bucket with your eyes closed.

You don’t know whether water is going into the bucket or splashing here and there.

But if you fill the bucket with your eyes open, you will make sure that water falls into the bucket.

That’s what tracking your small business SEO campaigns do for you:

It tells whether your efforts are taking you in the right direction or you need to tweak your strategy.

It secures you from becoming a boo-boo-the-fool at the end of the day when your campaign ends, and you get nothing but a few backlinks here and there.

So whether you are hiring low cost SEO services for small business or a spending a hefty amount on SEO services, tracking record, setting analytics, and reporting comes as a part of their definite services.

What are the Expected Results of an SEO Small Business Package?


Hiring the best SEO services and implementing a winning small business SEO strategy can become better results for your business if everything goes according to the plan and the right way.

You are doing all this to get a higher ranking. But that’s just one thing.

Exactly what do affordable small business SEO packages can bring for you?

The answer to this question lies in the SEO KPIs (key performance indicators) that tell:

  • How your SEO strategy for small business worked
  • Were you able to get the targeted goals
  • Did you the best ROI according to the expectations

Here are the key SEO KPIs that you should track to see if your SEO small business package worked or not.

  • Ranking & visibility
  • Higher traffic
  • Qualified leads
  • Brand awareness
  • Authority
  • Credibility
  • Click-through rate
  • Bounce rate
  • Backlinks


social media

If at the end of your SEO efforts, you are able to find a positive result in terms of the above mentioned KPIs, it means:

Your selected affordable SEO packages USA worked for you.

So SEO packages for small businesses should be able to deliver all these results if you don’t want to see your hard-earned money go down the drain.



If you are an old business that just came to know about the online world, it can be daunting for you to conquer this world.

Even if you are a successful business offline, things can change online for you.

Offline world’s superstars can become online world’s flops if you don’t keep up with the trends and do things to grab your target audiences.

SEO is one of the best forms of digital marketing that can give you long term online success.

But this online success might need a lot of initial efforts.

That’s where SEO packages for small businesses are an important way to cut your SEO burden in half because you just need to hire SEO services and the rest will be their work.

You just need to find the best fit for all your efforts.

If that’s what you do, the rest will be an easy-breezy deal for you so that you can invest your time in other important things and let the hired SEO services do the work of:

  • Brand awareness
  • Rankings
  • Authority
  • Credibility
  • Visibility


So now, you know what it means to buy SEO packages and how they can help you get the best results for you in the online world.

Now it is your turn. Let us know if this guide helped you to bang success for your small business without drowning your money in pointless marketing that does worse than any good for your business.

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