How to Get Wikipedia Backlink. A Step-by-Step Guide

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On November 20, 2022

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If you are here and want to learn how to create a backlink from Wikipedia, you are not the only one. It is known that Wikipedia is an extremely trustworthy and powerful source. And no marketer would want to miss an opportunity to get authority links from powerful sources like Wikipedia.

Can you get a do-follow Wikipedia backlink? The answer is no; you cannot. Wikipedia does not have much to offer from a marketing perspective, such as paid advertisements or citations, but that does not mean it cannot add value to your SEO. 

You may ask yourself, what is a Wikipedia backlink, and how can it benefit your business?

High-authority backlinks from Wikipedia are a great way to diversify your link portfolio and stay ahead of your competitors. This is because Wikipedia is not expected to lose its authority or traffic any time soon.

Why Wikipedia Backlinks Matter

Why should you be building links with Wikipedia? Well, hear us out. Anyone who looks for a piece of specific information is always curious about what Wikipedia has to say. That is because it is an authoritative source with vast information. 

As the viewer skims through the content on Wikipedia, it will be a jackpot if they come across your link. The reader will undoubtedly see your page as an authoritative and trustworthy source. Hence, Wikipedia backlinks can significantly increase traffic to your website. 

In addition, other content creators will also see your website as a credible source and feel comfortable linking to your content when discussing the same niche.

Before diving into “how to get Wikipedia backlinks, “let’s discuss why they matter.

  • Boost Authoritativeness

You have made it here, which means that you are already aware of the importance of authority in SEO. With backlinks from strong sources such as Wikipedia, your website and content will naturally become more reliable and trustworthy for the viewers.


  • More Web Traffic

Wikipedia is a rich resource with millions of visitors every day. Having your backlink at such a resource can establish your website as trustworthy. This way, your backlink on Wikipedia will make a gateway for more visitors and significantly impact your web traffic. 


  • Increase Citations

Citations can have a huge impact on your business. By getting citations from high-quality sources such as Wikipedia, the audience trusts you to host relevant content. As a result, your content will get more citations from other businesses leading to an improved ranking and increased citations.


  • Improve Ranking

High-quality backlinks from authorities like Wikipedia can increase your domain authority. High domain authority means your website will rank higher in searches and get more endorsements from other sources. Over time, your website will rank higher, and brand recognition will boost too.


  • Stand Out in Competitors

The market is competitive, and it can be hard to stay on top. However, standing out to promote your business with quality instead of quantity is always a good idea. Authoritative backlinks from reliable sources such as Wikipedia can help you stand out from competitors.


Steps to Insert a Backlink on Wikipedia Yourself


So here is the realistic part, everything cannot be bought, some have to be earned, and such is the case of Wikipedia backlinks. To successfully get a link from Wikipedia, you cannot simply add your link and forget about it. It would be best if you learned the tactics of “how to get a Wikipedia backlink.” 

Are you wondering how to create a Wikipedia backlink? Well, you have to make your links relevant and well-informed to get approval from the Wikipedians. If you fail to add to the existing information, it is most likely that your link will be removed. 

The best way to not let your link get removed is to focus on the relevancy of your link and work on a strong landing page. Below are the steps that will lead you to create a successful backlink on Wikipedia. 

  • Find High Traffic Relevant Wikipedia Pages

As mentioned, Wikipedia is a large platform with millions of visitors daily. It offers information about almost every possible subject. It would be a bad use of your energy to insert your backlink randomly. This way, your backlink may never be found by the right viewer and most likely will be removed.  

Hence, it is important to add your link only to relevant Wikipedia pages. Before jumping to how to get a Wikipedia backlink, you must identify high-traffic Wikipedia pages in your niche. 

Once you find a high-traffic relevant webpage, it’s time to figure out the room for opportunity. 


  • Create an Authoritative Resource on the Topic 

After you figure out the right Wikipedia pages for your backlink to be inserted on, you need to give this opportunity the best shot. You can increase your chances of staying on Wikipedia by creating a resource for the Wikipedia topic that adds to the existing information.

Exploring the selected page and seeing the resources already linked to it can be helpful. You can see when these links were added and if they have been there for a while, follow their lead for content creation. Try crafting something similar to their style but do not forget to add new information.


  • Create an Account to Insert the Link 


Wikipedia is free to be viewed by anyone, but you need to create a Wikipedia account to edit the information. But do not worry; it is a free process. A Wikipedia account allows you to add your backlinks and converse with other editors freely.

After you make a few edits, you can start writing new articles and gain other permissions. The more you contribute to the Wikipedia community and the longer your page is up, your benefits increase. Over time, you can also edit the pages that are protected by the Wikipedia community. 

  • Follow the Formatting Guidelines 

Wikipedia has a predefined Manual of Style (MoS) for all sections in English. According to this manual, the writers are guided to create content with reader-friendliness, straightforward language, and easy formats. 

The MoS allows you to use more than one style or format. However, it is recommended to remain consistent with your style in one article. It would be best if you remembered that over-stylistic choices are termed unacceptable by Wikipedia.

So how to get a Wikipedia backlink without violating these guidelines?

These Dos and Don’ts can make the formatting process that can pave easy ways to get a Wikipedia backlink.

  • Insert the Link

Now that you have figured out how to get a Wikipedia backlink, the rest is simple.

Follow the Wikipedia formatting guidelines religiously to increase the chances of your link not getting removed. As discussed, this platform appreciates the use of simple language. Therefore, avoid inserting-keyword rich anchor text while inserting your backlink.

After adding the link to the best-suited spot, scroll down to the reference section to see where your link is. Ensure everything is written correctly, and add a summary of your changes in the “edit summary” section to finalize. 

Press “publish changes” and wait for the notification of your changes being saved to pop up.

Wikipedia Backlink Opportunities to Look for

Are Wikipedia backlinks worth it? The short answer is yes. 

Wikipedia is a huge platform, and finding the right opportunity to place your backlink can become tiring. However, if you play this game tactfully, you can easily find Wikipedia backlink opportunities

  • Dead Links

As the name states, a dead link refers to a link that is no longer active. It means that the content that the link leads to is no longer available. People may be looking for that information, but unfortunately, the link leads nowhere now.

Wikipedia has millions of links, many of which are dead. This allows the aspirants of Wikipedia backlinks to work by providing them the content that can fill the void of information. 



  • Broken Links

Broken links are yet another great opportunity for people looking to get a backlink from Wikipedia. Finding broken links and working on them can be time-consuming. However, if you set sail to work on broken links, you will not be disappointed with the results.

A broken link on Wikipedia means the pathway to all the sites linked to it is broken. It can become a vast opportunity for you, depending on your niche. All you have to do is create the content and enjoy the benefits of a white hat backlink.

  • Unique Links

To find your opportunity in unique links on Wikipedia, you need to be very tactful. If you have a Wikipedia account, you can freely edit most of the content on the platform to add relevant information. On your way, you can also update content, repair broken links and add new findings.

While finding the answer to how to get a Wikipedia backlink with unique links, you will find an opportunity to insert your backlink naturally. This practice will provide additional information to the visitors, a treasured Wikipedia link for you, and the moderators will not have anything against it either.

How to Avoid Your Backlink from Getting Removed?

The cruelty of Wikipedia editors is not exaggerated. If they feel something is out of place, they do not hesitate to remove it. Therefore, businesses with Wikipedia backlinks admit to having secured that position after many trials and errors.

After researching and going through Wikipedia’s external link guidelines, it has been deduced that avoiding a few common mistakes can increase the chances of your Wikipedia backlink sticking around for longer. You can consider avoiding these mistakes as tips to get a Wikipedia backlink.

With a clear understanding of how to get a Wikipedia backlink, here is all you need to avoid to secure your backlink.

  • Do not Add Links to Lists

Don’t get it wrong. It is permissible to add embedded, bulleted, or numbered lists is not prohibited on Wikipedia pages according to Wikipedia guidelines. However, it is prohibited for the lists to be composed of external links on Wikipedia pages. 

  • Avoid Advertisements

According to Wikipedia policies, an editor should avoid linking to a site owned or managed by them to circumvent advertisements. However, it is not prohibited if the landing pages are beneficial for the reader and provide immediate benefit to Wikipedia’s audience.

  • Handle Biographies of Living People Carefully

Many biography pages, especially of living people vulnerable to hateful or derogatory comments, are not available for editing to everyone. However, if you find an opportunity to add your backlink to a biography, be careful and avoid adding anything derogatory or biased.

  • Do Not Add Links to Websites with the Registration Process

Some websites require a registration process or a subscription fee to give access to a reader. Such websites are prohibited from becoming a backlink on Wikipedia as they restrict access. To avoid your backlink from being removed, link free versions and avoid copyright violations at all costs. 

  • Use the English Language

According to Wikipedia guidelines, external links to content in English are more likely to be preferred over other links. For instance, it would be inappropriate for the page to be written in English and the link to lead to a page in another language. The only exception for other languages is the reference section. 

  • Circumvent Redirecting Websites

It is preferred to add a link to the exact destination rather than using URL redirection sites. According to Wikipedia, web proxies and redirecting URLs are listed in its spam blacklist. Therefore, it becomes impossible to save a page that contains such links to avoid abuse from link spammers. 

  • Refrain From Rich Formats

Wikipedia takes making knowledge accessible for all very seriously. Therefore, you must avoid using rich formats that may not be compatible with many users’ browsers. Instead, stick to HTML or plain text formats for your website.

Let the Professionals Undertake this Task


Promoting a business alone can be stressful, and you should never hold back from asking for help or outsourcing reliable services. You may still feel lost on this vast resource even after learning how to get a Wikipedia backlink.

Globex Outreach can help you secure Wikipedia backlinks in a foolproof way. You can explore their pricing plans for professional link building or tell them exactly what you are looking for. 

Afterward, you can relax and leave the tardy tasks to the professionals to save time and resources.

Final Words

Trials and errors are a part of growing your business and emerging at the top. Securing backlinks from high authority websites such as Wikipedia can be difficult to some extent but not entirely impossible. If secured, the benefits of getting a backlink from Wikipedia may surpass your expectations.

How to get a Wikipedia backlink is a simple question to which there is a definite solution. So, do not give up. Keep trying or hire professional assistance for cost-effective and timely results.

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