17 Advanced Link Building Strategies in SEO in 2023

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On August 8, 2023
Link Building strategies

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has changed a lot in 2023. As a result, staying ahead of the digital curve is no longer an option; it’s a necessity. With countless websites vying for attention in the vast virtual landscape, mastering the art of link building has become the secret weapon for the modern digital marketer. Gone are the days of simplistic approaches that relied on sheer quantity; today, it’s all about the quality and innovation that lie behind every link. Now, it is time for advanced link building strategies in SEO.


In this article, we are going to uncover the secrets behind crafting authoritative backlinks, nurturing invaluable relationships, and unleashing the full potential of your online presence. Whether you’re a seasoned SEO aficionado or just stepping into the enthralling world of digital marketing, this article is your gateway to elevating your link-building game to unprecedented heights.


Get ready to empower your website with the formidable force of advanced link building strategies in SEO as we reveal the game-changing strategies that will not only bolster your search rankings but also establish your brand as a powerhouse in the digital domain. 


So, let’s dive into this exciting voyage of discovery, where innovation, creativity, and expertise unite to redefine the future of SEO link building! On to advanced link building strategies in SEO:

Advanced SEO Link Building Strategies

From crafting authoritative backlinks to nurturing invaluable relationships, get ready to explore a spectrum of game-changing advanced link building types that will revitalize your SEO approach. Keeping an eye on link building news can turn your SEO strategy around overnight. 


Let’s dive in advanced link building strategies in SEO:

  • Conduct City Studies

A city study is one of the best advanced link building tricks that draw conclusions about a community’s residents, companies, and even weather patterns using data from that area. Plus, because they are so relevant to the local media and bloggers, they frequently have high open and click-through rates.

City Studies

You can use city studies for link building in 2023. They can help you target particular areas with current information. As a result, local news sources, resource pages, and blogs may receive their own links.


Additionally, since visitors in that region will find your location-specific product pages interesting, you may use city studies to obtain links back to them. 


What a win-win situation!

  • Use the Skyscraper and the Modified Skyscraper Technique

The skyscraper technique is another of the most effective advanced link building tips that you can use in 2023. It is a crucial way to consider how to create fantastic content that is deserving of a backlink. The goal is to locate content on Google that is already performing well for a keyword you want to rank for and improve it.  

Modified Skyscraper Technique

A website that performs highly for your target keywords could be made “better” by adding a video, creating longer-form content, including helpful photos and/or infographics, or, in some other way, improving its quality.


The skyscraper technique is actually quite time and resource-intensive, and there is no assurance that it will be successful. While the skyscraper does, in fact, work in many situations (when used in conjunction with a vigorous link outreach strategy), it is more of a fundamental approach to content marketing and link building than a specific search engine optimization tactic. Don’t discount the strategy, though.

Flow chart on Modified Skyscraper Technique

Since the skyscraper strategy is all about making the necessary investments to compete at the top levels of search engine marketing, the work is definitely worth it. Keep in mind that you should never settle for just being “a little better”; instead, you should always aim for over-the-top excellent material.

  • Release Data Studies

Next up in our list of advanced link building strategies in SEO is a data study. A captivating story can be told with data studies using both internal and external data points. Larger businesses with products that are closely tied to the study’s subject tend to do best with data studies.

Release Data Studies

Consider yourself to be a reporter. Does it make sense for a business pitching you to discuss buyers’ purchasing habits, say, if that brand is an engineering company? 




Reporters and bloggers like to share information from validated experts. Therefore, it’s critical that your study accurately represents your company’s values.

  • Leverage 10x Content

If you believe that the skyscraper technique is the best advanced link building strategy, think again. The 10x content strategy has raised the bar of link building in 2023. 


10x simply indicates that it is ten times better than all currently available web stuff. So, how can we accomplish this when we are up against well-known companies and publications? 

5 Key Characteristics of 10x Content

Try to be completely original.


Just keep the following ideas in mind when creating 10x content:


  • Try out different forms and media 
  • Be outstanding.
  • Publish visceral content for your audience 
  • Give a comprehensive, in-depth response to a significant question.

why it is important to have 10x content

Remember that the 10x content strategy and the skyscraper technique both emphasize the significance of going above and above when creating content. That explains why they are some of the best advanced link building strategies in SEO. It’s quite improbable that producing flimsy content or utilizing out-of-date SEO techniques would provide lasting effects.

  • Create Surveys

Have you ever seen a small company’s survey go viral and wondered how they achieved it? 


Since surveys take time and can produce irrelevant data, they can be challenging to get right. But when they do, it may be extremely profitable.

Create Surveys

You can use surveys as one of your advanced link building strategies in SEO because it is effective for a number of reasons:


  • Your data can be separated by demographics for more specialized results.
  • You get to present entirely original and organic data.
  • You may ensure that your inquiries relate specifically to what your company has to offer.
  • Journalists seek to write on topics that will interest their readers. This means that your survey’s main finding needs to be compelling.


When designing a survey, you should always keep the end in mind, but it’s crucial to keep in mind that the outcomes might not always be what you were hoping for.


Nevertheless, don’t be hesitant to use the evidence to support your argument or to discover another compelling story to tell.

  • Indulge in Some Broken Link Building

Broken link building is among the advanced link building trends. Identifying broken links on other websites and offering to fix them with links to your own content are also necessary steps in this process. As the other website receives a functional link and you receive a high-quality backlink to your website, this might be a win-win situation. 

Indulge in Some Broken Link Building

Moreover, you can use a tool like SEMrush, Ahrefs, or a basic Google search with the “site:” operator and the URL of the website you wish to check to detect broken links. For instance, typing “” will display all of the website’s pages. The next step is to search for 404 error pages, which denote broken links.


As soon as you find any broken links, you can contact the website’s owner and propose to replace them with connections to your own material. As the website owner is probably interested in restoring the broken link and would welcome your offer to give a replacement, this can be an effective strategy to obtain high-quality backlinks

Broken Link Building Process

Including a pertinent and helpful link to your article will improve your chances of success. You might offer to replace a broken link with one of your own articles on a related subject, for instance, if it led to an article about SEO.

  • Do Some Ego Baiting 

Ego bait has a track record of success in performance-based SEO link building and has numerous applications. The purpose of tagging influencers in content or snippets of posts is to play on their “ego” and entice them to read the post and link back to it later.

Ego Bait

Targeted sharing is a particularly well-liked method of ego bait. Other suggestions and tactics include:


  • Make a post with a list of influential people as references and a link to either their website or social media accounts.
  • Using @mention to ping influential people and include them in the post.
  • Once a content is published, send an email to influencers asking for a remark.
  • Interview influential people who will offer content to your website.


Here’s an example for you:

Top 35 Business Websites


The goal is to facilitate communication between you and an influencer so that you may establish a rapport. Your chances of getting a response will increase if you are controversial or hilarious. While obtaining a link to your website is the objective, you must first provide something worthwhile (a compliment, a ranking, a shoutout) in exchange.

  • Consider Newsjacking

Newsjacking is one of the most interesting and advanced link building strategies in SEO. It is a digital PR strategy that involves finding chances in the news, creating relevant and useful content with your own opinions and insights, and typically promoting your own or your client’s work as you go.

Consider Newsjacking

This advanced link building strategy works since more people will be searching for the subject, and it contributes to the development of expertise and trust, particularly if you have reliable sources providing insights and advice.


Since news stories often only last 24 to 72 hours, you will also need to quickly produce content while keeping up with industry news, podcasts, and roundups.


Newsjacking is effective in a variety of sectors, including banking and fashion. It merely takes being aware of current affairs and being able to connect it to your writing.

Consider Newsjacking

For example, if your customer sells fashion and makeup and there’s some newsworthy buzz around high-end makeup products and makeup trends, you can create a post on the latest trends in makeup and how people can improve their styling.


You can also conduct outreach and focus on news websites that would publish your story to boost your chances of obtaining links to your newsjacking article.

  • Utilize Influencer Link Building

A pre-existing following of like-minded people is what makes influencer link building one of the most advanced link building strategies in SEO.  


There are literally tens of millions of influencers worldwide, and you can identify them through influencer networks. Once you’ve identified influencers who are relevant to your brand, get in touch with them to explore potential promotional opportunities.

Utilize Influencer Link Building

The secret is to provide influencers with value before you are dismissed. Think about providing BETA access to great software, cost-free content, a cool product you’d like reviewed, etc.


Observe the disclosure laws that apply in your region. Keep in mind that the US FTC requires influencers to disclose their promotional alliances with firms, particularly when payment is involved.

  • Create Instructographics

Making Instructographics is different from traditional link building in 2023. 


A step up from infographics, instructographics are pictures that include information or instructions. All the information that can be published in the form of an article can be cleverly presented in the form of an instructographic utilizing images, short lines, or bullet points. 


Here is an example of an instructographic:

Create Instructographics


They can simply substitute an article. Using instructographics, you can instruct your readers on what to do or what to avoid. Plus, people tend to share them readily because they are attractive and simple to understand, which can help you gain a lot of backlinks. Therefore, it can be very advantageous to use instructographics as part of your advanced link building strategies in SEO.

  • Share Your Content on Forums

Forums are a fantastic way to connect with others online and discover answers to your issues. They can also be an effective link building strategy in 2023 because they offer a worthwhile approach to enhancing traffic to your blog, which raises the likelihood that others will link to you.


It’s necessary to do more than just link to your article and hope for the best when publishing your information on forums. After all, you must adhere to the norms and customs that are typically observed in forums.

Share Your Content on Forums

When promoting your content in the form of a forum post, you should:


  • Adhere to the forum’s rules.
  • Respond to comments to contribute to the conversation.
  • Offer advice and tips.
  • Link to your article to provide further resources.


Start by looking for subjects or frequently asked questions about your industry to find forums where you can post. As an alternative, you may develop a habit of perusing discussion boards on your subject.

Forum posting

You can participate in forums like:

  • Facebook Pages 
  • Quora 
  • Reddit Pages


Additionally, perusing forums could inspire you to write more by introducing you to fresh subjects and key phrases.

  • Leverage the Moving Man Method

This is one of the more complex advanced link building strategies in SEO. Although it doesn’t always produce the best results, it is something to consider. The main goal is to protect a link from a page that is involved in a redirection chain.


It operates under the tenet that businesses, websites, or services change their branding frequently or stop providing their services completely. Due to this, URLs are sometimes redirected without the website owner’s knowledge, who had linked to the original URL.

Moving Man Method

To find these links, you’ll need to find an URL that is being redirected to a competitor’s site. You can achieve this by using backlink data you retrieved during competitor research. Enter the URL of the outdated page/resource in any tool that’s capable of extracting backlinks for a specific URL (not just the whole domain). 


Moving on, extract these redirected backlinks to a spreadsheet and begin reaching out to publishers. Let them know of the issue and offer to replace the link with a relevant piece of content.

  • Make Your Website More Visible

Building a personal brand and increasing your visibility are both necessary if you want to boost the number of links pointing to your website.


Spending effort on off-page SEO, which entails optimization tactics not directly addressed to your website, such as updating broken links and adding local citations, is one approach to do that.

Make Your Website More Visible

Some of these advanced link building strategies in SEO consist of:


  • Make sure you have accurate and consistent third-party citations: Verify that details such as your name, address, and phone number (NAP) are accurate.
  • You should create and maintain a Google My Business listing. Create a Google listing for your company if it has a physical address, and make sure to update it frequently.
  • Taking control of your listing on well-known user-generated content websites: Reach out to the website to declare your company and give them the necessary details.
  • Enhancing how people view your brand: Spend money on influencer marketing, social media marketing, digital PR, and review management.


  • Work on Unlinked Brand Mentions

Another one of the advanced link building strategies in SEO to watch out for is unlinked brand mentions. 


This requires locating instances of your business being mentioned on other websites without a backlink to your website. You can conduct a Google search using the search query “your brand name.” You can also employ a tool. For example:

Work on Unlinked Brand Mentions

When you find brand references that aren’t connected, you can get in touch with the website’s owner and ask them to add a link to your website. It can be an effective way to get high-quality backlinks since the mention of your brand suggests that the website is relevant to your industry and likely has a user base similar to your own.


When contacting website owners about unlinked brand mentions, be courteous and professional. Give samples of your content that would be a good fit for their audience and explain why you think their audience would find a link to your site helpful. 

Outreach email template

Additionally, in exchange for exposure to their audience and a hyperlink to your website, you may offer to write a guest post for their website.

  • Benefit From Podcast or Text Interviews

Almost every topic is covered by a podcaster, and the medium is rapidly growing. You’re certainly already familiar with a few of them in your particular industry. Additionally, they are always looking for new and interesting visitors. 


By participating in podcasts and interviews, you can promote your business and gain a new link. Despite your temptation, relevance to your problem is more important because engagement is what you seek above all else.

Benefit From Podcast or Text Interviews

If you run your own podcast, you can even request that your guests upload the episode to their website. Text interviews are an additional option that requires much less effort and permits flexible response times.

  • Do Cold Blogger Outreach

There are a ton of amazing blogs on the internet. If you approach them in the appropriate way, each one of them offers an opportunity.


For a variety of reasons, people engage in a ton of cold blogger outreach:

  • Seeding

You will examine a group of authors who frequently write on the same subjects. You can contact individuals to let them know about an excellent piece you’ve written. To imprint such knowledge on their minds for the future is the goal.


This works specifically well if you publish a post that holds useful data, case studies, or insights they can refer to support claims.



  • Promotion

More people are concerned with traffic than links. You can make cold contacts with individuals you have identified as influencers and propose a promotional trade.

  • Link outreach

The last option is to send cold emails asking for a link. Due to its poor success rate, less people are aware of it.

  • Create Wikipedia Backlinks 

Last but not least, among our list of advanced link building strategies in SEO is building Wikipedia links. It’s time to develop information that can be published on Wikipedia if your company’s information or data isn’t already there. Words or definitions from Wikipedia can easily be accessed from the Google snippet section. They could easily have been published on the sidebars if not for the snippets.

Wikipedia backlinks


Having your brand present on Wikipedia might make it simple for you to get the attention of many people looking for new knowledge online. The best advanced link-building strategies for your business may involve creating Wikipedia descriptions of your firm, your products, and a number of relevant links to your website.

Summing It Up

The art of link building is a dynamic force that continuously evolves alongside the ever-changing digital landscape. In this fast-paced world, where search engine algorithms tirelessly refine their criteria, mastering the delicate balance between innovation and sustainability is key to maintaining a competitive edge.


It is crucial to remember that link building is not a one-and-done tactic; it requires a commitment to continuous improvement. As we embrace emerging technologies and novel strategies, we must also remain true to the core principles of SEO: relevance, credibility, and user experience. Success in link building lies in striking a harmonious balance between old-school wisdom and cutting-edge innovation.


Moreover, let’s not forget the ever-present importance of adaptability. As search engines refine their algorithms and user behaviors evolve, link building strategies must adapt accordingly. Stay vigilant, keep a finger on the digital pulse, and be prepared to evolve with the times.


So, as you step forth into the digital battleground armed with the insights gained from this article, remember that link building is not just about building connections between websites; it’s about forging connections with your audience, building trust, and providing genuine value. With creativity, perseverance, and advanced link building strategies in SEO, your brand can become an undeniable force in the digital realm.


As the digital landscape continues to transform, so shall your advanced link building strategies in SEO adapt and evolve. Keep your vision clear, your ambition resolute, and your link building efforts ever-evolving. Embrace the challenges and seize the opportunities that lie ahead, for in the vast expanse of the virtual world, the possibilities are endless.


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